Aleister Crowley's Magick in Theory and Practice compared to LRH crap

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    I plan to sell a bunch of my books 'cause I don't research LRH crap anymore. Below is some notes from me comparing a book by Aleister Crowley to Hubbard's ideas. I plan to sell the book so thought I should at least record my notes.

    notes from Magick in Theory and Practice by Aleister Crowley, [London, 1929, also reproduced by Dover Pub., NY, 1976]
    starts with Volume 0

    OTO vs. OT upper levels

    Triangle in Circle symbol

    Anti-Christian (p. 50) "...but seek instinctively a refuge from the horror of contemplating Nature, which they do not comprehend, in a soothing-syrup affirmation such as those of Christian Science, Spiritualism, and all the sham 'occult'creeds, as well as the emasculated forms of so-called Christianity."

    anti-psychiatry (p. xxiv) "Official psycho-analysis is therefore committed to upholding a fraud." "psycho-analysits have misinterpreted life, and announced the absurdity that every human being is essentially an anti-social, criminal,and insane animal."

    A=A (p.9) "Knowledge is, moreover, an impossible conception. All propositions come ultimately back to 'A is A.'"

    Past life recall (p. 51) the great obstacle to Magical Memory (of past lives) is "Freudian forgetfulness; that is to say, that, though an unpleasant event may be recorded faithfully enough by the mechanism of the brain, we fail to recall it, or recall it wrong, because it is painful." (this is engram material here too)

    Be 3 feet in back of your head (p. 146) "The first thing to do, therefore, is to get the body [of light] outside your own. To avoid muddling the two, you begin by imagining a shape resembling yourself standing in front of you. Do not say: 'Oh, it's only imagination!' The time to test that is later when you have secured a fairly clear mental image of such a body."

    Hubbard reaching OT III (p. 151) "In 'Rising on the Planes' one must usually pass clear4 through the Astral to the Spiritual. Some will be unable to do this. The 'fine body' which is good enough to subsist on the lower planes, a shadow among shadows, will fail to penetrate the higher strata. It requires a great development of this body, and an intsnes infusion of the highest spiritual constituents of man, before he can pierce the veils."

    Drills, like Book and Bottle (p. 202) "You do not train a violinist to play the Beethoven Concerto; you train him to play every conceivable consecution of notes with perfect ease, and you keep him at the most monotonous drill possible for years and years before you allow him to go on the platform."

    travel to Venus (p. 203) "The experience must be as systematic and regular as possible; fo rit is of no use merely to travel to the spheres of Jupiter and Venus..."
    LRH DID THIS (p. 236) "The Adept must prepare and publish a thesis setting forth his knowledge of the Universe, and his proposals for its welfare and progress. He will thus be known as the leader of a school of thought."

    Pasts lives (p. 50) "There is no more important task than the exploration of one's previous incarnations."

    occult science "is the one really important science, for it transcends the conditions of material existence..." (p. 244). Dianetics and Scientology are a science, according to LRH

    prenatal memories (p. 419) "Having allowed the mind to return for some hundred times to the hour of birth, it should be encouraged to endeavour to penetrate beyond that period. If it be properly trained to run backwards, there will be little difficulty in doing this, although it is one of the distinct steps in the practice."

    alter-isness (p. 26) "All the works of witchcraft are illusory; and their apparent effects depend on the idea that is it possible to alter things by the mere rearrangement of them."
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Crowley was a cunt, but at least his stuff was original cuntitude.

    Hubbard was a mere minion, evidence all over the internet suggests Crowley thought he was a fat ugly ginger prick that got in the way of some sweet sexytime with all kinds of freaky sex magic chicks.

    Hubbard and sex were never linked. LRH was the anti-sex.

    If you're ever having wild sex with someone and you don't want to wreck the night by coming too soon, just make a mental image of LRH in your head. That way the only explaining you have to do is why you're laughing.

    Better to laugh while making love than pretend to be some ugly guru dickwad.

    Scientologists don't get to enjoy sex, Hubbard made sure of that whole 2D bullshit.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    This was used by the Scientology New World Corps, and it appears all over the International Training Org in LA.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Funny, but I got LOTS of sex while in the cult. Guess that's why I'm out LOL
  5. Anonymous Member

    People get all batty about the OMGOTO! , but thecaliphate has had for decades only had a few hundred paying members. It is fractured by contested copyright claims and their leaders live from one pagan/sci fi convention to the next. Like all groups they pad their numbers with people who tried it once.

    Hubbard made damn sure that precious seed was not wasted- the most powerful sex magic is one of abstention, not release. Why else all those vows of chastity?
  6. Anonymous Member

    And Crowley never threw children in a chain locker.

    He just liked them properly cooked. ;)

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