Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    The WLC Facility was shut down by the State of California but the WLC scammers kept shilling Hubbards brainwashing

    Deliberately and intentionally misinforming parents by not disclosing the Literacy program is actually Scientology.

    Here they are using children for a Photo opportunity.
    and an excuse to influence them with cult propaganda.


    Scientology has a long history in the exploitation and abuse of children


    keep your children safe and far away from Scientologist Rizza Islam
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    this Scientology dog and pony show event was called.
    Meeting of All Hoods

    • Scientology uses these events (Division 6) to recruit people into Scientology and to create an 'environment' friendly to Scientology.
    • the events are filmed for internal Propaganda and
    • use for external PR propaganda and photo opportunities.
    Scientology sheeple believe by handing out useless The Way to Happiness pamphlets reduces crime.
    Scientology makes outrageous unsubstantiated claims.
    Division 6
    Infiltration, a Scientology doctrine

    Scientology wants money and influence
    Scientology always uses staged photos of people holding up Hubbard useless TWTH books.
    Scientologist in a bowtie Rizza Islam gets a chance to practice rattling his gums.
    Tony Mo Is babbling about Hubbards Third party law and how that “law” operates in all conflict and war (even marital discord!).
    More info and pictures here

    Tony Muhammad and Alfraudieare are ELITE FSM's
    Rizza Islam is a Super FSM
    the 3 stooges above profit from these recruitment efforts

    Scientology finances this Front Group and directs and controls its efforts
    Front Groups exist for exploiting PR and recruitment.
    they Follow Hubbard's policies and directives.
    they operate under the direction of Scientology Intel Mgt, OSA, and the Sea Org
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    • 2 decades of Pushing Scientology on children without the informed consent of their parents
    • pushing Hubbards dangerous drug rehab quackery on young children, with no drug history.
    • Creating dozens of intentionally deceitful front group to covertly promote Scientology.
    • Running the World Literacy crusade as a criminal enterprise on behalf of Scientology.
    • employing others to conspire and defraud the public. for the benefit of Scientology.
    Alfreddie Johnson Scientology Service Completions
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    Isaac Hayes' Strange Funerals
    by Roger Friedman Aug 19, 2018

    Scientology forced Isaac Hayes to quit South Park as Chef, says the late soul legend's son

    "He was in no position to resign under his own knowledge. "

    By Tom Eames

    Alfreddie Johnson would have been one of a few Scientologist in the pssition of putting pressure on Isaac Hayes to quit

    South Park was Isaacs only source of Income ...He lost his songwriting royalties years before
    Showbiz 411
    Going Clear About Isaac Hayes and Scientology: The Real Story
    by Roger Friedman - March 28, 2015
    Isaac was forced to go on Tour to earn income, he wasn't in any condition to perform.
    Scientology considers medications for treating a stroke as psychotropic drugs
    Hubbard quack drug addiction cure Is also pushed
    as part of Hubbards quack Medical cure-all
    Purification Rundown (Sauna-running on a Treadmill - with toxic doses of Vitamins)
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    Rizza Islam gets his anti-Vaxx propaganda from Scientologist Lucy Cole OT8..and her rabid anti-vaxx friends.
    Rizza Islam Is a Scientology puppet...who repeats what he's being fed.
    Just like Rizza Islam Lucy Coles after Scientology FSM recruitment opportunities.$$$$

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    Alfrauddie blew his wad of ELITE FSM cash on the Super Powers Rundown

    took this sad sack over 20 years to go Clear...


    Tony Muhammad could have put one of his children all the way through Grad School with money he Gambled away on the Super Power Rundown


    Village Voice
    Scientology: Secrets of the Super Power Building
    by Tony Ortega January 9, 2012

    Scientology’s “Super Power Rundown:” What is it, Anyway?
    by Tony Ortega January 11, 2012

    Scientology and Oiliness: More Renderings from the Super Power Building
    by Tony Ortega January 10, 2012

    Scientology’s Infinite Pit and Water Wall — More Crazy Rooms in the Super Power Building!
    by Tony Ortega January 17, 2012

    Supernatural abilities in Scientology doctrine

    From Wikipedia,
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  11. Triumph Member


    • wilfully engaged in defrauding Medi-Cal and the State of California
    • pushed Hubbard's dangerous detox quackery on children
    • spent a decade indoctronating children with Scientology study tech as an adult.
    • regularly engages in covertly pimping Scientology on social media.
    • engages with others to conspire and defraud the public for profit and to the benefit of Scientology
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    Alfreddie Mini-Me
    Rizza Islam was a course room Supervisor.. training children in Scientology Study tech,
    he was a Youth Minister, peer support-acting as an FSM
    the gang pushing Hubbards dangerous Purification Rundown children
    WLC an AMHEC was licenced as a Scientology NARCONON, also Applied Scholastics and A.B.L.E
    Scientology falsely advertises their front groups as non-secular:
    2005 the gang was getting money thru Medi-Cal
    they had contracts that stretched months.
    Alfreddie and his crew pushed Scientology on these children without informed consent.
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    Scientology loves handing out useless meaningless awards

    Alfrauddie receives the Swindle the Hood award for brainwashing children with the teaching of Hell Ron
    Juan Bogan was the Executive Director of the Inglewood mORGue.

    the useless award is given out at a Scientology fundraising event for the World Literacy Crusade
    the guy in the blue and gold tie Is a Scientology staff member

    Study Tech


    Scientology Applied Scholastics
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    • Fred Shaw Jr was involved with the WLC for a short period of time at its inception.
    • Scientology encourages the people running these programs to claim they are non-secular.
    • Scientology Front Group- Literacy, Education and Abilities Program (LEAP). block grant funds to push Scientology on children. and put $$$ in the hands of Alfrauddie and Co.
    • Most of the WLC programs Alfrddie claims were Scientologist running Mom and Pop scams out of their homes... all failed to get off the ground.
    • the Memphis program folded when the word got out it was Scientology being pimped.
    • The Tampa program folded like a cheap tent when the funding dried up
    • Lisa Marie Presley donated to the WLC when She was involved in Scientology.
    • Alfreddie's dubious claims of being connected New Morning Star Missionary Baptist church Compton
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    Cult propaganda from Scientology's Freedom Magazine

    Scientology makes its followers write up Success stories ..and does the same with its front groups


    everyone must write up positive results to graduate the program, it uses it for internal propaganda.


    Scientologist Anne Archer is the Mother of Tommy Davis former spokesperson for Scientology

    wealthy Scientologist helped finance Alfrauddie and his gang for the purpose of the indoctrinating children
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    San Diego Union

    One that remained open until then was The Solutions Alcohol Drug Recovery Foundation. While operating for six months after the first wave of clinic suspensions, it collected more than $700,000 in state and federal money.

    Yet the South L.A. clinic had been exploiting the system for years, according to interviews with 10 former employees. The ex-staffers described routine forgery and said clients were instructed using literature by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    “I don’t think they should have continued,” said former counselor Cleo Thomas. “They’re not helping anyone.”

    Calls to clinic CEO Michael Hudspeth were not returned.

    At The Solutions Foundation, for example, some teen clients brought in from group homes were diagnosed with addictions they didn’t have, former employees said. Counseling sessions, they said, often devolved into baby-sitting.

    Counselors were directed to invent therapy notes five days a week for clients who showed up only sporadically or not at all, ex-staffers said. The boss “had everybody ghost writing,” Thomas said.

    Signatures were then forged to exaggerate attendance, past employees said. Former counselor Micheliah Island said she was asked to forge signatures on reams of daily attendance sheets. Two others recounted hearing a manager brag about being better at signing clients’ names than the clients themselves.

    Ex-employees also complained about mandatory Scientology-affiliated training, which included exercises like communicating with modeling clay and staring at another person for extended periods. Javier Melendrez, who worked as a counselor until last fall, said he felt the clinic was pushing religion on staff and clients.

    The clinic’s former medical director, Dr. Bambi Nickelberry, said that all clients had substance abuse problems but that “trying to identify addictions is sometimes a little bit tricky.”

    As a counselor, Thomas said she did her best to help her clients. But she left disillusioned in 2011. “It made me get out of drug and alcohol counseling,” she said

    Alfrauddie is listed as a trainer at this quack rehab (about us)
    they were also pimpin Scientology Study tech

    xjmr8N7.png 06ri71e.png

    Michael Hudspeth Scientology service completions

    Wayback machine has a link to the old web page

    the drug rehab got shut down now they are pushing Scientology as executive training

    link they give for an example of Solutions Foundation Scientology Org Board

    Solutions foundation promo video

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    Rizza Islam Scientology Is on display

    #LakeSideChat What's up with the NOI and Church of Scientology?

    On this weeks #LakeSideChat we speak with Sis Nayyirah Muhammad and Bro Rizza Islam about what made them accept Islam, the need to repair the Black Family and the relationship between the Nation Of Islam and the Church of Scientology.

    PR spin

    Nayyirah Muhammad is a Scientology Kool-Aid drinker and runs the Final Call Scientology Dianetically Speaking facebook group

    Nayyirah Is a top Scientology FSM in Tampa. Fla.

    Repair the Black Family Is a Final Call Scientology front group she runs for the purpose of recruitment

    Rizza is there to put the standard Scientology spin PR
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    Solutions Foundation had been in operation around 2010
    its likely Alfreddie joined with Michael Hudspeth after the WLC was shut down.
    (since he's been on the Solutions Foundation current web page).
    Solutions Foundation is no longer a Narconon detox
    Michael Hudspeth appears to be running it as a Scientology and Study tech racket.

    Alfreddie ran it as the WLC under a new name.
    sometime after Hanan, Rizza and clan got arrested and hauled into court.
    Solutions Foundation was ripping off Medi-Cal for $700K in a short period of time.
    in the same Shady business, they were doing it at the WLC.

    Sounds like Hanan and Alfreddies pompous PR.

    • 20 years experience = wolf in sheep's clothing
    • renaissance orator = king bullshitter
    • audiences spellbound=add your brainwashing joke here
    • outstanding administrator = hiding from the prosecutors
    • believes that in life = to scam money for Scientology and himself.
    • common people, leaders, and government = anyone else he can run a con on
    Dr Alfrauddie Johnson ..Heh..
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    this Huckster Is still shilling Hubbards crap..and targeting businesses and employees.

    a step up from kids and scamming Medi-Cal


    stick to an honest trade..Flavor All Gourmet BBQ wood business,

    the Psychologist took another job in 2015.

    Renee Moncito

    LA Times
    Financial issues cost foster care agency its L.A. County contract

    Renee Moncito was a convicted thief and forger. She ran a foster care agency that was one of the most cited by state inspectors for lapses in care, including cases in which children were beaten, locked in their rooms for days or subjected to another mistreatment.

    Alfrauddie sure has an eye for shady people.

    the LA Country Docs for Medi-Cal are here
    (some pages are upside down and hard to read)
    American Health and Education Clinics (registered to Alfreddie Johnson, Hanan Islam )
    Solutions Foundation (registered to Michael Hudspeth)
    both scams were on the Medi-Cal gravy train
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    Reuben Muhammad was employed by the WLC in 2005 for Alfreddies Scientology program called the Master learners Program
    they trained Final Call Inc members at the WLC.

    Ruben was mad at the DC Org,
    probably because Scientology made him redo all his training he got from the world lunacy crusade

    got my brain-scrubbed and all I got were these lousy certificates


    with priceless Celebutard Autographs


    Scientology considers TIR and run by Frank Gerbode( ex-Scientologist) a Squirrel group

    Alfreddie and Hanan Islam offered this forbidden training at the WLC


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    Illnesses are a normal course in life..

    practicing Scientology correctly Is supposed to make Scientology impervious to common and life-threatening illnesses.
    Scientologist often forgo traditional Medicine..instead opting for Hubbards Scientology approved quack cures.

    Hubbard claims when a person becomes ill,
    it's because the Scientologist Is connected to a Suppressive Person. (always someone else's fault)
    and the Scientologist who is ILL somehow PULLED IT IN.
    they often dump Scientologist who is ill away from other Scientologists.
    especially Sea Org members who become too Ill to work.

    Hubbard also states that when a person dies they drop their meat body ..and pick up a new body.
    and suggest the theatan (soul) go to the nearest Maternity ward to pick up a New Body.

    Scientology Is more concerned with the Bad PR Hanan Islam created. and She has been written off by Scientology.
    As a Scientologist Hanan Islam will spend every last dime to audit away the cancer and root out the Suppressive Person.
    or drop the body (death) and come back in the next life.


    Scientology’s happy promotions can’t hide cancer eating away at its core
    By Tony Ortega | May 28, 2019
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    its a conspiracy only RizzO could un-mask
  24. Triumph Member

    • Scientologist Rizza Islam pushing Scientology front group united in peace/peace rides
    • it an opportunity to covertly safe point Scientology
    • an opportunity for Rizza Islam to receive Super FSM money from Scientology
    • Claiming to end violence by handing out useless Scientology Way to Happiness pamphlets.
    • gives Scientologist attending the event an excuse to apply Hubbards Casualty Contact, Safe pointing and Body Routing

    as usual Scientologists and Camera crews will be there shooting Propagana footage.

    looking for Raw Meat

    Body Routing

    Safe point Scientology

    Casualty Contact (recruitment policy)

    Raw Meat
    A derogatory term for the ordinary public or non-Scientologists. "Body route some more Raw Meat into this Org, Rizza Islam, or I'll send you to Ethics!"
  25. Triumph Member

    Jim Mathers and His Stepford wife Fu Mai Mathers regularly attend Final Call Events
    the RonBots are heavily involved in ALL Final Call Inc Scientology activities.
    They are both OT Committee members,
    It's likely they are OSA operatives.
    they are definitely Hatted directly by Scientology Intel base


    Tony Muhammad publically referred to Jim as Jim X Mathers
    the Couple were stage guests for the Final Call Inc Saviours' Day Event 2012 (Farrakhan came out of the closet on Scientology)


    its this trio of OSA tards job to love bomb and suck up to Tony Muhammad
    the trio of Ron Bots are all following Hubbards policy of targeting opinion leaders.

    would love to read what these three goofballs write up in knowledge reports on Tony Mo.
    that land on David Miscavige's desk

    Jim Mathers - Scientology Service Completions

    Fu Mei Mathers - Scientology Service Completions
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    Porkins Policy Review

    Porkins Policy Radio episode 55 Jeffrey Augustine on Scientology and the Nation of Islam

    The guest is researcher and host of “Surviving Scientology Radio” Jeffrey Augustine. Jeffrey and I have an in-depth conversation on the growing relationship between The Church of Scientology and the Nation of Islam. Jeffrey relates the history of how these two groups came together and describe the role that Christian minister Alfreddie Johnson has played as a top Scientologist recruiter and spokesman, particularly through his Scientology front group, the World Literacy Crusade. We discuss how Johnson deeply involved Nation of Islam’s Tony Muhammad, who in turn brought Louis Farrakhan into the fold. We explore how the Nation of Islam has essentially been turned into a Scientology franchise, which now requires all high-level members to go “clear.” Jeffrey and I discuss the future of these two cults and how their relationship may evolve over time.

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  29. Triumph Member

    Handing out The Way to Happiness is a small change money maker for Scientology
    these events are attended by Scientologists. they are expected to body route people who attend these events.
    • Tony Muhammad Is probably elite FSM status,
    • this Is a money maker for Tony Mo. it been relaunched as Peace Rides.
    • Rizza Is there to make some Super FSM money.
    • Alfrauddie. was there to grab Elite FSM cash.
    1. the staging the camera crews the banners and PA System etc
    2. the influx of Money comes from Scientologists with deep pockets.
    3. it's a Scientology Front Group for the purpose of recruitment.
  30. Triumph Member

    Scientology/Final Call Inc Front Group Peace Rides.

    • Rizza Islam published on Instagram a total of 9 Videos
    • over 4 day period
    • that Promoted Scientology/FinalCall Inc Front Group Peace Rides
    • they are exploiting the legacy of Nipsey Hussle as an excuse to promote their cults.
    • ( they couldn't snag a celebrity or Scientologist celebrity)
    • Scientology will get its non-negotiable cut off the top
    Tony Is Using of Farrakhans rational for selling Scientology.
    aiming his message to grieving mothers = casualty contact
    Scientologists up Front Groups to Run as Org Boards.
    Scientology org Staff-Scientology Volunteer ministers - attend these
    it's always filmed for internal propaganda/
    and Scientology published materials for external publicity
    (also propaganda)
    hundreds of Scientologists are rounded up to do body routing at these events.
    pseudo-celeb Joy Villa attends/promotes these
    use Scientology bogus claims of Saving Humanity, reducing crime, by simply handing out Way To Happiness Pamphlets.
  31. Triumph Member

    Dancing with Scientology dummies

    lights, Stage action.
    Bounce House, for the kiddies
    free banners, balloons and face painting.
    Cult front groups Stalls and tents
    crappy band.
    Mc Rizza Islam ..

    Scientology Ambulance Chasers
  32. jeff drea Member

    rizza yeah you got the move man
  33. Triumph Member

    Scientology is pumping out the photos of the Peace Ride front group recruitment efforts.

    Scientologists Vultures - Tony Mo - (gullible dupe) - Alfrauddie Johnson and RizzO
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  35. Triumph Member

    Scientology using the LA county sheriffs for PR
    Shilling Scientology
  36. Triumph Member

    Operation Whack a Mole
  37. Triumph Member


    Scientologist Rizza Islam playing dress up
  38. Triumph Member

  39. Triumph Member


    Scientology is toxic and Rizza knows this
    he's been schooled in hiding the Scientology connection.
  40. Triumph Member

    Tony Muhammad speaking at Scientology front group Ebony Awakenings 2018
    Alfrauddie Johnson has become the point man for this front group, recently

    Fake Minister Alfrauddie Johnson addressing the sheeple


    Thetan Snoozefest

    thetan (Wikipedia)

    Scientology created Ebony Awakenings to plot and scam the African American community as a scam to steer them into Scientology

    OSA (Office of Special Affairs) Scientology's version of the CIA or KGB

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