Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Rizza Islam promoting Hanan Islam phony claims of curing Malaria in Ghana, and a cure for Cancer and various other illnesses in 2017
    video link on facebook

    a second video promoting the scam

    a third video promoting the scam


    Lacy Hull

    he is also talking about Scientologist Henry Ospitia
    was a former Director at the World Literacy Crusade of Miami 1996-1997

    touts Hanan Islams bogus Malaria claims

    Underground Bunker Tony Ortega
    Scientology takes on the evil psychs at the APA, and more in our weekly social media review!

    Scientologist Rizza Islam youth director Scientology CCHR front group is among the Scientologists protesters
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    Grand Academia Grupo Selecto a Scientology WISE front group

    Underground Bunker Tony Ortega
    Scientology takes on the evil psychs at the APA, and more in our weekly social media review!

    Miami- WLC miami
    Las Vegas NV-where Hanan Islam currently resides and where Henry and Hanan held a health retreat in the past. Rizza discribes in the second video link above on facebook.
    Colombia- where Hanan Islam and Henry conducted health retreats
    Colombia Is where Henry promotes Scientology's Bussiness Mgt WISE front group
    WISE= World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

    Sun BIz
    State of Florida Bussiness regestry
    Henry Ospitia
    World Literacy Crusade Miami N960000013121&aggregateId=domnp-n96000001312-c80be34e-bbdf-43f4-8b86-15b627578208&searchTerm=Ospino Taibana Smrs&listNameOrder=OSPITIADEANGELLUZPERLA L040000842181

    combining wealth stratigies and Cures for cancer etc. with fake Scientologist healers
    La Gran Academia Grupo Selecto facebook page


    Henry was also involved with Hanan and Alim Muhammads failed True Health Clinc in LA

    see flyer in thread ..
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    Hanan Islam's former True Health Business partner Alim Muhammad
    move back to Maryland .and restablished his Abundant Life Clinic
    where he Is offering Auditing with a Scientologist:
    calling it the Universal Processing center ..marring the Supreme Wisdom with Dianetics and Scientology Administration Tech
    he also goes by the name Muki Fuad
    advertising it on facebook

    along with other strange posting on facebook
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    Rizza Islam started to claim Alfreddie Johnson was his father.. this happened in 2014-2015

    it serves a purpose ..Alfreddie Johnson is a big shot celebrity to the Nation of Islam.
    Rizza Is know as Alfreddie Son,to everyone in the NOI

    Alfreddie Johnsons was a mentor to Rizza, Rizza spent a lot of time with Alfreddie.

    Psychiatry industry of Death is a Scientology CCHR front group exhibit
    Rizza is the youth Director of the CCHR (Citizen Commission on Human Rights)
    Ron Stevens is Rizza's real father. (Ronnie Stevens aka Rizza Islam )

    its a con.Rizza's riding on Alfreddies coattails
    Ron Stevens is a painting contractor who resides in Inglewood.
    Ronnie would have been beter served if he followed in his biological fathers footsteps .
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    Rizza Islam claiming Alfreddie Johnson is his father..

    Alfreddie Johnson and Hanan Islam are also promoting the false narrative of Alfreddie Johnson being Rizza Islams father.

    I added the mask to protect anonymity of the child
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    PAC is Scientology PAC base in LA. ..this is a Scientology event.
    another pix at the WLC of Ronnie Stevens
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    World Literacy Crusade gang
    Alfrauddie ,Ed Haynes,Fred Shaw,Isaac Hayes,Henry Ospitia and Izzy Chait


    the woman in the gray suit is Autra Adams see post #369
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    its Scientology propaganda stupid..
    Fred Shaw jr and Rizza Islam both represent the Scientology anti-psych front group CCHR.
    Fred Shaw is not the Founder or Co founder of the WLC
    was a president for the WLC for a brief period.
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    see post #421..
    Scientology Front Group United in Peace.

    Scientologist Kimberly Quigley has a small film production operation who films the United in Peace videos for Scientology PR.
    Kimberly is besties with Scientologist Joy Villa the professional MAGMA groupie.

    Rizza's claims of stage performances are dubious at best...
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    Save a million lives from HIV/AIDS was a program Actor Steven Segal founded
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    lost article courtesy of the Wayback Machine
    Pinellas school district officials sour on new charter for Scientology-affliated Life Force school

    Pinellas school superintendent wants Scientology-tied charter school closed

    Officials will try to terminate the charter of the Scientology-linked school.

    the bogus claims from the clinic Hanan Islam used to scam Medi-Cal
    its Scientology stupid.
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    Little Running Scam in 2016
    Rizza (Little Running Scam) following in Alfreddie Johnson's (Big Running Scam) Footsteps

    Alfreddie Johnson led a contingent of Scientologist to infiltrate a tribe of the Blackfeet nation
    and push their Narconon program. in 2008

    they were also there to steal some valor.

    only a portion of the article exists..just the first page is available:
    Alfreddie Johnson played a significant role, the 2,3,4 pages aren't available.

    Hubbard was a charlatan and made claims he was made a blood brother in a ceremony with the Blackfeet at the age of 4yrs old

    from Scientology web site
    with claims of Hubbard's of bogus accomplishments
    cult link
    Scientologist also managed to get hold of a War Bonnet to display in the L Ron Hubbard Museum.
    Blackfeet tribe did not have War Bonnets..

    for Allah and Hell Ron Hubbard.

    the Blackfeet Tribe did not Honor Hubbard it was a sham

    the full article is probably available in Montana archived in a public library

    more on the dubious claims
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    Fiona O' Leary got fair gamed by Scientology's front group STAND
    Lucy Cole Scientology completions list

    Jezebel Jezebel ( refrence to anti-vaccination activist and Scientologist Lucy Cole )
    The Anti-Vaccination Movement Is Working with the Nation of Islam to Scare Black Families
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    one big happy Anti-Vaxx Scientology family
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    more Daddy Alfreddie Name dropping

    Shore Story
    A lie told to cover up illegal activity or give a good PR facade to fool wogs, non-Scientologists. "Your Shore Story while on mission will be that you are working for an independent research facility out of Dallas."
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    Rizza is on stage Mosque maryam Chiicago

    thats Lucy Cole standing with Rizza ..
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    deleted..double post
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    Scientologist Stacy Francis is on the anti-Vaxx bandwagon..since 2015
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    Scientology Front Group United in Peace aka Peace Rides
    Founders Alfreddie Johnson Hanan Islam and Tony Muhammad
    Exploiting the death of Nipsey Hussle..
    Scientologist were handing these out at front gates the Staples Center during Nipsey's Funeral
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    fake Baptist Minister alert
    Scientologists Alfreddie Johnson and Fu mei Mather
    the booklets are The Way to Happiness a Scientology front group written by Hell Ron Hubbard
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    Sacramento CA 24th April 2019 protesting SB 276
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    taken from the World Literacy Crusade web site
    Co Founder of Scientology front group United in Peace

    United in Peace website is registered to Hanan Islam
    Rizza Islam attends every monthly United in Peace events.
    co-founders Scientology front group United in Peace Tony Muhammad and phony Baptist Minister Alfreddie Johnson
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    President of Scientology Front Group Way to Happiness ..Carolyn Percy
    Scientology pays to have these Propaganda stories published.
    a prayer. *LOL*. they will say and do anything .. to pull in rubes

    no limit to their deceptions.. there Is no praying in Scientology.

    in this case Scientology is using a news blog called LA Black Post as their target audience.
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    Underground Bunker
    Scientology and Nation of Islam figure picks worst week to rail against measles vaccine
    By Rod Keller | May 6, 2019

    Rizza Islam picked the worst possible time to go on tour spreading misinformation about vaccines used to prevent the spread of measles.
    Islam is both a Scientologist and a member of the Nation of Islam, and this week the news has been filled with stories about Scientology’s cruise ship, the Freewinds, being quarantined over a measles case in St. Lucia and Curaçao.
    But while that was going on, Rizza was in New York City and appeared on “Sway in the Morning” on Sirius XM with rapper and radio personality Sway Calloway. Rizza’s affiliations with Scientology and the Nation of Islam were not mentioned during the interview, nor was the fact that he’s facing felony charges for state insurance fraud in Los Angeles.

    more@ link

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