Ahmadinejad To Deliver Speech Of Peace At UN

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Visionary, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Visionary Member

    Ahmadinejad to Deliver ‘Peace’ Message to UN Assembly (Update2) -

    ...and UN delegates to roll around in the aisles, dying of laughter. lol
  2. Paleene Member

    Oh, you won't believe the masquerade politicians are able to keep up.:D

    btw , don't we all hope there aren't many listening to him because they've left in protest beforehand? ;)
  3. Visionary Member

    LOL about the peach.

    Maybe he's going to give a speech about that too.
  4. Visionary Member

    True...what would be funny is if everyone just happened to be wearing green that day.

    (I hope they do boycott it or walk out though.)
  5. Visionary Member

    Or maybe they could get up and leave one at a time to throw him off.
    Or they could just get up and sit back down, or do the wave or something...with peaches. :)
  6. hmmmm- interesting to see what happens in iran during the absense of Amdindong from Iran-and more importantly what will happen afterwards in iran ;)
    something is cooking -of that I am extremely sure

  7. Visionary Member

    British officials to walk out of UN if Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks about Holocaust - Telegraph

    I suppose they aren't planning to walk out unless that happens then.
    I have a bad feeling Ahmadi will be on his best behavior. :mad:
  8. Amadi's "best behavior" is still reprehensible. I would be happier if they walked out on his no matter what he said. His Holocaust talk may be his craziest, but he is quite capable of showing his evil without even mentioning Israel.
  9. Yeah, peace in our time...
  10. old fruit

    sPeaches ---- hahahahah!!!
  11. Visionary Member

    Hmm, true that. Maybe the crowds can get him unbalanced too.
    (I mean more than usual, ;))

    When is this all happening?
    (exact time for his arrival and speech, anyone?)
  12. Paleene Member

    Thanks John!

    What a long turn. Does anybody manage to stay awake after such a long row of speakers?:confused:
  13. Visionary Member

    Thanks Ahmadi won't be speaking until late.
    Maybe everyone will have gone home by then.

    (off topic comment below, lol)
    [SPOILER](Interesting lineup...with Qadhafi after Obama, and Zelaya included, especially since he's in Honduras trapped in the Brazilian embassy. lol)
  14. Voters Union Member

  15. Visionary Member

    Canada to boycott Ahmadinejad's UN speech - World AP -
  16. Ariss Member

    Someone should tell him the opinion of the rest of the world...

    Apart from walking out when Ahma starts to give his hate speech, I would love to see or hear something like the one that happened when the King of Spain (Juan Carlos II) had enough of Hugo Chavez's speech, insulting his Prime Minister. He simply (and pretty much audibly) said: "!Porque no te callas!" = "Why don't you shut up?!" It would really be nice if some western politicians actually had the guts to interrupt Ahma in the middle of his holocaust-denying hate speech. Actually, the diplomatic relationship between US and EU states and Iran cannot get worse as a result, since they are already totally hostile.
  17. Visionary Member

    Uribe finished a few minutes ago, now Medvedev is talking....(no appearance by Zelaya, lol)
    They seem to be running late.

    Looking back at that list of speakers...Ahmadi might not get to speak until everyone else has gone home. lol

    Medvedev just made a reference to problems with people trying to bring back nazism and whitewash the holocaust. ;)
    (after a lot of complaining about Georgia, lol)
  18. Visionary Member

    Right now the president of Czech Republic is speaking and it's 6:16 pm already.
    After he finishes, there's still like two or three speakers left after him, before Ahmadi.

    (everyone seems to be bringing up a lot of regional and national issues/agendas)

    It's about 7pm now and when the current speaker finishes, there will be a speech by the president of the Dominican Republic. After him is Ahmadinejad. There's like 4 speakers after him. But I thought the session was over at 7:30?
    Are they going to extend it or what?
    I guess there's no chance that the next speaker can "run out the clock" on Ahmadi? :)
  19. Mr. Leonel Fernández Reyna, President of the Dominican Republic is speaking now.

    Assh... er I mean Ahmadinejad is next.
  20. Visionary Member

    Talk slowly Reyna...piss Ahmadi off. :D

    It's now 7:16 and Reyna is still going.
    Don't stop, Reyna!

  21. Visionary Member

    Reyna just finished, after going on for a bit about Honduras.

    Ahmadi is coming!
    The evil bastard is up in a minute!

  22. Visionary Member

    Ahmadi's speech so far:
    "human rights, brighter tomorrow, respect, bs, lies, bs, lies...blah blah blah."

    He's clutching his notes for dear life. lol
    He looks down at them like every other second.

    LMAO, he must be thinking: "Who wrote this crap?"

    I'm watching the online msnbc videos feed.
  23. I'm watching it on english aljazeera
  24. Visionary Member

    While he's talking about Palestine, the Palestinian delegation is looking bored, annoyed, and picking their noses.
    He's going on about Israel after all.
    (while not mentioning them by name.)
    Ranting about "zionist","racist", "genocidal"...blah blah blah.
    "Spreading terror in the middle east."

    Now he's ranting about Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Yeah, yeah, he really cares about everyone. :rolleyes:
  25. Visionary Member

    Lots of people are walking out.

    It's practically empty now.
  26. yes ! I noticed that.. must be using same cameras...
  27. Visionary Member

    I have no idea what his speech is about anymore.
    I lost track of what he was saying a few minutes ago.
    As far as I can tell, he's pretty much blaming everyone for messing up the world, except for himself.
  28. Why don't they shout 'shut up' ?
  29. jadt65 Member

    Well Vis, I am glad you don't understand AN at this point. This is a case study in cognitive dissonance, projection with a side order of world salad.

    In other words...this is nuts!
  30. Visionary Member

    I wish someone would shout out, "you lie!" at him.

    Then again, I don't think there's anyone left to do that.
    Unless the translator does. ha ha ha!
  31. He should be arrested for expressing psychotic threats and incoherent rubbish against the real world !
  32. jadt65 Member

    I would help but I can't faciliate involuntary committments across state lines
  33. Oh jeez, he just called his regime the most democratic government in the world...
  34. Visionary Member

    This is the most nonsensical pile of poo I've heard in a a while.

    I think he's been going on for so long that people started coming back, because they expected him to be done.
    The crowd is getting really fidgety.

    He trying to make it sound like he's a religious prophet.
    ha ha ha ha!

    Someone throw a rotten peach at him.
  35. jadt65 Member

    mmm...he seems to fit diagnostic criteria for disorganized schizophrenia (Disclaimer: this is not meant to be taken as an official diagnosis)
  36. the translator sounded, at one point, that she was about to crack up laughing. i swear.
  37. I love the pans of the room. It is almost empty! :)
  38. Visionary Member

    I've actually heard that a few times during the speech. lol

    A lot of people are clapping after he finished. Weird.

    Maybe they're just happy he's done.
  39. iraniam Member

    Ahmadinejad speach...

    Leaders of the world, more than half of them walked out of general assembly in protest of human rights in Iran...Thanks to all of them. You made us proud as an Iranian American. That dictatore now knows how it feels to deny freedom to his own people. Canada was the very first country who walked out...Thank you Canada for your support.
  40. i think i remember that. it got popular as a ringtone or something, didn't it?

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