Albuquerque Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Bipolart, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Bipolart Member

    It was nice weather today, but it did get windy towards the end of the raid.
    Anyway, the parking lot was empty except for 1 car and the Carpet Direct van, which is always there. A couple of clams stopped by, but only for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the horns were honkin' like crazy! Tazor was sportin' her AnonyNun outfit, MS wore his new touque from the Toronto cell, and I just kept the tunes rollin'. We had alot of laughs, and our laughter echoed across the Scilon parking lot. DEAD ORG IS DEAD.

    Oh, and Tazor got tinfoily and got "bad vibes" from some poor passerby. It turned out he was only going to the store, but Tazor was sure there was a conspiracy somewhere.

    So: Albuquerque org is dead. Who knows....maybe it will close soon.
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  2. subgenius Member

    Nice. BTW there are conspiracies everywhere.
  3. conatus Member

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  4. Bipolart Member

    wtf I love it
  5. Permanoob Member

    I dont think there really is an allbakirkey.
    I went to google earth and all I saw was a cactus and a lizard.
    The lizard wasn't moving.
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  6. Orson Member

    good job guise.

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