Alfreddie Johnson and the Nation of Islam

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Triumph, Mar 22, 2011.

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    July 24th NAACP event
    Alfrauddie is playing Doctor again
    also this
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    What's he giving the benediction as?
    • An unconnected-with-other-Baptists Baptist
    • A Scientology reverend
    • A Nation of Islam whatever...
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    He multitasker
    its not only houses the
    True Faith Christian Center (haz podium and keyboard for cat:see picture)

    also houses

    World Literacy Crusade
    Master Learners Academy
    American Health and Education Clinics (Narconon)
    Men who Care (headquarters)
    Humanitarian Organization of Women (headquarters)
    Neko Teck (international headquarters) no really
    Citizens Coalition of Lynwood Alliance (Headquarters for Save Alfreddies ass from recall)

    and a half dozen other shady programs all under one roof

    Art of Management claims a clearwater address (Hanan is Direcktor!)
    so his charade is now bi-costal

    its a one stop cult shopping bonanza!

    there has to be some confusion on how to answer the phone around that joint.
    imagine the bill for business cards!

    He cant be a NOI minister ..hes still using his slave name

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    the educationalchallenge dot come?
    another freakin' front group?
  7. Triumph Member

    its a Yearly NOI education conference by the NOI..
    Alfreddie and Scientology have been promoting study Tech applied scholastics..etc the past two years

    NOI Cult Link

    heres the video montage from last years conference with Alfrauddie and co

    heres the NOI plans on promoting it PDF
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    When is the FTC going to catch up to these frauds?
    They are Drs. they are not Drs, then they are Drs. again.... WTF?

    Now Alfraudie is listed as the FOUNDER of WLC? I guess Isaac Hayes has been forgotten all together.
    I guess that is a good thing.
  12. Triumph Member

    He kicked Isaac Hayes to the curb in several of his shameless self promotions
    theres the Author bad he hasn't written a book
    Former Vice Mayor claim should have a disclaimer.....was removed from office by overwhelming recall vote
    "Master Learners Academy" being delivered to the NOI and AME out of the WLC shack in Compton
    "Men who Care" old failed front group...Haywood "Duane Hey Hey Hey" Nelson, Michael "Pimp Daddy" Richards."Do the DougiE Fresh" and a few other Celebs who would rather be disassociated from that particular scam
    Men who care has been defunct since 2006 but it dosen't look like it stops Alfreddie from promoting it ..or collecting funds

    claiming more than one "American Health and Education Clinic" there is only ONE its in the WLC shack in Compton
    the Chads Ford PA address is used to get around California regulations...

    and the True Faith Christian also the WLC in Compton

    the Art of Management is run by Hanan Islam and her daughter out of Clearwater

    Heres a new one for Handjob
    Louis F Moore Charitable Foundation
    Hanan Islam is director along with her daughter Zakiyah Islam
    along with a Patricia Ferriabough

    between Hanan and Alfreddie theres are 2 dozen inactive charity/non profit scams listed here...and that list is growing...
    trolling for cash
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    all this info should be forwarded to the right people
    but who?
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  15. Triumph Member

    or chip away at them

    American Health and Education Clinics(Alfreddie and Hanan)
    got their hands on Medi-Cal funds (don't ask me how)

    contract#PH000493A shows they get $72,000 from 2010 to 2013
    contract #PH000493B shows they get $305,000 from 2010 to 2013

    AHEC program is Purification Rundown/Narconon Program with study Tech authorities should be made aware its non-secular
    both went through the Breining Institute.. they aren't certified up to current standards...

    Maybe a few Harpoons to Medi-Cal will light some fires...shine some light on their operation
    theres plenty of info here for harpoons and follow ups
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    Board Members Compton Unified School District
    We are located at: 501 S Santa Fe Ave Compton, CA 90221. Tel.No: (310) 639-4321

    also a little off topic, but this seems like a way for COS to sneak into schools more:
    Regulations approved for schools' 'Parent Trigger' law

    The state Board of Education sets rules to clarify the law that gives parents the right to petition for new staff, management and programs.

    July 14, 2011|By Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times

    After months of controversy, the state Board of Education set out a clear road map Wednesday to allow parents unparalleled rights to force major changes at low-performing schools.
    The board approved regulations clarifying the "Parent Trigger" law — the first in the nation to give parents the right to petition for new staff, management and programs at their children's schools.

    Organizations representing parents, teachers, school districts and other parties overcame sharp differences to reach consensus on such contentious issues as how to draw up petitions, verify parent signatures and ensure public disclosure about the petition process.
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    if you do search with the words, Mayor Vincent Gray Scientology
    it is funny how many of the articles have COS in sponsored adds.
  21. Anonymous Member

    do not know if this is a match
    again a little off topic

    Governor Brown Announces Appointments Jan 2011
    SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown today announced the following appointments.

    John Laird, of Santa Cruz, has been appointed Secretary of the California Resources Agency. Most recently, Laird taught in the Environmental Studies Department at UC Santa Cruz. He served six years in the State Assembly, from 2002 to 2008, and was the Assembly Budget Committee Chair from 2004 to 2008. Previously, Laird was a member of the Cabrillo College Board of Trustees from 1994 to 2002. He was the Executive Director for the Santa Cruz AIDS Project from 1991 to 1993. Laird was Mayor and a City Councilmember for the city of Santa Cruz from 1981 to 1990. This position requires Senate confirmation, and the compensation is $175,000. Laird is a Democrat."

    There is a John Laird in the COS data bank listed as a celebrity.
    do not know if this is the same person?
    Ran all the other names on Brown's list of appointments and no other names came up in the COS data bank
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    wrong thread sorry!
  23. Triumph Member

    Breining Institute where Alfreddie-Hanan and Co got their training for the RAS certification test has some interesting and current info on their eligibility
    Alfreddie status is "inactive" and his renewal date was Dec 18 2008 ..according to Breining web site hes no longer certified

    Hanan status is "active" but the renewal date is past due Dec 18 2010

    Hanan's Daughters are also listed as RAS
    Nimat is active with a past due renewal date Dec 31 2010

    Zakiyyah is active with a renewal date Jan 1 2011

    Reuben Muhammad the NOI minister who was employed by the WLC Alfreddie in 2006-2007
    Reuben status is active with a renewal date of Oct 11 2007

    they all are a little behind on retaking their exams..Alfrauddie Being the biggest slacker....
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    they are too busy raking in the dough
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    Can there be a packet of info on each fraud all in one neat little package?
    Wou'd be wonderful little poon package to send to schools, unniversities, mayors ect...
    The info is so scattered.
    It can be set up like a "who is" or "please meet".....

    Meet Rev. Alfraudie Johnson- listed as PHD, inactive status, past crimes. claims he........
    scientology and COS front group affiliation, ties, NOI Final Call member.....
    Meet Dr. Hanan - aka , education, family info, past crimes, her claims.......
    family ties, scientology and COS front group dissemination
    and so on

    also all the groups they are with and where they are registered and all that good shit?
  26. Triumph Member

    done up like a Summary like his 2 page resume
    one for Alfrauddie and one For Handjob
  27. Anonymous Member

    well that may confuse people, but it is lulzy!
    Best to keep it not lulzy for pooning
  28. Triumph Member

  29. Triumph Member

    failed foundations/non profits/money making schemes


    Neko Tec Center
    Community Empowerment Foundation
    Project Genesys
    Lynwood Promenade Association of Contractors
    African American Student and Parent Mentoring Project
    Federal Commission on Education Rights
    Quality of Life Educational Curriculum Products
    World Changer International
    Panacea Publishing Inc
    KRC Medical Services LLC
    African American Legacy Foundation
    LA Cares for Kids

    Alfreddie and Hanan

    Men who Care
    the Humanitarian Organization for women
    Citizens Coalition of Linwood Alliance
    Citizens Coalition of Compton
    American Health and Education Clinics
    Master Learner Academy

    Dr Hanan Islam

    Carelon Manor LLC
    Self Care for Health Care
    National Endowment Centers Inc
    United First Financial (broker)
    International Health Care Trainers Association
    Avelon/El Segundo Primary Care Physicans Medical Group
    Chaka Kahn Art Center
    Art of Management
    Louis F Moore Charitable Foundation

    I left out other groups they are involved in that they didn't create

    it would have made this long shitty list even longer

    and of course the "World Literacy Crusade" one of the only front groups of Alfreddies that hasen't folded up like a circus tent yet
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    So having heavy psyche drugs in one's system is a bad thing?

    Let me summon Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and ask them for clarification.
  31. Never said that, simply pointing out Hubbard's hypocrisy, he's the one who claimed psyches and psyche drugs were the biggest evil on earth.

    If you're running an anti-psychiatry, phony science/religion fraud while using psyche drugs yourself while reaping millions and condemning such use for your membership then that's a bad thing.
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  32. Triumph Member

    Lynwood Redevelopment Agency v. Angeles Field Partners

    Dox -Deals with Alfreddie Johnson's Recall

    NOI cult link
    Minister Farrakhan emphasizes proper reading and education: "To be critical thinkers we must also be critical readers.
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    CCGala 2011
  34. Anonymous Member

    "it may be the greatest gift you have ever given to yourself and to mankind."

    "it may be the greastest gift you have ever given to me and David Miscavge"
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  36. Triumph Member

    Alfreddie gives his cult cronies an Award..
  37. Anonymous Member

    priceless! ^^^
  38. Quentinanon Member

    This article is from at least 10 years ago. Remember, that Isaac Hayes is dead and Heber Jentzsch is in the SP Hall.
  39. Anonymous Member

    its a research thread
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