Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    More Tony Mo Scientology babble


    Former World Literacy Crusade lackey Ed Haynes
    Runs a one-man Security Company that caters to celebrity Scientologists
    most Scientologist think they are smart..they ignorantly believe that studying Scientology increases their IQ.
    Tony gets Love Bombed and receives another meaningless award at Ebony Awakenings from Scientology

    Love Bombing
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    Rizza's Scientology upbringing Is showing.
    spins a wild conspiracy anti-semitic-anti-psychiatry story
    its a rant on Starbuck employees being trained by psychiatry to do anti-bias training.
    along with the bogus claim that Starbucks has psychotropic drugs in the coffee.


    this is your brain on Scientology...evil Psychs rule the planet and must be destroyed with propaganda.

    Psychiatry and Scientology (Wikipedia)
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    the original United in Peace web site was registered to Hanan Islam prior to her arrest
    Scientology took over the operation
    The Peace Rides is a Scientology front group controlled and operated as a for-profit entity of Scientology front group The Way to Happiness.

    Whois. Go, Daddy


    It is for the sole purpose of Scientology Recruitment.

    The Way To Happiness - Scientology

    Tony Muhammad, Alfreddie Johnson profit directly as Scientology Elite FSM's receiving a percentage for any Scientology services sold to people
    Rizza Islam profits as a Scientology Super FSM for any Scientology services sold to people

    FSM - Scientology

    The Legacy of Nipsey Hussle is being hijacked and exploited by Scientology and Scientologists for profit

    the Gang at the World Literacy Crusade has exploited the Legacy of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandella in the past.
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    Rizza Islam's Instagram
    Rizza Islam covertly promoting Scientology to the community ..

    the WORK to Rizza has always been about pushing Scientology onto unsuspecting people

    the stages the props the film crews, the advertising Is all controlled and organized by Scientology.

    even Rizza's orange bow-tie is a prop.

    these events are swarming with Scientology vultures looking for new recruits.
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    Alfreddie on the Scientology Gravy train.
    Scientology is obsessed with Recruitment and Publicity.
    Alfreddie was chased out on LA
    he went on a Tour of Scientology Orgs. across the US and abroad.
    Alfreddie makes money off this Dog and Pony show.
    and milks his celebrity for suckering Tony Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan into Scientology.

    this is where Rizza Islam gets his Unity bullshit rap
    unity Is just an excuse to recruit for the purpose and benefit of Scientology.

    dissemination=pimping Scientology

    IAS Freedom Medal is just useless bling.
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    Ft Harrison Is in Scientology's Clearwater headquarters
    Freedom is a Scientology propaganda publication,
    that Is used to attack critics of Scientology.
    Alfreddie has been busy making the rounds and taking the credit for bamboozling Louis Farrakhan's and his Final Call Inc cult into Scientology.
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    Fake Baptist Minister shows his true colors

    it took Alfreddie Johnson 20 years to Go Clear

    Clear in Scientology

    Scientology flips the script first you must Clear your Reactive Mind from Engrams

    after you go CLEAR you do the eight OT levels
    then it becomes removing space alien parasites that attached themselves to you.

    OT III is the Xenu

    OT VIII the highest level
    L Ron Hubbard reveals Jesus was a lover of young boys
    and Hubbard himself Is the anti-christ

    OT III
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    Havingness is a Scientology term..
    Alfreddie does not have a Christian bone in his body.
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    this Is at Scientology Ft Harrison Hotel in Clearwater..
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    Rizza Islam covertly pulling Suckers into Scientology
    Hat tip Communicator IC

    it was an excuse to lay some Scientology propaganda on unsuspecting victims

    this Is a Headquarters in LA of the Scientology Front group Citizens Commission on Human Rights aka CCHR

    CCHR wikipedia

    that's Scientologist Fred Shaw jr standing to Rizza Islam's left.
    Fred Shaw jr runs the Scientology CCHR fornt group in LA
    standing under a quote by Hell Ron Hubbard
    CCHR logo in the center of the table
    CCHR propaganda materials on the table.

    Zooming in, it is clear the new Intellectual Xtremists were provided with CCHR anti-psychiatry DVDs. recognize copies of "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" and "The Marketing of Madness."


    CCHR is an organization that fabricates twisted propaganda
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    Rizza Islam quoting Hell Ron Hubbard
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    Cross-posted from
    Scientologist & CCHR Director Rizza Islam 'Rizza says...' Classic compilation thread

    Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CommunicatorIC, Sep 27, 2014.


    Hubbard College is a Scientology entity. formally known as the Hubbard College of Administration International

    is an unaccredited school that teaches Scientology administration tech
    Students are not required to have a high school diploma

    it's not a school in the normal sense. they train people to administer Scientology training.

    Rizza was a course supervisor at the WLC, who trained at the fake college to qualify to deliver Scientology brainwashing.

    was a CCHR tour guide..with the title of Director.

    Rizza's claim of being born into the Nation of Islam Is a shore story
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    Rizza Islam railed on Kamala Harris former Attorney General of California
    (Now a US Senator and Presidential Candidate for the Democratic party) in a couple of videos.
    it was her office that brought Charges against Rizza, His Mother Hanan Islam and his 2 siblings


    George Edward Newby III plead guilty to a lesser charge last year.

    all were released on a 55k Bail.


    Rizza doth protest too much
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    Rizza Islam-Hanan Islam-Nimat Islam Zakiyyah Islam's next court date Is Aug 29th, 2019
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    leave it to Scientology to exploit people for publicity

    and publish it in the Scientology Propaganda Freedom Magazine Rag


    handing out a crappy usless book with 21 precepts that Hubbard plagiarized

    proxy up Scientology tracks IP addresses
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    Wayback has graveyard links
    for the self titled flim-flam man Alfreddie Johnson
    G Man social Betterment Apostle-International Opinion Leader and Moral Voice of Reason

    above link above isn't working.

    can still be found on this link
    click the blue dot on the calendar for April 9th 2005 and it will take you to the link*/
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    Safepointing Scientology and Recruiting Celebrities
    Exploiting the Celebrity of Others to portray Scientology as a Social Betterment activity.
    Exploiting connections to infiltrate and influence political opinion leaders
    Tony Muhammad Is an Elite FSM for Scientology and ranks highly on Scientology's Top FSM lists

    United In Peace is a Scientology recruitment front group,
    Tony Muhammad and Alfreddie Johnson Run the Group that
    It is covertly guided and coordinated by multiple Scientology front groups.

    its a Cash Cow Money Maker for Louis Farrakhan and Tony Muhammad and Scientology.
    Scientology uses and exploits these Celebrities for Internal PR- Propaganda and external publicity
    Scientology film crews and film crews run by private Scientologist document these events for internal Propaganda. and Social media campaigns.

    Scientology Propaganda

    Caution Cult link
    usual Scientology BS and delusional claims of dropping/reducing the crime rate in LA by handing out the worthless Way To Happiness pamphlets
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    More on Alfreddie Johnson @ link

    short Scientology propaganda video


    Look Ma No Bow Tie.

    Rizza Islam as a Scientology Nobody in April 2014..several months before Rizza joined the Farrakhan Final Call Inc Cult.
    Scientology Inglewood Community Center...Scientology was schmoozing Charlie Beck.

    A Scientology Kiosk Was Installed (Then Removed) from a Hollywood Police Station

    By Hemant Mehta
    August 29, 2018

    Alfreddie and his Gang used the Inglewood CC as a base of operation after the WLC was forced to close.

    Tony Muhammad long shuttered Mosque #27 also used the Scientology Inglewood facility because their mosque was being remodeled.
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    in 2012 it was Lee Baca ..the disgraced and corrupt LA County Sheriff
    Lee Baca was a Scientology lackey and a shill for a decade.

    United in Peace

    Alfreddie Johnson Tony Muhammad and Hanan Islam ran United in Peace front group.

    these early United in Peace events were swarming with Scientologists and Scientology front groups

    Scientology PR
    the Scientology Twinz Alfrauddie and Tony Mo play dress up

    old crappy PR video World Literacy Crusade youtube page

    Scientology used the front group money to remodel Mosque #27

    Up Fest web page saved from the internet graveyard by the Wayback Machine internet archive

    Scientology owned Lee Baca

    As former Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca awaits sentencing, Scientology sticks by its man
    By Tony Ortega | April 30, 2017
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    Rizza / Rizzo Islam's scientology service completions

    Rizza Was a low level Scientologist who completed a few basic courses at the Scientology Celebrity Center in LA

    Alfreddie Johnson Scientology Service Completions
    UDQWM4P.png Alfreddie didnt complete may courses prior to 2009..

    Alfrauddie started doing more Scientology services as the Medi-Cal money the WLC gang scammed rolled in.

    and Elite FSM money payouts from Scientology for the NOI buying Scientology services.. piled up.

    took 20 years for Alfreddie to reach the level of clear.. takes many only a few years..
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    Scientologist Lucy Cole was the driving force who miseducated Tony Muhammad on Vaccines.
    this Is the event that Scientologist Rizza Islam played a messenger boy for Lucy Cole and her anti-vax friends.
    Tony Muhammad and Rizza Islam have stated they knew nothing about vaccines until they were approached by Lucy Cole.

    that didnt stop Tony Muhammad from spewing propaganda without facts or merits.
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    More @ link


    Documented Proof Final Call Cult Morons are hypocrites and buffoons

    CCINT is Scientology is LA Celebrity Center where they audited LF and 30 of his Ministers

    Leah Financed this Meeting inside the CC Int.
    • First-class flights into and out of LA
    • week-long Scientology seminar
    • Hot and cold running 5-star room service for Final Call Toadies inside the Celebrity Center
    • introductory auditing for LF and 30 of his top ministers
    • as well as a fundraising Gala for Louie and his top goons
    gave Tony a Loan to pay for his initial Scientology Life Repair Courses

    was a Major Donor of the Scientology Inglewood Org and Inglewood Community Center.

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    Fraudsters gone wild
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    Tony Muhammad does interview with CONVICTED Child sex predator Scientologist James Barbor

    promoting Scientology's front group peace Rides aka United in Peace.

    James Barbor plead guilty to having sex with a 15 yr old girl in 2008, for the act committed in 2001
    during his trial, a second female victim was set to testify against Barbor when he pleads guilty.

    James Barbor Is a famous Broadway performer and the crimes he committed are well publicised.

    NY Times
    Broadway Actor Pleads Guilty to Backstage Sex Act With Girl, 15, in 2001


    Scientology Is a haven for Sex Predators
    Yet Tony Muhammad appears in Scientology promoted events with Mr Barbor


    Scientologist Tony Muhammad stated he will KILL others for similar crimes. @1:32

    ( Nation of Islam, he says, pedophilia isn’t a problem. First, because if the Nation finds out that someone is sleeping with their daughter, “we’re going to kill you, straight up.”
    On the other hand, if someone is a victim of molestation, the Nation is there to help.
    “Now, if you fall victim to that, we’ll help you with that.”
    Muhammad then conflates being the victim of pedophilia with being gay

    Muhammad puts on a swishy walk to the laughter of his audience, and then says that the Nation will march it out of a person)

    Scientologist have no problem with James Barbor appearing and performing at their events after his conviction
    He can do this because he has Money Scientology can take.
    Tony has plenty of opportunities to see James Barbor because they both regularly appear at the Scientology Celebrity Center in LA for events and auditing.
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    More on Rizza Here
    photo credit to COS and NOI News

    Home / Forums / Anonymous vs Scientology / News and Current Events
    Scientologist CCHR Director Rizza Islam 'Rizza says...' Classic compilation thread

    Twitter: @ISNOINews

    only Rizza Islams Instagram page has gone into hibernation

    self imposed-Hibernation ends
    Aug 25th at the Building Bridges Black Unity Tour
    Rizza Is a featured Speaker

    Event Flyer + guest speakers Info HERE.

    Rizza Islam's Twitter account is active.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

    mostly book marketing activities

    a few book marketing posts on his facebook pages.
    there is the normal activity of his fans sharing his videos
    and shared in Final Call inc related links

    Instagram hasn't had a new post in days

    YouTube Videos by Rizza have stopped for over a week.
    Videos featuring Rizza posted by others
    those activities have slumped.

    Scientologist in Hibernation ends Aug 25th at the Building Bridges Black Unity Tour

    Event Flyer + guest speakers Info HERE. (Rizza Islam gets Top Billing)

    4 days before his next late Feb - Court date

    Rizza Islams Scientology shore story for Building Bridges

    shore story
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    Scientology in plain sight on Rizza Islam's YouTube page
    1 Electro-shock Children CCHR Scientology Front group protest sign
    2 Rizza with Scientologist Fred Shaw jr

    Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights aka CCHR
    Rizza and Fred Shaw represent the LA branch of the CCHR.

    Scientologist Rizza Islam promoting his book on youtube Aug 8 2019

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    Image from a You-Tube response video.
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