Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Mom is still scamming and shilling the Quack Scientology Purification Rundown

    Hanan Islam partnered with Dr Alim Muhammad in the original incarnation of the True Health and Wellness spa.

    this was operating at the World Literacy Crusade ,

    and was shut down when the WLC was forced to close shop.

    it was replacing American health and Education Clinics (WLC) was also shut down by the State.

    Alfreddie's True Faith Fake Church Hustle also got the axe.

    Hanan opened up shop in Henderson NV after her arrest and arraignment

    Alfreddie ran his True Faith Fake Church Hustle out of the Scientology Inglewood CC
    bogus Multi-Faith Events Methodist Minister Fred Shaw Jr, Bishop LJ Gillroy CCHR shill
    and,Tony Muhammad

    when the hammer finally fell Alfreddie took his True Faith Fake Church Hustle to Clearwater Scientology Mecca L Ron Hubbard church sermons to the Scientology flock ..
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    Rizza Is covertly shilling for Scientology..and its Front Group CCHR (Citizens Commission of Human Rights)

    Rizza Is a Youth Ambassador for the CCHR

    its Scientology's anti-psycharitry propaganda wing of the cult

    link to video


    Cults press release

    Fred Shaw Jr shilling for the CCHR in California

    that's Rizza and Fred Shaw Jr in the promo picture.

    Rizza Is body routing into Scientology. at this event

    and get some Super FSM cash kickback from the cult.

    yer Scientology Is showing RizzO
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    Shore Story ... Rizza is promoting Alfreddie as his father, to members of the NOI and Scientologists

    that connection opens up doors for Rizza.



    Scientologist Rizza joins the NOI at the Scientology Inglewood CC in 2014

    Rizza at World Literacy Crusade (Master Learners program) covertly training members of the NOI in Scientology 2005

    Ebony Awakenings (Scientology Front Group) event 2006 with Reuben Muhammad

    Scientologist & anti-vaxxer Lucy Cole was one of the 42 Rizza tagged with this message in 2016

    Rizza Islam was taught to exaggerate his accomplishments by His Mother Hanan Islam, Alfrauddie Johnson. and Scientology
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    when the offices of the World Literacy Crusade-American health and Education front groups
    True Health Spa (Alim Muhammads and Hanan Islam s joint venture)
    Were closed down.

    Alfreddie took his True Faith Christian Center to the Scientology Inglewood CC, ( 8039 Vermont Ave.)

    where Pastor Alfrauddie gave bogus multi-faith sermons

    with Scientologist Fred Shaw jr as a Methodist Minister

    and Tony Muhammad (Farrakhan's cult Final Call Inc.)

    all 3 are Scientologist

    until the State of California shut down his bogus church. for not paying any taxes or keeping records

    Alfreddie skipped to Clearwater Florida Scientology's Mecca
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    Alfreddie getting the star treatment

    in this Scientology produced propaganda video

    Alfreddie enjoying the Perks of Being a Super FSM recruiter


    Going Clear

    with Shane X Woodruff VP of the LA Celebrity Center


    Gaining Super Powerz


    Getting indoctrinated in preparation for the upper levelz

    with Fu Mai Mathers

    payoff for getting the NOI to fork over money for auditing
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    the Mission Rizza X Islam is on is Recruiting for Scientology

    He has always exaggerated his background-being careful to not to Mention the WLC front group he grew up working for starting at 9 yrs old

    10 years of perusing acting - he received some of his Auditing at the LA Celebrity Center

    15 years of grooming

    hes trying to do damage control in this video-

    He was outed in You Tube video's for his Medi-Cal fraud case- the shady history with World Literacy Crusade-fraudulent section 8 vouchers
    and Florida Charter School swindle.

    and flack for the video Rizza published shortly after Nipsey Hussles death.
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    Cult awards for Alfreddie.

    awarded for getting the NOI to adopt Hubbard's Study Tech Indoctrination


    Applied Scholastic's is a front group of Scientology


    Ebony Awakenings Scientology Recruitment Front group


    Playing Reverend Alfreddie at a International Association of Scientologists event..

    gets paid to tour Scientology Ideal Org's with some bogus sermon written by L Ron Hubbard
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    Scientology ISA Freedom medals are given out to hard Core Scientologist

    Scientology produced propaganda video that feature Tony Muhammad's ISA award
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    Rizza Islam picked the worst possible time to go on tour spreading misinformation about vaccines used to prevent the spread of measles.
    Islam is both a Scientologist and a member of the Nation of Islam, and this week the news has been filled with stories about Scientology’s cruise ship, the Freewinds, being quarantined over a measles case in St. Lucia and Curaçao.
    But while that was going on, Rizza was in New York City and appeared on “Sway in the Morning” on Sirius XM with rapper and radio personality Sway Calloway. Rizza’s affiliations with Scientology and the Nation of Islam were not mentioned during the interview, nor was the fact that he’s facing felony charges for state insurance fraud in Los Angeles.

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    CCHR aka Citizens Commission of Human Rights is a Scientology anti-psychiatry front group

    Scientologist Fred Shaw Jr works for the CCHR as president of the California Psychiatry Industry of Death propaganda exhibit.
    Scientologist Rizza Islam works for the CCHR as a Youth Ambassador.

    see related posts #482 #482
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    United in Peace is a Scientology and Louie Farrakhan's Final Call front group
    The Way to Happiness is a useless pamphlet of precepts that Hubbard cobbled together
    its recruitment tool.

    Scientologist assert that handing it of saves countless lives and reduces crime.
    its a PR stunt and propaganda tool aimed at Scientologist

    Was founded by Alfreddie Johnson,Hanan Islam and Tony Muhammad.

    after they got shut down by Medi-Cal.

    Alfreddie skipped to Clearwater,Hanan to Nevada.. it was left to Tony Muhammad and Rizza Islam and local LA Scientologist control that Front group

    Scientology owns a large printing facility called bridge publications.. they profit for each book they sell,,
    Scientologists are expected to cough up money to buy cases of the Way to Happiness booklets..
    its give Scientologists an excuse to recruit thru a thinly veiled by a cause

    they call these events Peace Rides,
    Scientologist Joy Villa promotes these events.

    this is where Tony is getting his Super FSM money.. And Alfreddie has held some control over this Hybrid tow headed monster of a Scientology/Farrakhan Front Group

    Mike Rinder
    Who is making IAS Bank?

    Tony Muhammad has dropped off the FSM fund raisers list

    Alfreddie Johnson jumped to 18th place
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    Scientologist Eric Moore (blue suit) of Brandywine is shown on the AmeriBest International website along with John Travolta:

    Grant Cardone’s pilot and business associate Ryan Tseko tweeted that Cardone Capital are in Dubai on business. Cardone and Tseko are doing the American tourist thing of riding camels and wearing desert headgear. The photo looks like a cheesy buddy road trip movie.
    Why Dubai?

    This raises questions about Scientologist Alfreddie Johnson’s business ventures in Dubai with his fellow Scientologists Adnan Rahman and Hikman Rahman at their company AmeriBest International:

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    Scientology PR photo featuring Ronnie Stevens AKA Rizza Islam @ the World Literacy Crusade

    Applied Scholastics is a Scientology Front Group
    Spanish Lakes Missouri Is its headquarters .
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    loose lips sink shipz
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    Scientologist Rizza Islam brainwashing training in Atlanta 2015

    Above, Student Minister Tony Muhammad and Rizza Islam demonstrate Scientology TRs, or Training Routines to members of the Nation of Islam last week in Atlanta, Georgia. Muhammad is one of the top members of the NOI, possibly second in command after Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Islam is the son of Scientologist and Baptist Minister Alfreddie Johnson. The event was entitled How to Settle Down to a Good Choice as a Man! Are Men Who Refuse to Marry Women Suspect in 2015?
    The Nation of Islam usually segregates events by gender, but in this case couples are using Scientology to improve their relationships using TR-0, 1, 2 and 3 which are exercises designed to allow you to be there, get your communication across, receive a communication and acknowledgement

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    the Way to Happiness Is a Scientology front group.. they are handing out books written by L Ron Hubbard
    United in Peace is a Scientology/Final Call inc joint front group for recruiting covertly for Scientology

    your Scientology is showing RizzO
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    When Alfreddie Hanan and Gang were ripping off the charter school in Florida in 2012
    they held a conference that dealt mainly with getting government grants ..
    this was sponsored and promoted by the World Literacy Crusade.


    this was promoted at Scientology Ft Harrison Headquarters in Clearwater
    Scientologist Vikki Williams who was involved in fleecing the Charter School participated in that conference.

    (none of the Scientologist at that Charter school were qualified teachers or School administrators or even competent tutors )

    several other Scientologists.also spoke at that conference

    Hanan Islam was featured

    and Alfreddie *LOL* did his usual sermon scam


    Big Head much Alfrauddie?

    International Freedom Fighter and Prophetic Apostle to Kings and queens and Heads of State throughout this planet..

    Wayback Archive machine

    they would skip Florida back to Compton after the Charter school was bankrupted..

    and grow their Media-Cal Scam
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    Scientologist Bula Barua also spoke at the conference above
    Alfreddie attends Scientology events with Bula Barua
    they traveled to South Africa together after the charter school folded

    Bula was hired as an Art Teacher at the Life Force Arts academy..

    aka the Smart Academy

    the group had 3 videos posted on You tube as the Smart Academy

    another by Scientologist Gray Ravenscroft who produced videos for Scientology front groups

    Rizza Islam was also hired as tutor at the Charted School the gang ripped off..
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    its always been the same hook with the gang ..recruit children

    LA Times 1995 (Fred Shaw Jr)
    Conversation : WITH FRED SHAW OF BOYS 2 MEN : 'I Look for Hope in His Eyes'

    The city of Compton declared a police emergency last week after four people were killed and five others wounded in gang-linked shootings within one week. One of the people named to a citizens' group established to seek ways to combat crime in the Compton area is FRED SHAW Jr., a former sheriff's deputy and now the co-director of Boys 2 Men, a group home in Compton for youths who are down to their last chance. Opened in June 1994, it offers placement for up to 10 youths ages 12 to 18, most of them veterans of serious crimes. Shaw spoke with TRIN YARBOROUGH.
    I like to take the kids who are the warriors, the really tough kids, because they have spirit and a sense of courage and integrity. They're leaders. They can lead for good as well as for evil if you can just reach them. And if you reach them you've become a true expert, because you succeeded on the toughest testing ground.
    All the kids we take are wards of the court who have done serious crimes and are severely incorrigible. Before we accept a kid we interview him in jail or wherever, and I always look to see if there's some hope in his eyes. I'm looking for kids with a desire to be better, but who just don't know how. No matter how bad he's been, if he says he wants to come to our program and if I see a little glimmer of hope in his eyes, 90% of the time I'll take him.
    I don't put too much stock in the psychological evaluations. A lot of them are wrong. But sometimes a kid has been so degraded over his life that to save him you'd have to use so much energy you wouldn't be able to help the others. Those kids just seem shattered. Maybe they were crack babies, maybe at a young age they just saw too much. But you can tell that the life force is just not in them any more.
    When we first opened about 15 months ago, we took a 14-year-old boy no one wanted. In probation camp he hid under beds and attacked the other boys. He had a fight every day of his life. My sister Jewel Ellis, who's co-director, and I went to interview him and when he came down to meet us and saw us for the first time, he gave us a smile. It was like he somehow knew us and somehow knew we'd come to help. I still remember that moment. And I said to my sister, "Let's take him." He became a model kid in all the months he stayed with us, as if all he'd needed all along was for someone to believe in him and care about him. When it was time for him to leave we hated to see him go.

    snippet :

    We use [donated] books from Applied Scholastics International, a whole different educational system based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. It starts with basic phonics and goes through grammar, punctuation and how to use a dictionary. The kids have to study really hard. There's also a workbook on how to handle everyday problems, like when you make a mistake at work or someone is trying to start a fight with you


    Fred Shaw is still running the con..

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    Smart Way Phonics Is a company owned by a Scientologist .. it pushes elements of Scientology indoctrination Study TECH

    Rizza knows how to run the scam...

    claim you have lots of Schools lined up.. and Hundreds of Students that need materials

    theyRizza gets a few suckers to buy an over priced phonics program..

    the reality is there aren't any students, or any books being provide to schools..or any tutoring happening

    then he kicks back some money to Scientologist Sue Young..pockets the rest...

    and If he sells the a dupe who wants them to Home-school with Sue Young will pay him a fee for shilling them

    Alfreddie and Hanan ran the same fund raising scam for decades with the World Literacy Crusade..
    they mostly Suckered Scientologists into buying materials..but they duped hundreds or as many as thousands of other people as well ...

    Rizza Is playing both Scientologist and gullible Farrakhan Final Call Followers.. in this latest scam

    Sis. Seannette X Sims talking about the smart way phonics program...

    and uses others to sell the scam
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    this Is Rizza's sister..

    New Unit of Time
    are all Scientology terms

    Worked at the World Literacy Crusade..

    Brenning Institute is where the gang at the WLC went to get drug certification certificates..
    to appear to be legitimate drug rehab facility..


    duplication is a Scientology term used in Study Tech

    Chappelle Ward Is one of Rizza Islams 5 Sister

    the Family that Scams together.. Scams together..

    see post #420 She appears in the video Shilling the smart Way program for Rizza.
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    Charity Is considered out exchange by Scientology

    Scientologist don't do charity

    this is just more of the same Scam WLC in a new skin

    Zakiyah Islam Is Ronnie Steven aka Rizza's Islam's sister.
    She was charged with 3 fraud counts in the Medi-Cal Scam
    She skipped Compton with Her mother after their Arrest.

    there are NOT going to fork over any money or donate and books.

    this Is part of the scam.. following Hubbards scam Tech to create false Public Relations.
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    see post #483 above
    Scientologist Rizza Islam Next to washed up Scientology Celebrity David Pomeranz and Head of the CCHR Jan Eastgate.. Fred Shaw jr cutting the ribbon in SF 5 days ago..

    this Is a Scientology PR photo

    Rabid Scientologists with the biggest mouths gets the Bullhorns
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    apple doesn't fall far from the tree ..
    Rizza getting in some practice at some Scientology Org...polishing his Scientology hustle..

    Scientology is allowing him to take on his new persona...
    Same with Alfreddies long standing Baptist Minister ruse..

    its OK to lie in Scientology
    Hubbard calls it: the greatest good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics

    some one in OSA has green lighted Rizza hustle.
    (Scientology's office of special affairs- dirty tricks spy wing )

    Rizza Islam
    Vaccines vs. Vitamin C! Diseases cured with VITAMIN C?

    this was likely recorded between 2015-2107 ...

    he is still relatively new to the anti-vaxx movement..

    Rizza's You tube channel
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    Ebony Awakenings is a Scientology front group for recruitment into the black community
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    snippet :

    None of the defendants have appeared at the last five court sessions on the matter. Only their attorneys have appeared. The first delay occurred when Rizza Islam’s pro bono attorney Gary S. Brown suddenly died of a heart attack two days before the preliminary hearing was set to begin. Brown was a decades-long member of the Church of Scientology. A delay was needed to find Rizza Islam a new attorney.
    The preliminary hearing was then slated to begin when Hanan Islam’s attorney waived her HIPAA rights to inform the court that she has colon cancer. The judge asked the prosecution if it wanted to sever Hanan from the case and the prosecution said no.
    Hanan’s lawyer said she was too ill to travel or to appear in court. He said she was trying an alternative treatment and if that didn’t work then she would have to look at conventional medical treatment.
    If Hanan Islam dies the complexion of the case changes. The judge is taking a wait and see approach. The defense lawyers seem to think that if Hanan dies then the case falls apart.
    One of the defense lawyers claimed that the other defendants did not get any money from the scheme and only Hanan did. Therefore, charges should be reduced to misdemeanors or dropped.
    Although Hanan’s latest online activity has been peddling cancer cures in Colombia, the court believes her death is so imminent it was waiting just two weeks before another status hearing to decide what to do, our correspondent tells us.


    note: Gary S. Brown, Rizza Islam’s pro bono lawyer who dies of a heart attack was a decades-long Scientologist,
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    Hanan Islam opened up the True-Health and Wellness spa next door to the WLC ..She partnered with Dr Alim Muhammad health Minister of the NOI.. with Scientologists Jeff Baker and Henry Ospitia and Fred Shaw jr and Alfreddie Johnson (Henry Ospita was WLC Miami president in the 1998-99) Hanan health retreats in Colombia were with Henry Ospitia ..he shills auditing as a quack cure for cancer in Colombia.. ..when the WLC was shut down Hanan ended up with all the quack cure medical equipment, and took it to Nevada
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    the also were advertising to scamming Medi-Cal with this clinic

    and offered bogus cures for CANCER
    and taking Food Stamps for payments

    after they were shut down they briefly moved it across town to Alondra Blvd in compton
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    Ronnie Islam aka Rizza Islam

    Kieth Donnerson was the football coach who got caught up in the Medi-Cal Scam
    Atura Adams was Alfreddie's assistant back when he was a city Councilman for Lynwood
    Beverly Bayon Washington charged with fraud
    George Newby III plead guilty and received probation for his role in the Medi-Cal fraud case.
    Abdul Islam is another son of Hanan Islam.

    World Literacy Crusade/American Health and Education Clinics

    some were tutors, but I suspect All are were having to study Scientology with the aim of becoming Scientologists..

    Children weren't the only recruitment targets

    the WLC went thru a lot of tutors and councilors,over the years..most were unpaid or underpaid..
    and pressured to become Scientologists..
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    Get Rick quick scheme
    Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad were tied to the developer John McDonald
    Alfreddie and a few others in the Lynwood city council were involved in the development scheme.
    this activity led to a recall vote to remove Alfreddie and other corrupt politicians from office..

    Byrd and Pedrozza were convicted ..Alfreddie wiggled out of trouble.


    other links
    LA Times
    Lynwood politics a stage for region's racial power shift
    wayback archive

    Press telegram
    Lynwood mayor is ousted in recall
    wayback archive

    Black vs.Brown
    wayback archive

    Scientology style fair game of the Lawyer who apposed Alfreddie and gangs corruption

    CCLA was a group run by Hanan Islam to protect Alfreddie from a recall vote

    Lynwood Residents Accuse Willoughby of Malpractice and Misrepresentation

    more at links
    wayback archive

    Bye Bye Alfrauddie
    Lynwood mayor, councilman ousted from City Hall

    By MARISELA SANTANA, Staff Writer 04.OCT.07
    Louis Byrd and Alfreddie Johnson were among four targets in successful recall, leaving the city without African-Americans on the council for the first time in more than two decades.
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    this was a week long event held at the Celebrity Center in 2010
    to train top ministers in Scientology

    Alfreddie is seated to the left with Shane Woodruff the LA Celebrity Center VP, where this takes place.
    Louis Farrakhan calls him Shane "X" in this video.


    Leah Remini
    Chaka Khan
    Daphne Wayans
    financed and Hosted the event Aug 8th 2009 at CC Int
    Sponsored by Ebony Awakening and the IAS
    Stacy performed along with Chaka Khan

    Leah Remini provided the Dox for a 2010 event

    Louis Farrakhan, Leah Remini, and a document that helps explain the Scientology-NOI pact

    By Tony Ortega | March 10, 2017


    taking a page from Alfreddies book of scams
    Scientologists Stacy Francis and Joy Villa Pretend to Be Evangelical Christians

    By Scientology Money Project on June 28, 2018
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