Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Related to post # 519

    Scientology went to great expense to schmooze Calypso Louie and His top Lieutenants
    they hosted a week long event financed by the Donations of Scientologist at the Celebrity Center in LA
    where they introduced them to auditing.. ( P.S. there are hidden cameras in those auditing rooms at the CC documenting every confession and secret)
    they hosted a large Gala.. that raised a ton of money to throw at Calypso Louie

    ego fag Alfreddie was the Big Being for Luring his prey into the belly of the beast
    introduced them to washed up celebrity Scientologist
    Sea Org slave worked over time to put this shindig together..
    Shane Woodruff played a big role in catering to Farrakhan and his crew..

    Louis Farrakhan referred to him as Shane X in the video below

    see Leah Remini dox post # 519

    Louis Farrakhan drank the spiked Kool-Aid.

    OSA must have had a field day collecting dirt on this bunch..
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    Part 7 of a 7 part video Put on the New Man

    after the Celebrity Center Gala Louie addressed a Laborers Only Meeting in Chicago
    + a dozen or so Scientologists and a Scientology camera crew

    Put on the New Man, which contains many allusions to Dianetics and Scientology .. like engram and Management Technology, valuable final product,org board etc

    Scientology goons alert
    Alfreddie,Tony,Scientologist Jim Mather and Lynn Iron,Shane Woodruff and other Scientologist.. you can see Scientologist Hanan Islam ,Fu Mei Mathers Cheryl Duncan and others sitting with the women in the segregated seating on the left,,as the camera scans the crowd several times in the 7 videos.
    shots... cheering wildly when Louie unveils the plan.
    they were on their feet when LF announced the marriage from hell


    So we have to be careful of each other, careful of how we relate to each other, so we can keep the mind of God growing and lessen the effect of Satanic influence on our being.

    Now I think I can close.

    Let this mind be in you. It didn't stop there. The same that is in Christ Jesus. So what God is offering to the human family is their own mind that has been taken away from Satan's rule over the human family. Your mind is really the mind of God.

    So when Elijah Muhammad said, Accept your own and be yourself .. Well, what is my own? My own is really the mind of God. And what is that? Knowledge. Wisdom. Understanding. Culture. Refinement. The pursuit of happiness.

    See, once you're in the mind of God, which is really your own mind ... That's why, when we behave ignorantly, he said you're other than yourself. You are making yourself less than ourself by acting other than ourself.

    So when you act out ... Oh, some of our friends call that "stimulating an engram" ... and stuff starts coming up. We don't even know where it came from. All of a sudden a sweet kitten becomes a growling lion ... rawrrr! Lord! Where did that come from? See? That's stimulating something that makes us other than what we're capable of being. So learning how the mind works and learning how to think properly ... Wow, learning how to think properly.

    Now look how easy it is, to know, we learn how to eat properly. Even though we don't follow it.

    But, in the new org board -- organizational board of the Nation of Islam -- there's a department called How to Eat to Live [applause] Wait a minute! And in ee-ver-yy mosque, there's going to be somebody in charge of How to Eat to Live. And not that we're going to force you ... We're just going to encourage everybody to get back to how to eat to live!

    And there's another thing on the organizational board. To help with proper thinking. So you learn how to eat over here, but you learn how to think.

    Then we'll learn how to administrate. Look. Not some big organization. Just administrate yourself, your children, the family. We'll learn management.I'm a manager. Big man. No! Manage your house. Manage the children. Manage yourself and your wife. Management technology starts at home and then it spreads abroad.

    So I'm happy to see what I see and the hope that I see for our nation.

    So those of you who are past laborers, we will reintroduce you or introduce you and are introducing you to that which will cause you to fulfill your desire, if you still have the desire to help the Honorable Elijah Muhammad raise our people up from where they are.

    Now listen. The goal that Elijah Muhammad had, Master Fard told him:Make many ministers and send them into all of the cities Not some

    Well, that means those of us who are presently ministeringThank you No, I mean that sincerely, but you know ... [applause] Wait.

    The course of study that will be set up from the Department of Supreme Wisdom, that we all have to qualify and become certified. It's like some kind of certification and I shook your hand as you walked across the stage, ha ha. That's one certification. But to be certified, to stand up on the rostrum of God, and talk to the people of God is more than recitation of what you learned or think we learned and memorized. It's the purging of all spirit of arrogance and vanity.

    You don't have to want to be God. You were born that.

    So don't rejoice while you're just halfway around the ladder.

    In the Bible, it says there was a ladder that reached from Heaven to Earth. And there were angels ascending and angels descending. I don't want to be a descending angel. You know, that's how Satan came down. He once was at that elevated state, you know. So don't think because we're elevated that we cannot fall.

    So, Tuesday night, I'm asking all of us, all Muslims throughout America, all those who want to be a part of that which is to be made new, make your way to the mosque. I don't care what charge is on your head. [applause] I really don't care. [applause] I really don't care. [applause]

    Because now, [back and forth motion of right hand] you're going to take the charge ... [laughter] Wait. [laughter] See, whenever something comes up that ain't right in the mind, it gets a charge, you know. So that charge has to be released. But when you're charged with an infraction, you know ... We want to create the environment that makes such charge unnecessary. And if we are charged, there'll be a way to fix it, unless you're so far out that we have to excuse you from the class.

    Because from this point on, every day at the mosque is a class day. We're all in the classroom of God and we will prepare the study on both sides: the study of the technology and the study of the Supreme Wisdom. And then once we get to a certain point, I'm turning you loose on this world. [applause]

    So this year's Saviours' Day gift -- wait now -- This year's Saviours' Day gift is going to be reinvested into you. Not into buildings -- I don't care nothing about no buildings. Buildings come. Buildings go. Stop being fascinated with buildings and start being fascinated with growth and development into that valuable final product. [applause]

    So ... are you ready? [audience: Yes, sir!]

    As present laborers, past laborers, for me to ask on Tuesday, for all those who want to be future laborers, to come on into this study.

    [pointing to the male section of the audience] Are you ready for that? [audience: Yes, sir!] [applause]

    [pointing to the female section of the audience] Are you ready for that? [audience: Yes, sir!] [applause]

    All right!

    He said he wanted fifty thousand laborers. We only have thirteen hundred up in this room. Potential. And I'm going to ask you to sign a form pledging that you will undergo the study. I'd like to see your signature on all these forms. And if I don't, then that means you don't want to labor any more, and I'll thank you for everything you've done, and you can sit down.

    Nobody will mount the rostrum, hold a post, be in any ministry, or over any part of the national and international organization of the Nation of Islam who refuses to go under this study.

    Thank you for listening and may Allah bless you as I greet you in peace. As-salaam alaikum!

    Farrakhan Speaks: "Put On a New Man" Episode 1 of 7
    Farrakhan Speaks: "Put On a New Man" Episode 2 of 7
    Farrakhan Speaks: "Put On a New Man" Episode 3 of 7
    Farrakhan Speaks: "Put On a New Man" Episode 4 of 7
    Farrakhan Speaks: "Put On a New Man" Episode 5 of 7
    Farrakhan Speaks: "Put On a New Man" Episode 6 of 7
    Farrakhan Speaks: "Put On a New Man" Episode 7 of 7
    Nothing like holding a persons spiritual salvation hostage...

    Jim Mathers and Lynn Irons
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    the soft sell safepointing to Scientologist:


    so they started to break the news to the Scientology suckers back in Florida
    and charged them $30 each to attend this briefing.

    Postcardmania is a company owned by Scientologist Joy Gendusa: that belongs to Scientology's business front group World Institute of Scientology Enterprises aka W.I.S.E

    if your a Scientologist and own a bidness you have to join WISE, pay a kickback to the cult
    and used Scientology Admin Tech to run your company.
    and push Scientology on your Non-Scientologist Employees

    the cult has to film everything for internal PR propaganda
    Rev. Alfreddie Johnson - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Sam Gendusa - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Joy Gendusa - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Pat Clouden - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Laura Clouden - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    Camera Teck
    Calypso Louie and Tony Muhammad's group are a swell bunch of up tone theta guys
    the Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews is a swell book
    Do You think they are gonna buy this bullshit
    the phony doctor Hanan Islam
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    Final Call goes full on Retard
    cult link

    Reverend Al-Freddie sees UFO's too ...they will say anything to pull in suckers
    Scientologist Fu Mei Mathers plays host

    its a full blown OSA operation at this point all hands on deck to swindle suckers

    I dub thee
    Louis Farrakhan and his seven Scientology dorks

    Mother Tynetta was an alleged teen Mistress of Elijah Muhammad..they had children together
    Scientology is schmoozing and pandering to all the Final Call big guns

    Tynetta and Elijah Muhammads sons

    Rasul Muhammad the LA CC.related to post #519 above. hes a talented piano player Scientology booked him to perform at the Ft. Harrison
    Ismael Muhammad is the Minister at the Mosque Maryum in Chicago
    this is the address of the Inglewood Scientology Community Center
    Mosque #27 was in disrepair at the time.. and Scientology allowed them to hold services at the Scientology Inglewood CC

    Rasul went out on a brief tour with the Scientology Backing Band afterwards
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    Ufo's over Ft Harrison Xenu Brigade

    2012 Celebrity Center Gala
    2009 Celebrity Center Farrakhan receives an award

    Starz Life

    By on September 15, 2009

    Alim Muhammad was the Final Call Health Minister and a high value target for Scientology
    they got him to do Coursework on the Scientology Slave ship Freewinds

    Abdul Alim Muhammad in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists
    does the Scientology handbook for Pre-clears

    Alim Muhammad everyone must go CLEAR (all Laborers)

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    the after party at Flag Holy Day of Atonement
    Rasul Muhammad onstage with LF
    Restaurant at Flag with Scientologist Doug E Fresh ...DougE had been working as an FSM on LF for a couple of years tailing him around events
    Chaka Khan was there-Shes been working on connecting LF to Scientology for years too..
    helped Finance the 2009 and 2010 Final Fall Flunkies with LF at Celebrity Center Gatherings..she was a member of the Black Panthers in her youth.
    extra security detail at the Gates of hell -Ft Harrison
    Cult mixer Hip Hop dance party with Doug E Fresh onstage beat boxin and spitin rhymes
    Jim Mathers,Alim Muhammad,Fu Mei Mathers and Shane X Woodruff ..
    Black Panther Youth Club kicking it a FLAG
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    related to post #534


    in 2006 the Cult of Scientology dusted off a failed front group called Ebony Awakenings

    to give an Award to Louis Farrakhan, Tony Muhammad accepted on Calypso Louie's behalf.

    Tony Muhammad had been doing Scientology for just over a year ..after he got a beat-down from the LA PD.

    Alfreddie found his RUIN wnenTony was at a low point in his life and steered him to the Celebrity centre to do a Scientology course called Life Repair

    in 2005 the World Literacy Crusade Master Learners pilot program brain-scrubbing members of Mosque #27
    Rizza Islam and his Mother and siblings were involved in their covert training.


    at this event, Tony Muhammad praised L Ron Blubbard as a Saint and Angelic Figure..sent to us by the creator himself (Master Fard Muhammad)

    Ronnie Rizza Islam attended this event in 2006 with Reuben Muhammad (white suit)
    Ruben Is a Farrakhan follower and was a trainer and worker at the WLC in 2005-06


    the Cult fired up Ebony Awakenings Awards in 2010 after 4-year hiatus in 2010
    Clowns Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad were the stars of this circus show

    Shane X Woodruff a caucasian who Is the VP of the Celebrity Center in LA
    gives a special briefing
    they hooked LF that year at the gala post # 561

    New Rebublic

    Thetans and Bow-Ties
    The Mothership of all alliances
    In a video of a speech Miscavige gave at a black-tie Scientology event, he touted the opening of the Inglewood org. Dressed in a shiny tuxedo and standing in front of an iridescent blue screen, Miscavige extolled

    a most influential culture. ... I’m speaking of those who truly set cultural trends, and across every avenue: fashion, music, you name it. So talk about a pervasive culture, talk about a permeating and penetrating culture, or to put it another way: Most white folks wouldn’t have a clue of what it means to be cool if it weren’t for black America

    2006 Ebony Awakenings Newsletter kissing Calyspo Louie and Tony Muhammad's asses

    opening remarks Pat Harney OSA
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    in 2011 Ebony Awakenings was all about pandering to the Farrakhan Bunch again.
    new opinion leaders dupes emerge
    Handjob Islam just a year away from ripping off the charter school in Florida
    speaks on Taking the Tech to the Hood...(Taking the Hood to the cleaners)
    Scientologist Ronnie Islam being groomed.
    (Rizza's caption with this pix)
    can't even postulate a date- got his spiderman superhero underwear on
    superRizzO Receives a useless award at this event
    with Alfrauddie and Pat (squeaky) Harney the FLAG director of public relations and OSA spy
    Scientology Library Pat Harney Harney
    Pats Husband spent years in the RPF
    Alim Muhammad gets a chance to show off his brainwashing
    washed up singer and human tabloid train wreck Scientology Stacy Francis entertains
    Cult speak
    Disseminator=how to bullshit and lie in an effort to trick people into joining your cult

    the founder of Ebony Awakening was the singer Amanda Ambrose

    Her son's is Donald Anthony Strawn, he was a crew member on the Apollo (Ship) .with L Ron Hubbard in the original Sea Org.

    Strawn was convicted in 1995 to thirty years in prison for sexually molesting two girls, ages 11 and 13. The children were in his custodial care at the time. Scientology directed (under threat of expulsion) that the mother not report the incident to the proper authorities, because the church could handle his aberration

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    tomorrow June 5th 2019 case #BA435374
    follow the link and type in the case #BA435374 select the defendant and choose events
    The preliminary hearing was then slated to begin when Hanan Islam’s attorney waived her HIPAA rights to inform the court that she has colon cancer. The judge asked the prosecution if it wanted to sever Hanan from the case and the prosecution said no.

    Hanan’s lawyer said she was too ill to travel or to appear in court. He said she was trying an alternative treatment and if that didn’t work then she would have to look at conventional medical treatment.

    Ronnie and his siblings have not attended the last 5 hearings..

    One of the defense lawyers claimed that the other defendants did not get any money from the scheme and only Hanan did. Therefore, charges should be reduced to misdemeanors or dropped.

    alternative treatments =Scientology woo
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    Farrakahn's comes out of the closet during his Keynote Address in 2011

    Louie's address, was titled “God Will Send Saviours, (Zombie Scientologist)
    he exposed to the world he was an L Ron Hubbard fanboy.
    announced the Marriage of the two toxic cults.

    He praised Scientology and its flounder,Hell Ron Bubbtard. Screwy Louie extolled the virtues of the Cult Scientology and its auditing(brainwashing) process, which is considered spiritual counseling (brainwashing) by its members.

    "L. Ronnie is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian person on this Earth,"

    Ron the Con himself was and is trying to civilize white people

    and take away from them their reactive minds. … L Ronnie recognized that his people have to be civilized,"

    You can still be a Christian; you just won't be a devil Christian. You can still be a Jew, but you won't be a satanic Jew.

    and babbled about Scientology's Suppressive persons doctrine..etc

    praising Hell Ron and Scientology that lasted around 40 minutes or more


    they had a Dianetics Graduation and event

    Alfrauddies biggest scam to date

    Scientologist set up exhibits shilling Dianetics ,and front groups/- The Way to Slappyness, the CCHR exhibit Psychiatry Industry of Death,Study Tech and Applied Scholastics,Truth about drugs.
    Alfreddie World Lunacy Crusade..etc
    as well as Scientology gung ho groups like Cary Ghoulston's Global Pioneers

    Alfrauddie and Tony Mo shilling their Hubbard flavored Power of Words book scam .

    Scientologists swarmed this event like flies on shit.
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    Hubbard on the big screen allstate arena Saviours' day 2011
    Jim Mathers Fu Mei Mathers and Alfrauddie onstage
    Scientologist OT 8 Pat Clouden wets his pants
    Izzy Chait and wife Mary Anne in the house
    Jim Mathers using his OT powerz
    Izzy (don't talk to me about schwartzes)Chait

    1:15 Izzy and his wife make an appearance .

    A German word meaning black, but was incorporated into American Jewish slang to be a derogatory term towards black people.
    If you are black and someone uses the word schwartze in their conversation in your general direction, chances are he shooting racial slurs at you.
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    Wealthy Scientologist OT's in the house to witness the marriage from hell
    Scientology Staff members were there to represent
    sticking out like a sore thumb
    (as a Scamtologist ) You can still be a Christian; you just won't be a devil Christian. You can still be a Jew, but you won't be a satanic Jew.
    pandering Scientologist
    Wheres Waldo the Scientologist
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    Nap time for Hanan Islam at the Dianetics Auditors Fraduation
    rare photo of Hanan Islam without one of her cheap wig
    View attachment 271325

    Tony pimpin for the Scientology front group Truth About Drugs

    that's Louis Muhammad Fruit of Islam Captain Tampa ( seated )

    He was a managing director for the Life Force/Smart Academy Charter School that Alfreddie and Hanan Islam Bankrupted in 2012

    Louis shoved a child on a school bus and was terminated by the Florida school authorities.

    Tony Muhammad & Alfie Railing against Psychiatry for the CCHR
    Scientologist Jim X Matherz
    Meet a Scientology Loon Jim X Matherz

    Jim is stuck on a Prison planet with hiz spaceship
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    Diuretics Auditors gradu-cation
    Alfreddie the cat that swollowed the canary
    the 3 stooges
    Shane X Woodruff speech: Scientology makes the white man a devil no more
    Tony Mo looses his reactive mind
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    Rizza Has his panties in knotz
    watch for it @ 2:00 mark
    3 articles below

    1...2....3 punch has Rizza mad

    Scientology and Nation of Islam figure picks worst week to rail against measles vaccine
    By Rod Keller | May 6, 2019

    Beyond the quarantine: Signs that Scientology is getting involved in anti-vaxx panic
    By Tony Ortega | May 16, 2019

    Scientology’s happy promotions can’t hide the cancer eating away at its core
    By Tony Ortega | May 28, 2019

    He's butthurt
    wast @ 2:00 mark

    Rizza deletes negative comments on his social media pages-its ENTHETA (Scientology Term)

    he's not open to truthful debate or critical thinking hes a Scientologist they run from the truth.
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    Scientology Front Groups at the United Center
    Truth about Durgz front group
    Diuretics books
    Ambulance Chaser Scientologist Cary Ghoulston
    crappy book Tony Mo and alfrauddie claimed authorship of a book they didn't write..
    Jim X Mathers pandering and posin
    d- List celebrity Scientologist Doug E Fresh
    Cult up the Volume Doug E with Kenny Muhammad the Human beat box
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    the after party dinner where the Money to Farrakhan really starts rolling
    Alfrauddie and Shane X at the Dig-nut-aries Table
    don't worry your secretly recorded private auditing session at the Celebrity Center Is safe with me.
    Rolling the Scientology Whale big moniez donors to Louie
    more sucking up
    Scientologist Al Baker-- Scientologist buying Farrakhans crappy bookz
    Alfreddie (The Bridge) Johnson took center stage

    More images of Scientologists sucking up to Calypso Louie (here)
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    Saviours' Day 2011

    Full 53 minutes of Calypso Louie kissing L Ron Hubbards BIG LILLY WHITE ASS

    up to this point Alfreddie has been coaching Louie on how disseminate Scientology

    (in Tony Muhammad's game too)

    it apparent in several Videos where LF speaks about it.

    there's Is standard Scientology misinformation pitch weaving in and out of his speeches.

    LF puts some of his spin on it..
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    Noting is free in Scientology: this would be no acceptation

    its how Alfreddie makes a living. especially since his WLC scam got shut down.. just a few short years later


    I'm sure it was sugar coated message

    Planetary Clearing=Hubbard's deluded idea of world domination.

    every thing is about expansion, more recruits, more money, more suckers. more slaves for the Sea Org etc. for their tiny little group.

    Alfreddie began been making the rounds to every Idle Morgue touting this:message. collecting money on the way.
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    Fresh off Saviours' day

    the Moonies Cult hosts a Pastors prayer breakfast every year
    LF speaks at the event frequently..

    Louie and Alfraudde at At the meeting trying to FSM for Scientology
    FSM=Field staff Member (in Scientology)

    FSM gets paid to recruit people into paying for Scientology auditing and services


    Farrakhan hit them with the Sales pitch..

    and brought in sheeple to give testimonials as part of the hook.

    Brings fake Baptist Minister Alfrauddie on stage

    the sales pitch to pull in the suckerz is in this video.. Louis says TRUST ME....heh..

    Hubbard taught All religions other than Scientology are implants.. according to Hubbard Christ was a fiction

    and claimed Jesus was a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred.

    and a lot of other insulting and stupid things about other religions
    Jesus in Scientology
    Scientology and the occult
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    Rizza Scientology Front Group CCHR
    trying way to hard to impress. another conversation according to Rizza..

    Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    with Scientologists Bruce Wiseman and Fred Shaw jr both are spokespeople for the CCHR

    Bruce Wiseman Scientology Service Completions

    The Ultimate Sleazy Fundraiser (Bruce Wiseman)

    February 6, 2018By Mike Rinder

    Brother Rizza shilling for Scientology front group Youth For Human Rights
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  25. Triumph Member


    Wolf in Sheep's clothing
    Alfreddie used the baptist Minister hustle to pimp for Hubbard

    this is the musing of a Hardcore Scientologist using the Language and Mindset of a Scientology zealot..

    His True Faith Church was run out of the World Literacy Crusade premises.

    there were never any regular Sunday Services or Parishioners.. except when they wanted to B.S and Hustle the parents of the children.

    the WLC premises were in an area Zoned for Industrial Businesses

    Rizza Islam held the phony title of Youth Minister. @ True Faith Church.
    he grew up learning the ropes on how to scam.

    the case had another PRELIM/SETTING/RESET
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    Scientologist Fred Shaw jr-Alfreddie Johnson-Hanan Islam
    set up a Compton branch of the NAACP in the confines of the World Literacy Crusade

    they Scammed an award from the NAACP for L Ron Hubbard,Heber Jentzsch (president of Scientology) and Iaasc Hayes

    Fred Shaw jr-President
    Alfreddie Johnson- Vice President
    Hanan Islam-Secretary

    it was a Scientology operation that involved exploiting and love bombing Ernestine Peters head of the western regional offices of the NAACP
    Ernestine Peters was given an award from Scientology and was used for publicity in Scientology publications

    Scientology wants city's kids(1992)
    Alfreddies Project Genesys was a bust...he couldn't get funding..
    Fred Shaw Jr ran a youth Mentoring Program that used Scientology Study Tech then that Alfreddie was trying to emulate.

    the letter Alfrauddie wrote ..was passed up-lines to the cult..
    this shows it was a Scientology operation


    certainly Isaac Hayes was deserving an award from the NAACP,.. the problem was that Scientology used him to scam an
    Award for Hubbard and Jentzsch

    the NAACP distanced themselves from the WLC and Scientology afterwards.

    the gang later used the ruse of the NAACP to Protect Alfrauddies butt from Recall and used the race card.

    Scientologist Fred Shaw jr is still involved with the NAACP in Inglewood

    The Disappeared (Heber Jentzsch)

    September 25, 2018By Mike Rinder
    Heber Jentzsch

    Village Voice
    Scientology President Heber Jentzsch Told His Brother: “I’ll Never Get Out of Here Alive” ALSO: Alex Jentzsch’s Last Phone Call?

    by Tony Ortega July 20, 2012
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    Louis Byrd and Fernando Pedroza were convicted and sentenced to Prison .
    the 2 were charged with using city credit cards and other city funds for personal expenses

    Alfreddie Johnson managed to wiggle out of trouble.

    Leticia Vasquez was not charged.
    Does Central Basin Water Director Leticia Vasquez Live in Her District?

    Inglewood politics a stage for regions racial power shift

    Alfreddie and Tony Muhammad were involved with Developer John McDonald ceo of Imperial Partners
    in a land grab in Ingelwood

    under the guise of attracting a bid for an NFL stadium
    and a Ingelwood promenade development

    the land grab was also major part of the Recall Election

    LA Times
    Dream of NFL team spurs anger and skepticism

    Supporters of the NFL idea say a football stadium would take advantage of the city's central location and give it a leg up in the competition with neighbors for tax revenues.
    "What I fear is that the surrounding cities are out in front of Lynwood," Alfreddie Johnson said in a previous interview. "We are the hub and epicenter of a lot of things, and yet we have not taken advantage of it. That bothers me tremendously. We're in a foot race right now."

    Inglewood Redevelopment Agency
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  29. Triumph Member

    Scientologist Rizza Islam getting all Scientological
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    RIZZA ISLAM NUKEING SOURCE! (HubbTarD) and a kick in the nads to KSW (Keep Scientology WANKING Working)
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    This Is the CHERCH

    a podium without the WLC LOGO.
    a second hand electronic keyboard,
    a garage sale picture,
    couple of Styrofoam columns rescued from a dumpster.
    and some kind of mickey mouse sound systems.
    a couple of plastic plants
    Too many crappy Books written by L Ron Hubbard
    and a sauna in a garage.

    True Faith Scam was shut down by the State of California for not filing taxes.

    they used the Inglewood Community Center and held Multi-Faith Services manly for PR damage repair for Alfreddie

    these were for a year wiith Alfreddie Fred Shaw jr Tony Muhammad and others.

    Alfreddie Left LA for Clearwater to put the Medi-Cal Fraud case in his rear window.
    Hanan slipped off to Nevada with her daughter Zakiyyah Islam (Charged with 3 counts of fraud)

    Alfreddie and Hanan are essentially Done Scamming Compton..Fred Shaw jr,Rizza Islam,Tony Muhammad aren't.

    Fred's been elevated (IN HIS PR.) to co-founder of the WLC..

    that was done at a time He And Alfreddie were trying to Salvage the WLC scam before the State of Cali pulled the plug.

    Fred Shaw jr was NEVER involved with the WLC and was not a co-founder

    these Publicity photos are always stages- to make it look like they are booming..
    Scientology exaggerates statistics to the extreme..

    example: Scientology is the fastest growing Religion with 12 million parishioners

    there are only around 20,000 practicing Scientologist worldwide.
    they have steadily lost members for the past two decades.

    not including Members of Farrakhan's Final Call Followers practicing Scientology.

    the WLC is toast in Cali.

    Alfreddie Johnson and Dr Larry Muhammad (former head of Muhammad University) have been trying shill WLC Scientology materials in Florida hidden behind a shell company.

    under the name of Kajabi Next (Master Learners program)

    prop up a cheap banner and hand a logo on nail: its a Literacy Crusade.
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    amazing what people will do to force this toxic fool onto the public

    RizzO the Scientology stooge cartoon
    Rizza Islam - Why you should't eat at MCHUBBARDS (@RIZZAISLAM)

    Scientology the sewer water and syrup of Religion
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    United Hood Nations was cooked up for publicity.. also an excuse to Hand out Scientology the Way to Happiness pamphlets..

    Scientology always exaggerate their claims handing out these crappy books reduces crime..

    they contain 21 moral precepts that Hubbard cobbled together..
    like : brush your teeth..

    Rizza Islam started wearing the Bow-Tie in mid 2014 when Medi-Cal was investigating them for fraud.
    it was also when Rizza started spreading the lie that Alfreddie was his father. with Alfreddies blessing
    6i8x9s9.jpg \

    Shane X Woodruff Holy Day of Atonement 2010 Tampa see post #566
    Alfreddie (Got you sucka's) Johnson Saviours' day 2011 #579
  37. Triumph Member

    after Saviours' Day 2011 they held an event in the Chrystal Ballroom at Ft Harrison FLAG Clearwater

    Tony Muhammad was the main speaker
    Fund Raising is usually tied to everything they do.. this would be no exception

    Members from the Tampa Mosque and Scientologists.. filmed for propaganda (Jim Mathers and Fu Mei were there).

    Hanan Islam ,Minister John Muhammad (Tampa) Louis Muhammad (charter school bully) Lynn Irons Tampa Org ED

    They played the Video of Louis Farrakhan announcing the Marriage between the two groups filmed in the Celebrity Center in LA

    Rizza Islam didn't take part in these events (2010-1012).. he was a nobody stuck in Compton brain scrubbing children at the WLC.or a tutor at the Charter School the gang fleeced in 2010)

    he took part in events later in LA gradually over time.
  38. Triumph Member

    suck-up Scientologist Jim Mathers
    Lynn Irons --Lynn and Jim attended the private laborers meeting
    Lynn Irons turn to suck-up
    Tony Mo sucking up
  39. Triumph Member

    Leaks are sometimes hard to come by

    but Anonymous Delivers.

    I found this video on an obscure web site..

    and fellow Anons did their part by posting the videos on You-Tube

    Tony Talks about how Alfrauddie found Tony Muhammads RUIN..(scientology term)

    Scientology Ambulance Chasers like to find victims at thier weakest point
    Alfrauddie had been hounding and manipulating Tony for a couple years..and feeding him bullshit.

    Tony Muhammad got into an Altercation with the LA PD and Alfrauddie pounced.

    coaxed him to Scientology Celebrity Center in LA for a Life Repair course.

    Members of Tony Mosque #27 and other members from Around the country were already training covertely at the WLC in a program approved by Calypso-Louie..
    under the name Master Learners ..

    Tony the Kool-Aid drinker

  40. Triumph Member

    • takes brinks a truck full of cash
    • an ofshore account in Curacao
    • takes alot of OSA tards falling over themselves to reel this guy in.
    • Scientology Intel-base is involved
    • and a lot of excessive over the top love bombing..
    • ISA donations (Tonys Freedom Medal winner crowning at the ISA GALA in the UK )
    • Alfreddie Dancing CLOWNING for 30K the ISA Gala
    • Gala after Gala to REG cash from WHALES
    • lots of meaningless awards and propaganda-phony news stories that bombards the news feeds
    • tax free cash thru the front groups the Final Call ORGs selling dianetics auditing
    • holding seminars for $$$$
    • $$$ for the CoS/Final Call Front group United in Peace/Peace Rides/UP FEST (Tony Muhammad)
    • Scientologist getting sequuzed by their Registrars for $$$$
    • Scientologists getting squeezed into buying Book Sets for FINAL CALL ORG)
    • Scientologists getting fleeced registrars for the endless Way to Happiness campagains
    • Scientology owns the printing press cashing in on The Way To Happiness $$$
    • free AUDITING to helping turn Tony Muhammads brain to mush.
    • more love bombing and ass kissing
    • HIGH Invictus Missiah FSM Louie Farracon (a kings ransom)
    • planting Rizza Islam on Tony Muhammad
    • Rizza reporting back to OSA
    • Alfreddie and Rizza Islam playing Tony Muhammad and Louis Fraaakhan
    • Hardcore Scientologist Alfreddie and Rizza drunk on Hubbards toxic kool-aid


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