Ahmadinejad Totally Looks like Augustus Caesar

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Giant Blue Anteater, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Kruge Moderator

    To be fair - even to an arsehole like Ahmadenijabbawabba - it's pretty much impossible to find any "pure" humans anywhere on planet earth, every single one of us *except* for some groups in central Africa has loads of mixed blood in his or her veins - and if you go back far enough all our ancestors meet in a relatively small group of people who once left central Africa... ;)

    Oooh, and there's been some new scientific discovery that came out not too far ago, it's a bit off-topic, but nonetheless quite a fascinating new factoid:

    Through genetic material that has been found and analysis of genomes all around the globe we now know this:

    The only really "pure" Homo Sapiens that do exist are from Central Africa - everybody *else*, no matter if Asian, Caucasian, Arab or whatever - has Neanderthal genes in them. Apparently the Homo Sapiens that left Africa did ... ahem ... "interact" with the Neanderthals they met (those were the dominant species outside of Africa before the "new" humans arrived on the scene).

    So let me shout out a loud and clear "Ugh Ugh" to all my fellow cavemen! :D
  2. It might just be because all dictator's and those who want to be them look, sound and act alike. Before Ahmedinejad stole the election as George Bush did in america stole his second term, look at the analogies Cenk from the young turks drew between him and Bush:

    [ame=]YouTube - Ahmedinejad is the Iranian George Bush[/ame]

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