Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Mar 22, 2011.

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    let's debunk Handjob's resume too
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    we already know that Rochville Unniveristy is a paper mill
    here is some good info in it:

    Rochville University is an online university that doesn’t have a legal university accreditation providing a "Life Experience Degree, and Certificate Program". After a lot of complains are coming regarding their accreditation, consequently it has been charged of being a diploma mill and degree mill. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has revealed that
    Rochville University, Belford University as well as the agencies from which they state
    accreditation, “exist to be organized by the similar people".

    Rochville University Accreditation Status

    Rochville has declared to be accredited by several university accreditation organizations however they are none acknowledge by legal higher education accreditors.
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    I wonder if he was involved in this when he was at the NAACP?
    However, knowing Scientology's record, they probably never bothered asking permission and just printed them. (Which is what they did with the Hollywood division of the Los Angeles Police Department, even forging approval from one captain.)
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    he (Ben Chavez) was booted out of the NAACP in 94

    joined the Nation of Islam in 1997 and Became Benjamin Chavez Muhammad

    was made director of the NYC NOI Mosque and got caught with his hands in the cookie jar
    with allegations of ANOTHER sexual harassment suit
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    If it isn't fraud, it isn't scientology.
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    Nice. I noticed his fitting first name "Alfraudie". LOL.
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    maybe ask if Handjob has ever been a secretray for the Compton branch of the NAACP?
    National Headquarters
    4805 Mt. Hope Drive
    Baltimore MD 21215
    Local: (410) 580-5777
    Toll Free: (877) NAACP-98
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    not so sure about Handjob being on the board of the Nina Kraft Youth Empowerment Program either
    I don't see any mention of her anywhere, except for her own resume and WLC promos
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    Here on one of Handjobs resume she spins the tale a little differently

    there aren't many references online outside of sources he provides

    Alfraudie was 1st Vice Chairman of the NAACP Compton Branch according to one of his Resumes. more current ones its ignored all together..
    Handjob gets a job by default.if he was .She Is Alfraudies girl friday. whatever racket Alfraudie seems to be mixed up in Shes right there... picking up crumbs..that dosen't mean she was employed by the NAACP or drew a paycheck..

    Lydia Gutierrez

    Lynda Gutierrez was a supporter of Alfraudie going back to his RECALL DAYS

    back in 97 Alfreddie Johnson was a presenter for the NAACP giving an Award to Heber Jentzsch and one for LRon too in 1997 according to freedumb Mag

    the awards banquet was held at the NAACP Western Regional Center

    link has Aids
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    now all's we need is someone from the media to dig into their "claims" and expose them accordingly
    Calling Tony Ortega!
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    Scilon nepotism

    Google Fu
    it was Fred Shaw Jr the guy who got Alfraudie into Scientology in 1992
    introduced him to Applied Scholastics and the study technology of L. Ron Flubbhard.

    he lured Alfraudie with a bologna samich.

    Fred Shaw jr was the President of the Compton NAACP
    you can see a picture on Freds page here of Alfraudie giving Fred Shaw the first "Men Who Care" Award thats one of Alfraudies failed front groups

    Alfraudie and Freddie are in several freedumb mag articles together ..

    Fred Shaw jr was with the LASD from 1980 to 93 with our old friend Lee Baca!


    Over-medicated and underserved (FINAL CALL NOI MEDIA)
    article on Fred Shaw Jr 2008
    promoting the clam anti-drug anti-Psych message
    a few other articles on Rev Fred and his anti-psych stance on clam sites..

    Rev Fred Shaw jr...yep hes a Reverend too!.. was president for of the COMPTON Branch from 93 to 2008

    the Compton NAACP is decades old-Handjobs claim of Wester Region Founder looks bogus unless she founded it in preschool.
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    Fred Shaw is in the White shirt playing tug-O-War with TWTH book
    this Picture is from 2007

    the Book with the MLK on the cover thats posted here on the thread is on the same page this pic on the WTH

    Alfraudies Mentor Rev Fred Shaw jr. still playing footsie with the cult.
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    if you go here The (an education concierge):

    "Internationally known inspirational & life changing educator and champion of civil and human rights"

    Alfraudie is listed as a Phd
    you can also rate him!
    he only has two reviews. One by Handjob and the other by a "Z. Islam".. hmmp! not too fishy
    his contact info is Handjob's info

    to hire him, he demands non stop flights only, plus airfare and hotel paid for
    Taget audience: ANY
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    Alfraudie was elected in 2005
    Hanan Islam was his campaign Manager..imagine that! where'd she come from
    in 2007 he was Acting Mayor when his predecessor was kicked out of office
    it didn't last long because the citizens of Lynwood had enough of Alfreddie and his Cronies
    Alfreddie and Hanan formed Concerned Citizens of Lynwood Alliance mocked up to protest the recall election
    Alfreddie and his co-conspirators went to far as to have the city clerk fired to thwart any recall election
    it didn't work
    CCLA made alot of noise with Hanan and her phonys leading the charge threatning to make trouble with the city Attorney
    the County of Los Angeles stepped in and held the election

    In the recall election Alfreddie and 2 others lost their jobs over their Imperial Partners dealings
    Tony Muhammad of the NOI was and still is involved with Imperial Partners... imagine that

    Alfreddie lost the recall by a 70% to 25% margin

    in 2008 Alfreddie And Hanan admitted to selling Vouchers at each $1000 that were free to qualified low income renters..from their Compton WLC offices..
    it drew the ire of 100 protesters...and the LA Times

    they no Like Alfraudie in Lynwood see OP "Lynwood Watch" Links
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    Z Islam (Zekiyah)
    is one of Hanans kids who works at WLC btw
    Rizza Islam her son works there at WLC too both are her kids
    she has 5 kids. according to her facebook page

    Handjob has a resume there too @ The

    shes given herself the title of
    Barefoot Goddess *LOL* (Its A WIG Baby! Grrrrr.)

    says Handjob is a Metapsychologist certified through the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association

    this a Squirrel operation according to Scibots

    Dr. Frank Gerbode
    Former scientologist, former head of the Palo Alto mission.

    Dr. Frank Gerbode, former scientologist
    Dr Frank runs the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association

    Alfraudie and Handjob was squirreling the TECH^^^^^

    A Reuben Muhammad of the NOI and one time employee of the WLC
    is also trained by Traumatic Incident Reduction Association courtesy of Alfraudie
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    WLC is listed on Mojo Pages for TUTORING
    it has one review by a "drhanni"
    SO it looks like Handjob wrote up a phony review?

    "Tyreshas Success story‎

    Hello my name is Tyresha When I first came to World Literacy Crusade I was really quiet and to myself. I had C's and D's in school. I was getting into a lot of fights with girls from other hoods and just the people that I didn't like. I was a gang banger from eastside fruit town piru. I smoked marijuana a few times. I used to start things with people for no reason out of no where. I got put on punishment a lot because of my grades, and I was kicked out of school because I would fight a lot. I never talked back to the teachers I would just fight after or before class. Now after going thru the program I am a better and changed person. My grades are up to par I'm making A's, B's and C's. I don't fight anymore “Only” when I have to protect myself. I don't smoke anymore I don't start problems with people anymore because it's a waste of my time. So basically that is what world literacy has done for me. THANK YOU. Tyresha age; 17‎"

    You can vote for this "business"!!!!
  22. Triumph Member

    see the WLC lower left hand corner
    Reuben is also a Dianetics Auditor
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    interesting blurb Aug 2004:

    "According to Dr. Islam, Executive Director of World Literacy Crusade, "Ms. McClurg has been a major supporter of World Literacy Crusade International for the past three years. The donations given to this organization by Ms. McClurg have averaged over $30,000 per year."

    She raised these contributions by starting and managing her own business, Art for Charity, which has been in operation for 3 years.
    That's over $90,000 raised by this generous and loving single mother to help children all over the world.
    If U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have their way Penelope will be deported, and will not be able to return for twenty years.
    That's twenty years out of her children's lives.
    They will have to grow up without the benefit of their generous and loving mother.
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    Feb 8th 2011
    so "Post Card Mania" owned by scilon Joy Gelusha (Founder and CEO) has a PR story saying they helped non profits
    Guess who is on the list? the WCL of course
    here is a list of the other non profits they said they helped, some (not all) are other scilon fronts too:

    American Cancer Society — Relay For Life
    Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking
    Community Learning Center
    Moon Lake Elementary School
    Muscular Dystrophy Association
    Florida Human Rights Walkathon
    Hands Across the Bay
    Cleaning for Heroes
    Sunscreen Film Festival
    Girl Scouts of Tampa Bay
    World Literacy Crusade
    Clearwater Downtown Partnership

    So they helped out non profits that are also COS front groups. so that is kinda fucking ridiculous
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    is she tooting her own horn? or pretending to be a 17 year old girl named Tyresha?
  27. Triumph Member

    Joy Lebowitz Gendusa
    is the Chair Person of the CLC (under the umbrella of WLC)

    Alfreddie talks about the WLC and the CLC and Holly Haggerty
    in this cult promo video along with a couple of his web pages that no longer exist.

    alot of NOI adults and youngins are doing their cult programming there at CLC in Clearwater
    and at Alfraudie's Compton Location
    and the WLC is cashing in
  28. Anonymous Member

    WLC also sponsors plays
    this one is this June?
    Suzan McDowell, CEO of Circle of One Marketing, is offering two free tickets to the “Shakin the Mess Outta Misery” stage play. The tickets go to the first person to call our office, at 954-356-9360, with the correct name of the South Florida Times’ new radio program, “Elevating the Dialogue with the South Florida Times.’’ The play is sponsored by the World Literacy Crusade of Florida Girl Power program, and directed by the organization’s founder and president, Thema Campbell. The play tells the story of an African-American girl growing up in the Deep South during the 1940s, and how older black women mentored her into womanhood. The performance takes place at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 7, at the Byron Carlyle Theatre in Miami Beach. For information, call 305-576-3790.
  29. Anonymous Member

    An interesting certificate for a few other reasons as well. Google Traumatic Incident Reduction, Metapsychology, Applied Metapsychology International and Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists.
  30. Triumph Member

    another poster here did some itel
    its squirrel tech Alfreddie also claims to have done it... how that escaped Miscavige and his goons squad? ..maybe they know...

    more info here
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the link. Strange bedfellows it would seem.
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  33. Triumph Member

    Heres More Dox
    Alfraudie signed this one and Tony Muhammad in Sept 6th 2005!
    this is obviously a joint venture with the WLC and the NOI
    so the association goes back to at least before Sept 2005

    Academy #27 is Mosque #27 Tony Muhammads Mosque

    drug rundowns..for the NOI

    this was before this dox in post #14 in By the WLC 2006

    more dox here on Reuben

    Reuben worked for the WLC from 2005-2007 as a drug counselor

    Reuben Muhammad had a CaeRing solutions web site where he was offering Dinetics Auditing that is now gone...someone put the kibosh on his squirrel operation.
  34. Triumph Member

    probably not that one... they pull in a few (endorsements) every now and then

    (da clams)
    have people write down their wins and success stories. ..and use them
    little Tyresha may not even be aware of it..
  35. Anonymous Member

    So did anyone vote? lol!
  36. Anonymous Member

    A right edumacated review that.
  37. Triumph Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    so who can we poon this info to?
    expose their fake-ass degrees
    These people are dispicable. Leading their own down a path of destruction and dispair
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    the WLC website has NO events listed, nothing on their calender and nothing under Statistics. They all say "coming soon"
    BWA HA HA!!!!!
    if you go there proxy up!!!
  40. Triumph Member

    In August 2005, representatives of the Sybil Brand Commission
    for Institutional Inspections (of Los Angeles County, California)
    reported on their findings, after an inspection of a program
    attended by residents of the Second Chance Group Home of Gardena.

    At that time, residents of the group home (children placed in
    foster care) were enrolled in a program called "The World Literacy
    Crusade" at a residence called the "Advantage Living Home"
    of Buena Park, California.

    Inspectors noted "serious" concerns with the program, stating:

    "One of the class brochures describes a drug and alcohol
    rehabilitation and detoxification program, but none of the
    resident children have these problems."

    "Not only was the program not drug/alcohol related,
    but that all the books, study materials and wall posters were
    pertaining to L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology"

    "Residents and staff do not want to attend these classes
    and don't feel that they are worthwhile"

    "Class instructors were rude to residents (and group home staff)"

    "There are no recess periods or breaks allowed during the
    3 hour classes; not even restroom breaks"

    "Travel time to class each day is about 3 1/2 hours round trip"

    "The luncheon meal served was substandard"

    The inspector's report detailed that the director, Eugenia Wilson,
    was evasive as to the cost that government agencies were billed
    for participants in that program. The inspectors then questioned
    Dr. Hanan Islam, who responded, saying "Medical pays for it."
    Upon repeated questioning, she (Islam) revealed it was $62 per day
    per student (plus two staff members who were also required to attend).

    "Ms. Montano and myself went to sit in on the classes. The staff
    was even rude to us, accusing us of talking to the students
    (when the inspectors were asking a question of the staff).
    Then the World Literacy Crusade told the staff from the Advantage
    Living Home that they were considered students and were not
    allowed to speak with us."

    "For two out of the four residents, they only had one other
    placement, a foster home. One came from only one other placement,
    a group home. All had court ordered therapy with their family
    members and it doesn't sound like they are having that need met.
    Instead, the textbook for the classes is L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology.

    The curriculum was terrible with role-playing, but sometimes a
    student was directed to scream loudly. One was holding arms out
    as if sleep walking. The boys hated the classes and said they didn't
    want to go. But they were forced to. I doubt the staff like it either.
    One just kept saying, "I can't wait to see what you think."

    The boys said they needed anger management training and
    weren't getting it from this class. The staff said they need more
    constructive activities like going to museums, educational venues,
    playing sports, etc. I told him he should call USC and UCLA to enroll
    the boys in their summer camps. They are reasonable. Ms. Montano
    asked if he had checked out the Boys and Girl's Club in East Los Angeles.

    Some of these boys have low grades in school. What they need is
    motivation, enthusiasm, meaningful activities, etc. This school will
    not serve any positive purpose. I wonder if anyone looked into
    the curriculum and observed, before they poured so much money
    into it. The director of the group home said she watched a video and
    made her decision that way. It is also very far from the group home.
    It took me one hour and 45 minutes to get there, with terrible traffic.
    The staff was very rude to me as well. As stated, it is the Scientology
    program but run by muslims apparently. These boys shouldn't be
    brainwashed in such a way. It doesn't seem fair.

    I wanted to make one other observation. One boy was asked what
    the word "trouble" meant. He gave an excellent definition. But he was
    coaxed and coaxed and told he was incorrect until he gave the one
    word answer they wanted ("enturbulation"?). The L. Ron Hubbard
    textbook looked like it was more for elementary school students
    than high school students."

    Program Notes:
    This program for 6 persons, at $62 per day, billed $372 per day
    (for 3 hours of Scientology instruction), paid for by state taxpayers.
    Medi-Cal Fraud Hotline: phone 800-722-0432 and 800-822-6222

    Living Advantage
    Website: Living Advantage, Inc
    "Providing housing and treatment for foster-care youth"
    Advantage Living Home
    7961 Poinsettia Drive, Buena Park CA 90602
    Board of Directors:
    Eugenia Wilson, Dr. Paulette Gorsuch, Barbara Lindsey, Curtis B. Harrison
    Executive Director:
    Pamela Clay, 7095 W. Hollywood Blvd. #726, Hollywood, CA 90028
    Above address is at Mailboxes Etc., down the street from Scientology offices.
    Phone 323-731-6471
    The program was founded by the late Bernice W. Clay, a Special Ed teacher at
    Los Angeles Unified School District.
    It is tied to TET: "Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs Today"

    Second Chance Group Home
    15706 Wellfleet Avenue, Carson CA 90746
    Phone 310-632-2920

    World Literacy Crusade
    World Literacy Crusade
    Executive Director: Dr. Hanan Islam
    (A Scientology "Supertheta" member)
    Website describes and exclusive use of L. Ron Hubbard programs,
    including "word clearing" "study tech" and "Narconon"

    Dr. Islam is also President of World Literacy International
    3209 N. Alameda #B, Compton, CA 90222
    Phone: 310-537-2273
    She ran the "Quality for Life" program in Los Angeles County,
    an afterschool program for 62 students in 2002
    at Samuel L. Gompers Middle School in Los Angeles County
    (funded through the LA County Department of Public Social Services).

    Los Angeles County Fraud Hotline: phone 800-349-9970

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