Air Strike?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by meatpin, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. meatpin Member

    Air Strike?

    Just had an idea.

    Might it be possible to do an air raid on Gold with RC model planes?

    The idea would be to do some sort of hit-and-run leaflet bombing mission. Rig an RC model plane(s) with a drop device to drop business card size slips of paper with the 1-800-ex sea org number on them.

    Both sides of the base could be hit.

    A multi plane mission could also be run, with planes 2-3 min. apart.

    There could also be spotters with walki-taklies or cell phone com to help navigate and aim.

    Probably p/u truck vehicle's to throw the planes into upon landing, and cars to haul ground crews.

    Upon mission completion, all vehicle's split in various directions to complicate following.

    Google Earth used to scout launch/recovery areas.
  2. Re: Air Strike?

    haha. that actually is a great idea.
    dont know about the legality of it though
  3. Forseti Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Its a neat concept, but it would be nearly impossible because of buildings and other structures. Losing sight of your plane would mean possibly losing it all together.

    Perhaps a, RC helicopter would work better with a very skilled RC pilot.

    Airplanes are a hobbie of mine, but I have no idea how to fly RC helicopters. I have tried and failed. It was VERY tough to learn.
  4. Happy Cat Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    GL getting that kind of range on an RC vehicle,
    not having your signals interfered with, etc.
  5. the anti Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    air strike?

  6. Pacifist Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    This idea was discussed early last year and was concluded to be improbable. With the police and security bullshit that's been going on around Gold, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone who did this got arrested.

    I like the idea of hitting golf balls on to their property from the nearby golf course though.
  7. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Operating a potentially deadly weapon in/over Scilon controlled property?

    If its lost or crashed, Scilons *WILL* claim assault, injury, damage to property, etc. Plane was coated with a "mysterious powder".

    Seems like it would be rather difficult for Anons to prove otherwise.
    Even if successful / successfully recovered, seems to me that such an op would give fuel to Scilon complaints of harassment. Maybe some place other than Gold, but that seems like a really poor choice of venue for Epic test flight.

    Flying an RC plane or helicopter over neutral or friendly territory is a completely different story.
  8. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    I'd hit it.
  9. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Actually, this might be feasible if you're using a short-wave controller broadcasting on an unused public frequency. We could use GPS receivers to control drop location (easier than manual drops). The only real limiting factor would be battery life of the plane. We'd want to have enough juice to fly in, drop the cargo, and fly back out either low or high enough that the route couldn't be seen.

    They'd probably run 500-800 dollars each though.
  10. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Model planes? Airstrike?

    Do I get a sense of deja vu? Like from about 8 months ago?

    You'll be recycling ideas like using remote control blimps next!
  11. **zero** Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    [ame=]YouTube - Flyin' cocks attack!!![/ame]


    in b4 black cock down
  12. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    This was discussed to death back on enturb about one year ago. Consensus seemed to be that "propoganda kites" were the way to go.

    Large box kites should provide excellent cargo capacity. Here's a drawing from the old Project Ceilingcat planning thread:

  13. Re: Air Strike?

    In during "Tom Cruise Missles"

    I'm not saying the idea is a bad one, but give it a little more thought:

    payload? those things can't hold very many flyers.

    range? Gold is pretty big...

    loss of line-of-sight? ...with lots of tall trees, wth a very big ugly stucco-castle, big empty mansion, and other large sight-blocking structures.

    jamming? who knows with OSA...

    snipers? Again, who knows with OSA...

    Well... At least it isn't as bad as the guy on our local board who suggested flyer-delivery via ROCKETS...
  14. qwertyuiop1 Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    what about a catapult??? weigh the flyers down with something heavy, say... rocks? put about 50k flyers in the sling and let er rip.

    inb4 retarded idea
  15. tofuman Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    How about a potato launcher? Tie cards to something with some weight and launch them over the fence.
  16. MsDweller Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Question: aren't the remote control airplanes & helicopters expensive? I mean they could be caught, or shot down.

    At a few hundred bucks a pop, that would be expensive.
  17. Anon556 Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Ok. While we're at it. I have a ridiculous proposition.

    1)Get a nice long bit of light weight rope
    2)fill a pool chair full of helium
    3)Attach rope and a sign/banner to said pool chair
    4)anchor the pool chair off of gold base. (near the property line) judging with wind in order to have the thing floating over the top of their compund.

    General idea is to make it so that when the rope streches over the property line, its too high to cut.

    Anyone else want to try and beat my feasbile craziness.
  18. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Pic of a pool chair that could be filled with helium??
  19. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Seem to recall it being discussed before. There would likely be some legal issue to do with say dumping "trash" on people's property.

    Of course posting such ideas here is very irresponsible, it might give some random faggot not connected with the regular protesters ideas, they might just go ahead and do something similar anyway and run off before being caught which would be just terrible.

    Another idea would be to use lots common party balloons with messages tied to them. Put a small hole in the balloon to allow the gas to escape so they won't float very far (use tape to prevent balloon bursting of course). With the right wind direction and speed they may come down again inside the compound. Night raid might be best because less updraft. Watch out for guards with night vision.

    Oh how irresponsible of me to be giving out ideas for such heinous criminal activities.
  20. Re: Air Strike?

    I'd go for the golf balls.

    Problem: golf balls are notoriously hard. Scilon's could claim assualt and pretend those golf balls actually hit ppl.
    Another thing their super OT powers can't protect them from.
  21. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Well you are safe, knowing that no one in their right mind would do such lulzy things.
  22. WTF Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Whatever you do, don't bleach a message in their lawn, that would be evil.
  23. Sam Urai Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    The problem with any of these ideas is that they'd see you doing it and they would immediately baww to the authorities about you. You'd probably get arrested for "trespassing" and/or littering.

    Great idea, but hardly worth it.
  24. anoninoob Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Skywriting baby... it's all about skywriting!!!

    That shit hangs in the air for long time and can be seen for miles, MILES away.
  25. THE HULK Member

    Re: Air Strike?

  26. anonymous9 Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    And, for the record, wasn't it AO discussing it at length if not coming up with the idea entirely?
  27. THE HULK Member

    Re: Air Strike?

  28. Lorelei Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Slingshot + folded flier weighed with nothing heavier than a paperclip or two + compound wall to sail projectile over = WIN.

    "Huh. How very odd! That must have blown out of one of our satchels or purses. How did THAT happen? Darn the luck! Thanks for returning it, I'll make sure it gets to the proper owner."

    Lather, rinse, repeat.
  29. bananamous Member

  30. anonymous1312 Member

  31. Sam Urai Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Believe it or not, he was actually agin it!
  32. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Air Strike?

    I thought we agreed to get balloons or kites with messages hanging from them?
  33. Relyt Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Kite flying is probably the most legally possible idea. It just seems like the most probable thing during a raid. Everything else just screams possible arrest. Leafletting from a RC plane? Littering. The planes could also be deemed a weapon, believe it or not.

    As for the golf balls:
    For one, the golf course is owned by them ever since they bought it out years ago. I think you need to be a big important guy with a lot of money in order to even use it. Would be considered trespassing. And even if you could use it, driving balls into the base property could be seen as an attempted act of vandalism.
  34. Akujiki Member

    Re: Air Strike?

  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Club together money for a helicopter, flyer dump, trollcannons etc.
  36. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    I used to hobby with flying things. One of the cool things I used have was called "Kite ferry". It had a small latch that opened when it hit line-plug just feet from the kite. After it dropped its small payload it would return back down the kite line to be reloaded.

    This is similar to what we used to goof off with.

    Kite Ferry - Gunther-shop

    It could easily carry +20 YFTC's per drop.
  37. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Whoever does this will be the new AO and will be treated accordingly by the cult, law enforcement, and anonymous.
  38. Anon Char Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Blue racket balls? Soft, wont bounce as much, and can be easily lobbed by hand.

    What about RC cars? Not a pussy electrical one, but one with a real 15cc motor and such.

    And every-time I see this proposal come up, I keep thinking back to that giant erector set ball recovery robot from Sandlot.
  39. Ravenmore Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Especially if there's a spot to fly it from that is with out a doubt off of Scientology property.
    I wonder how big of a kite would be needed.
  40. themadhair Member

    Re: Air Strike?

    Assuming that flyer drops or equivalent is off the cards - is this idea workable to gain reconnaissance and footage of RPF abuses?

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