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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anonAminoacid, Feb 13, 2008.


How old are you?

0-17 231 vote(s) 13.1%
18-25 615 vote(s) 34.9%
26-35 464 vote(s) 26.4%
36-45 228 vote(s) 13.0%
45-60 167 vote(s) 9.5%
60+ 55 vote(s) 3.1%
  1. noman2313 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    I'll be 33 in four days.
    I officially declare that LRH no longer has a birthday, because I'm not gonna share mine with him. The 13th is mine and he can't have it. *pout*
  2. thisoldman Member

    Re: Age Poll

    older than some and younger than you think.
  3. tigger Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Pushing 40 here, and just hitting my stride! Go MILF Anons!

    Trust me, youngsters, your 30's & 40's are good times! Whoohoo!
  4. AnonyBee Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Haha, <3 MILF anon's.

    I'm 19.
  5. tehrei Member

    Re: Age Poll

    18, not an underaged banned for several months now.
  6. Hubris Member

    It's almost surprising the various different ages here, but going to 15/03/08 (NEVAR FORGET) I met a lot of older people as well as young people such as myself. It's very supportive in a way.
  7. Manumission Member

    39 but sometimes I feel about 80.
  8. Ciel Member

    old enough not to be in my mom's mini van!!!

    I got my own mini van now... well its not really a mini van. its not even a van...
    its epic fast tho.... when I can get it to.....

    I wanna go back to mom's mini van TT^TT
  9. anoni Member

    19, heading to 20.
  10. ilikelulz Member

    Re: Age Poll

  11. desu Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Hate to say it, but I'm underaged B&.

  12. Robert S Member

    Re: Age Poll

    54. All the cool kids are over 50.
  13. Shadowflare Member

    Re: Age Poll

    w00t! I'm in the majority at 23.
  14. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Not to be a lulzkiller but I think the 25 and under demographic is seriously overrepresented here, by nature of it being an internet poll.

    Still, makes for good press if CoS tries to Fair-Game a 16-year-old.
  15. ravenanon Member

    Re: Age Poll

    46, but in internet years I'm 105!
  16. [Achil] Member

    Re: Age Poll

    I'm also old enough to vote and in the majority (18-25).
  17. Monkeyman Member

    Re: Age Poll

    20 here. Will be 21 in a couple months though.
  18. Re: Age Poll

  19. Edges Member

    Re: Age Poll

  20. anoninja Member

    Re: Age Poll

    I turned 20 last Friday.
  21. Re: Age Poll

    15 here.

    i would laugh at a scio trying to f.g me would be auto fail
  22. cubby Member

    Re: Age Poll

    i'm 30 on the outside... finally starting to look older than 22, too. if i'm outed i can put my hair up all mature-like, suit up, and speak extemporwhositly off the cuff, front all respectable if there's a need. i think i can talk a good game, practically a PhD in BS... and i won't have to BS about this stuff.
  23. Mål Member

    Re: Age Poll

    I'm [strike] a faggot[/strike] 16.
  24. Re: Age Poll

    40, but...isn't that supposed to be the "new" 30?

    can it be? plz?:(
  25. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Majority age group here.
  26. Re: Age Poll


  27. anon321321 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    More under 18 than I expected. I really hope Scientology goes for one of their biggest footbullets and fair games one of them.
  28. Re: Age Poll

  29. genxanon Member

    Re: Age Poll

    40 here. I was around before Al Gore invented da interwebz.
  30. ANNON186 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    43 feeling great.
  31. ANONTVC15 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    I'm so old I thought anonymous was a bunch of drunks who went to meetings.
  32. AnonZombie Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Turned 18 a few months ago, thank god.
  33. Unaware Member

    Re: Age Poll

    16. UNDERAGE B&!
  34. Anongurl Member

    Re: Age Poll

    25 next month
  35. Unaware Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Wow, I was expecting everyone here to be teenagers. Good to see a broken stereotype :D
  36. Re: Age Poll

    I am at the 26 end of "26-35," thank you!
  37. anon_david Member

    Re: Age Poll

    Wow, a lot more in the 60+ category than I'd have expected. And we have 2 jailbait mods D:

    21 here.
  38. Re: Age Poll

    might i just add, I love the age diversity. many of the older people have known of this longer and thus have more knowledge or are learning about it now and stepping up

    the younger people itsgood to see them working for a good cause and everyone in between is getting informed and working for a greater good.

    Anon's of all ages, all cultures, all countries...its a beautiful thing :D
  39. Re: Age Poll

    32 and yes a woman reaches her *peak* in the thirties. So all of you dreading 30, well come on in, the water is great.

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