Am praying for you

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Dear Friends in Iran:

    I am heartbroken and frightened over what is happening in your country and in your neighborhoods following the false election of your president.

    I am praying above all for peace. I am sorry to hear of the terrible loss of life.

    I am praying for dignity,for your human rights to be respected.

    I am impressed at what you are doing. You are demanding truth and justice, shouting out your outrage, spreading the news on Twitter, marching in the streets.

    You know the truth in your hearts, and you know your families and close friends. Now, because of your vote, because of your courage, you also know the hearts of your neighbors, your communities, your fellow Iranians.

    Do not ever allow your government to come between you and those closest to you. Believe in each other. And no matter what happens, do not believe the lies they are telling about you. You are not criminals, you are not dirt. You are fighting a cause I believe in.

    If you want our help, let us know what we can do. I remember the sorrow your country expressed after the September 11th attacks.


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