Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by amaX, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Congratulations, AnomMomAnon2.
    You know what this calls for?

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  3. what cult watch day is this?
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    Cleveland Street. AKA Honorary AnonMomAnon2 Way. FTW!
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  5. amaX Member

    DAY 2,042 Rest in peace, Shawn Lonsdale!

    I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am. Awesome and amazing support from everyone who came to the court house today.

    Will scan document in a little bit. Xander took a couple of pix and he'll probably post them later.

    Thank you once again to everyone who donated so generously to my representation.

    Thank you for all the private messages of support.

    Thank you to two particular "chicks" who keep me well stocked in pix of chocolate and other fancy desserts. Y'all know who you are!

    A big thank you to the person who donated $ to help me get a nice suit to wear to court. I call it my blankblank Power Suit and I appreciate the generosity.

    Thanks, everybody!

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  6. amaX Member


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  7. amaX Member

    I'm in Comfy Comfies, Dra! <3
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  8. The evidence presented is insufficient!

    Suck on that cult mecca. Well done AMA et al. Is your new suit black with a red tie? ;)
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  9. hushpuppy Member

    CongratsAMA!!!! Awesome news!!!

    Who were present?
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  10. AnonLover Member

    "The evidence presented is insufficient..."

    AND moms had a blankblank Power Suit!!

    (happy dance)
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  11. RavenEyes Member

    Congrats!, way to go!, yay!, and other stuff like that!!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    blankblank power suit pics or GTFO. :D
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  12. OSA Member

    The document is false.
    This case was not dismissed &quot;without prejudice&quot; but in fact, with a great deal of prejudice, intolerance and injury to all parties concerned.
    Laura A. Flynn, you will rue this day. We are not finished with you yet!
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    Laminate that goldenrod.
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    Comfy comfies rock! Glad the TRO was dismissed.... now get out there to the alley to visit your old "friends"! Wish I could be there!
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    My stars, I do believe that is the pertiest shade of yeller I ever saw
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  17. amaX Member

    Thanks, everyone. Hey, what's an old lady got to do to get listed on Tony O's Thursday upstat/downstat list???
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  18. LocalSP Member

    Hey how about some details on what happened at court. What was said by the clams and such.
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  19. Miranda Member

    Yes! Tell us all the juicy parts!
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  20. Miranda Member

    Don't just like my post, AMA--TELL!!
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    We have ways of making her talk. Like tempting her with...this!

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  26. amaX Member


    Okay. Xander was there and he did take a couple of pix, but I don't have them yet. As soon as I get them I will post them here. I'm really tired so I'm going to hit the high spots and tomorrow when I have time to remember everything more clearly then I'll post the details.

    We were moved to a secure area and our case was heard in the judge's chambers.

    I was represented by Luke Lirot and Tim Dandar. They were the only one's allowed to go into chambers with me. Robert Potter represented Avila. Sarah Heller was allowed to go into the judge's chambers because Potter said she was a paralegal.

    The TRO was granted for Repeat Violence. Avila was trying to say that I had come in contact with him on July 4, 2011 and again on July 6, 2011. Avila said that I bumped him on July 4th when Watterson St. was full of "2,000" Sea Org. He said that Six, Xander, and myself were all protesting on July 4th. He said that since it was not on tape and that no one else had seen it and he thought I might have accidentally bumped him that he sort of dismissed that.

    Avila was telling all the reasons he was afraid of me. He said that I had once pointed at him and said, "I don't like him."

    He said he overheard me say something about a revolver and this scared him.

    He also pulled out an old picture of me sitting in a wheelchair at the City Hall Fountain and I'm holding a knife that I used to cut our monthly cake. This picture also scared him because he's one of the people who monitors my posts on the internet. So when he saw that picture it really scared him.

    He said that he understood that Anonymous were terrorists who had done all sorts of things. He brought up all kinds of things that had supposedly happened including that some of their buildings had been shot at. *Lirot objected and brought him back to just discussing what has happened in Clearwater.

    Avila's attorney brought out an overhead picture from a surveillance camera that was taken on July 6th=the day I was arrested to show how congested it was and how I was in all the congestion of Sea Org trying to go eat lunch.

    *This will amuse those of you who know my lack of kompewter skillz: Avila said that he had no real knowledge of my being involved with ddos attacks, but that there had been some anonymously written posts that lead him to believe I'd written them and had been involved. I don't know which one of you poor saps writes as horribly as me, but it was not me involved in any ddos. Let's just say that I'm not very good on a computer...

    **I know I'm forgetting a ton of stuff here and I will remember more later, but I'm only trying to hit the highlights.

    Lirot then cross-examined Avila.

    Then Lirot questioned me. Basically let me say that I had never threatened a scientologist. He let me explain the knife picture: the bakery had forgotten to give me a cake server. I was allowed to explain that my cake server is ceramic and covered in shamocks and it was too nice to bring to a protest so I brought the big knife. I said the picture was actually taken from our website.

    Lirot brought up questions that allowed me to explain that I'd been the police contact since March of 2008.

    I said I'd never threatened a scientologist.

    I told a little bit about some of the harassment I've encountered to explain why I tried to conceal my identity with a mask or a face covering.

    I was allowed to tell that Avila was wrong about who was protesting with me on which dates. Xander and I were alone on July 4th and we ended up being there for only about 15-20 minutes because of how severely OSA was surrounding us, bumping into us, and not allowing us to move where we wanted because of how they were surrounding us.

    I explained that I had gone down Watterson to try and aid Xander because he was really being jostled around and this was the first time I'd ever seen them be this aggressive with him. I explained that I ended up in the middle and there was a much knocking about of both of us by the OSA guards.

    I explained that I take a medication that makes my hands shake early in the day. I told the judge that I had to tell Avila that because he kept badgering me that I was afraid of him because I was shaking. I said that Avila and another OSA guard were all over me and kept taunting me while I tried to contact the Clearwater Police Dept.'s front desk. I said that Avila and the other guy were so loud that the front desk person asked who that was talking so loudly. It was so bad that I had to hang up and then dial 9-1-1 which brought two patrol officers. I said that nothing was reported and no charged filed on that day, but that Xander and I had gone over to the police station to tell the CO for the day what had happened. I said that we decided to just leave because it was the 4th and the police were stretched thin that day with all the festivities planned at Coachman park and the fireworks.

    I then explained that on July 6th it was only myself and Six. I said that I was talking to two public scientologists on the corner of Cleveland and Ft. Harrison when Six called to tell me to get to Watterson St.

    When I went down Watterson I saw that Six was surrounded but she motioned that she was alright. I was trying to get back up to Cleveland St. when Avila, two public scientologists and Scott (who was passing himself off as a public sci, but who ended up being Sea Org.) I said that I was surrounded with Avila walking in front of me. I said that he kept motioning for me to come around him and when I'd try to pass he would step into me. He was trying to trip me and I did not want to fall because I did not want to break bones. I said that he had motioned for me to come around again the last time and when he stepped into me that I put my arm out and that's when the contact happened.

    I finally got to say that it was such a dangerous situation that I stopped trying to get back to Cleveland St. I said that I just turned and put my back against the wall of the old bank building while Scott and the two public scientologists had me pinned to the wall. I said that, in fact, when the police officer arrived he had to make the female scientologist stop screaming in my face so he could speak with me.

    The police officer said that they'd been called because I was blocking the entrance to the building. I told the officer that I had not gotten anywhere near the entrance of the building. The officer said they had it on tape. I said go ahead and look because I knew I hadn't been anywhere near the entrance. The officer said that if he took the time to look at the video and found that I was lying that I would be arrested. I told him to go ahead.

    I walked down to where Avila and another OSA guy were frantically thumbing through the videos. At this time I told everyone in the room that of course they couldn't find that video because it didn't exist. What they did find was my bumping into Avila. I was arrested for that instead of blocking the entrance to the old bank building.

    I was allowed to tell about how there had been physical attacks on myself and other Clearwater Anons before.

    Tim Dandar was an important part of the proceedings today. He did the research on the legal cases that supported my case. I was also very important today because I got to pass notes from Dandar to Lirot. Heh.

    Potter cross-examined me.

    Then Lirot brought in Xander. He told what happened on July 4th. I'll let him post more about that including his outfit of choice for the day. Heh.

    Potter also cross-examined Xander.

    Potter gave a closing argument. He actually winked at me when he said that he felt the restraining order should be permanent and maybe that would help me to move on with my life and do something else.

    Lirot gave his closing argument. Amazing.

    The judge then ruled and the restraining order was thrown out.


    I am so grateful this part is over.

    I promise that I'll post more when I've rested and I'll try to answer what I can.

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  27. AnonLover Member

    FKing Dandar + Lirot = ohhhhhhh sooooooo delicious WIN!!

    Paging Xandar to red phone, get yer butt in here and give us MOAR!
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    Posting in Epic thread.

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    Thank you, AMA. Get some sleep! Looking forward to hearing more.
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    Those cakes do not look very healthy.
    You should try some of these:

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    I'm sure that Anonmom has had her fill of clams today.
  33. Ann O'Nymous Member

  34. telomere Member

    If you're sure, then maybe she can move on with her life and do something else.
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  36. telomere Member

    protip: "everyone" includes ^^^
  37. anonymous612 Member

    Listing off the specific parties that could potentially receive lawsuits would just give them advanced warning. I'd prefer to see them make a mess out of their pants in surprise. ;D

    Oh email, you bring me such good things:

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    You're not old enough.
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    I just want to know how Avila feels about admitting he's afraid of a widdle old lady in a wheelchair.

    He's kind of a pussy, ain't he?
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  40. FloGold Moderator

    every little win for us is an avalanche of fail for them.

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