Alleged Anonymous raided by FBI after exposing Ohio rape scandal

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Radishcal, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Then that's OK, I want to donate to this one guy, not whoever else they think is worthy.
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    Saw this:
    Shadow | KYAnonymous@shadowrapz 4h
    @dravazed im no hero. I just stood up for what i see needed done. Someone had to. Why not anonymous the real heroes are the protesters

    and then this. Happy.
    Current total:
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    Heavy handed example making, is heavy handed. :(
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    A snip:
    Lostutter said he could relate to the girl’s victimization at the hands of two football players, because his mother had once dated a guy who abused her. He also sensed something fishy with the lack of charges outside of the two players accused. Living in Winchester, where the highlight of the year is the annual Beer Cheese Festival, he knew how things worked in small towns. "The town of Steubenville has been good at keeping this quiet and their star football team protected," he wrote in KnightSec's first Steubenville statment. Sixteen witnesses refused to cooperate with the investigation.

    He’d read online that witnessing a crime without reporting it was a misdemeanor, and he saw the callous jokes and photos shared by other students online. So why had the county sheriff told reporters he couldn't charge any of them?

    "He was like, 'I don't know that they broke any other law than being stupid,'" Lostutter said. "You can't really be that fucking country to say that shit. I just Googled the law they broke!"
    Lostutter began with the video because he knew this might catch the media’s attention and bring a spotlight on the case, just as it had to Hunter Moore. Lostutter is adamant that throughout his career as a hacktivist he never hacked anything himself. He was a hype man, making videos, launching campaigns, and obsessively tweeting about them—he would "weaponize the media," as he calls it, and inspire other people to join and do the dirty work.
    “People go online and they read news sites because they want to know what's going on," he said. "And if it ain't from a reputable site then they ain't gonna believe it. So I gotta make sure that anything I do gets put on these reputable sites.”
    In this case, Lostutter’s video went from his bedroom to national news so quickly because he expertly tapped into widespread suspicions that something was not right in Steubenville.
    More at link.
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    So I take you you are a friend of the rapist then?
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    Man who took control of fan website talks

    February 6, 2013

    By MICHAEL D. McELWAIN - Staff writer ( , The Herald-Star

    /A few snips/

    Noah, who said his only role was temporarily taking over the local website, still maintains a JustBatCat Twitter account and, for many months, has used the "BatCat" name.
    Noah's involvement came by way of a conversation with KYAnonymous. "KY approached me," Noah said. "I've only used the 'BatCat' name for this one hack. I planned from the beginning to delete 'JustBatCat' (Twitter name) after it was done."

    Noah said getting in and taking control of the website "took about 15 minutes."
    It was not a hack that involved cracking deep into code but relied on a combination of good luck and poor security measures. "I was able to get into his Comcast account by answering his 'forgot your password' (security) question correctly. His (the site owner's security) answer was 'Big Red,' Noah said. "I then just used that to get into the web hosting (account)."


    As far as possibly facing legal action due to his role, Noah said, "I don't think so," and noted it was not a government site that was compromised.

    Full article:

    I saw the link to this posted on KY's fb page. The date floored me. I remember when all of this was happening but somehow missed this press article. If I recall correctly there was a lot going on due to the loss of Aaron and protests during that time.
    Just putting it here for anyone else who may have missed it.
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    Kentucky is a southern state; southern states don't register firearms. The exception being for a concealed-carry permit, but as long as you wear sidearm outside your pants, no registration is needed.
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    This is a real chance to learn. FBI agents are NEVER your friend, they will never fight for you, and they will use every scrap of evidence that they can obtain to prosecute you. They might act like your friend, but part of their job is to gain your trust in an effort to get you to incriminate yourself. Good cop, bad cop... it works on those that are naive of pig tactics.

    If you lie to an FBI agent, no matter how small the lie, you will go to prison! The only thing anyone should say when confronted by federal agents is "I wish to speak with an attorney", then keep your mouth shut. Don't make their case for them. If they have the evidence, you will be prosecuted, so don't give them any evidence... SHUT THE FUCK UP in the presence of law enforcement. The Fifth Amendment is a guarantee against self incrimination. Use it!
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    CNN Interview/Video 6/17 at Link :
    June 17th, 2013
    07:55 PM ET

    Internet activist who helped expose Steubenville rape may face jail time

    A drunk 16-year-old girl at a party was raped by two high school football players. It was an outrageous case that tarnished the name of the town where it occurred - Steubenville, Ohio.
    Especially after images of the attack and social media comments about it went viral.
    Many first learned of the rape after a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask - the international symbol of the hacker group Anonymous - got involved.
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    ^ and THIS
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  20. Had no clue there were so many threads on ky here. Last one I contributed to had the "does porn" update.
    Fucking fuck.
    Google chaturbate icymi.

    After dropping Tor and making all kinds of ppl wonder wtf...
    He has offered a bounty for the dox on an anon rainbow ninja.
    He did that.

    Haz disapoint.
  21. Yes, the FBI would raid your house. They'd have to. They have to keep up the image of control. You did a better job than them for this circumstance. I'd like to say the NSA is on this, but alas, they are probably to busy computing social outcomes of oppression.
    I didn't read the whole story, just heard about it. Good job.

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