Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Eddie Murphy?
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    lol @ Alfraudie!
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    A Bachelor's of Arts Degree In "Lyintology"
    A Bachelors of Science Degree In "Scamology"
    a Phd doctorate in "Tricknology"

    all from Alfreddies Alma-Mater "Whatsamatterwityohat University" or WAWYH U
    Oh Lordy!
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    ^^^^ you mean Alfraudie
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    you google the address you'll find all of Hanan and Alfrudies shady operations past and present run out of this location
    several of Hanan Islam children also work there
    Narconon endorsed American Health & Education Rehab Center is run out of the same addresses..
    Neko,Men Who Care, "The Coalition of Concerned citizens of Lynwood to keep Alfreddie's Ass out of Jail" etc and a dozen more past an present all spawn for this one address..

    Alfreddie the Baptist Minister dosen't have a regular church where he ministers...he occasionally speaks where hes invited.

    don't let the "True Faith Christan Center" fool you..its not a church..its in small office suite In an Industrial area of Compton Ca.

    where Alfrauddie and Hanan run the Scientology operation from.

    True Faith? not really..

    you can find Hanan Islams shilling her "shrink3 sizes diet" program here
    or trying to scrounge donations to promote Scientology in Ghana

    wha happen to Issacs Hayes and Alfrauddies Neko Center Hanan? hmmm?


    No Logo?!! Scientology Hide Tech!
    Yes lets hid the obvious Scientology connection Shall we..
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  7. Anonymous Member

    then theres this program Hanan and Alfreddie are promoting on facebook World Literacy Crusade

    100% free you just show find out much later its for Scientology
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    Alfraudie and Handjob lol!!!!
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    using of the legacy of MLK to recruit staff...cult vultures
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    Is there a source for that Hubbard quote that they use?
  13. Triumph Member

    theres this on another thread

    Message to Black People by L. Ron Hubbard
    with the entire text

    theres also a picture on one of the threads here of
    Message to Black People by L. Ron Hubbard being shown on a big screen to a NOI gathering

  14. Anonymous Member

    I dont' even....
    I just......
    the MLK family should be alerted to this insane poster
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    Pictures from the Morehouse College Collection?

    Information and images on this website are provided courtesy of AP Images for educational use only. Text and images on this website are protected by copyright law. Requests for further publication or distribution are to be made to the Robert W. Woodruff Library of the Atlanta University Center, Inc.

    Contact Information

    For additional information on researching the Morehouse College Martin Luther King Jr. Collection, contact Archives & Special Collections at or 404-978-2052.

    Media inquiries should be directed to Adrian Carver, Woodruff Library Communications Manager, at or 404-978-2114.

    Programming-related queries should be directed to Dr. Clayborne Carson, Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Professor and Executive Director of the Morehouse King Collection, at or 404-664-1486.

    Do not know if this is the right place to poon, but I am sure they can point you in the right direction
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    Restrictions on Use:
    All documents in this collection either are protected by copyright or are the property Morehouse College, and/or the copyright holder as appropriate. Permission to consult the Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection does not automatically include permission to publish from the Collection. Permission to publish or quote from previously unpublished materials or from materials under copyright must first be obtained from the copyright holder. Requests for permission to publish any of Dr. King�s copyrighted speeches, sermons, books or other writings, in whole or in part, shall be addressed to Intellectual Properties Management, Inc., 449 Auburn Ave., Atlanta, Georgia, 30312.
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    Too bad that NoI is only using Dianetics, right?
  18. Triumph Member

    didn't Alfreddie use the same image on Way to Happiness booklets stamped with the WLC logo..

    I think I saw it posted a here few months ago?

    looking now...I'll leave this here
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  20. Triumph Member

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    I don't think this was MLK's dream
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  22. Anonymous Member

    funny how at the bottom of the booklet it reads that it is not part any religious doctrine or religious organization.
    It's the first time they have told the truth. lol! COS is not a religion

    But serioulsy, isn't TWTH and WLC logo on the Scientology website now?
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Alfraudie has been plugging away at the LA Schools system with Applied Scholastis since the 1990's
    Actually, this article was written when "the WLC campiagn" was already 5 years old:
    some snips:
    Literacy Drive Uses Scientology Founder's Lessons
    The Hubbard methods and their relationship to Scientology have come under scrutiny in recent weeks because of a proposed charter school in the Los Angeles Unified School District that would rely on the techniques.
    The proposal has called into question whether the Applied Scholastics texts--which are nearing approval from the state Department of Education for use in public schools--violate the constitutional separation of church and state.

    "I'm only interested in the product, and Applied Scholastics produces responsible human beings with the ability to learn and communicate in any subject," said Johnson, who keeps copies of the Hubbard texts on bookshelves in his True Faith Christian Center."

    yup! cause that is where the money is
  24. Anonymous Member

    forgot to mention.
    Article was written in 1997 BTW ^^^
  25. OTBT Member

    Ah hell no, that ^ is just wrong
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  26. Anonymous Member

    The members of Farakhan's flock have been brainwashed in one way.
    Now along comes Scientology, and they get brainwashed in yet another way.
    When all is said and done, what are these people going to end up like? Especially if all this goes hopefully to the wayside some day.
    There will be an awful lot of people walking around with messed up heads in need of some super deprogramming.
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  27. Triumph Member

    quote from the Haggis/Scientology New Yorker Article
    your NO "MLK" Davie McScabby
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  28. OTBT Member

    Marty can help them with that

    (I'm being facetious)
  29. Triumph Member

    a round of Harpoons were fired.. we will see what happens.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    some things are bugging me ITT

    Alfraudie Johnson claims:
    he was the manager of Security Pacific National Bank
    certainly the assistant manager below from 1979-1992 would remember him?
    If this is the same bank?
    Assistant Manager was Jeannine Collins till 1992?
    Security Pacific National Bank
    Banking industry
    she worked as manager from 1979 – 1992 (13 years)

    he also claims he did marketing for Xerox?
    Has a BS degree in history AND economics
    and is a UCLA graduate
    He has "Phd" at the end of his name on the back cover of his book. Could this be an honorary Phd from someone?
    In some spots it says he has a BA degree
    Also cofounder of the UCLA Gospel Choir?

    how may of these can we debunk?
    He was born in 1962
    when did he have the time to do this? And the money to go to college?

    So far I can't find squat about him.
    There is the 1984 pic of him from the UCLA yearbook ITT. Who looks like Eddie Murphy.
    which states the BA degree.
    What about the rest?
    Anon? can you deliver?
  31. Anonymous Member

    if he was born in 1962
    and then he went to school rite? so he got out of highschool say 1980. Went to 4 years of college at UCLA? graduated in 1984.
    So between 1984 and the early 1992 (when he founded the WCL) he was a bank manager and also marketed for Xerox?
    And did community work and was a Pastor, founded the UCLA gospeful choir all in eight years?
  32. Anonymous Member

    maybe James Roberson the current director of the UCLA choir would know who founded the choir?
  33. Triumph Member

    this was in a story published in the LA Times in 1987

    several articles here written in 85-87 not much to go on ...Alfreddie ran for office in 85 and 87 in Lynwood..mainly just brief mentions prior to drinking the kool-aid.

    this would be I year after graduation when He first ran for office.

    He founded WLC in 1992
  34. Anonymous Member

    IDK.. doesn't seem like he could be a bank manager and do marketing for Xerox prior or during his UCLA education?
    And it doesn't seem like he had time to be a pastor, a bank manager and a xerox marketer before he ran for office in '85?
    According to him he was one busy mofucker between 1984 and 1992
  35. Anonymous Member

    poons fired
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Triumph Member

    busy mofucker that can be said up to present times..look at some of his an Hanans profiles...they run a dozen different things..out of thier WLC offices..
    everything from giving medical advice -thier crappy Narconon political action committee's to crappy diet programs.
    all while juggling 2-3 front groups....and shilling Hubbard

    to work at a bank you don't need a college Manage one is a Different story...unless you've been working in the Banking industry for a few decades...a college degree would normally be necessary to Become a Manager.
    he could have worked at a bank while going to college...

    he ran a Compton Literacy and Learning project ..and a project Genesys and several others prior to 1992

    I guess he likes titles

    I think both Alfreddie and Hannan PAD their Resumes..they show signs of Being "Hustlers"

    so many failed groups both have fronted...
    all run out of his WLC offices in compton

    one fails create 2 more..
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    It's a wonder why WCL (and the rest of the front groups) is considered a 501 C company by the IRS, when it is obvious it is run on a commission basis, since there is licensing fees invloved for the tech
  39. Anonymous Member


    see post #6
    Hip Hop Summit Action Network conference is a Nation of Islam recruitment vehicle
    its run by Benjamin Chavez Muhammad

    when he was Ben Chavez he was president of the NAACP he got booted from that job
    and Became a Pet of Louis Farrakhan
    He was president director of the Mosque in NYC till he was sued again for sexual harassment AGAIN!

    Now He runs the Hip Hop Summit Action Network

    he organized the Million Man March

    Chavez was an assistant to Martin Luther King..back in the day...

    these days hes a Farrakhan Toadie..and fresh meat to Alfreddie..
  40. Anonymous Member

    Handjobs profile
    Keepin up with Alfraudies of the world

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