Albuquerque NM - October 23 - Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AnonyNess18, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Albuquerque NM - October 23 - Post Game

    After a break last month, I get back into an enturbulating mood.

    I show up a little bit early and try scope out the area looking for fellow protesters. A couple of minutes later I find pretty much the whole gang appear from the shadows; John Basilone, Captain Kirk, Akuma, MSAnon, and Munchkin.

    We set everything up and for the first half hour there was no activity at the org. No one was going in or out. We got plenty of honks and cheers though. Then about 5 or 6 Scilons left the building to grab some lunch. We then promptly enturbulated them.

    I was informed by the others on how last protest the police was called by the Scilons. I was told the police were very standoffish at first but when they went in to talk to the Scilons they seemed more sympathetic to our cause. They also gave clues that they were shown the same Anonymous pamphlet that was given to Jeff Stone in Riverside. Well today we got another visit from the police but they did not get down he just talked to us from the squad car and told us that what we were doing was fine and we were practicing our freedom to assemble. I also noticed a fire truck and an ambulance drive through their back alley way. Don't know what that was about.

    As more traffic goes in and out of the org we try to give light to more issues in Scientology from, Disconnected family members to Second Chance. When I talked about Second Chance I made a mistake I started mentioning the President, I got the name wrong I said Jan Eastgate instead of Joy Westrum. I did not realize this until later. Doh! Sorry, my bad. Although, overall I think we did a good job of bringing these issues to light for them.

    Some of us would switch our positions to go right in front of the org or sneaking a view of the back. In the back we noticed a staff member using a van to haul a bunch of trash to the dumpster.

    I think we might have the lamest org on the face of the Earth.

    We had one couple stop by who were enthused about seeing Anonymous and knew all about it. They wanted to have a photo op with us. They were cool. Another lady held up traffic talking to us. lol

    We ended up knocking off at 1:30. It was a good day for a protest.

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    Re: Albuquerque NM - October 23 - Post Game

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    Nice raid guys. I like the messages getting across.

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