Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    • 2014 Scientologist gets his training wheels, taken off
    • He Becomes a Super FSM (Field Staff Member) super denotes and upgrade from FSM
    • ANY Scientologist can request to become an FSM
    • FSM get a percentage of services from people they get to pay for services.
    • Rizza would have beena FSM when he was at WLC
    • this Is in the early stages of his grooming.
    • he has long been a useful dupe for Alfreddie
    • and under the cults influence. thanks to his Mother.
    • ronbot willing to KSW
    • hes moved up in cult status quickly
    • Scientologist willing to foot the bill for his anti-vaxx crusade
    • gets cchr fsm cash
    • gets United in Peace fsm cash
    • willing to promoting many cult front groups
    • useful for gathering intel on the Final Call Org dummies
    • addicted to cult auditing
    • proven he will exploit children for Scientology
    • l2d8efe.jpg
    Newly minted Final Call Flunkie in 2014
    starts with the CON Alfreddie is his Father
    Duplicates Alfreddies con as a minister in training as a Final Call Flunkie
    Is assigned to Tony Muhammad
    starts as a bottom feeder for Scientology ISA funds.
    HATTED (Scientology term) by Scientology for the next leg of the scam
    World Literacy Crusade American Health and Education Clinics will go up in flames in 2014
    WiLL BE ARRESTED and Arraigned

    hat: a Scientology slang term for a particular job,

    cult of Scientology New Years event is usually held in December

    With Scientologist Nancy Cartwright Up Fest


    (summer 2012)
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    • Scientology/Final Call joint front group United in Peace ..
    • started holding Bike Rides in LA in 2012
    • Handed out The Way to Happiness ..
    • took out permits for use of a park
    • set up stages, sound systems, kiosks,and tents
    • Provided Scientology Celebrities and Artists
    • Scientology filmed the fail-tard event for Propaganda
    the pix are priceless..
    Rizza and Alfrauddie lead them on scooters

    unidentified,Tony MoE.,Alfrauddie and Handjob
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    Outside the Scientology Front group World Literacy Crusade (ABLE,APPLIED SCHOLASTIC S)/American Health and Education Clinics (NARCONON) offices in Compton

    Scientology Shills Rizza Islam,Alreddie Johnson,Tony Muhammad and Nancy Cartwright
    Scientology cult propaganda Way to Happiness is used with the Peace Rides
    an invitation to drink the Kool-Aid

    matching united in peace circus clown bowties
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    Charter School Scammers in Clearwater
    Alfreddie picked up a check for $30K from money out of the charter school the expense of school children

    event was also to pump money into and resuscitate a faltering Scientology supported tutoring center and rebrand it as a WLC affiliate (Holly Haggerty standing)
    The Community Learning Center, Inc. (dba, World Literacy Crusade of Pinellas Co.)
    Holly Haggerty

    Fu Mei Mathers-Alfrauddie -Fruit of Islam thug Louis Muhammad was crowned board chair of the Smart Academy Charter School
    pulls in Nayyairah Muhammad for the scam (runs the Dianetically Speaking !!!!!!!!!) Facebook page
    Scientology and the Nation of Islam exposed in Florida school takeover
    Tony Ortega managing Editor Village Voice NYC

    Hanan Islam authorized a useful dupe to steal the copper wire,copper pipes, doors, sinks, air-conditioning units, and water heaters out of a nearby vacant hotel (they didn't own) to scam money for Hanan Islam and Alfreddie's Scientology Charter School


    Tampa Tribune
    Don't tolerate indoctrination in schools
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    re-post of a photo (Scientology Invasion of the Black Community facebook page)

    Recent Scientology CCHR event

    (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)

    standing on CCHR Youth Minister Rizza Islam's right is Jan Eastgate

    Jan Eastgate is the head CCHR international for Scientology main front group

    Fred Shaw jr long time Alfreddie Johnson partner in crime and current CCHR spokesperson in California - cutting the ribbon

    in 2012 Jan Eastgate was arrested in California and extradited to Australia (where she is from)

    and charged with two counts of perverting the course of justice.

    in relation to molestation charges that relate to an incident involving a then 11-year-old girl

    She told her mother that she had been sexually abused by her stepfather. As the family were Scientologists they sought help at the Org in Sydney.

    they allege Eastgate told the little girl not to tell police what had happened or she and her brother would be taken away by social services. They further allege that Eastgate told the girls mother to also deny the abuse to the police and to the Department of Community Services. The alleged reason for this was to avoid bad publicity for the Church of Scientology.

    on the eve of Jan Eastgate's trial her Scientology lawyers got her off on a technicality. and the charges were dropped.

    the girls stepfather Robert Kerr turned himself in (1999)and admitted he indecently assaulted his stepdaughter between the ages of 7 and 11.

    This was big news in Australia in 2012 and was covered extensively by the Australian press

    Final Call
    Psychiatry Industry of Death

    Alfrauddie Tony Muhammad and Scientology PR Cheryl Duncan introduced the CCHR to LF in 2008


    Cheryl Duncan Scientology service completions
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    Brother Rizza Islam at Flag Ft Harrison in Clearwater

    with Scientology sea org gold base film/media crew


    Scientology Is his puppet master-

    was at Flag in 2016 before the CDC anti-vaxx rally in Atlanta

    the uniforms are a dead giveaway.

    Rizza was featured briefly with Fred Shaw jr in a cult propaganda piece called Voices for Humanity
    for Scientology TV episode #1 on Season 2
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    Brother Jim the white man in the bow tie, gives two hundred dollarz (Scientologist Jim Mathers)

    Tony refers to him as Jim X Mathers
    Calls Alfrfauddie to the podium

    explains how Alfreddie found his RUIN..and how he suckered Tony into the cult
    More Love Bombing for Scientologist Jim x Mathers

    two cults in one


    Jim Mathers Scientology service completions

    Jim X Mathers and Lynn Irons (standing)

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    Febeuary 24 2013


    Alfreddie moves into the Scientology Community center
    Tony Muhammad's Final Call Org.Mosque #27 is also operating out of the Inglewood CC.


    Alfreddies WLC scam and Hanan Islams American Health and education clinics and True Health Clinic ( partners with with Dr. Alim Muhammad )
    are forced to close and the property is vacated.

    Alfreddie scurries into the benifit of protection of Scientology Lawyers Intel Base Personel OSA
    Final Call Flunkies in lockstep

    more @ link

    Alfreddie and Lynn Irons with Louie.

    Kybb Irons Scientology service completions


    Alfreddie is the spearhead, of their Operation on Farrakhan
    they has been protecting Alfrauddies shady dealings for decades.

    the rest of the gang faces legal problems (employ Scientology Lawyers)
    • Hanan Islam
    • Rizza Islam
    • Nimat Islam
    • Zakiyah islam
    • the shady staff of the WLC
    • 3 HS. educators loose their jobs
    Dr Alim Muhammad returns to the East Coast DC/Maryland
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    Rizza Islam attends every event with Alfreddie and Tony Muhammad at the Inglewood Org,Inglewood Community Center, Scientology Events etc

    Rizza Is working with Scientology Front Groups
    United in Peace/Up Fest
    Youth For Human Rights
    The Way To Happiness
    and In elevated Role (youth Minister) in the LA branch of the CCHR with Fred Shaw jr.
    acting as an occasional tour Guide. of the CCHR's Psychiatry Industry of Death exhibits IN LA.

    Ashleigh Rae Is a featured performer at several Up Fest Events and appeared in the cults PR for the events as a featured performer

    Rizza's billing himself as a Motivational Speaker.

    there was a Newspaper report

    and a Videos of the Event

    Tony Muhammad was the featured panel host

    Alfreddie Johnson attended these with Rizza

    Rizza asked a single question: and made the prepared statement above to the panel.

    summer 2012 Alfreddie Tony and Rizza with members of Mosque #27 went door to door
    passing out the Way to Happiness.
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    you can here Scientologist Rizza Islam chattering in the background
    camera TECH flunk
    Scientology Interfaith Events bombards the news feeds with carefully crafted PR

    Rev Apostle Alfrauddie Johnson, as the Bogus Baptist .
    Fred Shaw Jr playing the Methodist angle
    Tony Muhammad Muslim
    Rizza Islam as a Scientology Youth Minister

    More Circling the Wagons more Scientology funding for Minister Tony and Inglewood..
    This Event Is at the Celebrity Center in LA

    praises Alfreddie Johnson in this video. talks more about Alfreddie finding Tony's RUIN

    Clearing the Planet.

    typical lock the doors and squeeze them until they are broke fund raising hoopla
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    Image Rehabilitation
    he getting that deer in the headlights fake tone 40 grin down pat.

    Selling Tony Muhammad to Whales...

    Mirit Hendrickson is the PR person for the Scientology front group Volunteer Ministers in Florida
    She interviews Scientologist and posts them to her You Tube channel
    shes also into amateur video production.

    Mirit attended the United in Peace /UP Fest Rally and was a guest when Tony appeared on Big Boy's radio program.
    KPWR (Power 106) in 2014

    she made several watered down video's with Minister Tony - and deleted most
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    Schmoozing with David Miscavige..
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    2012 United in Peace/Up Fest/
    distributing useless Scientology Way To Happiness pamphlets door to door-
    Scientologist Rizza Islam Pushin Scientology in the hood.
    Scientology Shill LA County Sheriff Lee Baca..
    Scientologist Stanley Clark musician
    As former Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca awaits sentencing, Scientology sticks by its man
    By Tony Ortega | April 30, 2017

    Lee Baca lost his appeal and Is facing Jail Time

    Scientologist Kimberley Quigley films the PR videos of the Up fest for Scientology, Is a friend of Scientologist Joy Villa
    Mirit Hendrickson Volunteer Ministers of Florida post #612
    Hanan Islam on Right
    Scientolgist Camera guy kneeling

    the Fonzie of Compton Rizza Islam far right: playing dress up with Alfrauddie : see video post #602
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    Blast from Rizza's past
    Phenixx Arising is Chappelle Ward see post #504
    and was a WLC employee

    Rizza blames Merchants of Chaos ...
    Scientologist live in a bubble-and ignore reality and think Hubbard and Scientology is mankind's only salvation
    Rizza thinks by pushing Scientology hes fighting for the betterment of mankind

    Phenixx implies the Katie Holmes was OUT ETHICS for ditching Tom and Scientology

    Not obeying like a good little slave. . She is so Out-Ethics, she has to be declared to get the Tech in on her.

    Katie took her child and GTFO

    Katie carefully plotted her escape with the help of her father (a lawyer) Katie ditched her Scientology handlers and kept her travel plans secret and used a disposable phone. took the midnight express to NY and escaped.

    because Scientologist are detached from reality and just plain nutz

    good bet the Guy with the Homo-Novis 3 stooges Is a Scientologist

    Choose to Agree=when the Planet is Clear and everybody Is a Scientologist and SP's are rounded up and disposed of quietly

    Alfreddie a Christian sez RizzO the fake Muslim *LOL*

    good little Scientologist Colin Skow Is helping Rizza pester a new target, Buddhists
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    the WLC an AMHEC Zaikyyah Islam Looking for MediCal moneyz to scam


    • Parental Approval=parents must believe the lies
    • Job Training = No Pay
    • 13 to 20 = easily exploitable, the younger the better
    • Drug History = coerce you into to doing the Scientology Purification Rundown (Narconon)
    • Must have Medi-Cal=$$$$$$$$$
    • Transportation available = keeping you hostage for several hours a day.
    • course supervisorz haz candy
    with creepy course room supervisors
    these Pre-teen Girls are holding American Health and Education Clinic certificates (NARCONON)

    they put these children thru the Purification rundown.. it consist of baking in sauna and running on a tread mill and repeat till your physically drained,RUN DOWN, exhausted,weak and vulnerable,easy to manipulate and ready to puke - while taking toxic overdoses of Hubbard's vitamin bomb cocktail..with a vegetable oil chaser the process takes weeks..

    these children are too young to have drug problems.
    Scientologist believe Evil Psychs (Psychiatrists) forced psych meds on these THETANS in their many past lives ..and must undergo the Scientology PURIFICATION RUNDOWN to run the drug residue from billions of years out of their Systems to become Scientologists..

    that's Atura Adams at the podium,, Shes has with a Long History of scamming with Alfreddie and the WLC see post #369

    Zakiyyah was charged with 3 felonies along with her mother Hanan Islam (4 felonies)
    and brothers Ronnie Stevens aka Rizza Islam and Nimat Islam

    Zakiyyah skipped Compton with Her Mother Hanan to Nevada
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    The WLC premises are evacuated

    Alfrauddie moves his operation into the belly of the beast
    Tony Muhammad and his Mosque #27 are headquartered here
    More of Scientology's money is flowing into Inglewood
    they run bogus multi-faith Sunday services at the Inglewood CC

    • Scientologist Alfreddie playing the Baptist minister
    • Scientologist Fred Shaw jr playing a Methodist
    • Scientologist Tony Muhammad playing the Final Call Inc Minister
    • Scientologist Rizza Islam playing the Youth Minister.Bow Tie in training
    Scientologist don't normally hold Sunday Services ..unless they are running a con on someone


    When the state finished roasting the WLC
    Alfreddie will skip town to the Scientology Mecca in Clearwater

    Ashleigh Ray Rizza former companion performs

    Rizza Islam gives Scientology Speech in a Bow Tie.

    He serves two masters Hubbard and Farrakhan, 2 mentors,4 hucksters 1 auditor, OSA, multiple Final Call FoI etc.

    has ditched his training wheels, his building up is SUPER FSM money that pays for more auditing.

    Scientologists raised a lot of funds for Inglewood. thru the United, in Peace front group they helped to create .galas etc.

    Rizza Islam is under Tony Muhammad guidance..and Alfreddie his Scientology Handler.
    also influenced and mentored by
    • his Mother Hanan Islam
    • his Siblings,
    • Final Call Ministers and Laborers,
    • Multiple Scientologists,
    • auditor,
    • Scientology PR,
    • Gold Base Camera Crews,
    • Sea Org,
    • Metting the Multiple Scientology Players of the Game
    • Meeting OSA personnel
    • Meeting's with Scientology Executives (example Pat Harney)
    • Influential People from Scientology Front Groups he Is Involved with,
    • ( example Fred Shaw jr )
    also building up to Super FSM credits and auditing more often,
    and building contacts. in both groups.

    it a Game, directed by Hubbard many policies



    Fruit of Islam
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    Operation Wack a Mole
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    Scientology lurks hidden below the surface in their front groups

    Handing out free Way to Happiness is a money maker for the cult

    Scientologists are pressed to purchase large amounts of these books for their covert phony social betterment campaigns.

    Scientology owns its own large printing facility in LA and produces this garbage for pennies using cheap Sea Org labor

    FSM money maker for Alfreddie and Tony Muhammad

    Handing out Way to Happiness.used as a .tool to stick a foot in the door.. and do what they call Body Routing
    to pull you in for services later down the road.

    Wayback machine strikes again

    Old United in Peace Web page

    its all about pulling people into services... and cashing in

    free balloons and face painting for the kids

    • Gang intervention=pushing Scientology Morals and Ethics thru Scientology Training/Scientology Morals and Ethics do not resemble the traditional meaning of the words
    • Drug Treatment=Narconon
    • Job Placement= the Kicker is Scientology training for tutors
    • Literacy Training = Scientology Study Tech
    Scientology ‘body-routing’: When no one wants what you’re selling
    By Tony Ortega | March 29, 2019
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    The World Literacy Crusade has been exploiting the legacy of Martin Luter King (MLK) for over 2 Decades

    these were relatively small minor events. designed to line Alfrauddie's pockets

    also used to raise cash for operation budget money for Alfreddies and Hamam Islams multiple scams

    raise funds for a few cases of The Way to Happiness books for WLC to hand out (exploiting MLK image)

    at these events, they used videos of speeches and imagery of MLK (for Scientology Public Relations image)

    Scientologist are pressed to donate to the World Literacy Crusade. and pressure to pay for additional Scientology services

    NON- Scientologists, mostly the Parents of children that went thru the WLC program and targeted for purchasing Scientology services, ( Scientology term Raw Meat )

    When the Inglewood Org opened up Alfreddie partnered with Tony in these events.

    these events are Window dressing to pull people in
    and sell people on Scientology services.

    Scientology takes its cut off the top.

    old promo video from WLC youtube page

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    Held an event to finance their scams

    Dressed it up as a Health Fair/Town Hall

    The Event was sponsored by WLC-AMHEC
    • World Literacy Crusade (Alfreddie-Hanan Islam)
    • American Health and Education Clinics (Hanan Islam-Alfreddie)-
    • True Health and Wellness (Hanan Islam with Dr Alim Muhammad Final Call Inc Health Minister)
    • CCHR (Fred Shaw Jr)
    • NARCONON (Tito Silva)

    Alfreddie and the Gang used the cover of a Health Fair/Town Hall to raise money for
    their bogus groups

    they brought in the Red Cross to give a veneer of respectability (Blood donations)
    Aids screenings-blood tests

    held at Scientology's Inglewood CC


    Scientology often brings in people who are Non-Scientologists to speak on their panel they brought in Brandon Gamble EDD

    Dr V Diane Woods was slated to be part of the panel until Scientologist figured out she was a psychologist'

    they locked Dr Woods out of the building, drew the blinds etc..
    tried to claim the Town hall was cancelled.

    Scientologist Tony Muhammad and Hanan Islam apply the Scientology TR-O TECH
    (at the SP/PTS around them

    Supressive Person SP/PTS

    Dr V Daine Woods

    training in TR-0


    Brandon Gamble EDD

    Tito Silva

    American Health and Education Clinics was licenced to Scientology's front group NARCONON
    AMHEC was the company Alfreddie (Pres) and (Vice Pres) Hanan Islam used to defraud the State of Calif and Medi-Cal and covertly push Scientology onto unsuspecting children without the knowledge of or consent of their parents, hidden behind a literacy campaign that is deliberately and falsely advertised.

    caption Getty Images

    Rizza Islam and his siblings would attend events like these to help steer people into donating and services.
    Scientologist that attended this event are also expected to help steer Non-Scientologists into services.

    also,an excuse for many of the Scientologist involved in the scam.
    an opportunity to build up some FSM cash to trade for future auditing
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    Scientologist Tony (THE MOOCH) Muhammad


    Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

    Unlikely Paring episode on A and E Network
    In recent years the head of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, publicly embraced Dianetics and the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and supported their use in NOI Mosques. This formed what many are describing as an unusual bond between The Nation of Islam and The Church of Scientology. In this “Aftermath” special–Leah and Mike have a candid conversation about this strange alliance as they sit down with two special guests–a former and current member of the Nation of Islam–who share their personal feelings about this collaboration. They reveal what they witnessed first-hand since the two controversial organizations came together and in an unexpected twist–Leah reveals the important part she played in introducing the Nation of Islam to the Church of Scientology.
    Aired on:
    Dec 11, 2018
    Available Until:
    Dec 31, 2035
    44m 12s

    Unliklely paring IMBD

    Aftermath Foundation

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    Operation Wack a Mole

    pix is from around 2002-04

    Scientologist Rizza Islam as MJ scouting Neverland for Raw Meat

    Scientologist Tony Muhammad Western regional Minister of Mosque #27
    was the head security detail around MJ
    Rumors Swirl Around Pop Star Jackson's Link to Nation of Islam

    By Paul Pringle

    | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer |
    Mar 28, 2004

    The Telegraph
    Michael Jackson: was he influenced by the Nation of Islam?

    wayback link


    Final Call Inc and Scientology both went after Michael Jackson's fortune in the past.
    Lisa Marie was a Scientologist when she maried MJ May 26, 1994 - January 18, 1996
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    Rizza Islam employed a Scientologist Lawyer Gary S Brown to represent him in his fraud case.


    Corporate Scientology wants this case to go away.

    remembering Gary S Brown

    Gary S Brown Scientology Service Completions

    Scientology Lawyers
    more dirt

    Hollywood education and literacy project aka H.E.L.P is a Scientology front group
    licensed to Scientology front group Applied Scholastics

    Association for a Better Living Education aka A.B.L.E is a Scientology front group
    Julia Reed Brown was a staff member of the Scientology Pasadena Org

    Theta is a Scientology term


    Gary has represented Scientology and Scientology front groups in court


    Attached Files:

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    Scientologist are trained to be deliberately misleading

    Rizza Islam has carefully constructed his sales pitch to sell you on a Scientology phonics program.

    using pictures of his time with the Scientology Front group World Literacy Crusade.

    and misleading leading viewers about his background.

    Rizza Islam has been trained to Lie and push Scientology on unsuspecting victims.
    hes been doing it his entire life.

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    Stacy Francis was promoting Hanan Islam and her phony Medical credentials on Facebook to Stacy's fans

    • Stacy Is on the list of top FSM's for Scientology.
    • These Scammers were are looking to cash in covertly shilling Scientology as a cure-all.
    • only to manipulate unsuspecting victims into buying Scientology's Purification Rundown.
    • later steering them into Scientology Orgs where the trained vultures on staff can pick them clean.

    • Stacy doesn't have much of a career as a singer.
    • She mostly performs at Scientology events.
    • Stacy gets a few gigs on Reality Television.
    • She cashes in on dishing bogus celebrity gossip on Whitney Houston.

    Scientologist Stacy Francis is a hot mess.

    Stacy gives a shout out to scammer Super FSM vulture Rizza Islam.

    Stacy Francis Scientology Celebrity project
    by Tony Ortega

    Stacy Francis Reaches Out
    by Mike Rinder

    Stacy Francis Scientology service completions
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    2009 Chaka Khan Smooth Jazz Concert Clamwater Fla.


    From the Cheap Seats


    doing the Xenu boogie


    The Cult put in a lot of effort using D-List Celebutards to love-bomb Louie and friendz


    Alfreddie scored tickets for LF and his entourage for the same concert in Clearwater Fla
    at the smooth jazz fest.

    Black Celebrity Scientologists (Chaka Khan)
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    True Health and Wellness Spa was a scam to steer people into Scientology
    it was in the Same building complex as the World Literacy Crusade (next door).
    (WLC conveniently had a Sauna in the garage for the expensive purification rundown)

    Hanan Islam is NOT A DOCTOR she used the title to scam for Scientology. and a bad wig addiction

    the scam didn't last long the State of California put Alfrauddie and the gang out of business
    • taking what's left of his crime racket.
    • running for cover to the Scientology Inglewood CC.
    • under the protection of a Bigger crime syndicate
    • Capo David Miscavage and Scientology

    mixing a toxic cocktail of Woo and Scientology


    Dr. Alim Muhammad Final Call cult Inc health minister is no stranger to quack cures.

    NY Time
    AIDS Work at a Nation of Islam Clinic Is Questioned
    MARCH 4, 1994

    Abdul Alim Muhammad scientology service completions
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    read more@link

    Alfreddie Johnson, Hanan Islam, Tony Muhammad, and Ronnie Rizzo Islam
    went to the State Capitol Sacramento rattle some cages

    with a few Scientologist and Final Call Flunkies for added intimidation.

    they had dozens of investigators up their backside and combing their cooked books
    and investigators uncovered Hamhocks criminal past.

    • forged check $29K-grand theft.
    • using a false name on a passport (Hanan Islam)
    3 prominent LA educators who got roped into the Medi-Cal scam lost their jobs
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    little old (86) Scientologist Lucy Cole OT-8 and also a rabid anti-vaxxer
    approached Rizza Islam to contact Tony Muhammad.
    and brought along equally rabid anti-vaxxer Michelle Maher Ford of V.I.A.L
    probably armed with questionable documents and skewered statistics

    a meeting was set up at the Scientology Inglewood CC
    with a group that included the shady character, Scientologist who goes by the name of
    Bishop L J Guillory.
    Bishop L J Guillory works with Scientology front croup CCHR

    the Bishop bills himself as an Ombudsman General

    • they would set up a meeting with Louis Farrakhan
    • and have a Town Hall Meeting with Bobby Kennedy Jr
    • and had anti-vaxxer Brian Hooker speak at the event
    • an ill-informed Tony Muhammad railed against vaccines
    • Rizza Islam got a chance to flap his gums to an audience.
    • (but not important enough for Scientology to publish his speech )
    • back of Lucy Cole's head,
    • ex-Con and fake Bishop to Lucy Cole's left
    • Brian Hooker blue shirt and Tie
    • Michelle Maher Ford next to Tony Mo (black dress)
    • Rizza wasn't important enough to get a seat at the table with the grownups

    Rizza claims he was the catalyst and played a larger role.
    when he was probably just the messenger boy.

    Beyond the quarantine: Signs that Scientology is getting involved in anti-vaxx panic
    By Tony Ortega | May 16, 2019
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    Rizza Islam was given the lofty title of Youth Minister with the CCHR

    He was essentially nothing more than a tour guide who gave occasional tours thru the
    CCHR museum to CHILDREN and TEENS.
    at the Pschyrirty Industry of Death Exhibit in Los Angeles its
    surrounded by all property owned by Scientology in downtown LA.

    its a propaganda and fear mongering exhibit..with over dramatic videos full of deceptive imagery designed to scare.and a purposefully creepy overly scripted narration.

    Scientology owns the old KCET TV broadcast editing and recording facility
    and has a massive film production facility at Gold Base.
    they produce over the top propaganda film in general..

    L Ron Hubbard hated psychiatry Scientologist must follow every loony musing Ron ever farted.


    • when he wasn't at the Inglewood CC.
    • or hanging out at the CCHR offices.
    • or tailing Alfreddie of Tony where every they went in Town.
    • occasionally Rizza hung around the Celebrity Center
    • (When his bosses were being audited)

    Why Do Scientologists Lie?
    January 3, 2017By Mike Rinder

    The short answer: they believe that achieving the “Aims of Scientology” and “Clearing The Planet” is so vital for the well-being of all mankind that those ends justify any means
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    Rizza job is to give them a tour and body rout them afterwards.

    Body Route
    To steer the public into a Scientology Organization, get them on lines, sell them services, and make some money off them. The idea being that public is such low-toned wogs (a common Scientology derogation of Scientology outsiders) that they have no self-determination, and need to be led like sheep to the slaughter.


    they also give tours to Scientologist who come from out of town to train.


    pooped my pants and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt

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    read more @ Link

    Hanan Islam gets booted from the picture..the Web domain was originally registered by Hanan
    she Is no longer a co-founder listed it the promos.

    the new domain for United in Peace is registered to Corey Waldin an employee of Scientology
    Corey Waldin is Vice President CC Int.


    the confidential briefing is pure nonsense ..typical pie in the sky Scientology PR.

    more @ link

    to answer Mikes Rinder's question

    the Co-Founders were
    Alfreddie Johnson
    Tony Muhammad
    Hanan Islam
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    More on Scientology stooge Ombudsman General (Fake) Bishop LJ Gillory
    fake robes for a fake Bishop hes a regular at CCHR Citizens Commission on Human rights events.
    Scientology's rabid-anti-psych front group
    Kissing Alfrauddies ass at a CCHR gala


    Rizza Islam wasn't important enough to receive billing. on this blog talk broadcast.
    He did get to play in a helicopter.

    he gave Rizzo a platform to practice his pitch. on another blogcast
    the Bishop rattles so much in this episode He didn't give Rizzo much of a chance to blabber.
    the Bishop says he's known Rizza since he was young. (Scientologist)
    and that he knows Alfrauddie well.

    Alfreddie attracts shady people.
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    When the State of California ...
    Shut down operations of the World Literacy Crusade in California
    and also the Bogus True Faith Church.

    Alfreddie left Inglewood CC and skipped his merry scamming ass to Clearwater and set up shop in the Cults stronghold in Clearwater Fla.
    Giving Fake dog and Pony shows dressed as Scientology Services
    Alfrauddie continues milking the scam of a Baptist Minister.

    Appearing as his self titled alter ego Spiritual Tycoon.
    continues begging for change for his World Literacy Crusade scam in Clearwater to line his pockets.

    Queen of the Tabloid Trash (can't get a real gig) Scientologist Stacy Francis gets her gigs yodeling at Scientology events.

    Alfrauddie doesn't have a Christian bone in his body.

    He leaves his underling Scientologist Rizza Islam in the hands of Scientologist Tony Muhammad.

    Alfreddie Johnson
    The Ideal Scientologist
    by Mike Rinder

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