Ahmadinejad v. Khamenei?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Ray Murphy, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

    [TUE]: 1540 GMT: Ahmadinejad v. Khamenei? [....] Parleman News reports that, after the dismissal of Minister of Intelligence Ejeie, President Ahmadinejad has taken direct control of the Ministry by ordering his replacement, Majid Alavi, to report directly to him. The Intelligence Ministry normally is supervised by the Supreme Leader, according to an English-language interpretation of the story.

    [English translation]:

    "According to Parleman News, Ahmadinejad has been forced to announce himself as the superviser of the Ministry of Intelligence after dismissing Mohseni-Ejei from his post.

    Ahmadinejad appointed Majid Alavi as the deputy director of the ministry. Alavi has been ordered to report to the President directly until a new minister is appointed and approved by the parliament.

    Traditionally, the ministry reported to the Supreme Leader."

    Ahmadinejad to supervise the Ministry of Intelligence � niacINsight
  2. By the title I thought it was jello wrestling
  3. a desert Member

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    Ahmadijabberwocky is just try to create more anarchy. Sadly, I think he's succeeding. The man needs to be knocked off his throne, so to speak.
  4. Ray Murphy Member

    It's happening as we speak. It's almost time to start taking bets on whether he'll fall tomorrow or the next day. Is betting kosha in Iran? :D
  5. Ahmadijabberwocky with red jello in his hair.

    But seriously, he is mad why would anyone listen to him.
  6. Ray Murphy Member

    And all this pressure for weeks on end wouldn't be helping.
  7. a desert Member

    Yes, but the thing is, Ahmadijabberwocky is not powerless. I would love to wake up and find out that the revolution had succeeded, but I'm not betting on it. He has more than the goal of consolidating power; I reckon he's pitting different factions against one another.
  8. Ray Murphy Member

    No, he's done for. He's got everyone against him now:
    * The Green movement
    * The majority of the religious power brokers
    * Half of his recent henchmen
    * The supreme leader
    * 70% of the military and police
    * Most politicians on the planet

    and he can't start arresting and bashing people again because they will be released again.
    The guy is history.
  9. a desert Member

    But he can. All he has to do (and he already has) is profess a real belief in Islam and every frigging nutbag who happens to be Muslim will come calling in if he asks for help. Given his anti-West stance most of the time, the Taleban probably wouldn't think twice. Plus, even unseating Jabberwocky won't end the revolution. If he keels over tomorrow from heart failure, there's a structure that really doesn't have to pretend to be democratic anymore. Then Iran become Saudi Arabia, V. 2.0.

    I'm not trying to be pessimistic but this has to be fought in multiple ways. And all the oppressors have their own goals.
  10. _gator Member

    According to the unofficial counts of votes, AN had about 85% of the votes against him.
    If that's not too fare from the truth, then maintaining control will drain government and administration of all resources, fast.
    I believe it will make it impossible for government to achieve any kind of positive results and discontent and resistance will grow, all the way up through the oppressive structures, which must allready be filled with opposition supporters.

    One fears for which measures the regime will take trying to prevent the inevitable. But I can't see the people being able to back away from freedom this time.
  11. Ray Murphy Member

    It's pretty much all over now. The next gathering should put the lid on it if the wheels don't fall off the regime before Thursday.
  12. _gator Member the streets or parliament?
  13. Ray Murphy Member

    The 40th day memorial gathering.
  14. Ahmadinejackass is only a mere politician.

    Khamenei is the real villain. His defeat is the real prize.
  15. Ahmadinejackass is a new one to me. nice one.

    i've only seen Khomini-me for Khamenei. are there any other nicknames?

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