Ahmadinejad coming to New York?

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Yes, I've heard that the grand baboon and his henchmen are coming to New York, I believe on August 30th. I just do not understand why the US is allowing this ugly, rapist, terrorist, blood thirsty, thief, murderer, and (any other fowl thing you can think of...) to step foot into their soil after all that has been going on in Iran. What is the reason for his oh so kind visit? Will there be negotiations? Wtf is going on??
  2. Nedjarsan Member

    the reason is:

    Why should the baboons using Quantanamo not meet with baboons using Evin ?

    I mean they have at least one piont they can share experiance.
  3. rizah Member

    The other reason is, that the USA as the host country of the UN HQ in NYC, has the obligation to let all members of the UN attend meetings and sessions, no matter what kind of relations the US has with them. It is there obligation to let them enter the country if they are on diplomatic or mission visas.

    But not to worry, the US will cause the baboon enough problems by not letting all of his entourage on their soil. The last time the baboon held a speach at the UN HQ, a lot of his staff was not aloud to leave the Iranair presidential plane ;-) So most of the IRG that wanted to see NY had to stay and spend their time playing backgammon on board
  4. Visionary Member

    Religious minorities under pressure to help Ahmadinejad’s image at UN � niacINsight
  5. Nedjarsan Member

    F*beep* him ! there is no real freedom of religion in Iran.

    Omfg this p*beep* me off so much. How the f*beep* world can stand this f*beep*moron keep opening his f*beep* mouth.
    When he will be buried please make sure that his mouth will be shut. If his f*beep* mouth will not be shut by then, we will not get enough soil together to fill the grave.
  6. rizah Member

  7. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    LOL! and more LOL!

    do not worry, Nedjarsan. we have many friends in America who will help welcome Ahmadi. does 'diplomatic immunity' allow one protection from being arrested for crimes against humanity?

    regardless, immunity certainly will not protect him from assassination attempts. if New York's finest could not guarantee his safety several years ago, how will they in september?
  8. They haven't granted him a visa yet and previously have dragged their feet. I don't think and i seriously hope they don't.
  9. arighter2 Member

    I can well understand why Iranians would want to assassinate Ahmadi, however, as an American, I would prefer you not do it on my soil. As host of the UN, as things stand, I think our government must welcome Ahmadi, even to the point of providing protection. However, I would be disappointed if our people did not show him the disapproval he is so entitled to.

    BTW, I very much appreciate your input here. I haven't posted much but I have been following along for a while. I am still rooting for a successful bloodless counter coup. I have found Iranians to be an intelligent, peaceful, freedom loving people. They so deserve to be free of the thugocracy. I wish there was more the rest of us could do to help...
  10. If he were wise, he wouldn't show. But he's an idiot and absolutely loves the spotlight, any chance to dance in the faces of those who despise him. He'll come. And I'll be there to protest him. Just wish there were some solid demonstration plans already.
  11. If there would be assassination on US soil everybody from Arab League and Amr Mussa to CAIR to Europeans to all UN members will condemn USA. US is obliged to provide security to UN members coming to NY and it will be US fault and nobody else if somebody, (even if that somebody is unlawful president of Iran) will be assassinated.
    I am pretty certain that in the case of Ahmadinejad assassination Iran government will have an excuse to do terrorist attack against USA citizens and property everywhere - in US or outside US. You do have Quds Force who specialize in such thing, don't you?
  12. ps. I do understand that some of you hate USA, but the consequences of assassination on US soil will be on your head - up to and including US citizens who will certainly die if Ahmadinejad will be assassinated in NY.
  13. as hosts of the UN, we are required to protect his person while he is here on UN business.

    that said, we have no obligation to protect him from thousands of people jeering at him on the streets of new york. i wonder how well sound travels into the UN building...

    hmm, i wonder if it would be possible to drape banners from nearby buildings as well.
  14. " I do understand that some of you hate USA, but the consequences of assassination on US soil will be on your head - up to and including US citizens who will certainly die if Ahmadinejad will be assassinated in NY...."

    is that an open threat youre posting here?

    and whats your agenda and who do you act for....???
  15. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    what an interesting line of communication has developed on this thread! i think there is a place one may visit which shows how many thousands of lurkers visit, but only a few dozen have names and post regularly.

    yet, some of those who lurk have been coaxed into the open.

    one wonders who else reads, but does not post?

    and later

    sounds threatening. are not threats often given by those who feel threatened? i hear statements about many Arab organizations who will respond, and yet few have congratulated Ahmadi on his selection to the presidency. i suspect only one or two 'Arab organizations' will respond as negatively as has been intimated.

    the US is indeed obliged to offer protection. but protection can only extend so far. i am reasonably certain any guilty parties would be apprehended. afterward. it would be better for Ahmadi to decide to stay at home.

    as for the Irani government, the legal apparatus in place is working to remove Ahmadi as we speak. a terrible, unfortunate incident overseas will be lamented- but not by many and not for long.

    Quds force appears to be having some issues. several arms shipments have been diverted and many billions of hard currency and gold have been mysteriously intercepted, vanished. even some of their leadership are facing possible indictment. the sun is setting on Quds and their allies, or their tools, i should say.

    other, more genuine posters to this thread are correct. demonstrations, offers of peaches, green shoes, fresh green paint in the streets traveled by certain limousines, green firecrackers, lots of green banners and clothing, green paint ball guns - these are all the ways in which Ahmadi will be greeted in New York.

    nothing more. certainly nothing which would inspire fear.
  16. Visionary Member

    What if the US tells Ahmadi that while they are committed to protecting those who come to the UN and required to do so by international laws (is that true?)...they are not able to do the impossible and the hatred of him and what his regime has done is so much that it would be asking them to produce a miracle to try to protect him from harm. So they must ask him to stay home and send some less offensive representative in his place. Perhaps a pet, if he has one. :D (or something along those lines)

    (although personally I'd love to see him come here and get treated with the proper amount of respect he deserves ;) )
  17. Let him send Mr Bean.
  18. AN is also obliged to use his fucking head, and not purposely walk into places where he knows they cannot provide enough security for him.

    I don't think you understand that most Americans could care less what anyone thinks about them, even their own next-door neighbors. That is one of the characteristic traits of America, and why people who spend too much time worrying about what others think about them are usually made fun of by most Americans. And when Americans do care what others think, it usually takes the form of a contest where they try to outdo the others that they are concerned about.

    Most Americans aren't really concerned about what gives middle easterners excuses to attack us, either. Fuck, we get attacked for sneezing, may as well give a real reason to attack us for a change, since we get attacked anyway.

    If it comes from Iran it will just give us an excuse to retaliate. :)

    AN would be a fucking moron to even consider coming close to America, and if he pussies out, whoever he sends in his place is in for a hell of a time, too.
  19. This looks like a threat!

    Send that pile of shit in a suit you call your president over. The blood will be on his hands, and all the IRG who have killed to put him in power. If those you fuckers hadn't pulled a coup to put him in power, he would never come here in the first place.
  20. love to you dear friend sp hawk

    ___, green shoes, fresh green paint in the streets traveled by certain limousines, green firecrackers, lots of green banners and clothing, green paint ball guns - these are all the ways in which Ahmadi will be greeted in New York._________

    Ammadidikhed would be in for a shock if he came on Paddys Day !!!
    all of them Shamrocks !!! :)
  21. [ame=]YouTube - Mr.Bean's new video[/ame]

    Three people were walking on the road, and they saw a man standing on a hill.

    "I wonder what that man is doing," one of them said, "perhaps he is waiting for someone."

    "I'll bet he's looking for a cow that has strayed," said another.

    "Or perhaps he is just enjoying the breeze," said the third.

    So the three people went up the hill to the man, to find out.

    "We're just curious," they said, "are you waiting for someone? Or are you perhaps looking for a cow that has strayed? Or are you just enjoying the breeze?"

    "None of those," said the man. "Actually I was taking a leak in the bushes."
  22. I'm with JohnDoe. I am very hopeful that the Iranian people will have tossed him to the street well before 9/22. The UN meeting will be the least of his worries...
  23. and after 9/11 all MSM paper have read "why do they hate us" or didn't you notice? It is true that many middle easterners do not need any excuses to attack US but it is one thing not to be concerned about it all the time and quite another to talk about assassination of foreigners on US soil without thinking of repercussions of such thing to the host country. It has nothing to do with threatening anybody but all to do with trying to show the the stupidity and childishness of such talks. In my opinion assassination is middle eastern choice of solving the problems and it should not be choice of anybody outside the middle east.
    btw it is strange that some people here are talking about assassination outside of Iran when all the time Green Wave is talking about peaceful protests in Iran and peaceful transition to post-Ahmadinejad Iran.

    @ Sparrowhawk

    You are quite mistaken, majority of heads of state or representatives of Muslim nations and organisations did congratulate Ahmadinejad after second "elections". In fact some even had president and premier congratulating Ahmadinejad (that was Turkey). Just look at Wiki

    Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa congratulated Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on his election victory. "We hope that the next term would witness progress on the relations between Iran and the Arab world and cooperation in establishing peace in the Middle East," he said

    According to Fars News Agency, the King of Bahrain, the Prime Minister, and Crown Prince were all amongst the first of world dignitaries to congratulate Ahmadinejad. Foreign Minister Khalid ibn Ahmad Al Khalifah later met with the Iranian ambassador to Bahrain and said that Bahrain condemns any foreign interference in Iran's internal affairs

    In a message of congratulations to Ahmadinejad, Kuwaiti Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah praised the healthy relations between the two nations, wished Ahmadinejad all the best, and expressed hope that the bilateral relations would witness more development

    Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora cabled Ahmadinejad, congratulating him on his election victory. Siniora said: "I am delighted to congratulate you on your election, and for the huge trust that the Iranian people have granted you. I hope that God will grant us success in the good historic relations between our two countries and two people.

    Omani Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said sent a message and congratulated Ahmadinejad on his re-election.

    Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, also congratulated Ahmadinejad with his election victory.

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad sent Ahmadinejad a cable in which he gave him his "best wishes for progress and prosperity" to the Iranian people

    Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates, called his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki and congratulated Ahmadinejad's re-election and lauded the massive voter turnout

    Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Monday congratulated Ahmadinejad on his reelection
    and so on and so forth

    International reaction to the 2009 Iranian presidential election - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  24. They would respond very negatively to such an event. The muslim organisations may not respond negatively to Ahmadinejad being assassinated however they will certainly respond negatively if Ahmadinejad will be assassinated when being on US soil. The stress here is not on assassination, the stress here is that the event happens on US soil and the US responsibility for that event.
  25. Nobody is advocating assassination here. But they are discussing they very real possibility that it could happen. Discussing something is not advocating it, and ignoring something that is a very real possibility does not eliminate that thing from being a possibility or change reality.

    When bombs are dropping on your city, does refusing to talk about the fact that one may fall very close, or to discuss what would happen if that occurred, take away the possibility that one may fall nearby?

    No, it doesn't.

    As for the MSM papers and what they say, are you referring to the same papers that are pretending nothing is going on in Iran right now? They don't report the news. They report what they want to be the news. If you use them, or their editorials, to gauge what most Americans think, you are going to be very, very off the mark. If what they say represents America then hollywood movies are all real documentaries.

  26. Nedjarsan Member

    Perhaps we do not have to worry at all...

    ... lets hope Ahmadinocchio and his staff flies over to USA with a Russian plane...

    ... we all know how that could end.

    Press TV: Great, gorgeous, and invincible chief-peach got killed by plane-accident.
    It is heard that the cause was a bomb on board of the airplane which was manufactured in Russia and sold to Iran in the early 1980ties.
    It had been the former plane of Leonid Breschnew.

    There is great evidence that the bomb had been placed by agents of the CIA in 1979 to kill Breschnew but did not go off.

    The black-box revealed that the bomb must have exploded after Mr. Ahmadinocchio gave out a free round of peaches to the flight-crew and reminded them to clean the plane from alcohol & liquer before entering US territory.
  27. (((((((((((You are quite mistaken, majority of heads of state or representatives of Muslim nations and organisations did congratulate Ahmadinejad after second "elections". In fact some even had president and premier congratulating Ahmadinejad (that was Turkey). Just look at Wiki)))))))))))))))))))

    sure alot of them did- because it looks good -again it boils down to people pleasing for ulterior motives(oil-fear of retaliation etc etc)-look at uk libya thinge ...
    you only have to look at the main bulk of the iranian government to see how dishonest they are toward each other-although appearing to do"the right thing " in front of each other...

    all dictatorships fall in the end ,just as Amadnutter will do-maybe not in the way we expect-but his term will come to pass-it is already decided...
    ps remember the voice of a countrys leader to another countrys leader is not necessarilly the view/will of the majority of people from each respective country-I am sure that is dead obvious to see........and then there is the media that reported all the drivel -pupeteers for the mouthpiece of leaders........their mileage may well vary....

    wishes for love and fellowship between all bros and sisters of the world :)

  28. Is any protest schedual in NY when Baboon will speech at UN?

    I live in North America like Millions of other Iranians, Why not we gather as much people we can to protest againt baboon and his Evil regime front of UN HQ in NY when he'll arrive.
  29. already scheduled
    Protests to welcome Ahmadinejad at UN in New York
  30. Visionary Member

    (Montgomery Mall...heh heh, that's pretty close)
    What is this group sponsoring the bus thing though?
    It isn't anything involved in one of those MKO type organizations is it?
    (not trying to insult anyone, I honestly don't know)
  31. jadt65 Member

    Call to Action!!

    Contact information to contact UN members to refuse to recognize AN

    UN Email

    [ame=]YouTube - Monty[/ame]


    we re on track
  33. When? What? Where?

    Hello all:
    I'm trying to find out which protests/events will take place where/when in NYC area for the upcoming UN Assembly in NYC, but surprisingly enough can't find any sources. I'm not Iranian, but myself and my friends would like to attend any planned rallies. Any info will be much appreciated.
  34. Marching with the Irish I posted on another thread

    My suggestion was to get together with the local NYC Irish and have a unified parade everyone wearing green.
    First of all the Irish love to march and show off their colors
    Second having a march request come from the local Irish will almost guarantee it will get accepted (if only for political reasons)
    Third the Irish themselves have been persecuted and run out of Ireland under the pretense of local peace. If you talk to them and explain what is happening they will not only understand and sympathize but will suggest legal methods to show your disdain. As a whole they are very astute and political. Best is if someone from NYC seeks out the local Irish political powers. If not I can find out from the Chicago Irish who to contact in NYC.
    Four Solidarity works, and the Irish are a good place to build bridges.
  35. think about it folks

    Why would we pour salt on this slug when he is crawling through salt @ home?

    let him come here and bump peters with Muammar al-Gaddafi in his tent..:rolleyes:
  36. The Tibetan Brothers Had It Right...

    ...Bridges make for lovely banner hanging. The bigger the banner, the better. How many bridges lead into Manhattan?

    Sky divers with green parachutes. Hundreds of them...right into Central Park! Magnificent! The press loves this stuff.

    Can the guys operating the Goodyear Blimp spell "Free Iran"? I wonder how much something like that would cost? :) Know any wealthy business-type Greens?

    Please, just one really big banner that says, "Americans For A Free Iran".

    Do on the streets of New York City what you cannot do in Tehran.

    Finally, be nice to the cops and take lots of pictures with them. Give them sandwiches and something to drink, a big hug and make sure your buddies film this remarkable event.

    Let's show the regime how its supposed to be done.

    Best Wishes to all...
  37. xoix Member

    Ahmadinejad on American soil

    You know, if not endangering, it surely will become a big hassle for the Americans to allow this most loathed 'President' to land in US at all.

    Of course, he is coming as the figurehead, representative of his countrymen, bringing all the goodwill of Iran...or is he at all?

    It will be such a miserable waste of resources & manpower just to keep Ahmadinejad well-protected. For God's sake, his doctor really should well advise him not to travel.

    So many plane crashes lately already...he should just sit home and not go anywhere :)
  38. Green in NYC against Ahmadinejad

    Protest against Ahmadinejad | تظاهرات علیه احمدی‌نژاد

    On Sept 23rd-24th, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to visit New York City and deliver a speech at UN General Assembly. We are also planning to be there and protest against his presence. Ahmadinejad, along with Ali Khamenei (the Supreme leader), have arrested, tortured and killed hundreds of people and suppressed millions of others since the June 12th coup.

    Detainees were all abused and tortured with an unspeakable brutality. Many of them were clubbed, flogged and beaten to death. Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers ran from prison to prison, begging guards for information on their missing loved ones, only to come back with the worse news. Many of them had to find their children either seriously injured or mentally damaged as a result of the atrocities committed against them.
  39. haha

    well I'm goin up there and ill be there to protest!! cant wait

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