ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

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  1. ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    On August 11, “Leapfrog” posted to ESMB an e-mail Nancy Many has been sending out about a group that supposedly helps people for free, providing an attorney and social services if the people meet certain criteria, and that she couldn’t imagine that Sea Org or ex-SO members wouldn’t meet their criteria. Help and Assistance - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    I called Nancy because I’m ex-SO, am being subjected to ongoing crimes perpetrated by Scientology, and could certainly use some legal help. Nancy asked me some preliminary questions; like was I ever locked up inside the cult, which I was, was my correspondence ever censored, which it was, etc. She told me the group that could help is the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST), and she gave me the number to call 888-539-2373. CAST LA

    In our conversation, I mentioned that Scientology, although a clear human trafficking cult, had been usurping the anti-human trafficking mantle, just as the cult, an egregious human rights abuser, had usurped the human rights mantle with its Youth for Human Rights front group. Nancy indicated she wasn’t aware of this but was sure that CAST was not associated with the cult in any way.

    Nancy said that CAST has a screening procedure where an interviewer will ask a bunch of questions and then, based on the information provided, refer the calling person to someone else in CAST, and that there are a couple of levels of clearance before the person meets anyone. She said that CAST operates quietly, off the grid, and doesn’t give out its addresses.

    After our call, I found a couple of Scientology’s anti-human rights pages and sent the following e-mail to Nancy:

    I then took a quick look at CAST’s site and found that one of its “coalition members” is Youth for Human Rights International. Coalition Members | CAST LA

    Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI): [Scientology link]

    YHRI is an operation of Scientology’s notorious Office of Special Affairs. Cult attorney Timothy Bowles, who has been involved in some of the rottenest human rights abuses, is or was its Executive Director.

    I also found that CAST Executive Director Kay Buck appears in OSA’s Freedom Mag. [Scientology link]

    In my opinion, it is completely wrong for any Scientology victim to contact CAST and give that organization one shred of information. The approach should be to expose CAST’s connection to and support for the human trafficking cult of Scientology, to warn everyone about this deception, and to do what is necessary to get CAST to sever its ties to Scientology and denounce the cult.

    Obviously there's more work to be done to identify more connections between Scientology, Scientologists and CAST. But what is here is enough to stop the op.

    Please get the word out to anyone who has contacted CAST or might be considering contacting this entity.
  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

  3. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    It's CAN all over again. Same shit, different decade.
  4. Scatman Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    One scientology front group listed on stationary or one magazine interview does not constitute infiltration or complicity. The party to address this issue to would be CAST, not the rest of the world. It looks to me like some impulsive person has jumped to conclusions about CAST. CAST cannot be expected to investigate every person who contacts them. There is no evidence that CAST is an OSA front.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    uhh, didn't Gerry just bring up the possible connection?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    It is HIGHLY IMPORTANT that you forward thorough information, preferably primary sources, to trusted journalists (Baca, Tobin & Childs) while clearly expressing in an unemotional manner why this is relevant to their interests.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Gerry, I urge you to continue with contacting CAST. In the main, the other (dozens) of associated groups are clearly non-suspect legitimate groups, and there may well be no other connections to the cult. Your contacting them may be what they need to remove the association with YFHR. None of the board members seem to have cult connections AFAICT.

    We all know the cult likes to have it's fingers everywhere - but a minor connection like this - in all probability used by the cult solely to advantage the reputation of YFHR - is no reason to dismiss the entire organisation as being compromised.

    The list of funders is here: Funders | CAST LA
    I don't see anything I recognise as being cult related - but you would know better than me.

    The list of member groups is here: Coalition Members | CAST LA
    YFHR is one of ~134 members.
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    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    I pooned CAST via their website, suggesting that it was not a good look for them to lend their credibility to a known front-group of a cult accused of human trafficking offences.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    uhh...unemotional manner? WTF?
    Are you an emotion detector?
  10. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    It seems to me that when someone leaves Scientology or is at the stage they need help, it is because they have educated themselves which almost invariably means they have looked up information on the internet. That means depending on their particular circumstances they have/will come accross one of the sites such as WWP, ESMB, ESKMB, XENUTV and ALHU.

    IF we join resources and create a document called "The definite guide to leaving Scientology" with information in it like this then we can help educate people who are in the mindset become more self empowered. If all the sites put it on their main page, sticky it in their forums etc... then you would be helping educate a large majority of people who choose to leave by being a reference which has high visibility.

    Scientology without the support of its members does not exist. Let me repeat that: Scientology without the support of its members does not exist.

    Scientology knows this and that is why it spends so much time and energy keeping the doorway blocked with pathetic attempts exactly like the front group here mentioned.

    The objective is to make a pathway from the mind control to a safer haven by making available information. That is why it is called a guide.

    As the information grows on the internet it is becoming more confusing and sometimes a person might just have one or two days in which they might look for information before lapsing. It is imperative then to have a non scientology bashing, simple document which gives quick access to resources and information giving them a quick picture of how they can in fact leave Scientology of their own free will and help break away the fear factor which may stop someone from fully realizing that choice.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    I meant don't be hysteric in your language. Sound reasonable.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Show me hysteric? It will help me with my thesis.
  13. Scatman Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Not exactly. He has wildly speculated that infiltration may exist. There does not exist any such evidence. Gerry should verify his suspicions rather than publishing wild speculations.
  14. Scatman Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    I don't think any such guide would have broad application because the baggage a person brings into scientology is different for every person, and the baggage that a person takes on in scientology is different for every person.

    I see no problem in bashing scientology to anyone. That itself can impart a new perspective.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    What's new?
  16. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    We are not talking about baggage. We are talking about a systematic method of mind control. The system works the same on everyone regardless of the baggage. That is why group consensus is a core factor and definite steps are adhered to so much in Scientology: "KSW and follow the tech exactly"

    An important part of this structure is to throw up mental resistance which is early on implanted as the idea of entheta and the suppressive person, both core central concepts in Scientology.

    As such bashing Scientology throws up resistance which in turn in a majority of times actually is more detrimental to helping a Scientologist get closer to the truth and therefore leave. This is exactly as LRH intended and the method has worked well for years to keep Scientology alive, which is why Scientologists spend large amounts of time on the idea of the suppressive person. There are lots of stories about why people left Scientology available on the net. There are very few instances where they left because someone bashed Scientology. The majority of cases have been because the reality of the experience does not align with Scientology propaganda which loosens the mind control and allows an opening for further investigation.

    We have other cases where parents for example have confronted the doctrine and children have disconnected from their parents, closing a gap for communication and separating those victims from sources of reality which ultimately help a person make their own decisions and choices based on knowledge and not fear.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    I think this is a fundamentally important idea, we want people to leave. We want to make it easy for them to leave.

    Any such guide should not just be about the reasons for leaving but should include some pragmatic advice, organizations that can help, short term places to stay etc...
    (Although a lot of this would need to be localized)
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    There is leaving Scientology (Org Staff)

    And then there is leaving Scientology (Sea Org and any other core bits)

    Big difference I suspect.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Kay Buck's appearance in the Freedom Mag appears to me to be simply evidence that she spoke at the conference, not that she's in bed with the cult. However, it is reason to take care.

    Of more concern to me is Marisa Ugarte, shown on the same page of the freedom mag.

    [SIZE="3"]"In Support of Human Rights"[/SIZE]

    The CoS promotional video appears to relate to a set of 30 videos about the UN Declaration of Human Rights released by "Youth For Human Rights International" (YHR or YHRI), a supposedly independent body.
    "When you see something visual, when you hear the word, when you start learning about something you did not know before, these people prevail in making an impact."
    Executive director Mexico-USA bilateral safety corridor coalition --- CONTACT: Email sent 30 March (no response)
    Website confirms that Marisa Ugarte is the founder and executive director of BSCC.

    But she has nothing to do with CAST that I've found.
  20. Intelligence Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    When I knew I had to escape/leave, I quickly typed in Google, "Escape Scientology", which pointed me to Bonnie: :: escape :: helping families under scientology stress
    who then put me in contact with Gerry Armstrong. He was instrumental in helping me leave safely.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    YFHR is listed as "Rescue and Restore Regional Coalition Partners" on CAST. Gerry is right to bring to attention the link. We are talking about the Church of Scientology here, and about vulnerable people seeking help. I don't know what is your problem. How about you specifically point out what part of his post bothers you, rather than just dismiss him as "wild speculations"? Remember, "specifically". Or STFU.
  22. Smurf Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    VALID POINT. Thank you.
  23. moarxenu Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    What do "Rescue and Restore Regional Coalition Partners" do? Counsesling? General education and advocacy?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    This site says: "give presentations, provide trainings, including staff training to businesses to identify victims of trafficking"

    YFHR is listed as a member, a partner for Rescue and Restore Regional Coalition, so my understanding is that YFHR "give presentations, provide trainings, including staff training to businesses to identify victims of trafficking." But of course that certainly doesn't mean their influence is not elsewhere. Gerry is right, there is cause for concerns.
  25. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    There are very few men or women with the strength of Gerry Armstrong.
  26. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    We did some further checking into connections between CAST and Scientology. Note the link in our OP to Scientology’s Freedom Mag:
    Putting a Stop to the Exploitation; Freedom Magazine
    What will my world be like? Freedom Magazine

    The events Freedom is reporting on were a “series of “Slavery Today” panel discussions.” They were “sponsored by the Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance,” which is a Scientology operation. International Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Two CAST execs are identified as attending: Jennifer Stanger, National Training Director; and Kay Buck, Executive Director.

    Attendee Joseph K. Grieboski, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute on Religion and Public Policy, is a Scientology agent who influences governments around the world for the cult. See, for example, Gerry Armstrong--Open Letter to Joseph K. Grieboski 10-25-2004

    Bartilson, who was a panelist at the FHRT events, is the daughter of Laurie J. Bartilson, a cult attorney in Bowles & Moxon, later Moxon & Bartilson, and a standard Scientologist violator and suppressor of human rights. See, for example, this declaration: Scientology v. Armstrong: Declaration of Gerry Armstrong

    See also this 2009 letter to Grieboski about his receiving $8,000 a month from Scientology to start and operate his organization: Open Letter to Joseph K. Grieboski : Scientology v. Armstrong

    Attendee Nancy Reyes-Rubi is an attorney from the Legal Aid Foundation, which a CAST coalition member. See also this cpedia entry:
    Ms. Goodman is of course Leisa Goodman of OSA: Leisa Goodman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Attendee Lisa L. Thompson, is from the Salvation Army, another CAST Coalition member. Here’s Ms. Thompson, Grieboski, and 3 Scientology OSA personnel – Jentzsch, Weiland and Susan Taylor – getting together in a letter to Russian President Putin:

    Re: Katie Scolari Borden, Western USA regional manager for the UNICEF Fund, see also this WWP thread:

    See this endorsement for YRHI: Endorsements & Recognitions - Youth for Human Rights International

    See this cached page with this entry:
    Attendee Caroline Wittcoff, federal prosecutor in the Los Angeles office of the United States Department of Justice, apparently prosecutes human trafficking cases in LA. Caroline Wittcoff - Pipl Profiles

    Did the Headleys and their attorneys know about this connection?

    Ambassador Lou de Baca, Director of Trafficking in Persons at the State Department, is quoted in the Freedom article as if he was also an attendee at the Scientology event. The Headleys and their attorneys should also be aware of this connection.

    Then see this important page from Freedom about US Representative Diane Watson:

    Note too on the same page this connection to another CAST employee Namju Cho:
    Here, Watson is identified as a Scientologist: Diane Watson Biography, Pictures, Videos, Movies - FamousWhy
    Same here: Diane Watson Note her footnote about her religion: "Originally (and possibly still) a Roman Catholic."

    Here’s a Scientology press release about the August 7, 2010 CC anniversary event:
    Here are a couple of commendations from Watson to CCHR:
    Obviously there are many more connections to be made between CAST and Scientology’s own cast of characters. But the above alone are overwhelming evidence, and justify warning ex Sea Org people to not approach this organization for help, which requires that they submit to interrogations by CAST staff. This evidence also justifies confronting CAST on what on earth it was doing enlisting Nancy Many as its agent and encouraging ex SO victims to come to it for "help."

    Scientologist Diane Watson, according to Scientology itself, arranged a million dollar grant to start CAST. To believe that the cult has no influence in CAST is foolish.
  27. Scatman Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    None of his post bothers me. I object to speculations about scientology control of an organization that helps victims of human trafficking, where no incriminating evidence exists.
  28. Scatman Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    That is NOT obvious that there are many more connection to be made between CAST and scientology. That is entirely your speculation, Gerry.
    There does not exist any evidence that trafficking victims have to submit to any interrogation by CAST staff. They do ask questions like any organization does to qualify those people coming to it for assistance.
    There does not exist any evidence that CAST has enlisted Nancy Many as it agent. Nancy wants to help victims of scientology and does so voluntarily. Nancy wrote a book, My Billion Year Contract, exposing the criminal activities and human rights abuses in organized scientology.
    Wrong again, Gerry Armstrong. CAST got a grant in 2004 from the U.S. Department of Justice, but CAST started in 1998! History | CAST LA

    "The Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST), a not-for-profit organization, was established in 1998 in the wake of the El Monte sweatshop case where 72 Thai garment workers were kept for eight years in slavery and debt bondage. Upon their release and under the leadership of CAST’s founder Dr. Kathryn MacMahon, a group of concerned community activists realized something needed to be done to address the re-emergence of slavery in our own backyards.

    With this in mind, CAST was created in 1998, with Little Tokyo Service Center as its fiscal agent, to provide intensive case management, comprehensive services, and advocacy to survivors healing from the unspeakable violence endured during slavery. Today, CAST is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual human rights organization located in Los Angeles that has been nationally and internationally recognized for its dedication to the identification of trafficking survivors, the mobilization of all sectors of the community to identify and advocate against trafficking, and the provision of direct services for victims."

    Gerry, please stop manufacturing misinformation and wild speculation.
    Take your meds, Gerry.
  29. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Speculation at this level is valid. The hive wont move onto it until solid evidence exists like has always been the case. The freedom to speculates exists and is a fundamental human right. If we did not speculate then we would not discover.
  30. HellRazor Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Good work finding the links between CAST and Scientology front groups (YHRI, IFHRT), Gerry. However, this is only circumstatial evidence that there may be dangerous influence.

    Worst case scenario: CoS has infiltrated and is controlling CAST.

    More likely scenario: CoS through it's front groups have made some connections with CAST and other human rights groups. This is typically done by parternering, giving their bogus awards to human rights leaders and politicians to gain credibility, good PR, and maybe influence.

    It is therefore important to expose CoS' front groups to those in charge of legitimate human rights groups.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    ITT scatman looks like a raeging idgit with an axe to grind, and is willing to takes things Gerry is looking into way WAY WAY out context to wildy speculate about wild speculation that only exists in scatman's own posts. lol galore yes, but this angle does indeed look worthy of closer inspection.

    Scatman should go bak to spouting off useless advice and the occasional history lessons, do what you do best - a whole lot of nothing. and let those who actually have the initiative to do new stuff and forge ahead into investigation new territory for raising a awareness get to it.
  32. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    I think the real concern is Dianne Watson secured the funding for the organisation to grow and she has strong ties with Scientology, if not a closet scientologist (In the Packer way) herself.

    She is supported by Scientology- fact (numerous mentions in Freedom Magazine.)
    She attends Scientology openings and supports its front groups. - Fact
    She was of the signatories to sign a letter to France condeming its treatment of Scientology- Fact

    Anon first had her pegged in this thread in 2009.

    Scientology has a history of infiltrating and buying out political advantage to organizations which may pose a threat to it. The famous example was The Cult Awareness Network. - fact

    The above are not "wild" speculations, they are facts.

    To suggest Scientology has a political influence to some extent over CAST is highly viable and in the light of OP's post it serves as a possible warning to anyone going to CAST for Scientology related help and surely worth further investigation.

    Another fact: When you start seeing dead agenting you may be onto something someone doesn't want you to know about and it might be worth turning a few more rocks over.
  33. LarryBren Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    I am a big fan of Gerry Armstrong and greatly appreciate all he has done over the decades to fight the good fight and to help others.

    On this however I respectively disagree.

    First of all, as far as Nancy Many goes, I would trust her with my life. I consider myself lucky to be her friend, know her well personally and know she is not an "agent" for anyone, much less some scientology front group. I know Nancy to have helped many get out of scientology and adapt to the real world and also know things she is doing now to try to do that on a much bigger scale.

    Secondly I just got off a long phone conversation with a CAST staff member. I told her honestly who I was, my background in scientology, and how threads like this existed warning ex scientologists against dealing with CAST. I asked many questions re what they were about and I believe what I heard from her. Here is some of it:

    1) CAST has 10-11 full time staff and many volunteers;

    2) CAST exists to help offer free services to and otherwise support victims of human trafficking;

    3) they offer at no charge extensive legal and social services (helping find a place to live, a job, re-adapt to life, etc.) to survivors of human trafficking. Many of their clients are international and, as an example, CAST hooks them up with pro bono immigration attorneys to help them;

    4) while organized scientology is not on their current list of human trafficking organizations, they would be very happy to have any ex scientologists who feel they have been victims of human trafficking to call them and seek their help. I spent a good deal of time on the phone with this person explaining the human trafficking in organized scientology and what is happening in the courts now and she got it and said she would be happy to take calls and try to help ex scientology staff. Ex staff working for no pay or working long hours for almost no pay fits one of their definitions of human trafficking.;

    5) staff of CAST constantly speak at all sorts of organizations in order to bring about public awareness of their services. Speaking at a scientology-sponsored event or through a scientology sponsored paper like Freedumb means nothing as far as their being in bed with organized scientology goes. Again they speak all over the place. Plus anyone who ever had a tour of the hubbard life exposition will get some idea of just how many cities, states, governments, groups, etc. have unwittingly been part of a scientology campaign as they freely hand out "keys to city" or "commendations" to almost anyone who asks for them. Scientology makes a huge point of doing this as part of decades long campaigns to falsely position themselves as do-gooders or hubbard as some sort of great man when he is not. For example, Cho who Gerry used as an example above was a former member of CAST's outreach team (she is not now) who used to do the above type of "PR" frequently.;

    6) Per my contact CAST has no affiliation whatsoever with organized scientology and organized scientology has no influence in CAST.

    She welcomes all ex scientology staff to call for help. If they cannot help due to resources and/or because it does not fit their definition of "human trafficking" then they can refer the person to a number of other organizations who may be able to help. They have a list of lots of them.

    I believe her and I commended Nancy Many for yet once again trying to help ex staff/scidentologists when they need it, something she has been doing for many years.

    Larry Brennan
  34. Smurf Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group


    My response will be along the lines of reiterating that they should break the formal connection with YFHR as a matter of principal and integrity.

    I feel sorry for Gerry - 90% of the 'evidence' offered seems to be drawing connections between people because they attended the same event, an event which was, outwardly at least, relevant to the stated objectives of CAST. This saddens me - he's too good a guy to watch fall down the hole of irrationality. (I know what some will say, but this, to me, seems different, it's not just anti-cult zeal)

    Given that Gerry is as well aware as any of us how Scientology operates (eg: keeping the front-groups below the radar, using them to ingratiate themselves with credible but naive individuals and organisations) I simply cannot fathom how he also comes to regard the kind of 'glancing' contact he has described above as a indictment of CAST.

    I would urge others to 'poon CAST (their website makes it very easy) and keep up the pressure to break with YFHR - both to stop the cult getting fake respectability, and to eliminate the risk of vulnerable people who come to cast brushing against the cult.
  36. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    It would be good to get an official announcement from CAST as Scientology does have a history of Human rights abuses and Human Trafficking and any support whether it is a link on the page or whatever is a disgrace. It's like having a bona fide drug rehab place having a link to a mafia organization.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Thanks for this Larry. Never doubted Nancy's intentions, and yes, Gerry jumped the gun there. The front group issue often comes up, but I do know that many officials speak or show up at sci mags or events in the past clueless. It's a good thing to be especially wary and investigate when you're talking about such a vulnerable position of needing this kind of help and at the same time, needing to divulge personal and private information to a stranger.

    CAST could be critically helpful since Scientology seems to be desperately targeting third world citizens for staff, taking and withholding their passports, as well as cultural/language barriers not to mention financial. Barring passport issues, any staff member, especially SO, would likely relish news of such an organization. Hope somehow word can be gotten to each and every one.

    Some don't realize the depth of impossibilities when you say, oh just leave. CAST sounds like it may have the actual tools and wherewithal to actually make it possible not just to leave but to live after leaving. Thanks, Nancy, as well.
  38. Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    Victims of Scientology’s Sea Org operation are being referred to the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) in LA for legal and social service help. I contacted the referring person Nancy Many because I meet the criteria and need legal help, and other offered social services. She asked me a prepared set of screening questions and cleared me for CAST's help.

    Caroline and I then did some checking around and discovered a number of connections between Scientology, including OSA personnel, and CAST and its execs. Major CAST funding was arranged by Diane Watson, a Scientologist and US Representative from California’s 33rd District. I alerted Ms. Many and posted what we were finding to Scientology-related forums. Ms. Many’s e-mail exchange with me ended in a threat that I take seriously, and consequently I will be making our correspondence public.

    Because ex-SO people are being referred to CAST as human trafficking victims, this matter relates to the Headley v. Scientology human trafficking case that was just dismissed on summary judgment in US Federal District Court in LA.
    Claire Headley - Defendants' Motions to Dismiss and Strike Out

    Much of the information Caroline and I discovered up to a point we’ve posted in this thread on Operation Clambake: Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    There are discussions on Why We Protest and Ex-Scientologist Message Board that contain the same basic information plus some attacks and some support:

    Help and Assistance - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    Caroline and I have continued to gather information on this situation, all of which adds up to something fishy and scary. There's an effort, which includes people who should know better, to discount the Scientology – CAST connections and their implications, to dispense with this as wild speculation, dispense with me as a wild speculator, keep the referral line going. It hasn’t been properly understood that I am the client and so far the only identified victim in this situation.

    We’re making these videos to present further evidence we’ve assembled, and to answer various questions that people have asked or respond to certain charges. We urge people to do their own research, and if they have a question for me to ask. If it’s a good question, I’ll answer.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: ALERT: Cult compromises human trafficking help group

    So what exactly was Nancy Many's reply? Where is the correspondence?

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