Alleged Anonymous raided by FBI after exposing Ohio rape scandal

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Radishcal, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Thanks to the anon who posted this in the Verizon thread. I am speechless. WTF?

    Alleged Anonymous hacker raided by FBI after exposing Ohio rape scandal

    Published time: June 06, 2013 21:44
    Edited time: June 07, 2013 00:17
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    Anonymous, Crime, Hacking, Law, Scandal, Sex, Social networks, USA
    A 26-year-old Kentucky man says the FBI raided his home earlier this year in an attempt to investigate two hacker groups and the role they played in exposing the players linked to a high-profile rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.

    An aspiring rapper from Winchester, KY named Deric Lostutter revealed Thursday that agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a search of his home two months ago and seized computers, electronics and other items pursuant to a warrant signed April 15 by a federal judge for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

    Lostutter has not been charged with any crime yet, but the FBI combed through his house in search of items pertaining to the hacktivist group Anonymous and an offshoot, KnightSec.
    According to the warrant, Lostutter is likely the target of an investigation into KnightSec’s online campaign earlier this year to collect, analyze and distribute information about the gang rape of a teenage girl the previous summer in the town of Steubenville, around 400 miles away from Winchester near Ohio’s border with Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

    The 16-year-old victim, whose name has not been published due to her age and the brutal nature of the crime, testified in court that she didn’t even know she had been assaulted until she learned about the incident on social media the following day last August. Images began circulating the next morning of a seemingly lifeless body being dragged by teenagers across the room of a party, and several witnesses tweeted accounts of a high school rager that went terribly awry.
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    This is beyond fucked up.
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    This is wrong. FFS does the FBI not have any more important targets than raiding people who expose rape on the internet? REALLY? WTH? They are out of control.
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  7. Now in the US, people are being arrested for DOING THE RIGHT THING.

    Time to revolt or GTFO.

    Or, you can continue rolling over and playing dead to earn your bone.
  8. A.O.T.F Member

    We are unable to confirm or deny that it's going to turn really nasty.
  9. They're going to prosecute KYA for the digital equivalent of a bona fide citizen's arrest?

    There's a shitstorm a-brewing.jpg
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    The FBI brand is going down the drain. There's no notable FBI characters since the X-Files, and they were misfits in the system. They are not even scary without coming at you as a big gang drawing big guns. Whereas Anonymous is a different league, now leaking NSA docs. As for foreign relations, Turkish flight attendances wear GF masks, doing group safety drills as a form of protest.
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  11. Also: Their model agent J. Edgar Hoover was a cross-dressing dick sucker. I guess this explains why the FBI supports rape and rapists.
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    Perhaps Stubenville cuts to close to the bone.

    I have no doubt the boys who did that are just the tip of the iceberg, that the system feeding these kids into colleges and ultimately pro ball is big and a source of payola for many. Jane Doe was an inconvenient moment of revelation and the system's job is to make it look like a one-off, a bunch of bad seeds.

    It is revealing to see anonymous getting pushback from law enforcement over protest and dox on rape and child abuse. We have struck a nerve. IMO, anon should push back with more dox and some follow-the-money.

    Studies have shown that compassion is in a certain part of the brain and a head injury in the right spot can leave one without conscience. You can also lose impulse control after a good crack to the right spot. The head injuries in football have been well-documented. It should be no surprise that the football farm system has spawned a bunch of physically aggressive amoral shitheels. They are going to do anything they can to keep the gravy train running. Be safe out there....
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  13. Anonymous Member

    WTF? We need to see more media on this.

    Not really. I think you're confusing transvestitism and homosexuality (both perfectly respectable 21st-century pastimes) with rape (not so much).
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  14. Some back-story:
  15. sallysock Member

    The scourge of Steubenville speaks out about his FBI raid

    By Lorraine Murphy on June 06, 2013 Email
    KYAnonymous led the charge against the Steubenville rapists. Then the FBI showed up at his house.
    Back then, he and his collegues in the hacker group KnightSec were portrayed as ungovernable vigilantes out to lynch arbitrarily chosen suspects. Now that Steubenville has seen two rapists convicted and their entire town shamed for supporting rape culture, things look a little different.

    Adding celebrity luster, former porn star and actress Traci Lords issued a powerful video inspired by the campaign, and explained on Piers Morgan's show that she had been raped in Steubenville as a child, and that to her the culture had not changed for the better in the intervening years. The website for student athletics was spectacularly hacked and defaced by Anonymous in retaliation for the rapes, committed by high school athletes. CNN itself suffered massive blowback when their coverage of the verdict focused more on the blighted futures of the perpetrators than the dead victim.

    So what's up with the man at the head of the effort to change Steubenville forever? Not much, if you don't count the house call by the FBI, the decision today to go public with that, and the sudden resultant international media coverage. But it's not as if he's unprepared. He's lawyered up and ready for action; he has not been charged with any crime, but the FBI did take his computer and his Xbox, so he has nothing better to do than to give interviews. He has every reason to believe the feds aren't done with him yet.

    He took the unusual step of speaking out about the event in order to take control of the narrative as it plays out. We spoke to KYAnonymous, a.k.a. Deric Lostutter, a.k.a. rapper Shadow, via Skype.
    Daily Dot: Thanks for talking to us. Your day must be going pretty crazy.
    KY: Everything's pretty crazy so it's hard to respond through social media right now.

    Continues at :
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    KYAnonymous shared a link.

    June 3
    The OFFICIAL Fan/Support Page of KYAnonymous. Legal questions to : Jason Flores-Williams Donations for Legal defense Checks Payable to Deric Lostutter Fund mailed to the WBDL WhistleBlower Defense League P.O. Box 9506 Santa Fe, NM 87504

    KYAnonymous shared a link.

    51 minutes ago
    5,800 $$$ donated so far to the defense fund! live count up by monday, I dont see that money my lawyer does, if you feel like donating other monies for groceries/dogfood and more due to lack of work for this fiasco (self employed IT consultant) donate button at top of and that goes to me, 50 cents would help as bills dont care if I get raided for doing a good thing. Other than that, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING you guys rock!
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  17. Someone send KY a puter so he can work. kthxbai
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  19. ugh oh, another person who used controversy to fund raise for their own bank account got the shaft.
    enjoy your e-fame.

    YAN, "your anon news" - the fraudulent copy, has begged / raised thousands of dollars.
  20. Please die running into a house fire and video it so we can all enjoy.

  21. It should be tax deductible.

    KY, make sure once you are exonerated that you sue the state and feds for whatever this all cost you, plus damages for false arrest, etc.

    Best of luck!
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  23. How about a link to the original thread posted about this matter? For educational purposes.
  24. For the TL:DR people,

    He has not been charged with any crime.
  25. However the FBI arriving with assault rifles is not a good sign.
  26. A.O.T.F Member

    Thank You KY for having the balls, and for standing up and fighting for what is right & just! and that thanks flows to all the Knightsec Anons, and to all the other Anons who selflessly gave of their time and effort in helping ensure that justice prevailed. We applaud you all.
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    Excessive force much?
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  28. anonsoldier Member

    Way too much. The only reason for having weapons is you expect resistance. The fact that they didn't even allow him to cooperate with the search once he was detained speaks volumes about the ineptitude of whoever ran this arrest.

    I could understand having a small tactical team in case they suspect he might have a few firearms and get belligerent, but using a battering ram on the garage door? Smashing in windows on the RV? That's just sounding way over the top for this kind of arrest.
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    Really? This looks to be only the latest in a long line of intimidation acts against activists. Not sure it is happening due to 'ineptitude'.
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    I love KYAnonymous. I am a total Chanologist and opposed to groups operating under the name of Anonymous using illegal means in domestic anti-corporation and anti-government ops.

    In December I got interested in KYA's campaign against revenge porn and WBC. I got fascinated with his Steubenville campaign and became an enthusiastic promoter on the Twitter up to the time of the first raid in late December. I started the thread here on WWP and KYA himself joined us and posted a few times.

    Compared to Chanology raids the first Steubenville raid was boring. All talk and outrage; no lulz or musics. So I stopped following all the aftermath, and KYA dropped out of sight for a while to spend time with his family etc.

    But tens of thousands of peeps from all round the world on Twitter watched the live feeds.

    He only recently re-appeared a short while before he got stomped on by the Party Van and doxed.

    I find him a significant figure in Anonymous history as it unfolds. He is a moralfag of the highest order - can't get moar moralfaggotic than revenge porn and rape.

    He almost single-handedly created these campaigns and was simply astonishing in his ability to rally the masses.

    As momentum built toward the first Steubenville raid soccer moms in the Ohio Valley started tweeting, "I'm not sure about Anonymous but @KYAnonymous is doing a great thing taking on the bully boys."

    Meanwhile their kids are scarfing ups Guy Fawkes mask and Anon flags and arranging rides for the first raid.

    KYA brought Anon to bear on a single issue in an obscure city in Middle America. This is a remarkable achievement and development in the history of post-Chanology anon groups.
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    hope fucking whiteknight the buttreap in jail soon
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    A pleasure to have donated to this fine, moral and lulzy anon.
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  37. What a Racket.
    Total Scam.
    This message by wutawigga has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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