Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Mar 22, 2011.

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    2002 WLC gang got shut down at Samuel L Gompers Middle school
    doc file 3 pages total .

    Google Link
    closed session on january 14, 2003 - Los Angeles County
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    Scamming NAMI..

    skeptics dictionary was on it

    She isnt a board member and was never affiliated with the African Americal mental health colition.

    ther group isn't anti-psycharitry
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    Dominique DiPrimacon featured quack Doctor scammer Hanan Islam on prop 19
    Dominique gives Scientologist a platform on her shows including Hanan's spawn Rizza Islam
    Prop 19
    was the vote to Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010

    Dominique DiPrimacon also promoted Alfreddies run in Lynwood on her show
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    Scientology held a health fair in 2012

    Dr V Diane Woods (a psycologist) and author was invited to speakat the Scientology Inglewood CC.. about Mental Health....

    she was denied access to the Health Fair when some Scientologist fool figured out she a real mental health professional..
    the cult locked the doors and pulled the blinds at Inglewood..

    the video features protesters with Dr Woods with Scientologists Tony Muhammad and Hanan Islam ..outside staring down SP's..they mad.
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    the only World Literacy crusade project still running
    hiding under the Name Girl Power..
    they tried and failed to get a $7 million dollar grant in 2015

    World Literacy Crusade Miami

    scroll down to see the World Literacy Crusade connection


    Scientology link Applied Scholastic
    H.E.L.P same address as WLC Florida
    youtube page

    Augustine: Compton scam rehab and ‘literacy crusade’ have vanished since raid
    By Tony Ortega | December 20, 2015
    A search of IRS 990 forms shows that the World Literacy Crusade today is a “doing business as” (dba) of Scientologist Holly Haggerty’s nonprofit Community Learning Center Inc. located in Clearwater, Florida (EIN 59-3521809).
    At some point, Rev. Johnson’s World Literacy Crusade was subsumed into the Community Learning Center Inc. But in that organization’s latest tax return, for 2014, there is no mention of Rev. Johnson or the Crusade.
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    Princess Asie Ocansey is still exploiting Isaac Hayes legacy
    the Neko Tech center is still a Scientology training center

    shes using Alfreddies scam of being a Christian Minister these days

    Her SoS labor Ghana (which is in the Neko Tech center) is still operating
    She beat a Human Trafficking charge. in 2014

    providing cheap labor/and domestic jobs in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait
    as well as offering immigration to Canada and the USA

    she litters the internet and social media with her scams...

    She spends most of her time in the United States..

    2013 Human Trafficking charges
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    Rizza Islam .com

    in his BIO
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    Alfreddie Johnson Final Call articles(Nation of Islam official news paper)

    Scientologist Freedom medal Michael Richards Tony Muhammad Alfreddie Johnson featured 2017

    Healing the wounds, answering the call for saviours 2011

    Heeding the call for the real 'Salvation Army'

    Nation adopts new technology to serve Black Nation

    Rizza X Islam Final Call
    ‘I want to introduce you to Jesus’

    An emotional, painful day at Mosque No. 15 - The Final Call
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    Rizza has shaken the hornets nest in a social media few post ..
    And attracted attention..

    there are dozens of video that have called him out in the past 2 weeks
    this is one.

    the Scientology rabbit hole is deep with Rizza :
    PS he is still 100% a Scientologist .. in a bow tie..

    Ebony Awakenings (Scientology Front Group)
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    Scientology Front Group United in Peace aka Peace Rides

    Group created by Alfreddie Johnson,Hanan Islam and Minister Tony Muhammad
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    Straight from the belly of the beast
    Same cast of shysters
    subverting MLK's legacy

    washington Prep probabbly figured out the WLC was a scam
    WLC sponsored a Shakespear camp.. the links are all deleted:
    Rizza at the event
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    old WLC facebook post
    Dr Hanan is NOT A Doctor
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    when thier Medi-Cal scam got shot down by the state of CA.
    petition is long gone:..last I looked they had 72 signatures

    WLC comment

    Hanan Islam (DIPLOMA MILL DOCKTOR) squaking on Indybayabout the program being shut down
    they went to Scaramento CA (state capitol)..Hanan,Alfreddie,Ronnie, Tony Muhammad to try in vein to keep scamming
    Dr. Hanan Islam from AMHEC from Compton interview on Settingthestandard kpfa 94.1 fm talking about public meeting on Tuesday September 10th 2013 at 3pm on 1500 capitol Ave corner of 15th and capitol on 6th floor.
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    Flourish and Prosper in Scientology mean keep handing over money to Scientology..and maybe you'll get rich.

    it one of the 21 precepts in Way to Happiness.
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    Rasheeda Rasminah Maryam (Muhammad) Krissey White post # 392
    is Alfreddie PR assistant

    also does PR for Scientology's United in Peace front group
    she Is a member of the Final Call NOI
    Hanging with Scientology supported Rapper Chill EB ..
    at United in peace..

    She runs a World Literacy Crusade program in St Louis.
    I'll need to find the reference link ..
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    annual Father Son L Ron Hubbard Birthday celebration
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    Rizza Islam is selling Smart Way aka Bright Sky Learning phonics program on his you tube page
    and his internet domain (states program sold out)

    the company is owned by Scientologist OT 8 Sue Young

    Rizza Endorses it because it uses some elements of Scientology's "Study Tech"
    same as what World Literacy Crusade used.

    one of his sister is in the video.. she says "new unit of time" Shes been indoctrinated..
    Patrick Muhammad mosque #27
    anti-vaxxer Michelle Ford VIAL Vaccine Injury Awareness League also endorses it.
    Spoken Reasons is a fried of Rizza's

    Credits at the end include several NOI members
    Louis Farrakhan and Alfrauddie Johnson World Literacy Crusade

    Sue Young Moore Scientology Service completions

    Scientology's Fraudulent Study Technology
    9f66-2afbe3b43381&searchTerm=LITERACY SUCCESS, INC.&listNameOrder=LITERACYEDUCATIONALABILITYRESO N010000046190

    Rizza can't legally Run the old World Literacy Crusade program in California
    the State of Calfiornia shut it down,

    hes operating the same scam, with a different wrapper.
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    most of what hes talking about revolves around Scientology.
    teaching communication yada yada
    that revolved entirely around the World Literacy crusade and Scientology

    perusing acting..
    he was in a few Scientology related video promos.
    and a Few Scientology stage productions
    and can be seen in dancing in Scientology puppet Chill EB anti-psychiatry hip hop videos

    1he says spent 10 years with "All About kids Performing Arts school"..its not a Scientology entity..

    Scientology has had "All About kids" group perform at the Celebrity Center and promoted it in their PR.

    he made another video, and talked about modeling, he stated he quit because there were too many Homosexuals

    Rizza and his Family took some of their Courses in the LA Scientology Celebrity Center.

    he mentioned an agent before ..can't remember her name.. I know she was a Scientologist who was a Rep to other Scientologist Celebrity wannabes.

    hes running Hubbard's KSW in this video, .."Keep Scientology Working"

    every thing he does today is "acting".. and occasionally he uses it to good effect.

    mime.. *LOL* I can picture Rizza in white face..
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    Voices for Humanity , is a Scientology TV PR series..
    this is a promo forum Inglewood.
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    Alfreddie Johnson chased Tony Muhammad for 15 years ..trying to suck him into Scientology
    when Tony got in a physical altercation with the LA 2005
    RUIN is a Scientology term for a low,weak or vulnerable point in life.

    he jumped in and found his ruin and coaxed him into Scientology Life Repair..

    Tony explains this in another video in more detail..

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    Hanan Islam created a shell company to Promote Alfreddie Johnson and tony Muhammad Art of Management
    Art of Management was the company Hanan Islam used to fleece the Charter School in Florida in 2012

    they were shilling a Book that promoted Scientology Word clearing and L Ron Hubbard
    that they did not write.

    more on the scam here:

    NOI/CoS shady health fair in Inglewood..
    Tony Muhammad,Hanan Islam,Alim Muhammad

    Scientology in Ghana
    Alfreddie Johnson,Hanan Islam,Isaac Hayes,Princess Asie Ocansey

    Scientology Meeting of all the Hoods
    Tony Muhammad,Alfreeddie Johnson,Rizza Islam-Scientology front Group United in Peace
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    Alfreddie Johnson Alim Muhammad Scientology Harlem fundraiser

    Scientoloy plays host to Celeb with Arrest Warrant
    Alfreddie Johnson

    Charter Schools troubling Twist
    Alfreddie Johnson,Hanan Islam,Rizza Islam,NOI captain Louis Muhammad (tampa)

    Pinellas charter school reaches out to Scientology for help
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    Ebony Awakenings ..Scientology front group
    Alfreddie Johnson,Hanan Islam,Rizza Islam,Tony Muhammas,Alim Muhammad,Nation of Islam
    Rizza Received an award from Ebony Awakenings pictures in previous Thread
    Events held in Clearwater


    postulate is a Scientology term.
    in layman's terms its basically WISH in one hand,SHIT in the other and see which one fills up first

    Alfreddie on the gravy train
    by Mine Rinder co-host with Leah Remini of Scientology and the Aftermath on A & E TV
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    this Is a Book written for Scientologists:Bubble dweller
    it has some info on LF and Alfreddie Johnson and the marriage..
    Fair Use

    Edited by James R Lewis;

    this Is a Book written for Scientologists:Bubble dweller
    it has some info on LF and interviews with Alfreddie Johnson and the marriage of these 2 cults within
    May 15th 2009
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    Rizza Islams solutions are always Scientology
    that means pushing Scientology quackery thru their Front Group Criminon in prison
    today an interview Tomarrow L Ron Hubbard behind bars
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    Rizza is pumping out the propaganda videos

    Today its Muhammad University.
    Muhammad University uses Scientology Study Tech and had for the last 7 years
    Louis Farrakhan announced an New Educational paradigm around 2011
    Alfreddie Johnson and Scientologist attended that confrence and Gave seminars on Applied Scholastics
    Study Tech, The World literacy Crusade. Able etc.t Muhammad University in 2010,2011,2012

    there are photos in previous posts on this thread.
    Scientology also had booths at every Saviours' day promoting Scientology's study tech.

    D r. L a r r y M u h a m m a d the former National Director of Muhammad University ot Islam has partnered with Alfreddie johnson to Promote the WLC Study tech program
    under the name of Kajabi Bext they use WLC materials on thieweb site.
    aka Master Learners Academy - (Train-the-Trainers)
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    the 2011 following year this message went out 4th educational Challenge .

    Muhammad University is conditioning its youth into becoming Scientologist.

    Scientology's Fraudulent Study Technology
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    The only Remnants of the WLC
    World Literacy Crusade of Florida, Inc aka Girl Power

    The Community Learning Center, Inc. (dba, World Literacy Crusade of Pinellas Co.)
    the Community Learning Center is where parked the remnants of his original WLC from Compton...

    The Community Learning Center, Inc is in Clearwater.. its a small facility that runs an after school program for mainly children of Scientologists.

    the claims of 36 chapters in 6 countries are dubious at best..
    of the programs they did start,most closed soon after they opened.
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    Scientology and the anti-Vaxx movement

    Scientology does not take an an official stance on Vaccines.
    Hubbard's quackery does oppose certain medications.

    many Scientologist do support the Anti-Vaxx movement.

    Why It Matters if Jett Travolta Was Autistic

    By Kate Dailey On 6/12/09

    In 2015 Scientology hosted a conference with Robert Kennedy jr at the Scientology Inglewood CC
    anti-vaxxer Michelle Ford launched her VIAL Vaccine Injury Awareness League at this event

    there is the real possibility Scientologist are funding Tony Muhammad and Rizza's efforts.

    this is at the 2015 conference. , the reflection on the mirrors shows its the Inglewood CC
    that is anti-vaxxer Michelle Ford taking the picture

    there ample evidence on the web that its a money maker for Rizza and Tony. and that they have tapped into some financing. and support.
    and may be a what Hubbard defines as Scientology Gung-Ho Group which is different animal than a Front Group

    its Not a official Scientology Front Group. yet

    Scientology library: “Gung-Ho Group” Group

    President of Scientology Narconon rehab named in investigation of anti-vax doctors
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    Washburn Academy is a Scientology School in Clearwater Florida
    Galaxy Press is a Scientology owned entity that publishes the fictional works of L Ron Hubbard
    a Screenshot of Alfreddie scurrent facebook page

    a video of Alfreddie promoting Washburn Academy..there was another video exactly the same on You-Tube with a clergy collar
    in this video the clergy collar is carefully blacked out.
    this video was done about 10 years ago.

    Washburn Academy employs Scientologist without teaching credentials.
    Scientologist Joy Gendusa who owns the company Postcard Mania is also promoting Alfreddie in this video .
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    screen shotof Hanan Islam's current facebook page.. ubhXJZ0.png
    Still has her True Health banner displayed as her cover photo ..and regularly promotes her son Ronnie Steven "Rizza" Islams videos..

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