Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Princess Ocansey was charged with Human Trafficking She was sending Gahnan women to be Domestic Workers in Dubai China and other countries ..
    out of the Neko Tech center she called it called "SOS Labour" that Issac Hayes financed. She also delivered Scientology Auditing there.

    She was acquitted..

    Princess Ocansey generates a lot of Her own PR..and the web is littered with Her stuff
    like these promotional videos from her You Tube Channel

    Isaac Hayes…The US mega star with Ghanaian royal blood

    He co-founded the Nene Katey Ocansey I Learning and Technology (NekoTech) Center of Excellence in Ada, Ghana, with Princess Asie Ocansey of Ada. They were assisted by Isaac's spiritual advisor, Reverend Alfreddie Johnson founder of the World Literacy Crusade of Compton, USA.

    Isaac's first visit to West Africa was with another baritone man, the late Barry White in 1991, when the two went there to shoot a video for “Dark and Lovely (you over there)”. In 1992, Isaac accepted Dionne Warwick's invitation to join her on a visit to the Elmina and Cape Coast Castles in Ghana. He was hosted by Brother Akbar Mohammed of the Nation of Islam.

    It was at one of these speaking engagements on September 18, 1992, at Queens, USA, that the future King (Nkosuoehne of Ada ) met the Princess. Isaac met Naa Asie Ocansey, a Ghanaian Princess from Ada who attended the event with her husband. Princess Ocansey was deeply touched by the sincerity of Mr. Hayes to help Ghana and Africa. She presented Mr. Hayes with a symbolic handwoven royal kente cloth, thanking him for his concern for her people.
    Princess Asie Ocansey asked Isaac: “Would you like to be a King?” and he replied joyfully, “Yes!”
    Later the Princess arranged with her father, the late Nene Akrofi Kubi III (a kingmaker of the Ada Traditional area) to honor Mr. Hayes. In December 1992, when Isaac came to Ghana to perform at the PANAFEST, a grand coronation was held for him and he was given his new royal name, Nene Katey Ocansey I. (”Katey” means strong enough to calm a lion; the royal family name “Ocansey” means “I do as I say”).

    He wrote a check.. and Princess Asie Ocansey got a whirlwind tour of Scientology's Mecca_and a The Celebrity Center Gala in her honor ..

    Issac didn't know what hit him...

    Princess Asie Ocansey web site... read it with a grain of salt shes a grifter..

    She got Actor Steven Segal with Is Save a Million Lives (SAML)from HIV/AIDS Project

    most of Her credentials are either related to Neko Tech, or Scientology

    Denzel Washington gave money to Issac Hayes Neko Tech project..

    2016 in Dubai

    Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Ocansey is a princess of the Ocansey Royal Family of Ada, Ghana. She is a renowned Philantropist, an evangelist, lecturer, a Professional Engineer, a businesswoman, a songwriter, a mother for the motherless, a voice for the voiceless, a migration expert and radio show hostess.

    HE Rev. Dr. Ocansey co-founded the rural Nekotech Center of Excellence in her hometown-Ada, with the late USA mega entertainer, Mr. Isaac Hayes and co-founded the White House and Buckingham Palace recognized Save a Million Lives from HIV/AIDS Project with the African American National Medical Association and Student National Medical Association. She co-founded the Angels of Hope HIV/AIDS Orphan Support Program with US mega actor Steven Seagal.

    She is Co-chair of the ‘We Support Peace With Justice’ banner campaign for Middle East Peace, which gained the support of the UN Secretary General, HE Ban KI-moon. She was the featured personality of the recent World Bank Documentary: ‘Voices of a New Ghana’.

    She is also the co-chairperson of the US-Africa Ebola Working Group of Washington D.C., and was instrumental in mobilising the University of Alberta Symposium on Ebola where she gave a keynote address to raise global awareness and support for Ebola stricken countries.

    Having been educated at the prestigious Wesley Girls High School in Ghana and Rutgers University’s College of Engineering in the USA, HE Rev. Dr. Ocansey gained valuable working experience in the USA, working in Professional Engineering and Consulting positions with Fortune 500 USA companies, such as Pepsico and Johnson & Johnson, while working on UNDP and UNEP/ICT Consulting international assignments.

    She is the founder and co-chairperson of the transformational Global Future Leaders: US-Africa Peace

    More on Scientology In Ghana Here

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    MUI Is Muhammad University Alfreddie and Scientologist introduce Study Tech to the Nation Of Islam with LF blessing
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    around 2005 Reuben Muhammad tagged in the pix and in the comments

    Rizza Is 28.. the post on FB at at 15 was how old Rizza was in this picture.. that would put this pix at 2005 or 2006
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    Master Learner was the NOI training at the WLC in 2005 Reuben Muhammad worked for the WLC
    Academy #27 Is Mosque #27
    WLC and NoI logos and Alfreddie and Tony Muhammad signatures
    New Life Is Narconon..WLC didn't have a sauna at this time
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    Alfreddie was using Squirreled Materials on Reuben
    Traumatic Incident Reduction or TIRA Metaphysology process by Ex_Scientologist Frank Gerbode
    lower left hand corner see: Location 2006 World Literacy Crusade
    and this in 2009 Is not something Scientology would like at all

    this was likely after Reuben left the WLC
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    Certified Scientology Auditor Course in 2006
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    WLC still has a You Tube Channel

    Autra Adams - Executive Director of the World Literacy Crusade

    Autra Adams Is Paul Richards god daughter and She worked for Alfreddie as Executive Director at the WLC
    and With Alfreddie when He was a Lynwood Councilman

    Paul Richards and Alfreddie were cronies
    Paul got arrested for Prostitution

    Official arrested in gang probe
    May 25, 2008|Andrew Blankstein and Stuart Pfeifer | Times Staff Writers

    Gang investigators with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department have arrested a Lynwood city official on suspicion of felonies, including being an accessory to robbery and possessing a stolen handgun, a department spokesman said.
    Autra Adams, special assistant to the Lynwood city manager, was arrested at her home Thursday morning, said department spokesman Steve Whitmore.
    According to a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation, Adams was arrested in connection with a case targeting the East Coast Crips street gang. Several members and associates of the gang were wanted on charges including murder, attempted murder of a police officer, bank robbery and weapons violations.
    When sheriff's gang investigators served search warrants, including one on Adams' Long Beach home, they found a loaded 9-millimeter handgun and photographs of Adams with armed gang members, the source said.
    The source, who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak about the raid, said Adams was wanted as an accessory to crimes in which she allegedly provided rental vehicles for use by criminal suspects.
    Deputies also seized fraudulent credentials identifying Adams as a member of the Lynwood City Council.
    Adams is being held in lieu of $20,000 bail. Lynwood City Manager Roger Haley did not return calls for comment.

    the charges were put on hold

    you think they would have deleted this WLC video

    Atura Adams Interim director of Recreational and Community Services, Accessory to Robbery ,Stolen Handguns and Crips plaything

    the last 3 are the perfect qualifications for World Literacy Crusade Executive director!

    Dox see page 2:,-13,767

    Alfreddie was associated with all these dysfunctional people In the Lynwood City Council named it this recent MARCH 9 2018 article

    Does Central Basin Water Director Leticia Vasquez Live in Her District?
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    found some old WLC promo video's in the interwebz sofa cushions

    Alfaruddie Praises Hubbtard at the end.
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    at the Bottom of Hanan's bogus Biography.. Is a Metapsychologist certified thru the Traumatic Incident reduction Association.
    she did the same training as Reuben Muhammad

    the WLC is a squirrel group..LOL*

    when the Cult promotes him on their Applied Scholastic s web site,Alfreddie Johnson Is a PHD

    cult link

    on this web site he Is Dr. Alfreddie Johnson


    this event I covered on this thread ..
    press release

    PhD on this self penned bio
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    Ken Moxon sighting -a sign that Scientology Is micromanaging the World Literacy Crusade Gangs Fraud trial.

    J Swift is on it.

    audio Interview of Hanan Islam..after she and her kids were arrested for fraud...and their quack detox was shut down. the WLC gang along with with Tony Muhammad ..went to the state capitol in Sacramento to make some noise.

    the audio clip:
    Dr. Hanan Islam from AMHEC from Compton interview on Setting the standard kpfa 94.1 fm

    Tony Ortega covers it here:
    Scientology and Nation Of Islam Education Hucksters Marching on Sacramento!

    Sun Biz
    Art of Management --The company associated with Hanan Islam,Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad
    the Art of Management was used to siphon 70k of Charter School funds
    Hanan's daughter ZAKIYAH was also involved P100001011971&aggregateId=domp-p10000101197-34524b9a-6fbc-4e32-83f1-e193f2a71229&searchTerm=Islamic Center Of Boca Raton&listNameOrder=ISLAMGOLAM P080000015391
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    Charter School Life Force Arts & Technology ..the gang fleeced:

    FCAT scores at Pinellas charter school that used Scientology 'study tech' are among lowest in Tampa Bay

    By Drew Harwell, Times Staff Writer
    Published: May 25, 2012
    DUNEDIN — When Hanan Islam and her management company took control of the struggling Life Force Arts and Technology charter school here last summer, she passed out lesson plans based on the work of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
    She said Hubbard's "study technology" would enlighten children and help save the school. But grades from Florida's standardized FCAT test released Thursday show that, in one year under Islam's management, Life Force students' education suffered.
    Life Force's third- and fourth-graders scored the lowest or second-lowest passing rates in math, reading and writing of more than 300 elementary schools across Tampa Bay.
    "It's a classic case of how a management company mismanaged this school, was paid an extraordinarily large fee for dismal services, and the ultimate victims were those poor children," said Dot Clark, the Pinellas County school district's coordinator of partnership schools.
    Islam's company, Clark added, "promised the world and gave them nothing. ... It breaks my heart."
    Third-graders took a more difficult test this year than last, resulting in lower average scores statewide. But even adjusting for the different standards, Life Force's FCAT math and reading scores worsened year-to-year.
    Only one of 14 third-graders at Life Force passed this year's reading test. Eight students scored in the lowest achievement level, leaving them at high risk of being held back. None of the third-graders passed math.
    More @ link

    Tampa Tribune
    Life Force teachers, principal struggle to figure out charter school's finances

    DUNEDIN — After the Life Force Arts and Technology Academy's embattled director of operations said she was leaving for a new job, principal Lenor Johnson discovered a problem: Passwords to the charter school's bank accounts had been changed and she couldn't access them.
    Johnson had asked Vikki Williams, the outgoing operations director, for help learning the books. But when they sat down together, Williams couldn't explain why the accounts and the school's QuickBooks accounting software suddenly couldn't be accessed.
    "Huh. Someone changed the password," Johnson recalled Williams saying. "At that point, I knew it was a game."
    That hasn't been the only surprise in the last few weeks at Life Force, a publicly funded charter elementary school that teachers say was overrun by Scientology influence.
    School leaders and parents say the school's books have turned to smoke and mirrors, leaving them powerless to plan a budget or hold the school's former leaders accountable. And Life Force's bankruptcy protection likely will end this month, allowing creditors to move in and seek payment.
    Hanan Islam, the school's former manager and an executive director of the Scientology-tied World Literacy Crusade, quit last month. But teachers say her appointees have retained a tight grip on the school's money and operations.
    "We have people who are doing a real good job of confusing everybody," said principal Johnson, speaking to the Tampa Bay Times for the first time this week. "I really have no one to help me with this school. Everybody that could help me is working for Hanan."
    The only remaining member of the school's governing board, Hanan Islam appointee Louis Muhammad, now has sole power to approve budgets for the approximately $50,000 in public funding the school receives each month.


    Tampa Tribune
    Parents, teachers blast management of Life Force Arts and Technology Academy

    By Drew Harwell, Times Staff Writer Published: March 24, 2012

    DUNEDIN — Parents and teachers at the Life Force Arts and Technology Academy shouted down charter school leaders on Saturday for deceit and mismanagement they say has led to the school's demise.
    A dozen parents and faculty members, including the principal, slammed the school's former management company at a meeting of the board of directors. They alleged questionable spending, suspect leadership and the sly introduction of Scientology study methods.
    The furious group won a small victory Saturday when board members voted to keep the school open until June, when the Pinellas County School District's 90-day notice of termination comes due.
    But the school that Art of Management leader Hanan Islam pledged she would rescue from bankruptcy remains troubled and deeply in debt. Parents worry the school's dramatic last days and their children's sudden move could cause their education to suffer.
    Steve Hayes, a longtime Scientology attorney representing the school's board, told the group the school's Chapter 11 bankruptcy is set to end early next month. Without that protection, creditors could aggressively seek repayment of $400,000 in debt. At a meeting Friday, Hayes and school district leaders said they would seek the board's approval to close the school April 6.
    But the closure would have sent Life Force's 60 remaining students scrambling to new classrooms with only two weeks' notice, and just 10 days before the crucial first day of FCAT testing. Shari Encke, a recently hired teacher for exceptional student education, said that was "like guaranteeing their failure."


    Tampa Tribune
    Don't tolerate indoctrination in schools
    Published: March 3, 2012

    Tampa Tribune
    Students, taxpayers lose in poorly run charter
    Published: April 6, 2012

    Pinellas charter school reaches out to Scientology for help

    Pinellas charter school reaches out to Scientology for help

    Alfreddie Johnson a Wolf in Sheeps clothing

    Daily KoS
    Scientology and Nation of Islam take over Florida charter school

    Smart Academy You Tube
    here are 3 videos on the channel
    the Smart Academy was what they were calling Life Force Academy..
    Bula Barua ..was a Scientologist staff member of the Charter School
    Scientologist Gary Ravenscroft was also staff at the Charter School

    the third video Is of Lenora Johnson who was the principal an Is not a Scientologist ..Lenora was interview by Drew Harwell in the Tampa Tribune in the links above.

    Lewis Muhammad was the Noi member involved in fleecing the school ..he was fired for shoving a child on a school bus...
    Life Force teachers, principal struggle to figure out charter school's finances
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    still trying to milk the front group... Alfreddie Isn't a draw..
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    There's a related post in another thread:

    New If it’s wrong to love Scientology hip-hop, we don’t want to be right

    By Tony Ortega, August 6, 2018


    Peter Bonyai asked us if we’d seen a three-year-old video put out by Scientology which features one of our favorite performers, Scientology’s in-house hip hop giant, Chill EB. We told him we weren’t sure, but we really didn’t need much excuse to visit it again as long as the Chillmaster was in it.

    Unfortunately, you have to sit through a lot of really boring scene-setting by the masters at Golden Era Productions in his video as it tries to build a mood and cast a spell over its intended audience — Scientologists who are likely sick and tired of forking out their hard-earned cash to the International Association of Scientologists (IAS). But once it gets going, not only are we treated to a few glimpses of Chill, but the hard rap line is laid down by none other than Rev. Alfreddie Johnson — yes! The Literacy King himself!
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    Alfrauddie Is a big shot Now..
    CEO of the Ebony Awakningz..Alfrauddie lackeys Fred Shaw jr and Alim Muhammad will be among those featured
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    the Islam Clan..Hanan,RizzA and the rest await a 4 day trial in 10 dayz...tick tock

    the gang doesn't have don't have the 3 million in beans for restitution .
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    Mike Rinder

    Ebony Awakenings
    This should be fun.
    Alfraudie is being brought in from his IAS world Regging Tour — hanging with his NOI buddies and only $500 a head?
    How exciting could a weekend be. Hard to top this.
    But don’t forget to bring ALL your checkbooks and credit cards. There are a LOT of regges at Flag in addition to Alfraudie.

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    Compton insurance fraud case postponed

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, August 29, 2018


    The Underground Bunker is grateful to Jeffrey Augustine for showing up in court yesterday in Los Angeles to witness what we expected to be the first day of an important criminal preliminary hearing. Hanan Islam and three of her children were charged in 2015 with running an elaborate scheme to defraud the state’s Medi-Cal insurance program with the use of a Scientology drug rehab. The scheme also ensnared two high school principals and a prominent high school football coach, who all lost their jobs. It’s taken three years for the case to come to a preliminary hearing, but now it turns out we’re going to have to wait a little longer.

    Jeffrey tells us that the case has been delayed a month because the lawyer for one of the defendants, Hanan Islam’s son Rizza, died last week. The court assigned Rizza a new lawyer, and will reconvene the hearing on September 18.

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    Mike Rinders Blog
    Humanitarian Organization?

    August 29, 2018By Mike Rinder

    Scientology touts itself as a champion of Human Rights. They claim this all over their websites, throughout their CSN TV shows and at the Miscavige propaganda events. In fact, they are so enamored with the concept that they call their most sacred members — the ones that give the most money — “humanitarians.”
    L. Ron Hubbard laid out his thoughts on this in a POLICY LETTER OF 3 FEBRUARY 1969 entitled PUBLIC IMAGE:
    For a long while we have not had an exactly stated policy on building a public image.

    This after he was presented scientology’s highest honor by David Miscavige himself — an IAS Freedom Medal (though I challenge anyone to find a published photo from this event of Miscavige WITH Tony M — he appears to want to not be associated personally).

    The “war is peace” 1984 speak that scientology has adopted is highlighted right on the first line of their ode to Tony Mo where they proclaim his virtue as a bridge builder between people of different races and religions. This is in fact a screencap of the promotion for an episode of one of their “regularly scheduled” “original programs” on the CSN called “Voices for Humanity”…

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    More of Fred Shaw Alfrauddie and Handjobs NAACP scam
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    Scientology still has its tenticles on the NAACP
    Fred Shaw jr is the VP of the Inglewood NAACP
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    CCHR propaganda
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    Alfrauddie Has an assistant
    note: "United in Peace" front group
    jack of all tradez


    Fake Baptist Minister,Phony Doctor ..who can't hold down a real job
    has a personal assistant..heh
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    Rizza Islam selling his brand of BS on Social media..

    hes talking about the World Literacy crusade ..without mentioning it by name..
    scamming people into doing Scientology and Purification Rundown .
    tick tock Rizza your trial is coming in days ..all those years of scamming my come back home to roost.
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    one of the smaller fish George Newby did a Plea in May of 2018 and was sentenced Nov 2018 and got 1 year of probation and ordered to a $100 fine
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    Alfreddie and crew exploiting the death of Rapper Nipsy Hussle
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