Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

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    Alfreddie Is the Top Dog FSM as Ebony Awakenings President
    source Ebony Awakenings facebook,d,P-R&eid=ARC6l4FNDmrh6MsuJ9NqsXmvsrAeo0dVMiiMlUQTzRnpXkczssiP4yAFu8y-_L1lqh3BFxuyW39wlj7s

    they also have a closed group with 77 members

    David Kerr is Ebony Awakenings Treasurer
    Milton James is Ebony Awakenings Vice president (right)
    David Saunders is teaching them to set up what Scientology calls an Org Board for the Ebony Awakenings OSA OP

    Frizell Clegg tried to push Scientology into LA schools in the 90's.
    Frizell has been active in many front groups for decades

    LA Times
    Church Seeks Influence in Schools, Business, Science

    Ebony Awakenings is a Scientology Front Group N030000011371&aggregateId=domnp-n03000001137-2498e26d-fe07-4b42-881d-372544450ae3&searchTerm=Johnson Alfreddie&listNameOrder=JOHNSONALFREDDIE L150002132460

    Roger L Harrison is a director for Ebony Awakenings
    he is a Professional Freelance Musician
    is featured in Meet a Scientologist
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    Celebrity Scientologist Michael Roberts Is a Top FSM for Scientology and was brought in to Safe Point Scientology
    Joyce Durnell White works for Ebony Awakenings
    Michael D. Roberts, Scientology celebrity

    Hanan Islam and Alfreddie Johnson at a Scientology seminar held at Ebony Awakenings event

    Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad run the Scientology Dianetically Speaking front group on facebook and is the top female FSM with Final Call Inc.
    Nayyirah Currently Runs a Scientology Life Repair Dianetics front group

    WISE aka World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

    Alim Muhammad
    Fred Shaw Jr
    Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad

    Shady WISE operatives broughit to push the TECH

    Patrick Valitin
    Emmett Osborn
    Bill Jonannsen
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    shoop by FrEkE420
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    2006 Ebony Awakenings
    Alfreddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad had been operating the covert Master Learner Program since 2005
    Members of Final Call Inc were training in Scientology at the WLC
    Rizza was one of the trainers, He's with Reuben Muhammad in this photo. Reuben worked for the WLC and was a trainer.
    Scientology had a few Ebony Awakenings with its founder Amanda Ambrose (singer)
    Scientology brought it out of Mothballs for the Nation of Islam,

    they used the event to give Louis Farrakhan and award in 2006

    this Is before the WLC got caught selling fraudulent section 8 vouchers

    Ronnie Rizza Islam received an award in 2011..during the time WLC was scamming Medi-cal
    and Alfreddie and Hanan were fleecing the Life Force AcademyCharter School in Florida.


    Scientologist & CCHR Director Rizza Islam 'Rizza says...' Classic compilation thread

    Scientology CCHR Director Rizza Islam MERGE
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    Doug E. Fresh, Scientology celebrity

    Essence Magazine
    Rapper Doug E. Fresh finds faith in Scientology
    Scientology trying to rehabilitate Ronnies Image.
    before the arraignment and trial.

    Doug E Fresh had performed at Several Saviors Days was at the 2011and 2012 events
    Doug E has also performed at multiple Scientology Ebony Awakenings events and at the Celebrity Center when the Final Call was training its Top Ministers. in 2010

    and at after party at Flag in 2012 when Final Call Inc held their yearly event in Tampa for its Holy Day of Atonement.
    OzUmz7H.png QwPOFw1.jpg wu6V8Yy.png
    Jim and Fu Mei Mathers in background 2012 Saviours day..
    Doug E Fresh has been used to Safe Point Scientology to Louis Farrakhan for decades.
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    Youth for Human Rights International is a Scientology front group

    Dr. Mary Shuttleworth is a Scientologist, the certificate is for FSMing for Youth for Human Rights.
    Rizza with his friend Malcolm Flex right
    Scientology likes to covertly recruit children, Rizza Is working for a Scientology FSM commission by promoting this front group and recruitment activities.

    Mary Shuttleworth speaks at a Scientology School Delphian Academy in Oregon.
    it a boarding school for children of Scientologists.

    at the end of the video, she encouraged the kids to reach out to 10 people.. in a recruitment effort.

    Dr. Mary Shuttleworth. Is a super FSM
    aka Field Staff Member ..they get paid a commission for recruitment.
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    Alfrauddie sharing the stage with Tom Cruise at the Applied Scholastics grand opening ceremony.
    The World Literacy Crusade is licensed thru 2 Scientology front groups
    Scientology uses these groups to get L Ron Hubbards study techinto school curriculum's

    Study Technology, or Study Tech, is a teaching method developed by L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology.[
    H5rfhXV.jpg ahyBpDk.jpg

    Applied Scholastic's headquarters Is located in Spanish Lakes Missouri

    A Portrait of a young Ronnie Rizza Islam hangs on the wall in the main lobby of the Applied Scholastic's headquarters

    this photo was taken at the Appplied Scholastics headquarters.
    Ronnie was heavily indoctronated at a young age.

    Rasheeda Yasminah Maryam is Alfrauddies current assistant.

    cult link on youtube
    Tom Crusie speaking at the Applied Scholastic's grand opening

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    Applied Scholastics compound in Spanish Lake Missouri
    was turned into Camp Kiswah from 2012 to 2014 for Final Call Members to get their indoctrination

    was sold as Singles retreats, Marriage retreats Kids camp and even a Fruit of Islam Captians retreat

    Applied Scholastics International Headquarters Becomes a Nation of Islam Singles Retreat Named Camp Kiswah

    Old defunct website saved on the Wayback internet archive.
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    Harlem Scientology Org Alfrauddie and Tony taking the Peace Rides to New York

    Denise Duff is a bit actress
    Michael Duff is a musician that mainly does gigs at Scientology events

    Both are long-time Operatives for Scientology
    Michael served as a Handler for Tom Cruise.
    Circus Clown Alfrauddie shows off his dance moves.

    Kera Keene is the Executive director for Scientology's Harlem Org in NYC.

    Alfauddie doing a little Cult PR

    Brother Rizza pimping the cult of Scientology agenda on his web page

    Final Call puts a spin on it
    A united effort and long journey to bring peace

    By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Aug 13, 2013
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    Rizza Islam on the march in Scientology's home base in Clearwater
    with Chil lE.B Scientology's in house rabid Anti-Psycharitry talentless Rapper

    Scientology tries to psych out Florida — and Chill EB is back!
    By Tony Ortega | July 7, 2014

    z7DizXc.png PulQmAZ.png
    Rizza is constantly pimping out covert Scientology anti-psych message all over his social media

    even using Scientology produced shock propaganda videos to get the message out.

    Scientology and psychiatry

    Citizens Commission on Human Rights

    Scientology blames the Holocaust on Psychiatry
    Scientology blames 9/11 on Psychiatry
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    World Literacy Crusade hides behind Literacy.
    it does not disclose to the Parents, its Scientology connection.
    the materials have little or no reference to Scientology in them.
    they would be labeled as Bridge Publications, Applied Scholastics or ABLE all Scientology Front Groups.
    or reference L Ron Hubbard in fine print.
    there is no informed consent children are exposed to Scientology language and terms.

    the youths back row are all likely Scientology kids helping Rizza indoctrinate children.

    Scientology FSM's are always on the hunt to feed Children to this wolf.

    jyU0fgs.png 7l5cSPn.png

    Nancy Cartwright, Scientology celebrity
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    March 2013
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    Repair of the Black Family

    Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad has been running Life Repair and Dianetics Seminars various locations around the US.
    and one in the United Kingdom Shes currently running them with Alfrauddie.
    Rizza was working a couple of these seminars..


    the also did touch assists, locationals, and basic disaster training seminars
    The guy in the orange suit Is a Scientologist VM who trained with Los Topos
    Scientology has offices in the Mexico City Scientology Org they share with Los Topos

    Scientology uses Los Topos in their Bogus Disaster response activities.

    Los Topos was a legit disaster response unit until they sold out to David Miscavige and Scientology.

    Los Topos de Tlatelolco aka mole men
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    Alfrauddie at his Ebony Awakenings sham

    calls Louie Farrakhan, L Con Hubbard, and David Miscavige Prophets

    Chiropractor Freddie Ulan, Alfreddie Johnson and Arte Maren ex-Guardian Office (former spy wing).
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    the family that scams together.....

    Is in Jail for the biggest scam on Minorities in South Central LA
    was forced to close up shop. when they were raided and charged with fraud.

    the web site was set up this Sept 2019
    overpriced woo.

    the good son steering suckers Mom's way
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    July 2019

    You Tubers were bring up his Scientology background and Rizza spews the same spin. over and over.
    • Claims His Mother Hanan Islam is Final Call Inc.
    • (Hanan showed up in court in the Final Call Garb Sept 17 was just another scam)
    • claims his siblings were part of the nation..none are.
    • states Alfreddie is his stepfather. that his aunt is
    He's just parroting Scientology talking points he learned from Alfrauddie.

    Alfreddie put him in a bow tie after his arrest,

    Shore Story
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    New contact with Public Schools = 3 educators that lost their jobs
    training = Scientology
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    Master Learners was a covert program at the World Literacy Crusade in 2005
    to Train members of Tony Muhammad's Mosque

    Alfreddie just dug it off the scrap heap in 2015-16 in a partnership with Dr. Larry Muhammad
    basically trying to keep the WLC going under a new name.

    Once a Hustler always a Hustler
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    Not a Christian bone in alfrauddies body

    Fake assed Scientology service... with live group brainwashing
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    Hanan is on the loose
    She Made Bond
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    desperate last ditch effort at Defense
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    The Bunker: We both noticed that after the arraignment, Rizza made a plea on social media for friendly witnesses to come forward who were involved in the World Literacy Crusade in those years. So it looks like he’s starting to take seriously the idea of putting on a defense at trial. You were there for the preliminary hearing and heard the evidence that the state says it can put on. Are you surprised to hear that Rizza is looking for witnesses at this point to try and win an acquittal?

    Jeffrey: I’m not sure Rizza really understands what he’s up against. To put people on the stand to say they liked the WLC program is to confuse a criminal defense with a consumer satisfaction survey. The prosecution has to prove that the elements of the crime were committed. People who were happy with the WLC program don’t answer to the charges that the defendants submitted fraudulent insurance claims and engaged in the theft of $3.8 million from the people of California. What the defendants have to attack is the State’s massive weight of evidence. For example, how do the defendants disprove the evidence of ghost writers in Suite F? How can they possibly argue that the signatures on the Medi-Cal insurance claims were not their signatures?
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    Hanan Islam, besides facing the most charges, is also a previous felon, and so she may be looking at the higher end on the penalties.

    Jeffrey Augustine, who has been reporting from court for us, says he has learned that at least some of the defendants have had the opportunity to plead to lesser charges, but chose not to.

    Rizza Islam, meanwhile, made an appeal on social media for witnesses to come forward who might testify about being helped by the World Literacy Crusade and the Narconon clinic.

    In other words, at this point it appears that the Islams, who have all pleaded not guilty, plan to fight for acquittals at trial. But now, the stakes are even higher, with all of them facing more serious penalties if they are convicted.
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    Aug 12 2016

    the Scientology scam in Rizza game was always in plain sight..

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    Popz and Rizza at a Scientology event on L Ron Hubbard Way 2016
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    its Scientology stupid
    CCHR aka Citizens commission on Human Rights Is Scientology

    pull in the Suckers


    Rizza playing the role of a newly Minted Muslim
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    Mr. can't get a real job

    wants your moneyz

    got only 16 views since Mar 17, 2019


    managed to get one Patron to fork over $18
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    the Dec 16th date is for a Marsden Hearing - is for Hanan to replace her attorney
    Jan 24th is the Pre-Trial Hearing date
    Hanan and Zakayyah requested a speedy trial,-
    Rizza and Nimat wanted a delay.
    it's an attempt to split the case.

    the Judge stated they will go on trial together


    Alfrauddie has been AWOL from social Media since July..

    Scientology hasn't promoted last years Ebony Awakening..which is unusual
    the usual MO is to promote their front groups with useless press releases..
    Alfrauddie has dropped off the Scientology Social Media radar.

    Ebony Awakenings has been registered to Alfrauddie since 2018 L150002132460
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    Hanan Islam's over priced Scientology Squirrel Tech

    from Hanan Islams web site.


    the Zapper is a crude knock off of a Scientology e-meter. the zapper sends more voltage thru its cans..

    Hulda Clark's Zapper meets L Ron Hubbard's E-Meter

    Hulda Clark quack watch

    Hulda Clark quack cancer cures ,.. didn't help Old Hulda she died from Cancer

    former Scientologist David Amrein was partner of Hulda Clark
    and got busted for his quack scams and was banned from promoting the Zapper and bogus cures
    and was the founder of Dr. Clark Research Association
    Mr Amrein is still peddling his quarterback despite a court order to cease

    David P. Amrein - Scientology Service Completions

    you can find a quack Zapper for much less on e-bay $79-$300 Clark/Rife Zapper&client=firefox-b-1-d&source=lnms&tbm=shop&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi3p4HZjbbmAhVCgK0KHa0YAlAQ_AUoAXoECA8QAw&biw=1440&bih=777#spd=3136634623079280975
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    Hanan Islam had her Marsden Hearing on Dec 16th
    and will proceed to the gangs pre-trial hearing on Jan 24th 2020

    Beverly Bayon Washington will have her arraignment on Jan 2 2020
    and should put her on course to stand trial with the Islams on Jan 24th 2020

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