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  1. The Dissolve: The Church Of Scientology is bad at Twitter

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    Te Church Of Scientology is bad at Twitter.

    In the months after the première of Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief at the Sundance Film Festival, and with the HBO debut looming on March 29, the Church has been pummeling Gibney and his subjects through a Twitter account called Freedom Media Ethics. The feed only has around 400 followers—including one Mr. Nathan Rabin, who bows to no one in his Scientology obsession—but Twitter users have been so bombarded with promoted tweets that it might as well be 40 million. Over the years, Scientology has been famously vigorous (to put it mildly) in defending its legitimacy as a religious institution against persistent accusations of cult-like misbehavior. In that spirit, the Twitter feed is intended as a corrective, exposing Gibney as a sloppy, one-sided filmmaker who relies on the testimony of a small group of Church apostates who lack integrity and credibility. They even put the word “documentary” in scare quotes.

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    The fundamental problem with the Freedom Media Ethics campaign is that the Church seems to believe the tactics that worked in the private sphere will work in the public one as well—that flooding the zone with vindictive language, cheap smears, and character assassination will put people in their place. This kind of harassment—often in the form of lawsuits, and sometimes in the form of invasive personal smears—has made it extremely difficult for ex-members or critics to speak out against the Church without suffering the consequences. On Twitter, however, it’s called trolling. In fact, with fewer than 500 followers and a constant stream of invective, there’s little separating Freedom Media Ethics from the average generic-egg-avatar GamerGate mouth-breather. And for an organization that believes itself entitled to the respect given other world religions, that’s an awfully undignified place for it to be.

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    Let me ad that when one refutes a tweet by @FreedomEthics, They simply ignore the refutation and re-tweet the same thing six or eight hours later.

    Anyone on Twitter may want to pay attention to the hashtags #Scientology, #GoingClear, and for that matter, #Narconon.
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  2. Nikki Gloudeman at Ravishly is REALLY not having it. This is at least the second article I've seen in which she immolates the Church of Scientology concerning Going Clear.

    Ravishly: Scientology Fights HBO Documentary With Ridiculous Google Ad

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    Of late, the church has been scrambling to fight back against negative press generated from Going Clear, an upcoming HBO documentary that exposes and eviscerates the church's shady practices (including its abuses against women). One way Scientology has retaliated? By purchasing a sponsored Google Ad to slam the film and its director, Alex Gibney.

    The ad, which appears at the top of Google when searching for Going Clear, is a ruthless takedown that, ironically, only works to cement the case that Scientology is abusive and worthy of condemnation. Linked to the organization's in-house magazine Freedom, the ad is dedicated to “Exterminating Gibney’s Propaganda,” and goes so far as to tie Gibney's work on the film to his father's alleged participation in a covert CIA op. Says the nefarious narrator in a spot on Gibney and his father: "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

    Meanwhile, a flurry of tweets, tied to a fake account called "Freedom Media Ethics," have been ripping into Gibney and company with claims like "#AlexGibney’s phony ‘threats’ claim regarding #GoingClear shows he’s desperate.” It's all part and parcel for a church that has slandered its most vocal critics with attack-sites like "Who Is Michael Rinder" and "Who Is Marty Rathbun."

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  3. Elliot In The Morning: Marty Rathbun [INTERVIEW]

    Published on Mar 20, 2015
    Following the HBO documentary “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God,” his investigation into sex abuse in the Catholic Church, Academy Award®-winning director Alex Gibney (HBO’s “Taxi to the Dark Side”) turns his gaze to Scientology in GOING CLEAR: SCIENTOLOGY AND THE PRISON OF BELIEF, based on the book by Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright.

    Gibney profiles eight former members of the Church of Scientology, whose most prominent adherents include A-list Hollywood celebrities, shining a light on how the church cultivates true believers, detailing their experiences and what they are willing to do in the name of religion.

    This powerful new film highlights the Church’s origins, from its roots in the mind of founder L. Ron Hubbard to its rise in popularity in Hollywood and beyond. The heart of the film is a series of shocking revelations by former insiders, including high-ranking and recognizable members such as acclaimed screenwriter Paul Haggis (“Crash”), as they describe the systematic history of abuse and betrayal by Church officials, including the current leadership of the Church. (HBO Documentary Films)
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  4. The Latino Post has an article about this.

    Penelope Cruz ‘Too Catholic’ for Tom Cruise? Ex-Scientology Member Spills Details!
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    ‘Going Clear': Paul Haggis pens a description of the Scientology experience you won’t forget

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker

    We’re drawing closer to the broadcast of Alex Gibney’s documentary about Scientology, Going Clear, which airs Sunday night at 8 pm on HBO. We have another screenshot from the film, with one of its chief stars, director Paul Haggis, who was also the subject of Lawrence Wright’s New Yorker article and his subsequent book which formed the basis for Gibney’s film.

    We asked Haggis to take part in our countdown this week to the movie’s airing, and he really surprised us by sending the following, one of the best expressions of the Scientology experience we’ve ever read. If this doesn’t get you warmed up for Sunday night’s documentary, we don’t know what will.

    At the outset, Paul refers to the smears that Scientology has been spreading about him since he was first profiled by Wright, but more so in the last few weeks. Scientology calls Paul the “Hypocrite of Hollywood” and accuses him of never really being a Scientologist at all. Well, here’s what Haggis himself has to say about that, and a lot more.

    Continued here:
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  8. Random guy Member

    Sharp observation is sharp.
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    Nothing to see here, move along... :D
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  11. anon8109 Member

    somewhere in the back of their heads they know, as I did, that the very act of questioning could bring down their entire belief system.

    They cannot afford or allow the smallest doubt, because if it took root, their perfect world — a world where there is an answer to every one of life’s questions — could fall apart around them, and they would be left, like the rest of us, searching in the dark for their own answers in an uncertain world. Which brings to mind something a true genius wrote:

    “Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack, in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

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  12. Tech Times - Going Clear Review: Scientology Uncovered In Startling Documentary

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    There's so much more presented in Going Clear — endless shocking material that there simply isn't the room to discuss here. The film's message is that Scientology should be dismantled, its leaders held responsible for their countless criminal activities. It's a powerful, emotional message conveyed with excellence and attention to detail. Gibney has done his finest work yet, making the construction of an absorbing, game-changing documentary seem effortless.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  13. [IMG]
  14. The Daily Banter - Scientology Is Even Crazier Than You Think: A Review Of HBO’s ‘Going Clear’

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    The Church’s status as a religious organization allows it raise staggering amounts of money without having to pay taxes. This enables the group to heap piles of lawsuits on critics — especially if they’re former members — and those who it thinks impede its aims,

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘Going Clear': Marty Rathbun on what he was thinking during his key moment in Gibney’s film

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker


    We noticed that some press stories about Going Clear criticized Gibney for not explaining that Rathbun was still a Scientologist and audited other people who had left the church. Manohla Dargis of the New York Times was one notable example.

    But there’s a good reason why Gibney didn’t refer to that in the film, and that’s because it’s simply not true.

    Rathbun was the second-highest ranking official in Scientology, the right hand man to leader David Miscavige. But he defected in 2004, went underground, and then resurfaced with a blog in 2009 that was highly critical of Miscavige. At that time, he wrote at length about “saving” Scientology from its “corporate” version, and he offered to audit people who had left the church without leaving their affinity for L. Ron Hubbard and his ideas.

    But if you’ve paid attention to Rathbun’s blog in more recent years, you know that something really interesting happened there. Over time, as Rathbun tried to separate out what was “good” in Scientology from what was “bad” (and associated with David Miscavige), he found it more and more difficult to do.
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Paul Haggis Picks Apart Scientology — Director Opens Up In Essay Ahead Of ‘Going Clear’ Premiere | Radar Online

    Paul Haggis, in a new essay, explains the heavy-handed approach that kept him loyal to the Church of Scientology for years, ahead of the upcoming documentary Going Clear.

    Haggis, an ex-Scientologist since 2009, explains on Tony Ortega’s blog how he was so indoctrinated into the lifestyle that it took “several years after leaving to actually question the many ‘self-help’ concepts that [he] had learned and used” during his time as a member of the church.

    Haggis, 62, wrote that Scientology’s “slow indoctrination process is as subtle as it is dangerous — largely because you truly believe that you are thinking for yourself, when in fact you are discouraged to do anything of the sort.”

    Continued here:
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why Scientology’s Cone of Silence Shattered | The Daily Beast

    For decades, the controversial church was able to bat down unflattering media attention. But now the klieg lights are everywhere.

    For most of its existence the Church of Scientology grew and prospered by protecting its secrets. But it’s been tough holding on to that model in the 21st century, a notoriously bad era for powerful institutions in the secret-keeping business. That point has been amply made in recent years by top church officials turned whistleblowers, a high-profile book by Lawrence Wright of The New Yorker, and now a lacerating new HBO documentary based on Wright’s exposé. The new voices in the Scientology debate have both testified to the church’s efforts to silence its critics and, by speaking out, shown the limits of that approach. Their accounts seem to show the church losing its grip on the public narrative it once aggressively controlled.

    Continued here:
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  18. RightOn Member

    Can someone please tweet Gibney and Wright the link to the Big List and say something on the order of

    List of Over 2500 Ex Scientologists Who have Spoken Out

    Or something like that?
    Sorry I don't know what the proper #'s should be or what would fit with the link
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  19. Incredulicide Member

    or maybe make a video about the list that all those people will see…?:D
  20. RightOn Member

  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise ‘irresponsible’ for ignoring Scientology abuse claims: director | Page Six

    The Oscar-winning director of HBO’s explosive Scientology documentary says Tom Cruise has a duty to address allegations of physical and mental abuse within the church.

    Filmmaker Alex Gibney said this week that as the public face of the controversial church, Cruise “can espouse his beliefs, that’s fine. But not to address the allegations of abuse seems to me impalpably irresponsible.”

    In the film, former church bigwigs allege beatings, forced labor and mental abuse — some of which allegedly occurred inside prison-like conditions — going back decades and continuing in recent years.

    “It seems to me [Cruise] has an obligation to speak out,” added Gibney, who spoke at a Q&A following a New York screening of the film, called “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” at HBO headquarters.

    That’s why the director, who dubbed Cruise the “Big Kahuna” of Scientology, says he called out the Hollywood hotshot in the film for, among other things, allegedly having ex-wife Nicole Kidman’s phone tapped and getting his private plane and motorcycles maintained by church workers earning less than a dollar per hour.

    Neither Cruise, 52, nor Kidman, 47, was interviewed for the film. Cruise’s most recent ex-wife, Katie Holmes, also declined Gibney’s request for an interview.
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  24. the anti Member

    looks like it's being talked about on sodahead.

    with some of the very few same scientologists every time commenting. but good news, you get to engage them here.

    but I thought this was really good.

    I'm pretty sure when your idea of defending yourself involves harassment, stalking and in some cases making people feel terrorized, there is a problem.
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  25. Newsweek: HBO’s Going Clear Is a Perfect Scientology Primer

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    It would be difficult to overstate the number of batshit insane anecdotes that appear in Lawrence Wright’s 2013 book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief, or in the HBO documentary adaptation that premieres on March 29. There’s the time David Miscavige, the current leader of the church, conducted a game of musical chairs among officers—to the soundtrack of Queen’s greatest hits—telling them that all but the winner would be shipped off to remote Scientology bases. There’s the time L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s founder, claimed to have access to an underground space station north of Corsica. And, of course, there’s Tom Cruise. So much Tom Cruise.

    * * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  26. Hugh Bris Member

    From a post on Clambake
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  27. Daily Mail: Tom Cruise blasted by Scientology expose director for refusing to comment on 'tapping Nicole Kidman's phone and using underpaid workers from church to maintain his plane'

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    Alex Gibney, the director of the Scientology documentary Going Clear, blasted Tom Cruise after a screening of the film on Monday

    Gibney called Cruise 'irresponsible' over his refusal to comment on the many claims made against him and Scientology over the years

    The film speaks to former members of the church, one of whom claims that Cruise asked the church to tap Nicole Kidman's phone during their marriage

    There are also claims that Cruise used workers who were paid less than a dollar and hour by the church to maintain his motorcycles and plane

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  28. UPROXX: A Few Unexpected Revelations About Scientology That We Learn In ‘Going Clear’

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    5. Everything you think you know about the Church of Scientology is a hundred times worse than it seems

    The church is not merely weird, eccentric, new age, or defensive of its image. As depicted in the film, it’s cruel, abusive, and believes it’s fighting a war to exist despite its happy doctrine of a world without wars or criminals. Further, the film demonstrates that the church is likely engaging in criminal behavior by harassing former members and their families, blackmailing, slandering and libeling them, even if some of those family members were never members of the church. The church is also alleged to make some of its members perform hard labor in a prison camp called “the hole,” and it separates children from their families; those children are often neglected and in poor health. People appear to be physically abused while being convinced that they are the ones who need the church to set them straight and relieve them of the evil alien energy they hold inside.

    What Going Clear shows us is that Scientology might be the North Korea of religions. It’s truly terrifying, and it should be stopped. If only its most high-profile members could speak out without the danger of retaliation.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  29. Hugh Bris Member

    However you express the concept, that's where all the high profile scientologists are about now
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  30. Going Clear subject Mark "Marty" Rathbun: The Active Ingredient in Scientology

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    The most active ingredient in scientology is not of scientology. It was with us long before L. Ron Hubbard. It has evolved and will continue to long after scientology ceases to attract headlines. The seed of scientology’s rise and fall is Hubbard’s and scientology’s manic efforts and extreme measures taken to bottle and own and sell it (reference ‘Truth’). This point is fleshed out a bit more in the latest post at the The Underground Bunker.

    It is discussed in greater detail with Larry Flick on the Morning Jolt on sirius xm. To listen to it do the following:

    a. Go to the following link, Morning Jolt.

    b. Go to the green bar ‘OutQ on SoundCloud.’

    c. Scroll to ‘Marty Rathbun Blows The Lid Off Scientology…’

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
  31. Columbus Alive: TV review: Scientology exposed in HBO’s “Going Clear”

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The methods to which Scientology gained tax exemption are shocking, but none of that compares to the horror stories from former members — intimidation, violence, manipulation, fraud, etc. Many of these former members worked directly with Miscavige and relay the lengths he went to disparage and harass critics/ex-members and protect the religion, including its A-Listers John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Did Scientology Threaten 'Going Clear' Director Alex Gibney On Twitter?

    By Barbara Herman, International Business Times

    The Church of Scientology has made it known that it's not happy about "Going Clear," Alex Gibney's new documentary about the organization that premiered on HBO March 16. Their Twitter page, @FreedomEthics, is plastered with images of letters reproaching the director for not answering their attempts at correspondence, and its handle "Freedom Media Ethics" even uses Gibney's photo as its avatar.

    Although critical tweets against the director and his film are frequent -- there were 16 in less than 24 hours on Wednesday -- one in particular posted Wednesday afternoon could be seen as rising to the level of a threat.

    Freedom Media Ethics (@FreedomEthics) March 25, 2015
    #GoingClear review: "Balance? @AlexGibneyfilm bent over backwards 2demonize Scientology, he may never stand up again"

    When International Business Times called the Los Angeles office phone number listed on the "about" page of their online magazine Freedom to comment on the tweet, we were sent to voice mail.

    Continued here:
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Home Box Office enturbulates millions of Suppressive Persons starting March 29, 2015

    Published by AngryGayPope on March 24, 2015

    What do fifty thousand TVs look like while watching HBO's docu "GOING CLEAR?" No need to guess. It looks like this! Now multiply that by about 5 million TVs and you'll see why the Church of Sci is so upset with naughty naughty Time Warner.
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    This brief mention is yet another example of how the cult is getting hammered by the press.

    TV preview: Scientology is exposed on HBO | The Salt Lake Tribune

    Tawdry celebrity secrets are exposed in "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief." But that's just a minor part of the fascinating, frightening documentary, which debuted in January at Sundance. What's important here is information about Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard; its battle with the IRS; and its downright dangerous behavior.

    Watch » 9 p.m. Sunday, HBO
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  35. threat.PNG
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