All protests in the UK must now cease

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by RolandRB, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. RolandRB Member

    All protests against the Supreme-Court-recognised religion of Scientology in the UK must now cease. To disturb a religious service is a common law offence so any gathering for this intent is illegal. Police would be right to arrest anybody so doing. And even if people gather there in silence, with signs, then I am sure they are hoping that passing cars will toot their horns and so disturb their religious services, so to gather with masks and signs to protest Scientology is illegal. Maybe to quietly and respectfully, without masks and signs, gather there is OK but that might lead to passing motorists tooting their horns in support so that is illegal as well.

    All protests about this newly recognised religion in the UK must now cease. Scientology in the UK is a religion recognised by the highest Court in the land and must now be allowed to expand and gain new converts without let or hindrance.
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  2. The Internet Member

    Oh you. Just say you aren't protesting the religious part of Scientology, whatever that might be. Say you are protesting their fashion sense.
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  3. RolandRB Member

    That would still be disturbing a service under common law because, again, passing car drivers might toot their horns in agreement and that would disturb their religious services and so it is illegal.

    Plus (I almost forgot), part of their religious services sometime include "locationals" which means going out on the streets to observe things. If a parishioner, doing a locational, saw the protesters, even if they had no signs or masks and were totally quiet, their individual religious service will have been disturbed.
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  4. Ethics Bait Member

    Show the authorities the swing coats. They'll allow the protests for that. Who wouldn't?
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  5. The Internet Member


    Well what if you put a big protest sign up that says, "Shh! Scientologists are praying to themselves and their wallets."

    Or, "Street artists at work! Absolutely not a protest! Just enjoying the brainwashing from a safe distance here!"
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  6. RolandRB Member

    So long as the police put up signs that no use of car horns are permitted in the area then that might be OK.
  7. The Internet Member

    Could protestors have signs saying, "Please don't honk or the Scientologists will have us in court for disrupting their services to David Miscavige's bank accounts. Thanks in advance!"?


    "Free speech does not give one the right to disrupt a religious service. So we are definitely not doing that! In fact, I'm pretty sure we are avoiding free speech on this sign."
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  8. RolandRB Member

    The Church can now claim that all auditing and training is a form of Scientological religious worship, and nobody can oppose them, so even if they happen not to be holding one of their important religious ceremonies in their chapel at the time a protest turns up (it would take them at least 5 minutes to organise one) then they can still claim that their religious services are being disturbed.

    I have changed sides, after the Lords in the Supreme Court decided that Scientology is a religion. I am sure we all agree here that all religions are good, and beneficial to society, so since Scientology is now officially one of these then it is also good and beneficial to society. The Church of Scientology should get the same tax perks that all religions in the UK enjoy. It can not be denied to the Church of Scientology unless we deny it to all other religions, and we would not want to do that!
  9. RolandRB Member

    I'd support the second suggestion but not the first.
  10. The Internet Member

    Hey I got Roland to like one of my ideas!
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  11. Incredulicide Member

    So did I, and here it is!
  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

    You say that like it's a good thing.
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  13. RolandRB Member

    All it needs now is for Prince Charles to talk with David Miscavige about body thetans and be seen and photographed together and the UK will be well on the way to being the first Cleared continent. Maybe even a solo auditing session for the Royal BTs - "One asks one to get one's stop off".
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  14. TorontosRoot Member

    Pathetic for the UK to be blindsided by a fucking CULT.
  15. RolandRB Member

    The highest Court in the land has decided. We must all live with that and dutifully pay our taxes to all religions in the land, including Scientology.
  16. Anonymous Member

    They tried to use a similar ordinance in Chicago to claim that whenever they were open they were running "religious services" but it didn't fly.

    Also, the last time Pope Rottweiler visited the UK he was protested fairly heavily so clearly there is some precedent for protests against religious organizations.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    So- let's get this straight, if $cientology is now considered a religion in the UK- it is open to all and to deny it to anyone could be seen as being prejudicial. Simialrly, as Scientology as practiced by the idies is also a relgion, the cult cannot interrupt their services.

    Anonymous can now attend $cientology "church" for public services (which it must hold) and we can also practice Scientology right outside the org giving our own version of scientology- for free!
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  18. RolandRB Member

    Not quite. The words "Scientology" and "Scientologist" are trademarked, so can not be used without the Church's permission. You are free to practice Squirrelology outside one of their churches but not so that you can be heard or seen as that would be "disturbing a service" which is a crime under Common Law.
  19. laughingsock Member

    I usually stay out of AVS threads, but this doesn't sound good at all. Is there any possibility of this becoming case law, perhaps spreading through out Europe?
  20. Quentinanon Member

    No. On the continent, they are aware of the quirky British system of laws. I think the illness will get contained at the border.
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  21. 314

    That would be great if true. Would like the opinion of some European Anons.

    What about the other Commonwealth countries? How might this influence them?
  22. RolandRB Member

    Protesting Scientology in the UK, now it has been made an official religion there, such that it disturbed one of their religious services (even if that were screaming at ashtrays) could be regarded as a religious hate crime with penalty of imprisonment.
  23. Anonymous Member

    I appreciate your apparent disgust at this appalling decision Roland. not being overly familiar with the system there, are ther any avenues left legally to challenge and overturn this decision? Granted that challenge may require powerful allies, and deep pockets.
  24. The Internet Member

    So don't do that. Pick out some specific teaching or activity within Scientology and protest that. Say you protest non-Scientologists who promote those teachings or activities as well.

    - Fair Game policy
    - Forced disconnection
    - Secret teachings that cost ridiculous sums to learn
    - Long history of infiltration of government agencies
    - Tying critics up in expensive court cases in order to ruin them
    - Black PR campaigns
    - Quackery
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  25. The Internet Member

    The problem as I see it is this: who gives a fuck where people get married?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Unintended consequences are unintended and shortsighted. :(
  27. RolandRB Member

    The "marriage" was a disguise for "place of religious worship" which was a disguise for "total tax exemption by fraudulent means".
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  28. The Internet Member

    Yeah those Scientology buggers are geniuses at gaming the system. If only they would put all that brain power into something useful instead, like bringing down the price of 3d prototyping printers. Because that's a cool toy I would like to have.
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  29. Quentinanon Member

    Gaming the system is an integral part of scientology and has been since Hubbard decided on the "religious angle" in 1953. That is how the organisation has survived as long as it has.
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  30. The Internet Member

    Plus the crazy. Don't forget the crazy.

    Like right now, I bet there is some Sea Org crew tasked with linking every mean thing said by each one of us with our personal profiles in some large "suppressive persons" database. Every mean comment will one day be erased from our collective written records and human memory. Someone is plotting out various ways to make this impossibility happen even now.

    The entheta-out-of-history effort might take decades and cost billions. Ordinary crooks would look at all that and go, "Oh fuck it. I'll just live with people thinking I was a bastard." But not the Scientologists! They've developed a unique brand of crazy that sustains them in the face of overwhelming, "LOL No!"
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  31. RolandRB Member

    Now that they are part of the British establishment, through the decision of the highest Court in the land, then perhaps it is time to enact blasphemy laws against critics in the UK. Also, "religious hatred" legislation. All they have to do now is to point their finger at what displeases them and the British police will wade in with truncheons.
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  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. RolandRB Member

    If there were a new Epic Nose Guy in the UK, protesting Scientology, now they have been inaugurated into the British establishment by the highest Court in the land, he will likely be clubbed senseless by police truncheons.
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  36. The Internet Member

    Roland don't give yourself a heart attack. The Hobbits of Middle Earth will think of something to get us through this time of peril. They always do

    Chin up. Stiff upper lip. Battle of Britain. Finest hour. Teatime, etc.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    It'll be the one bloody thing that does.
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  38. RolandRB Member

    Now that Scientology has been inaugurated into the British establishment by the highest Court in the land, then, as a Scientologist, it would enrage me if there were protesters outside my church sporting the filthy "C" word "Cult". It would enrage me to the point that I would pick up one of the bronze busts of Mankind's Greatest Friend and go out there and split their heads open with it. So, in order to keep public order and to avoid public violence, they had better not do that.
  39. RolandRB Member

    Scientology have trademarked the name "Churchill" (I think, because they use it on the Ideal Orgs campaigns) so don't hold out much hope.

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