Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Because it is a 40 BILLION dollar security system that does not allow ANY aircraft into our nation without our permission it is NECESSARY that the system covers ALL the angles. Excuse me for a moment, I must get back to SAVING humanity!.............

    Rizza Islam
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    spot the dipshit in the photo-op
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    They aren't dipshits, they are learning how to read thanks to Allfraudie, Rizzo and Scientology.
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    the one standing up
    needz a crown
    'cause that must be the Queen of the dipshits
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    In an article where Alfreddie was mentioned

    This is the same Akbar Muhammad that hosted Isaac and Alfreddie in Guyana on several occasions
    looks like hes has run into some trouble
    they claim they have a World Literacy Crusade affiliate in Guyana run by Brother Akbar
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    Absolutely amazing work, Triumph. What are you proposing to do from here?
  10. AnonLover Member

    go figure... Brother Akbar trumps Brother Bang Bang!!!

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    Brother Akbar Muhammad is AKA Minister Larry 4 X Prescott
    Akbar is the International Representative for the NOI
    He is Louis Farrakhan's Financial Advisor
    He lives in Ghana and travels...He was arrested in Guyana S. America
    theres a video of Akbar and Isaac Hayes and Alfraudie in Ghana when Isaac was pimping Study Tech
    it was around the Time when they made Isaac a Ghanan King for all his Scientology moneyz he help pump into the local economy
    I'll dig out the video when I get a chance

    hes been in trouble many times before..theres a reason his works out of Ghana

    N.O.I Minister Larry 4X Prescott (aka Akbar Muhammad), Convention Speaker For MANA, Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud
  12. Anonymous Member

    This was already posted but it Relates to Neko Tek Alfraudie and Isaacs failed Ghana Charity
    in which Akbar Muhammad was an advisor/associate

    All Hail King Isaac Hayes and his court jesters
    from a Nancy News blog

    for lutz see Casting Corner-
    Nancy was the voice of Earl the Squirrel!
  13. Anonymous Member

    it was a Princess Asie Ocansey of Ada Ghana who introduced Isaac to the Royal Family.
    lings on Ghana connection
    Princess Asie Ocansey was involved with and continues to run the Neko Tech Center in Ghana

    Scientology Service Completions

    Neko Tech
    Save a Million Lives (orphans of Hope project)
    Royal Goldtech
    and WLC
    are all Scientology related

    the SOS center is also owned by the Princess
    Notice Immigration
  14. Anonymous Member

    THE WLC is still involved in Ghana
    bringing back 100 students from Ghana? in 2009, WTF
    ministerial exemption?
    Hanan is likely an FSM-cashing in fresh meat?
    can't they do the courses at Neko Tech?
    from the current WLC page
    Hanan Islam seems to be a frequent visitor of Ghana
    found several more examples of Hanan going to Ghana

  15. Anonymous Member

    Typical Cult Propaganda
    more cult crap
    Alfreddie-the Princess and Isaac
    in the Freedumb article its says in 1994 crime in LA dropped by 25% thanks to Alfrauddie! and the WLC
    I guess they discounted his shady political career.
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    Holly crap!
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    alfraudie has updated his resume
    He omitted his claims of having a PHD
    and that his political career was a sham

    his is an ISA Freedumb Medal Wiener

    Opinion Leader to the STARS!!!
  19. Anonymous Member

    "Opinion leader" to the stars?
    and now he is the FOUNDER of WLC? I thought that was a joint venture?

    These crooks must be stopped
  20. Anonymous Member

    Alfrauddies involvement in Lynpac is what got him VOTED out of Office (NOI MINISTER Tony Muhammad was also involved in Lynpac)

    CCLA initiated by Alfrauddie! to fight illegal recalls used to terrorize and threaten elected officials!
    what a TOOL!

  21. Triumph Member

    well the Founder (Isaac Hayes) dropped his Meat Body years ago and moved on to target 2

    hes not around to object to Alfrauddies faux-pas

    79% success rate in his Narconon program LOL*
  22. Anonymous Member

    yes I know
    Isaac was used by COS and now that he is gone, he is shuffled under the rug
  23. Triumph Member

    Alfrauddie -Washburn Academy Scam

    cult video

    "studying with Alfrauddie I was really behind in my studies"..".but now I'm really behind in my studies!" "now I'm ready for the Sea Org!"
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    That white dude, isn't he the Kill Bill actor?What's he doing there?
  27. Triumph Member

    David Carradine (Kung-Fu) suspicious death 2009, was found hanged, naked and dead in Bangkok hotel room.
    .. ..his wife Anne Bierman (4th wife) is a Scientologist...Alfreddie Johnson Gave his eulogy’s-wake

    one of the Many Celebrities Alfraude was an advisor to?
    KillBill did a lot of Scientology events..
    View attachment Church+Scientology+Celebrity+Centre+Presents+HZnrM

    David Carradine was too much of an SP for Scientology

    Tony Muhammad at the CC talks about Akfrauddie
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    California recognizes Natropathic Medicine

    all current Natropathic Licencee Holders in California

    it is illegal to practice Natropathic Medicine in California without being Licensed and accredited with the State Govt.

    No Hanan Islam is not listed as a Licensee and cannot use the title of NMD in California

    Hanan Is not a member of the California Natropathic Doctors Association

    Hanan also claims residency in Florida
    Hanan is NOT a member of the Florida Natropathic Physicians association
    naturopathic physicians are NOT licensed physicians in Florida

    Hanan often represents herself as an M.D not a N.MD
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    I only see one H. Islam in the whole state of Florida.I'm going to guess this is not their birth name.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Poons are needed.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Hanan Odom
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    Tony Muhammad & Alfrauddie Johnson Scientology pals
  40. Triumph Member

    its in Clearwater

    Hanan Islam is the Director
    Zakiyah Islam (Hanan daughter)
    its another Alfrauddie Hand job Scam

    you can see here that Alfrauddie Johnson and Tony Muhammad had noting to do with writing the book
    Power of Words

    add it to the list of Alfrauddies shady deals

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