Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Beverly Bayon Washingtomis incarcerated in the same Co jail as Hanan Islam

    she has an Oct 10th Preliminary Hearing.
    it was a case of finishing the Islams hearings and scheduling one for Bayon later because she turned herself into the court.
    and will be remanded to Trial
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    Fast Times at the Scientology Inglewood CC
    Rasheeda Yasminah Maryam is Alfreddy's new Assistant. shes MGT out of St Louis

    back before the Medi-Cal raided their sham operation.

    fraudulent doctor Hanan Islam in the white robe.,a Scientology Brainwashed Tony Mo to her left.

    Self congratulatory WLC event. to plot the infiltration into the black community.
    and to celebrate their new found wealth from scamming the taxpayers of Cali

    Rizza was a garden variety snot nosed Scientologist ...Rizza who?
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  4. Triumph Member

    ABC Zakiyah and Nimit outside the courthouse with reporters
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    Ronnie's Bail has jumped to $131K
    Hanan remains at $250K

    Arraignment is the 22nd of Oct
    is just around the corner.

    thee will only have 60 days to prepare for trial.
    their phony (mom is dying scam)
    they used to delay the previous case will come back to haunt them.
    Alfreddie could likely be deposed.
  6. Triumph Member

    WLC facebook page
    Rasheeda is Alfreddies current assistant. helping him push the WLC and Peace Rides in St Louis

    Scientology Purification Rundowntaking toxic doses of vitamins and alternating sweating in a sauna and running on a tread mill

    Hubbardz Quacky

    • pro-survival
    • at cause
    • Strong powerful and more able
    • prosperous

    all Hubbard nonsense from a phony Baptist Minister
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    Must see primer on the Scam that Is Scientology


  8. Triumph Member

    shoop by Mark Perry Maddoks
  9. Triumph Member

    Rizza from Jail talking to Ben X

    hes in North County Correction facility a work farm in Castiac Cali

    Not a Super Max..big fibber

    hes in for fraud.when the case was bound over for trial
    he was sentenced to jail with 100K bail -
    31K was added on an addional outstanding warrant charge he had
    the grand total is 131K bail

    he already served a 5 day jail sentence for contempt
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    the court records may be wrong but.
    here's what they show.

    Ronnies felony count was reduced to a misdemeanor that wouldn't happen without going to court.
    and he didn't go before Judge Pastors

    His bail was reduced to $0

    his sister Zakaiyah was raising bail money on the cash app.

    simply bailing someone out of jail doesn't reduce a felony to a Mistominor.
    and the documents show his case was bonded (see: BOND)

    the release days is for Oct 3 .. he was in jail serving his 5-day contempt that ended Oct 7th.

    when Ronnie was arrested in Oct 2015
    he was given a bail of $50K and released on his own recognizance

    sentenced as a felony with $100K bail judge pastors court after his Preliminary Hearing ended.
    $31K was added for the Welfare Institution Charge while he was incarcerated a few short hours ago.

    for a grand total of $131K

    Ronnies Social Media is quiet.

    the phone call of Rizza Bex X removed those posts from his You-Tube Channel
    the video was also posted to Rizza Islam's Humanitarian page yesterday evening. and has since been removed. it had over 400 comments and a thousand likes.

    the Prosecutor would make him stay off social media for the pendency of the criminal trial. Or at least not post re the trial of his mother and the others -- assuming the rest don't take deals as well

    Conversely, he legally cannot post to social media until he has pleaded guilty and been sentenced formally

    two more court dates were addend on the 1st and 4th of November
    these are after his formal arraignment

    the arraignment Is where he pleads GUILTY or NOT GUILTY to the charges.

    the two cases added 2C******* and 2L******* on Nov1st and Nov 4th are related to his felony charges
    and not related to the Medi-Cal Case

    these were added today and might be releted to a guilty plea
    we will know more when those court dates happen.

    his WI code charge (Welfare Institution)
    was dropped from his case

    that prior WI charge was leverage to charge him after the Felony Trial ends
    that being dropped indicates he cut a fat deal and will have to testify against her at Hanan's trial.

    Ronnie cut a deal and he's throwing his beloved Momz under the Bus!

    Court and Jail computers make mistakes or

    .more proof that Scientology destroys families
  11. Triumph Member


    the gang with new case numbers Case Number: XCNBA435374-04


    it looks like they added another case in another court (Central District) for the same charges

    the case was submitted on Oct 7th 2019 the final day of their Pleminary Hearing.when their case was remanded for TRIAL

    or its the newcase # for their trial-

    the only listing I found for a court in LA matching Central District

    was a US Centeral District Court, a federal court. I do not know if thats what the website Superior Court of Los Angeles is refrencing.

    they would have to be facing Federal Charges to appear at this court.

    will know more later.
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    Hey Baby Ben X your boy Rizza not only lied to you He cut a deal with the devil

    spreading Lies and Falshooods Ben X, spreading Lies and Falshooods Ben X

    $ZakiyahIslam cash app..Zakiyah ain't bailin Momma outz

    Ben X and Rizza were spreading Hanan's bogus and criminal Cancer cure on You-tube and Facebook.

  13. Triumph Member


    Until your Faced with the Slammer..then its fuck the Bitch She GUILTY!!

    posted Sept 2 2019

    would kill a dead tree, or turn states evidence against her
  14. Triumph Member


    Scientologist Ronnie Islam Is out.

    Wait till the remainder of the trial..for RizzaSpin.

    Rizza Zakiyah and Nimit already had a sweetheart deals offered to them
    Scientology is more important than their mother.
    the 3 children already threw Hanan under the bus twice in court.

    next step, will Hanan fall on her sword and Take one for Alfreddie Johnson, David Miscavige and Scientology.
  15. Triumph Member

    meanwhile Momz is in courtz today

    Hanan's bail has been increased to $281500

    Ronnies updated Bond info


    Rizza flipped for a Guilty plea on Misdemeanor and will turn states evidence on his own Mother.
  16. Triumph Member

    appears Bayon Washington Cut a deal

    Felony Charges are now absent from these latest records
  17. What is the evidence that Ronnie (aka Rizza) Islam " flipped for a Guilty plea on Misdemeanor and will turn states evidence on his own Mother?" The information document you posted shows he bonded out. The document below shows his arraignment is going forward on 10/22/19:


    Plus, his Instagram posts and Tweet today talk as if he is going to be vindicated. Pleading to a misdemeanor is not vindication.


    Documents show Brother Rizza Islam was released on bond.



  18. Triumph Member

    you state your Guilt or Innocence at the arraignment

    he will plead guilty to the reduced charge of a misdemeanor

    he has to enter a plea. they don't reduce a felony for a lesser plea
    unless its a plea deal

    Rizza left jail 0215 am on the 10th
    his Mother faced 3 addition charges the same day.

    and yes prosecutors staff will work late into the night for a plea deal

    Rizza left jail under unusual circumstances.

    Beverly Bayon walked after serving a few hours after her court date on the tenth
    she was a flight risk. and they could have held her without bail over into trial.
    she was always a minor player trapped between a rock and a hard place.

    people who flip often have to Bond out of jail usually at a reduced rate.
    and charges used for leverage are dropped.

    the dox show all that and more

    his Instagram and twitter post is spin written by someone other than Ronnie.

    as a defendant or witness, he cannon comment on the case for the remainder of the trial and or appeal.
    he's going to be on the ice for awhile.

    what he posted is about all he can do..without getting into trouble.

    he's not going to jump into his social media blitz like before.

    I, him, He , tc. I'm sure the NOI has a lawyer writing it.

    its short term damage control
  19. How do you know he pleaded, or is going to plead to, a misdemeanor? Do you have evidence? Personal knowledge? Did someone tell you?
  20. Triumph Member

    the Felony Charged was dropped without holding a court date with the Judge.
    he was charged as a felony leading into his arraignment. they would not have changed that without an agreement from the prosecution.

    if you look the WI charge was dropped.

    the 2 cases in early NOV after the Arraignment are 2 new cases
    these would reflect the court is moving to finalize his case.

    Ben X video and the same video on his Rizza Islam Humanitarian page were removed upon release
    that wasn't a coincidence. it could very well is a term of his release.

    Hanan Bail has increased to $281500
    with 3 courts in cased just held today

    those are additional charges

    that suggest they have more evidence to hold her for a higher bail.

    Bayon Washington was release without bond
    and there is an absence of a felon charge upon her release

    her court date Oct 10
    he displacement code is ORDS

    she was a flight risk and would have been held for the remainder of the trial.
  21. Triumph Member

    havent read this yet:

    read more @link

    Update: A reader asked for evidence that Rizza’s charges were reduced from Felony to Misdemeanor. Look at the timestamps and red arrows in our screenshots below. We saw the change from Felony to Misdemeanor last night:
    jeffrey has updated the post to include time of Rizza's release.
    as it relates to Hanan appearing in court

    Also Bayon Washingtons release

    how it's related to Hanan Islam'saddional bail increse
  22. The "WI" chase has nothing to do with this, and never did. He was charged with the felonies in the primary "BA" case long before the "WI" case recently appeared. The Court website, access only minutes ago,

    hows the same criminal charges are pending against Rizza Islam:


    These are the same charges in the primary "BA" case that have always been pending against Rizza Islam.

    If there is evidence that the charges against Rizza Islam have been dropped from felonies to misdemeanors, I haven't see it.
  23. Triumph Member

    the WI charge added 31K to his 100K bail
    for a Grand Total of 131K

    it is absolutely related to his over all case..

    it served as leverage for one.

    the WI case was dropped..
    it's just a court date: as a formality for the WI charges
    he still has to go before a judge on the WI.that will likely happen on Nov 1 and Nov 4
    the last site lasdshows the WI case is off the docket. btw.

    they won't usually add court dates before the arraignment they
    add them when there is movement in the case. any of that is usually handled by the prosecutors

    I also know all the codes. .I won't post them here because that isn't public information.

    I know what Ronnies being charged with on Nov 1 and NOV 4
    I know what Hanan's additional charges are today

  24. Seriously? You make factual assertions, I ask for evidence, and your reply is NYPA?
  25. Triumph Member

    Bayon Washington Has a Nov 5th court date after the formal arraignment of the other 4 defendants
    Bayon is not scheduled for the Oct 22 Arraignment

    she had a preliminary Hearing on Oct 10th because she was not present at the formal hearings.
    Nov 5th date looks to be a continuation of her Pleminary Hearing. from the 10th


    the Islam's including Ronnie is set for their arraignment Oct 22nd

    where they will formally submit their Gulity or Not Guilty Pleas for the trial in in less than 6o days
  26. You make factual assertions. I ask you for evidence. You say NYPA, and think that is an answer. Pathetic.
  27. Triumph Member


    Bayon washington does not have a central Distric court listing like the other for named defendants
    on the LA County data base

    she has a seperate case number of

  28. And now you publicly post pms? So pathetic.
  29. Triumph Member

    i gave you a heads up to Dox that support what I'm saying,
  30. Triumph Member


    Another day in court for Hanan Islam was added ..for Oct 15th a 0830

    it the bail increases after this hearing ,its an indication of more charges were added pre-arraignment.

    the trial was set so this is an opportunity for the defense and the prosecutors to work out Plea deals pre-trial.

    these are not open to the public.
    they are often short procedures.
    that only Hanan and the lawyers from both sides attend.
    it's likely there will be more charges added, dependant on what the judge decides.

    lasd iinmate locator site updates frequently and will show the outcome.
  31. Triumph Member

    Rizza Islam is acting like the eight days he spent in County Jail makes him a martyr. This is an insult to everyone who’s done real time in prison.
    And why Is Rizza Islam so intent on dragging the Nation of Islam into a problem he and Scientology are responsible for creating? The $3.8 million Medi-Cal fraud Rizza is charged in has nothing do with the NOI. As Jeff noted, Rizza wasn’t even a member of the NOI when the Medi-Cal fraud went down from 2010-2013.
    Rizza is leaning heavily on his 20 years of Scientology training to deflect responsibility for something he was involved in as a Scientologist.
    The Nation of Islam did NOT create the problem and they weren’t involved with the program. So much of what he is doing the last 4 plus years is pure Scientology spin control. And he is using the Nation of Islam as a shield to deflect attention away from the negative PR related to his criminal charges.
    Rizza is responsible for turning this onto the NOI, and he has done this over 4 + years now. His Mother just started showing up in court dressed as an NOI Member. Hanan is also trying to use the NOI as a shield and to deflect attention away from her four serious felony charges.
    I saw a very recent video of Rizza with Malcolm Flex, where Rizza stated his Mother is an NOI member. Most of the content of that video was Scientology TR-L spin control.
    Rizza Islam has been carefully been weaving this into what Scientology calls a “Shore Story” into an NOI narrative.
    Rizza created problems online when he showed up at the murder scene of the Nipsey Hussle assassination. He did a live video he posted to Instagram that went viral.


    posted to Scientology Money Project
  32. Triumph Member

    Ronnie Rizza Islam

    the two cases added are related to his felony being reduced to a misdemeanor
    relates to these 2 new court cases after the arrignment.

    case adjudication is the bottom case with the LA superior court dept 110 in the listing

    Its objective is to reach a reasonable settlement of the controversy at hand.


    The legal process of resolving a dispute. The formal giving or pronouncing of a judgment or decree in a court proceeding; also the judgment or decision given. The entry of a decree by a court in respect to the parties in a case. It implies a hearing by a court, after notice, of legal evidence on the factual issue(s) involved. The equivalent of a determination. It indicates that the claims of all the parties thereto have been considered and set at rest.

    Nick Thornton, Fremstad Law Firm

    Plea Negotiations
    Throughout the entire case, the attorneys usually engage in some form of plea negotiations. The lawyers discuss the facts of the case, the facts and outcomes of similar cases, the facts and circumstances surrounding the defendant, the defendant’s family, and the victim, and charging or sentencing alternatives. The prosecutor will usually give the defense an initial plea offer, which can be accepted, rejected, or the defense can counteroffer, proposing a new plea agreement or recommendation. Discussions might go on for months on what the appropriate charge should be and what the appropriate sentence should be. The prosecutor’s goal in plea negotiations is resolving the case short of trial with an appropriate conviction and punishment. The defense attorney’s goal in negotiations is to avoid or mitigate the charges or punishment for the defendant. Sometimes, the lawyers reach an agreement. In that case, the lawyers will schedule a plea hearing to resolve the matter. If there is no agreement reached, the parties have a good idea of where the other side stands in terms of a sentencing recommendation. With that information, the defendant (and defendant alone) gets to choose whether to go to trial or to plead guilty.

    was beteen edits.
    had a pressing issue to take care of
    the two cases added are related to his felony being reduced to a misdemeanor
  33. The bottom case, at LA SUPERIOR COURT DEPT 110, was the contempt of court proceeding for which Rizza Islam was sentenced and served 5 days. The SENT indicates that he was sent to jail, which he was.
  34. Triumph Member

    Hanan's additional charges related to her bail increase, Hanan has another court date set to address these charges on the 15th
    Ronnies Charges were reduced to a Misdemeanor some time on 10/10/2019 prior to his 0215 am release on bond 10/11/2019
    the 2 new cases were added for Nov 1st and 4th after the Oct 22 arraignment
    on 10/10/2019

    the Court Arraignment Date was scheduled for Oct 22nd this was posted on Oct 8 while Ronnie was incarcerated for his felony. after the Preliminary Hearing ended.

    WI******* the prosecutors added his previous WI charges that increased his bail $31K
    this screen shot was from Oct 8th

    this charge is absent from the date of Oct 10, 2019

    this also suggests he has a plea deal

    Updated info
  35. Good catch. I looks like he entered into a plea deal. The interesting question is whether he will be required to testify against Hanan as a requirement of that deal.

    ETA: It will be also interesting to see how he pitches any plea deal to his NOI followers. Hard to maintain one's innocence and assert a conspiracy theory if one has pled guilty, or even no contest, even to a misdemeanor.
  36. Triumph Member

    Los Angeles Public health Document PDF file
    ( the listings are upside down on the web site)

    American Health and Education Clinics is the Scientology Narconon entity created by Hanan Islam and Alfreddie Johnson


    Hanan Islam is not aa Doctor. she has falsely claimed to be one for decades.


    Alfreddie is listed as a trainer for Solutions alcohol and drug recovery ..they also were exposed for using ghostwriters and promoting Scientology Narconon quackery
    they took $700K from Medi-Cal with the same false billing scam


    the solutions web page is still up ..with the false claim of Dr. Alfreddie Johnson
    he is listed as a trainer.
    this program promotes Scientology study tech on the web site.
    as well as being a licensed Scientology Narconon entity

    Solutions Drug scam was exposed in this article it Mirrors what Hanan's and ALfreddies AHEC was doing
    using bogus ghost writers. they took $700K from Medi-Cal

    San Diego Union Article
    Rehab crackdown misses clinics

    By The Center for Investigative Reporting
    Feb. 26, 2014
    12 AM
    Story by Will Evans
  37. Triumph Member

    Hanan Islam and Alfreddie Johnson took over a Charter School in Florida and Bankrupted the shool. they pushed Scientology on the Children and their parents. these stories made Nation news.
    this is a collection of 9 articles. see links below
    members of the Nation of Islam were also involved in this Scientology project.

    Pinellas charter school reaches out to Scientology for help
    Controversy over Scientology influence clouds future of Pinellas charter school - Tampa Bay Times
    Pinellas school superintendent wants Scientology-tied charter school closed
    Don't tolerate indoctrination in schools
    Charter school dangers on display in Scientology case
    Pinellas School Board approves notice of termination for Life Force charter school
    Parents, teachers blast management of Life Force Arts and Technology Academy
    Life Force teachers, principal struggle to figure out charter school's finances
    FCAT scores at Pinellas charter school that used Scientology 'study tech' are among lowest in Tampa Bay
  38. Triumph Member


    Early Stages of Scientology Op United in Peace aka Peace Rides
  39. Triumph Member


    Normal fight for bail reduction pre-arraignment
    4M******* $10,000 bail case was court date was moved to 10/16/2019

    lasd inmate locator

    first screen:

    type in Islam-Hanan (name:last name first) then click on search

    second screen:

    next screen Is a captcha you will need to use all caps (verification for inmate)
    example KYIWM

    then click submit

    Then click the highlighted booking number next to Hanan Islams name

    you will need to repeat the captcha you will need to use all caps (verification for inmate)
    example KYIWM

    third screen:

    this will take you to Hanan's current case status
  40. Triumph Member

    Scientology hasn't advertised Ebony Awakenings on social media or from Scientology's internet news promotions.
    Alfreddie is in some photos in Chicago and was tagged as being in Chicago. on facebook.. and little else.

    Alfreddie Johnson Is Scientology's main Handler for Louis Farrakhan.
    He is the guy. In what a Scientologist who wrote a book about it stating LF nicknamed Alfreddie - the Bridge - (Scientology term)
    Alfreddie and OSA and other Scientologist handlers are likely crashing the boards. it's pretty much a given Alfreddie Is running an OP.

    OSA's Ken Long was attending hearings up until Sept 17th
    there were also OSA's Kendrick Moxon sightings at the court. reported on earlier by Tony Ortega.

    Final Call Inc.will be handed what Scientology calls Dead Agent packs.
    on the reporters of this story.

    • they are predictable and follow Hubbard's policies to the letter to the letter.
    • some type of typical denial in the press sighting bigots
    • and expect the kooky from them like Rizza and his family aren't Scientologist
    • or a hail mary and punt
    • whatever they issue will be over the top.
    • Or Scientology may intend to let Rizza and Alfreddie make it a Final Call inc problem.
    • it will be a crazy denial whichever avenue they choose. without fail
    especially since Alfrauddies WLC crew directly involved
    the State of Cali has all the WLC documents..they got everything in the raid.

    Hanan Islam, Rizza Islam, Zakiyah Islam, and Nimat Islam have all been under Alfreddie Johnson's influence for decades.
    Alfreddie has Corporate Scientology and OSA working overtime on one of their damage control OPS.

    Tony Muhammad's been quiet
    this should give you an idea of how the ranks of the Final Call Inc is dealing with it. the Nation of Islam is battening down the hatches.
    to not speak about the charges.

    The Bridge to Total Freedom, or simply The Bridge, is a metaphor used by the Church of Scientology to describe believers' advancement within the religion.

    Scientology Dead Agent Doctrine

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