Alan Walter - DEAD

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by _You_, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. Timmibal Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD


    'LRH tech' is poison.

    Anyone who espouses it is going to have a problem with me. Always have, always will.
  2. auchraw Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Skipping about two hundred posts, how does it help an ex-Scientologist to recover from being fucked in the head to go on being fucked in the head by Alan Walters or the Virgin Marty or any other ex who still believes the tech is GOLD and I quote.

    The tech is not GOLD, it is just shit and is the reason all these thousands of people are crazy.

    You cannot use Alan's tech or the Virgin's tech to cure the damage done by Hubbard's tech. If ESMB is perpetuating Hubbard's tech we need a new resource for ex-Scientologists.
  3. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Alan Walter didn't think that "the tech is GOLD." If you believe that, then you've never read what he wrote about it.

    There's a big difference between what Alan Walter thought (not a Freezoner or a Scientologist) and what Marty Rathbun (a Scientologist) thought and thinks.

    It's not entirely your fault for being confused, as there are some Scientology Freezoners who are trying to get argument-advantage or give themselves credibility, by attaching themselves (briefly) to the (good) reputation of Alan Walter.

    As for Ex-Scientologist Message Board, most of the people there are NOT Freezoners. Haven't you noticed? Most are very critical of Hubbard and Scientology. Haven't you noticed?

    No? Not yet? Haven't gotten around to it?

  4. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Alan IS the one who pointed out to me this conundrum about OTIII...

    In the OTIII, INCIDENT II (XENU) incident...
    One is warned by Hubbard, (in Full caps in the original) "ONLY RUN INCIDENT II UP UNTIL YOU SEE THE PICTURE OF THE PILOT SAYING "I AM MOCKING IT UP""

    Alan pointed out to me that is was the jaunty nautical "Pilot" named Hubbard, checking to see if you "Missed his withold"

    ( he "mocked" it all up, Recall some of the odd times that Hubbard would laugh after he said something.. Who do you think he was laughing at? )

    In the fine print of "OTIII" Hubbard says that anyone who did NOT have body thetans would have to go back and re-do all their prior grades of auditing at their own expense!

    Think about it for a bit..
    I thought it was hysterical.. and THAT knowledge-"ism" has helped many recover
  5. Hicks Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Thread cleaned, stay on topic.
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Could you help out those of me who still don't quite get your/his point there?

  7. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  8. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    It is pretty funny. I forgot that Hubbard was a pilot in the 30s. Long before he wanted to be seamen.
  9. WTF Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    So you removed my post which was on topic and moved it to the TD "thread derail graveyard". Left others here which are off topic. You should take your signature's advice and don't be a fucking idiot.

    I had not heard that specifically.

    I have not talked to Alan for years, we used to be ops on several IRC channels years ago. I admired him for his caring nature and apparent technical knowledge.

    "Knowledgism" was his "squirrel" offshoot. I did not study it, but yes, what I did look at resembled scn.

    In nearly any area you can get failed products. You can also get infiltrators who fake such and "professional victims" whose only intention is to pretend injury and collect cash. Welcome to Teegeeack.
  10. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Yes but Hubbard quickly went from being semen to a total dick and was so for the rest of his life.
  11. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Yes. Thanks.

    I'd just like to say that if you guys want a "new resource" other then ESMB for scilons leaving the cult then go for it.

    Emma wouldn't mind a bit. In fact she encourages people to start their own boards. As I said before, she is all about free speech.

    Just remember this; some scilons will be more inclined to leave if they know they can get "tech" outside the church. How many times does this need to be said?

    Good luck on getting people to come to your new "resource" if it's nothing but a tech bashing board. So maybe they'll end up on Marty's board. Would that make you happy? Hmmm?

    And don't for one minute buy that crap about "everyone on ESMB still believes in the tech." That is pure bullshit. But some of you won't be convinced of that and refuse to get the real facts. Fine.

    In the meantime the Aussie's, who are all on ESMB btw, are working their butts off to take down the cult while your over here bawwing about the board that got them all together in the first place.
  12. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    one person believing the "tech" is too many IMO. but for the sake of the group i will tow the party line that "we don't care what you believe, we just don't like the corporate church".
  13. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Alan Walter repackaged Hubbard's scam. He removed Hubbard's pointless psychotic abuse, created a new vocabulary by renamed Hubbard's cult speak then called it Knowledgism. I did a quick search on Google one of the first links to come up is a thread on ESMB explaining the similarities.

    Similarities between Scientology and knowledgism - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    When you peel away the layers of the onion, it's the same old mind control money making scam with a different name and a different guru.
  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    WHO CARES what people believe in? Hubbard's dreck, like anything false, can only survive when protected inside a bubble, sealed off from reality. Once exposed to the atmosphere, it withers and dies. It's the abuses that need to be actively opposed. The mistaken beliefs are not a concern EXCEPT when nurtured in a cloistered environment (like the Marty Zone, frinstance).
  15. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    the abuses are dictated by the tech no?

    anyway i don't want to derail this riveting thread. carry on.
  16. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Jeez, "Alex" is a member of the Church of Scientology, and is similar to another poster called "Roadrunner" who also works on behalf of the Cult. There are at least two people who do "Alex."

    The Church of Scientology is such an effective mind control scam, apparently, that it has *you* quoting its operatives.

    Hoe embarrassing for you.
  17. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I'm not embarrassed in the slightest, I'm actually embarrassed for you if you think someone can get embarrassed by posting on a message board, besides the comparisons remain very real regardless how much you try to diminish them.
  18. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD


    I have read many things on this website from deluded chanologists who think Anonymous will change the world to moonbat crazy Arnie Lerma types who should probably unplug their internet before they hurt themselves.

    Now we come to you. The dude who got trolled so hard by chanology it actually is a cult to your retarded ass.

    Granted this is an Alan Walters / Knowledge-jism thread so your statement is actually kinda on topic.

    Having said all that let me ask you a couple of questions

    1. one person believing the "tech" is too many IMO. In what world do you live in or want to live in that others can dictate what you think? Would you like to remove all references to scientololy / dianetics from the history books? Chances are you'd probably be a book burner, hopefully you're just a well intentioned idiot who'd like to see enough information be put out there so that sane rational people understand it's a cult.

    2 but for the sake of the group i will tow the party line Really? No really? You actually typed that sentence. Can you point me to where the commisars office is so I can read up on the party line? Don't be retarded.

    3. Can you describe in any meaningful way what knowledge-jism is? When chanology first started a few of us did a bunch of "what the fuck is this freezone bullshit" so we could figure out if they were "targets of opportunity" for some trolling. One of the things that came up was knowledge-jism. Or are you just parating shit you've read on here?

    Keep it up meme boy.
  19. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    you are very passionate. and yes i was trolled by chanology. whatever that means. i like your gusto. please follow this with another wall of text that i will get bored of two lines into.

    PS: i just noticed the meme boy comment. i thought that was pretty lulzy.

  20. grebe Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I'm guessing that many Scientologists learn to associate love and moral feelings with their own peculiar language and militaristic sense of duty. Stepping away from that language and duty will feel like stepping away from all that makes live worth living. Some will want to cling to "the tech" as Dumbo clung to his feather. It makes sense to let them do that.

    On the other hand, the tech is unproven nonsense. Hubbard's "research" was nothing more than imagination. Someone has to hit that message hard if we're to turn any of these delusionists from their life wasting fappery.

    tl;dr: A "good cop /bad cop" plurality of opinion among scientology critics is probably more useful politically than a unified position.
  21. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Hey Arnie, it's a wonder how Hubbard ever kept a straight face, while delivering the enormous amount of bollocks that comprise his 'lectures', don't you think?

    One thing about OTIII - did you ever wonder why he spelt it out as X-E-M-U on the tape? The obvious answer, to me, is that he was a tad embarrassed at recycling the story of XENU from Revolt in The Stars (where he must have typed it out hundreds of times) as an OT level, and the change is his pathetic attempt, thinking on his feet, to make a distinction, or obfuscate his use of a smidgen or two of artistic licence.

    Aah, minutiae. Such morsels are no doubt only for the palate of the connoisseur of the con. inb4tinfoilgestapo
  22. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    By time fucknuts Hubbard rolled out OT III in the late 60s, he was so far gone, he actually forgot Xenu was a character in one of his son's comic books and thought he was part of the evil psychs conspiracy that was battling for the space between his ears. Listen to how messed up this fuckbag was in the late 60s

  23. tazor Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Of course the tech is unproven nonsense. And the majority of people leaving the cult find that out eventually if they didn't already know it when they left.

    Most people who go to the freezone leave. Some sooner then others. But the majority play with it for awhile till they read enough on the internet. When they get the guts to actually do some research it's pretty much all over.

    It's called baby steps. I know Anonymous doesn't have the patience for this but believe me, it has to be done this way with a lot of ex-culties.

    And some will never get to the point where they realize the whole thing was a con. But there isn't too many of those. I'm sure some Russians still miss the good old days of communism too.

    Go figure.
  24. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I imagine there must be a direct correlation between being a con artist and developing mental illness. It must have been destabilizing for Hubbard to get up and spout this garbage time after time, knowing all the while that he could be undone at any moment. To me, the con artist preceded the madman, and his continual lying probably was a direct causal factor in his deterioration.

    Was he already mad in 1968, or did his adoring followers belief in him egg him on to ever more ludicrous statements?

    Er, prolly not worth a moment's pondering, but there you go...
  25. auchraw Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    As the relative of a victim I am not about to say: Sure Scientolism, Knowledgism, Martyrology, is all OK, believe what you like, if it works for you it works for you. The whole point is that it doesn't work.

    I wonder how much effort the CoS is putting into keeping all its defectors warm?
  26. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I believe Hubbard wanted everything done NOW cause he KNEW this day would come
    Really smart people dont HAVE to be dishonest to make a living...
    CONfidence Artists tend to be sociopathic personailities..
    that is a personality without a conscience...
    If you feed your face by inducing misery in others, you have to be a sociopath, people with human feelings do not make good tormentors..

    "My philosophy is why not kick a dog when it's down" L Ron Hubberd

    What a piece of work..

    And Alan posted an admission to ACT "" back in - dang...was it 95? or 94? or 96? I wish I could find that... it is as true now as it was then.
  27. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Is this what you are referring to?

    RI-805i-A 'Alan C. Walter confirms his evil doctrine'
  28. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    YES... see 8steps out of scientology
    8 steps out of Scientology
    Author: Arnie Lerma
    Date: 31 Aug 1997 17:01:27 -0700

    I was in the cult and on staff for 10 years... here are the stages I have seen... as one exits the 'Hubbardian' mind control program....

    1) There is something wrong here, if this is so great, then
    why is (______) going on? LINK

    [ insert whatever atrocity you have recently witnessed ]

    2) The guys at the top must be crazy

    3) Miscavige and crew are evil demons from another dimension
    [ or something similar ]

    4) Hubbard went crazy at the end .....

    5) Hubbard went crazy in 1966

    6) Hubbard was mad from the start.

    7) This whole thing is a complete fraud

    8) my god, its a criminal organization... with criminal convictions
    all over the world... and it was only about money

    9) realization that THERE ARE NO OT's THERE!

    8 steps out of Scientology
  29. ArnieLerma Member

  30. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

  31. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    I completely agree, if you can't handle a simple question like that without having a meltdown, it's definitely best for both of us that you ignore me
  32. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD


    During RTC vs Lerma I did not have time to think about the M or the N issue...
    maybe it was just a magician's stage trick...See Art of Deception Part1 and Part2 and yeah I need to write the final one..I left the xeMu vs xeNu issue for those who were interested, I never sorted it out...but I never needed that answer, thanks for the summary though...
  33. _You_ Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    How did this go from a thread about Walter dying to Hubbard's 3rd rate science fiction?
  34. Skeptic1337 Member

  35. WTF Member

  36. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Angry Gay...Fop?
  37. grebe Member

    Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    Dude Abides, I listened to your Hubbard recording. The first part isn't crazy, the part where he talks about psychiatric patients getting hurt by some of the treatments of his day. However, his use of such sad stories to support his belief that psychiatrists are here to torture mankind for the lulz is pretty lulzy.

    Medical specialties are interconnected and interdependent --just as biology, chemisty, and physics are interconnected. So I don't really get how "the psychs" actually works as an explanatory hypothesis.

    Maybe Scientologists view specialties as sects or political parties. Wonder what they make of the fact that most psychiatric care in the US is actually delivered by internists and family practice doctors.
  38. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    What you hear in that recording is a man who is no longer in control of his mental faculties and the people he surrounded himself with were too messed up to acknowledge it.
  39. Re: Alan Walter - DEAD

    You're right. But complaining in this thread will only encourage the people doing it.

    I remember having that realization about the wwp crowd. At first I was like, lawl- but then I was like, oh shit, you nig nogs are for real.

    This type of post is sort of the message board equivalent of trying to get up and walk away like nothing happened after someone knocks you to the ground with a single punch.

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