Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Chaka Khan Art Club was run by Hanan Islam at the WLC in Compton for a short period around 2000
    it was used to introduce Scientology to children..
    they WLC had trouble getting bodies in the shop (Scientology term)
    the Art Club was used as lure

    thats Rizza in the dredlocks..

    Chaka was heavily involved in fundraising for the World Literacy Crusade..and often performed at funraising events.
    was also involved withScientology's CCHR anti-psycharitry propaganda front group
    with Zakiyyah Islam

    Rizza has always been a little clout chaser..
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    this Is how they operate: they target opinion leaders.. throw Scientology's money at them..
    they were still trying promote Scientology in Ghana.. in 2011

    doc file
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    in 1999 it was a different hustle
    create a phony group as a cover..they called it NBMBA
    and they called it the National Black Masters of Business Administration

    they just dropped the A

    to appear as if they were associated with a
    legitimate business association titled NBMBAA
    link to a legitimate organization


    Alfrauddie made himself the president of this fraudulent delegation of mostly 16 Scientologists.

    this is how Scientologist operate.. it how Hubbard operated..

    they were never interested in business development or investments.. they conned their way around Ghana..

    the whole thing was a ruse... to set up the NEKO TECH Center.. and recruit for Scientology in Ghana

    Barbara Ocanesy Is the phony scamming Princess ..covered in this thread

    without her royal sounding title.

    scammy Scientology Princess Ocanesy web site Is up an running..
    Milking her connections with Scientology Celebs..including Alfrauddie..

    stealing the legacy of Isaac Hayes

    Promoting Scientology
    Applied Scholastics
    and Study Tech
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    Having people think he's Alfreddie Johnson's son Is part of the con.

    the quotes may not resemble the truth in this second pix..
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    this was posted to site called Lisa Posse..a Lisa Marie Presley fan board. back when Lisa Marie supported the Scientology and the WLC

    someone from the WLC posted this hard sell fund raising pitch (possibly Ed Haynes who was the WLC security director: hes listed as the contact for this message)
    ED Haynes ran a one man security firm that catered to Scientology celebrities.

    the claims are inflated. ..clearly the WLC gang the wanted to get rich of the Ghana connection.

    with grand plans of infiltrating public and private schools , targeting children on probation .. and a HUD scheme.


    it also talks about their get rich scheme in Ghana
    with lots of Name dropping.. they did get money out of Denzel he dabbled in Scientology ( he was good friends with Isaac Hayes)
    and Bob Johnson of BET (also friends with Isaac)

    Ghana the soon to be Silicon Valley!
    posing as a business delegation ruse to covertly push Scientology into Ghana.
    I'm sure Ed Haynes,Hanan Islam and Fred Shaw jr were part of that phony Business delegation.
    see post #523

    equating their scam to the Silicon Valley, Opening of the Pyramids of Egypt! and the Ancient African learning center of Timbuktu ! Grand opening of the millennium

    Scientologist are shady and delusional ..

    its a peek inside the Scientology bubble hype:

    they also hype other WLC fundraising events.. and name drop their celebutard a few other posts on the thread..

    Scientology Critical Information Directory (World Literacy Crusade)

    Isaac Hayes pumped a quarter Million into these fraudsters pockets..
    and another 90k to the NEKO Tech center..

    they also squeezed Isaac's friends Denzel Washington ,,Bob Johnson and Steven Segal for some cash

    Hanan Islam and the WLC listed as a service provider in Ghana
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    Steven Segal dabbled in Scientology ..the Princess latched onto some of his money..
    and still name drops and uses the connection to squeeze money out of unsuspecting dupes.

    Resident Scientology scammer screenshot
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    at lest Alfrauddie Graud-tated H.S
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    this Is at the World Literacy Crusade

    they put the kids through Scientology routines.
    the Parents and the Children are clueless that its Scientology

    this has nothing to do with Literacy. it's about covertly training Kids with Scientology

    Rizza Getting More useless Scientology awards
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    Professional con artists and all around scumbags Alfrauddie Johnson and Hanan Islam
    are always up to no good...

    sometimes their scams get exposed .. when people do a background check on these hustlers..
    on August 1, 2013, Hanan Islam weaselled her way into a speaking engagement at the monthly meeting of the Urban Los Angeles chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness
    NAMI is an Organization that advocates for Mental Health Issues.. Scientology opposes NAMI and has attacked the organization with its quack pseudo-science and rabidly anti-psychiatry watchdog front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights.. aka CCHR

    their scam got called out before this fraudster spoke at the event


    she was also trying to infiltrate the African American Health Coalition in Cali

    Y'all Busted again

    In 2015 Alfreddie Registered a shell company called NAMI USA International LLC

    trying to piggyback off the real NAMI
    which fits their MO of their long shady history of criminal activities..
    it folded a year later in 2016

    kYVpqhD.png L150002132460&aggregateId=flal-l15000213246-57ef33d0-55d6-4dd6-8f12-cac285a95857&searchTerm=Johnson Alfreddie&listNameOrder=JOHNSONALFREDDIE L150002132460

    300 Belcher Road is a PO Box location Scientologist use to set up their phoney businesses
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    Alfrauddie Is NOT his father... but this Is what he wants everyone to believe..
    Alfreddie and Hanan also spread this LIE ..they shit this LIE out all the time.

    I bet Calypso Louie buys the CON.
    I bet Tony Muhammad and knows the truth that Alfrauddie Isn't his Father.
    Tonys been running around with Alfrauddie since before 2005

    Alfrauddieis a big shot in Final Call cult circles, this allows RizzO to Be somebody he Is NOT.

    Ron Stevens Sr and Ronnie Stevens Jr ..
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    Tampa Tribune 2006 Reported on Scientology's front group Ebony Awakenings event
    and got quotes from Tony Muhammad and Alfreddie..

    The Cult of Scientology had the Farrakhan Final Call cult in its grips.. going back to 2006

    Alfreddie and Crew were training Tony Muhammad's Mosque in a Guinea pig program called the Master Learners Program..
    you can find that info tucked away in this thread.
    they gave Calypso Louie an Award..

    in Scientology's PR propaganda Tony Muhammad called L Ron Hubbard a Saint and an Angelic Figure..
    Tony was clearly drunk on the Kool-Aid in 2006

    He was enamored with their bogus quack drug rehab program.

    Alfreddie and the gang set the hook in Tony Mo's jaw...and reeled the dotard Tony Mo in.

    the article survives on the wayback machine..
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    Rizza was a course supervisor for the Scientology front group World Literacy Crusade.
    and was later given the lofty title of Youth Ambassador

    he trained at the (L. Ron) Hubbard College of Administration.

    Rizza exploited and indoctrinated Children.

    he was groomed to be a huckster and a shill

    Scientology and Scientologist in general are predatory in their zeal to recruit.

    Rizza Is a Scientologist who plays a minister in training, in suit a bow tie

    just like
    Alfreddies fake baptist minister scam..with a PHd
    and his Mothers phony Doctor title

    he grew up with terrible role models..who were involved for decades in one criminal scheme after another.
    and Rizza and his siblings were involved in most of it.
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    2012 Charter School ripoff

    Tampa Bay Times
    Controversy over Scientology influence clouds future of Pinellas charter school

    Scientology techniques and materials are used at the taxpayer-supported Life Force academy.
    by Drew Harwell
    Smart Way is the Scientology flavored phonics program Rizza Islam Is pushing
    they harassed and fired teachers who spoke out
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    FCAT scores at Pinellas charter school that used Scientology 'study tech' are among lowest in Tampa Bay

    By Drew Harwell, Times Staff Writer
    Published May 25 2012
    DUNEDIN — When Hanan Islam and her management company took control of the struggling Life Force Arts and Technology charter school here last summer, she passed out lesson plans based on the work of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.
    She said Hubbard's "study technology" would enlighten children and help save the school. But grades from Florida's standardized FCAT test released Thursday show that, in one year under Islam's management, Life Force students' education suffered.
    Life Force's third- and fourth-graders scored the lowest or second-lowest passing rates in math, reading and writing of more than 300 elementary schools across Tampa Bay.
    more @ Link

    Life Force third-graders had Tampa Bay's second lowest passing rate, with only Pepin Elementary, a Tampa charter school for children with learning disabilities, scoring lower.

    Hanan Islam didn't want her fingerprints on record..


    Louis Muhammad is a Fruit of Islam captain in Tampa


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    Tampa Bay Times

    Life Force teachers, principal struggle to figure out charter school's finances

    Remaining leaders at Life Force charter school struggle to make a budget plan.
    DUNEDIN — After the Life Force Arts and Technology Academy's embattled director of operations said she was leaving for a new job, principal Lenor Johnson discovered a problem: Passwords to the charter school's bank accounts had been changed and she couldn't access them.
    Johnson had asked Vikki Williams, the outgoing operations director, for help learning the books. But when they sat down together, Williams couldn't explain why the accounts and the school's QuickBooks accounting software suddenly couldn't be accessed.
    "Huh. Someone changed the password,Johnson recalled Williams saying. "At that point, I knew it was a game.
    That hasn't been the only surprise in the last few weeks at Life Force, a publicly funded charter elementary school that teachers say was overrun by Scientology influence.

    Hanan Islam, the school's former manager and an executive director of the Scientology-tied World Literacy Crusade, quit last month. But teachers say her appointees have retained a tight grip on the school's money and operations.
    We have people who are doing a real good job of confusing everybody said principal Johnson, speaking to the Tampa Bay Times for the first time this week.I really have no one to help me with this school. Everybody that could help me is working for Hanan.
    The only remaining member of the school's governing board, Hanan Islam appointee Louis Muhammad, now has sole power to approve budgets for the approximately $50,000 in public funding the school receives each month.

    More@ Link

    the kids were made to attend Scientology events

    Clearwater lawyer Steven L. Hayes was a shill for Scientology

    Fu Mai Mathers ,Alfrauddie and Louis Muhammad

    Tampa Tribune
    Life Force charter school in Dunedin closed now, but how did it get so bad?

    Many schools flourish. But freedom opens the door to others that put greed before grades.
    DUNEDIN — It was one of the most egregious cases of mismanagement in Florida charter school history: a public elementary school that enriched its administrators, impoverished its teachers, failed its students and collapsed in disgrace.
    Life Force Arts and Technology's closure this month, after two years of classes and spending more than $1.6 million in public education funds, signaled the end of a charter school that was roundly despised.


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    Alfrauddie skipped out of Clearwater back to Compton with a 30K of Charter School Funds after this event.

    Smart Academy was the rebranding of Life Force Academy


    Winter Wonderland is a Christmas display that Scientology uses to give the appearance they are acceptable , its used lure people into their cult. and appear acceptable to christian faith
    and share some of its beliefs and practices.
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    Scientologist Viki Williams who was placed in Charge of Smart Academy/ Life Force had no educational administration or teaching background
    She ran a tutoring service out of her home in Chicago..Educational Awakenings that used Scientology flavored Smart Way Phonics..and Scientology's Study Tech
    She also helped run the Clearwater Scientology Volunteer Minister program(FRONT GROUP)

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    Tampa Bay Times
    Pinellas School Board approves notice of termination for Life Force charter school

    The Pinellas School Board votes to terminate the Scientology-linked charter school.
    by Drew Harwell
    The clock is ticking for the Life Force Arts and Technology Academy, the charter elementary school teaching study methods embraced by the Church of Scientology.
    The Pinellas County School Board voted unanimously Tuesday to issue the Dunedin school a 90-day notice of termination, meaning it could close this summer at the end of its third school year.
    Superintendent John Stewart accused the school of changing its curriculum "without permission" from the district, among a host of other concerns. Board member Linda Lerner said there was "overwhelming evidence to terminate."


    Messages left with Life Force board chairman Louis Muhammad, the school's management company, Art of Management, and the company's president, Hanan Islam, were not returned Tuesday.
    The question now is where Life Force's 95 students, many of whom live in Clearwater's low-income North Greenwood neighborhood, will enroll next year. Bonnie Harvin, whose daughter, Cabraya, attends fifth-grade classes at Life Force, told the School Board Tuesday she worried about her daughter's chances of finding a good school.

    Village Voice
    Scientology + Nation of Islam Charter School to be Exorcised from the Earth Forever and Ever

    by Tony Ortega

    What we’ve learned from years of reporting on Scientology is that if you don’t watch carefully, it will get its tentacles into your school district or worm its way into your local city council chambers or somehow use one of its “secular” front groups to fool some other group of chuckleheads who don’t see it coming from a mile away. However, that’s getting a bit tougher for the church as more and more people seem to be keeping a vigilant eye on its every move.


    they were there snatching up all the Scientology books and materials.. that the Charter School funds paid for.
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    Smart Academy aka Life Force Arts Academy+ Charter School Scientologist ripped off

    Scientologists Barbara Schnider OT 8 and Bula Barua (Alfreddies companion) are in this photo
    Barb is on the left next to Lenora Johnson (former Principal NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST)
    Bula is seated on the right.. chair

    Bula was an unqualified Teacher

    the rest in the photos are Scientologists

    Barbara Schnider was involved as a Volunteer Minister after the Earthquake in 2010
    Barbara with her two sisters were involved in helping to round up Orphans for Scientology and starting an Orphanage called Future of Haiti.

    as with anything in Scientology it involves nefarious activities

    they had 2 Orphanages in Haiti
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    thst was before the school year started.. they were fixing up the place.
    the children and Teachers had almost NO School supplies, outside of Scientology materials
    according to the news articles quotes from Lenora Johnson the School had only 2 working Computers.

    see post #500 on page #13 for videos

    RIZZA ISLAM was a TUTOR In this School his Mother and Alfrauudie Fleeced.
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    Russian Scientologist Yulia VarLakhina was a tutor at the Charter School
    Ruben was an employee of Scientologist Claude Reginald Jean

    Claude aka as Reggie took over the Orphanage from the Schnieder Sisters

    the Orphanage in Haiti was Claude's House that doubled as a Dianetics center

    it was damaged during the earthquake / was a walled compound.

    the Orphanage was renamed GRODYSH

    and has reverted back to Future of Haiti name.

    Claude led the Scientologist to the Orphans in the aftermath of the Earthquake.

    Claude is activities along with Dozens of Shady Scientologists are documented in this thread

    likley two Aussie Scientologist in town for training at flag
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    Youth for Human Rights is a Scientology Front group
    this was 2016
    CCHR is a Scientology front group and Rizza Islam is its Youth Ambassador
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    Chaka been involve with Scientology for decades no surprise hers.
    she donated along with Leah Remini to bring in Louis Farrakhan and his ministers to a LA Celebrity Center gathering. in 2009 and 2010 and preformed at the gala with Stacy Francis.

    Russell has ties with Farrakhan's Final Call cult.. FOI captain Dennis Muhammad is his body guard.
    and supports the anti-vaxx nuts..

    Scientology Service Completions Victoria Summer

    Duh..Shes a Scientologist..

    its clout chasing from Rizza..
    its Rizza trying to look important..
    trying to Shove Scientology down the throats of unsuspecting victims

    hes a super FSM..he gets paid when he can convince people to pay for Scientology services..
    and get his commission

    Scientology is a Pyramid scam , pay to pay Vampire culture..

    Fred Shaw Jr

    Alfreddie Johnson

    Rizza Islam
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    the World Literacy Crusade Original web page.. Is on the scrap heap

    there are 261 captures in the internet Archive Wayback Machine
    not all the links work on some of the newer versions of the web site after 2005

    its loaded with phony testimonials..
    its pure Scientology BS wrapped in typical deceptive language
    and exaggerated claims of results.

    Fred Shaw jr,started claiming he was the co-founder after the WLC went down in flames after the Medi-Cal scam was exposed in 2014-2015

    the gang was trying to keep the scam going and just pass it along to Fred .

    you wont find anything on Fred Shaw jr on any of the archived pages..
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    Mom was busy chasing Scientology. and running scams after scam with Alfrauddie
    the Medical clinics were bogus..they were unsuccessful scams run out of and tied to the World Literacy Crusade offices.
    the claims of hundreds of employees was a scam -they were PO boxes -a web page and a stack of business cards..

    Shes NOT a Doctor, and never was

    it was always part of the long CON.
  30. Triumph Member

    Scammers cant outrun the Internet Graveyard

    this Is what they used to scam Medi-Cal


    the clinic was in the rear of the building in a converted garage, with a steel cage on the garage door it consisted of a Sauna ,,a few used up treadmills some second hand lawn furniture and couple of a cheap garage sale dining room set

    set up to deliver the Scientology Purification Rundown. based on L Ron Hubbards quackery

    and they move them into the WLC classroom/ that doubled as the phoney True Faith CHERCH for some STUDY TECH brainwashing..Clay Demos
    Scientology Life Courses-CCHR bullshit and on to E-Meters

    its was 100% Scientology and a crackpot medical clinic and brain scrubbing factory


    Naraconon- LRon Blubtard

    Criminals Yes.. send us your criminals they make good Scientology ReGs!
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    I wonder what the sellout-em payout was to this guy-

    Probation Officer Bailey talks about the World Literacy Crusade

    the WLC would probably pay a guy like this to supply them with RAW MEAT(Scamtology term for recruits)

    prolly enough to do a testimonial video. this vulture claims a decades worth of lining his pockets..


    Edgar Amezquita Student Counselor at the World Literacy Crusade

    this jerk is Promoting American Health and Education clinic.. meet the towel boy for the saunas

    take your vitamin bomb and shut up

    (aka what Scientology calls a A vitamin formula called the “drug bomb”)

    which is enough Niacin and a mixed overdosed cocktail of of various vitamins-
    with a vegetable oil chaser

    enough to gag a maggot..

    enough to ooze a greish-purply substance out of the pores of your skin for weeks..

    Niacin flush

    Not get out of that Sauna and hit the treadmills and run Forrest run


    Dr Melanie Andrews is a friend of Handjob Islam shes been hanging out @ the World Lunacy Crusade for 20yrs.. and cashing in on the children she steers into Scientology

    Director of Performing Arts thw WLC. *LOL* and was Rizza's talent agent..(see video in thread of Rizza talking about his acting career) post #487

    shes a part time school teacher for the performing arts program at Washington Prep
    and her claim to fame is She directed a Shakespeare production promoted by the WLC

    and runs a shoebox-back of the trunk talent agency..
    when shes not Routing Meat Bodies into the Shop at the WLC through her school program at Washington Prep


    proxy up its a clam link



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    after the SHIT hit the fan over HIS Medi-Cal SCAM Alfrauddie Skips Compton and hot foots it to the Scientology stronghold in Clearwater

    the WLC and his bogus True Faith Christian Scam are shut down by the State of California

    now he still raises money and plays off the Legacy of the World Lunacy Crusade.

    He's given the rock star treatment for Snaring Calypso Louie and Tony Mo ,

    he sets up shop and starts touring the Scientology Orgs around the Country

    giving Bogus Sermons and raising Moniez..

    climbs the list of FSM's.

    pops into Orgs around the globe..rinse and repeat

    He parks his WLC with the Scientology Applied Scholastic tutoring center

    called Community Learning Center


    and Ego Faggotry ensues


    Meet Scientology's Spiritual Tycoon. (yes Alfreddie like to give himself ridiculous over the top ego-testicle titlez)

    hes banking on Hanan Islam taking his secrets to her grave.
  33. Triumph Member

    Alfrauddie aka the Spiritual Buffoon


    Alfrauudes favorite Charity aside form this case its the IAS
    ( International Association of Scientology )

    the circus Is held every year in the UK at their St Hill Headquarters in a big Carnival tent..

    ISA funds are used as a slush fund to Pay Lawyers and Private Investigators Harass thousands of Critics

    the REV would Get a cut of this being a super FSM.

    some sucker paid 30K, ..Alfrauddie took home some nice change

    Buy wait..this moron had to practice His smooth moves in front of the mirror at the Hotel

    same tired old moves..

    Tony Muhammad Got His FREEDUMB MEDAL from the CULT at this event.


    two buffoons

    with Scientologist and hardly working actor Michael Roberts

    these days Michael Pimps/Recruits for Scientology for his Scratch
  34. Triumph Member

    exploiting the legacy of Nelson Mandela at Washington Prep courtesy of Dr Melanie Andrews and Scientology


    Cult produced Video: Hanan Islam and Alfrauddie appear @ 4:00 minute mark


    two Hucksters with Prince Unathi Mtirara - Great Grandson of Nelson (Madiba) Mandela

    stage a show, put on a song and dance hand out the Way to Happiness pamphlets set the hook and reel them in..

    the gang in S. Africa ..trolling for RAW MEAT
    (2013) Scientologists Bula Barua, the Fraudster, Fu Mei and Jim (the Beaver) Mathers .
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    the web site changes but the scam remains the same\

    Brother Rizza the Scientologist conspiracy nut and has been for years

    when Rizza does one of his fanatical rants and raves about Big Pharma and psychotropic drugs
    its because he was raised as a fanatics

    Scientology rabid anti-psychiatry front group CCHR blames 911 on Psychiatry
    claims they were the masterminds behind Holocaust during WWII
    they generally don't deal in facts..they deal in propaganda .

    Rizza spins a whopper- counterfeit fentanyl laced Vicodin killed Prince.

    shilling a tour of the Scientology CCHR Museum
    Psychiatry Industry of Death

  36. Triumph Member

    Scientology Inglewood Community Center 2018

    Tony Muhammad hosted an event with a mobile CCHR psychiatry industry of death display

    he wants to target the homeless population.ship them out to a rural farm-work them into the ground -put them thru Scientology Detox-and toss in some brainwashing.

    he's cooking up Scientology scams-cheap labor enslaved as future Fruit of Sea Org recruits
    shackled to a Billion Year contract.
    and shilling Scientology stress tests and bean pies on every street corner.

    channeling his buddy Alfrauddie-.


    their Scientology is showing

    Final Call Cult Link
  37. Triumph Member

    Founders of the Front group United in Peace/Peace Rides..
    its a cash cow pointing Scientology

    Division 6
    2013 or 2014 when the WLC was still in operation

    Hanan was dropped after she was charged with fraud in the Medi-Cal scam

    Alfrauddie and Tony Muhammad run the group.. its goes by Peace Rides they have Held 75 events in LA since its inception

    Scientology has thrown a lot of money at this.. film production,vendors,staging and promotional materials


    they have to follow Hubbard's policy to the letter: the end result is always recruitment. see screen
  38. Triumph Member

    going door to door in St Louis pimping the Way to Happiness

    Rasheeda (Khristy Wright) Muhammad see post #418

    she is employed by Alfrauddie to clean up his online image and bury negative web links
    and has replaced some of what Hanan Islam did for Alfrauddie.

    Rasheeda also Runs the United in Peace in St Louis
    and has a World Literacy Crusade affiliate in St Louis


    Rasheeda (Khristy Wright) Muhammad (holding the pamphlet in the air with glasses)next to Ron Bot Fu Mei Mathers and Alfrauddie with the tone 40 shit eatin grin

    goin door to door @ the Samuel Gompers Homes


    with the obligatory Scientologist with a hi-tech camera to document Alfrauddie and his Gang's propaganda activities

    Scientology will claim it reduced crime and poverty by handing out these useless pamphlets

    in reality it has no effect.. its an excuse to get contact info so Scientology can bombard people with propaganda and phone calls in an effort to recruit..

    poor people make good Sea Org slaves..
  39. Triumph Member


    P.S it IS LAME

    contract = deal with the devil
    Moral ethics =Scientology ethics which has little to do with ethics
    Scientology Way to Happiness
    Scientology Narconon
    Phonics Program =Scientology Study Tech
    Clay Demos=Scientology
    flow power=send us money
    couldn't get them to leave=wouldn't let them leave

    these kids are forced to endure Hours and Hours of this Nonsense

    and their Parents are clueless about whats going on in this Child indoctrination mill

    That's Scientologist Ronnie Islam at the back

    they safe point and don't disclose the Scientology connection they hide it behind a bogus literacy campaign.
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