Alert activists Today yet another pedophile was let through the justice system again.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scarlet, May 30, 2014.

  1. Scarlet Member

    Today another pedophile was let through the justice system yet again... I know already that the system was corrupt and debouch already...but was still very shocked to hear a "Not guilty" verdict , after the Judge had given his final summary AND opinion to the Jury where a lot of them were seen to be tearful during the little girls video interview. Also the little girl aged now 10 also requested the rare option to be behind the screens was granted by judge moor during the special measures procedure as she did not feel the her grandad father deserved to see her again after what he had done on 3 accounts and 3 different occasions...the family who had disowned the little girl and her family came along to intimidate any of the little girls supporters were very volatile outside Manchester courts and sent their loud and confident daughters to testify against the little girl who is very quiet and within her self which is the total opposite CLEARLY in comparison to the rest of the grandchildren...when the man accused (the grandfather) was being questioned nothing he said co-in sided with anything the witnesses on his side said!! so how on earth did this man walk free??? everyone knew he had done it.
    do I have grounds for a peaceful protest?
    I look forward to your response <Mod Edit: Name removed>
  2. anon8109 Member

    Hi Scarlet. If you want people to join you in a protest against a jury's verdict you need to let people know more specifically what case you are referring to, and provide as much detail as possible in the form of documents (DOX).

    If you have some information that you think the jury neglected to consider or you think there was some grave error, you can ask for an appeal of the case, and you can also bring your dox to the media's attention by contacting local newspapers/radio/t.v.
  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Dear Scarlet:

    I sincerely hope that <name removed> is not your real name. Giving that out is not a good idea around here. In fact, it is a really bad idea.

    Honestly, you may want to request this thread moved to the OP innocence area. That deals with things like this better and may gain you some supporters (after, like anon8109 suggested, you provide more information [called DOX here])

    I hope you do get a protest going even without a WWP presence. Although if your dox are good, you may get a few.

    - PS

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