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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Xenu.Headbutt, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Alien Costumes

    For the protest I was very interested in the concept of dressing up like an alien so I've been searching the internet for good costumes. I've seen some really cheap robe + mask combos such as this. ... 20W%20CAPE

    This is my best find so far but I would prefer a slightly less scary mask.

    The costume that I truly want is this one, but notice that the product is the robe and does not mention the mask. ... gory_Code=

    If anybody is able to help me in my search of a better alien costume I would be very appreciative.

    As an alien I plan on spreading the word of Xenu and exposing Scientology's secretive nature about it's prophecy. I plan to do so in a manner that is respectful to freedom of religion but still raises eyebrows about the way they handle their lore.
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    The whole alien thing, while high comedy, isn't really our target here. Our goal isn't to make fun of scientologists (though it is easy!), its to bring awareness to the rather sinister and nasty practices they have of harassment, abuse, and other unpleasant activities.

    Plus, you look the fool and are less likely to be taken seriously be passersby.

    I'd stick with all-black or a suit-and-tie.
  4. None of the alien costume shit. No Tom Cruise masks either. This is a serious picket attempting to educate the greater good, if someone shows up dressed as an alien we're not going to be taken seriously.

    All black suit and tie is a great idea though, and one I might actually use.
  5. Alien costumes just seems to bring to mind, "LAWL LAWL LAWL CRAZY CULT AND WE FROM INTERNET". Unlike the message of, "Hello, if you wouldn't mind, would you like to hear what we have to say"? Alien Costumes would make me want to get the fuck out of there if I were normal and bring the crazies.
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    My only comment is to keep safe in all this. You can turn up with a tie and black suit and do it in an orderly fashion and without knowing get jumped by some big geezer who some clown from the building behind you called on you. Make sure your safe!
    Do it carefully!
  7. Anonymous8513 Member

    Don't do this. Our intention is to spread the message that their organization is corrupt, greedy, paranoid and schizophrenic. Their beliefs are not relevant and attacking such things does us no good.
  8. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Breathe, kiddo - if you don't have at least a half dozen anons watching your back come 2/10 we didn't do our job anyways. :wink:
  9. ...And nobody ever pays attention to, say, Gay Pride parades.

    You're wrong, simply put.

    Overcoming Apathy is a bigger deal than Getting Respect.
  10. Anonymous8513 Member

    Dressing up as an alien isn't going to help anyone overcome apathy in the slightest. They will just go "They believe in aliens lol" and not see Scientology as a very real threat to their freedom.
  11. What's the biggest, most popular news that has ever spread awareness of, and created interest in, scientology?

    It's "Man, Tom Cruise looks stupid".

    Humor works.
  12. anony574 Member

    The problem is however that we are not attacking their beliefs.

    If we are going to truly stand for absolute free-speech, we can NOT attack their religion.

    We are attacking the church and the crimes they have committed, not the religion and the crazy beliefs.
  13. ...Hm.

    This point, I'll concede, but only so far. Telling people about their weirdness does not equate to telling them they cannot believe what they like.

    Still - I'm forced to agree that weirdness that grabs media attention IS, in the best cases possible, aimed at the church proper.
  14. Thank you sir.

    Also: Gay pride parades.

    Parade =/= picket.
  15. Anonymous8513 Member

    Whilst so, it covers up the real issue we have with them. Tom Cruise may look stupid, but I feel that Anonymous' message is not that shallow. Scientologists watching our protest will just dismiss Anonymous as not knowing what we're talking about, and the general public will take in a vibe that our purpose is to simply make fun of a "harmless group" and attacking their "religion".

    I can't convince you not to do whatever you wish of course, but I highly doubt it will be looked upon favorably by other Anonymous, the public or any scientologist.
  16. To be effective, a protest, parade, picket, or other such must attract the eye and the camera, and make onlookers pause and want to "watch the show".

    Tell me how to do that in a way that strikes the church, not the poor sucker at the bottom rank, and I'm in.

    Because I'm seriously convinced that we need that - but absolutely willing to shift the specifics.
  17. Fear is more effective than lulz. Focusing on the scamming, the deaths, the brainwashing and their policies will make people think about it more than for a lot longer than if our image blatantly projected LOL XENU LOL TOM CRUISE from the street corner.

    A little bit of lightheartedness is good to grab attention and makes it easier for bystanders to realize we're the good guys. Your suggestion, however, takes it too far and covers the protest with a SEP field.

    Think from the perspective of the public and the media - if you were driving down the road and saw a group of people on the streetcorner trying to advocate, say, better treatment of livestock, would you be willing to listen to them if half of them were wearing inflatable hot dog costumes? Or would you chuckle at it and go straight home, telling anyone who lives with you that "haha, I saw some idiots on the street dressed like 7-foot-tall hot dogs today."?
  18. Bingo. I think the image of a shitload of people in Guy Fawkes masks in suits is attention-grabbing enough in itself. From my point of view, our current plan would make me want to go up and ask what was going on than seeing some people in alien costumes.
  19. Anonymous8513 Member

    To be honest I think the masks and suits, along with our sheer numbers will be enough without going too far off the deep end.

    beaten :evil:
  20. L.the.Anon Member

    What could be fun is if one person dresses up like an alien, and some of the ones in suits and such chases that anon around in the vicinity of the protest to get some attention.
    Just a though, it's still humor, but if someone comes up asking what's going on because of it, it's win. Though I agree it might also get the wrong message across...
  21. suits are a good idea. suits mean business. the complete annihalation and downfall of scientomogy is serious business.

    a Ziltoid costume would be insane and completly mindbending tho!


    What. apart from Xenu there are OTHER omnicient overlords from space and beyond!?!?
  22. I....I'm so happy someone else has heard of that album....

    *wipes away a single tear*

    its all about ziltoid.
  25. despite the meme, scientology IS a trap!

    this will pique interest even in passers-by unfamiliar with Admiral Akbar.

    Alien: Check
    Trap: Check
    Prophet ??
  26. how can we be attacking their beliefs when the majority of scientologists don't even know about xenu?

    The issue here is that this information is being kept from them and they don't really know what it is they're buying and what they're making themselves a part of.
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    At almost all of the ex-sci pickets, you can spot the blow-up space alien doll (Xenu) or, one person has dressed as Xenu (labelled as such) -- you can see all this in the picket videos on WBM's site.

    Since Tory's now posting here, perhaps we can ask her what she thinks about this idea?

    I think I'm leaning towards the 'no costumes' thing -- for most of the reasons stated above.

    Both public and staff scientologists are not high enough up on the "Bridge to Total Freedom" to know who Xenu is -- the OTs sent to handle us might know, but they're forbidden to acknowledge it, and are probably too far gone to help anyways.

    And there's no way, on my minuscule student wage, that I can afford to purchase a costume.

    But, the flip-side to this argument is the general public's right to know that if they buy into Scientology, Xenu comes with the package!
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    Agreeing with this thread. That's the kind of thing PETA is known for, and I'd rather veer into them with my car then watch one of their pickets.
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    Sort of off topic but not really:
    One of the things that I, as a vegetarian, use as my main reason for not supporting PETA is their use of shock images in their protests.
    You can't even go to the mall without seeing pictures of dead horses. First of all I have no idea why in the blue blazes they were picketing a mall in the first place, so don't ask. Secondly, they were downright belligerent when I explained to them that not everybody wants to see pictures of dead animals, especially the vegetarians and vegans who might otherwise support their cause.
    So basically, please, no shock images if you're thinking of it. It'll just make people angry.
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  30. The good thing with alien costumes is that ordinary Scientologists don't know about Xenu. That the CoS is lying to it's members and hiding secrets from them is one thing we are protesting. "Serious" CoS protesters have used Xenu a lot in the past too.
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    Re: Alien Costumes

    You can get Star Wars Alien Masks on Amazon at fairly reasonable prices.

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