Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

Discussion in 'Media' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, May 5, 2012.

  1. What does a Scientology marriage to the Gaiman family buy you? A Scientology record producer John Congleton and a kickstarter campaign FUNDED by SCIENTOLOGY.

    Some interesting Docs:

    The Mocketts with pictures of Doug Mockett as a child, Kathy Mockett (AP's mother) and Jack Palmer (AP's father dressed in what looks like a Sea Org Outfit) and Amanda Palmer as a child:

    The Mockett Family Foundation registered in the Virgin Islands (Doug Mockett)

    Doug Mockett & Co. construction contract with Scientology Class V Org 1300 East 8th Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605:

    Doug Mockett's association with

    Scientology front groups art benefit for Haiti:

    is also the art group

    Haitian Vulture ministers

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  2. krampus Member

    Should have known the clams would abuse Kickstarter.
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  3. The Scientologists have a long history of hiding their activities behind various fronts. Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are particularly adept at casting the illusion they are free agents when they are funding Scientology to the tune of half a million dollars in 2010 and continue to fund the cult. Gaiman's company G&G Vitamins is a major Scientology cash cow.

    Now the Scientologists can order their Sea Org Slaves to pay their measly $50.00 to Gaiman and Palmer, so they can continue the pretense of having careers when they actually have no traction.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    The Gaimans along with the Feshbachs are among the few families who are scientology "nobility", a phenomena that began in the 1970's at the Guardian Office WW with the Gaimans. David Gaiman aggressively set a precedent for privileged treatment of him and his family.
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  5. krampus Member

    This is how the Scienos suck in people desperate for fame and attention. It's a Faustian pact.
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  6. Thanks for the info about the Feshbachs! Appreciated.

    The Gaiman's have been raping the congregation for years. There was the famous Birmingham Land Deal where they took money:

    I believe the Scientologists are draining government library funds by feeding them to Neil Gaiman. Matt Dean was right to call Gaiman a pencil necked weasel thief for taking $40,000.00 from the library and the Scientologsts have been cultivating the librarians for years.

    The Scientologists sent Gaiman to China to try and set up book and film deals, just as they sent his father to Russia.

    So far, Gaiman has been ineffective. The Chinese say he has an authority problem.

    Translation= Neil Gaiman is an arrogant Scientologist.
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    Amanda Palmer raising half a million in donations only makes sense if you factor in Scientology through Kickstarter. Dumb Bitch was dropped by her record company for NOT making money.

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  9. Scientology is like the Truman Show. They create an illusion and keep feeding their celebrities and in the case of Gaiman and Palmer Quasi-gong show style celebrities a loop of bullshit like their Kickstarter campaign.

    Gaiman and Palmer's G&G Vitamins earns the cult 6 million a year, so Scientology funds their self-referential feedback loop for 1 million a year.

    Profit to Scientology= 5 million a year.

    What is Neil Gaiman's real job? Vitamin Salesman.
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  10. Gaiman and Palmer's Cash Cow:

    G & G History

    In post-war Britain vitamin manufacturing was not the thriving industry that it is today. Vitamins and minerals were prescribed, but rarely in enough quantity to do any real good. Sheila Gaiman was a pharmacist at the University College Hospital in London. In 1956 she became a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and is today one of its longest serving members.

    In 1965 research emerged showing that a much higher dosage of Vitamin E (300 times more than was widely available) was necessary particularly for those living in higher altitudes. The [IMG]
    concept of the multivitamin was also just coming into the UK, but once again the quantities were much too small. So with Sheila’s knowledge in the field, her husband David Gaiman was able to approach a large pharmaceutical company and negotiate the manufacture of high dosage Vitamin E and a three part multivitamin.
    [IMG] The new vitamin company was called G&G. It originally sold vitamins by mail order, out of the Gaiman’s Sussex home. In 1977 G&G bought its first shop. This was on East Grinstead High Street. It sold unique vitamins and minerals as well as other health food products.

    In 1983 G&G began to concentrate on providing nutritional data and research information from around the world to practitioners, nutritionists and clinics in the UK and Europe.
    The company quickly established an enviable reputation both for the information and research it was able to supply and the high quality of its own label products. Finally, in 1987 G&G began creating its own label vitamins for the first time, able to do this the way it had wanted; pure, high quality and high strength.
    G&G has grown over the years from a cottage business into one of the largest manufacturers of encapsulated vitamin and mineral products in the UK health industry. It supplies companies and clinics in over fifty countries. Along the way G&G has passed milestone after milestone and achieved several firsts in the ever-growing area of nutrition and health. G&G and its founders have been involved in numerous humanitarian causes, including supplying African children with nutritional supplements and implementing detoxification programmes for Chernobyl victims.
    Forty-five years after it was founded, G&G is proud to take its lead from the Gaiman family, and the staff of G&G continue to uphold the high standards of decades past as they move into the future.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Gaiman and Palmer are Scientology scammers.
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  13. krampus Member

    Amanda Palmer's real Kickstarter backers

    3729 x 1.00
    4151 x 25.00

    Amanda Palmer's Scientology Scam Kickstarter Backers

    1 x $10,000.00
    29 x 5000.00
    19 x 1000.00
    18 x 1000.00
    13 x 500.00
    23 x 300.00
    26 x 300.00
    41 x 300.00
    37 x 300.00
    46 x300.00
    13 x 300.00
    115 x300.00
    51 x 250.00
    524 x 125.00
    176 x 100.00

    Oh yeah. Impressionable teens with cutting problems are contributing 5 grand. Sure they are.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Amanda Palmer is a lying Scientology hoe-bag.
  15. krampus Member

    This is going directly back to Scientology where it came from--not to music.After they hear one day of "production", they'll want their money back!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Can someone explain why she and Gaiman would show up to Kate's book party and why would the hoe-bag make comments about how much she liked Kate's book? I can't seem to find my tin foil so I cannot connect the dots.
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  17. Palmer and Gaiman are going to have to perform a lot of favors for the money.

    The moment they lusted for power and fame, they condemned themselves to a deeper and deeper association with the cult. But the audience they are building only exists within the cult, an audience of pathetic Scientologists.

    Their careers are a lie. Scientology owns Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Sorry Klaatu, but Neil actually is a decent writer.

    it's a shame he got culted.
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  19. Regardless of whether or not you like Gaiman's writing, his opportunities were all based on Scientology.
  20. krampus Member

    8th circle, 1st Bolgia, Malebolgie.

    Gaiman and Palmer are like the panderers and seducers using the passions of others to drive them to do their bidding, they are themselves driven by demons to march for all eternity through the fiery sands of Scientology.

    The demons driving them look very much like Tom Cruise, but taller.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Haters Gonna Hate

    Mod Edit: NSFW image removed

    . . . eat shit and die, losers.
  22. Quentinanon Member

    The PRC government is well aware of the criminal scams in scientology. OSA has attempted to get into China before and was "declared and expelled" for good.

    I confirm that. I remember him as a very narcissistic adolescent who was aware that he was in a privileged family and got away with things that would have put other people in serious trouble. Hubbard exploited his father David, and Miscavige is exploiting him. Both Gaimans shared the common button of insatiable, inflated egos.
  23. Quentinanon Member

    What the G&G puff piece does not state:
    David Gaiman and Herbie Parkhouse, as Deputy Guardians, ran an exclusive food concession on the property of St. Hill. The nearest restaurant or food store was 9 kilometers away in East Grinstead. They charged outrageous prices for the food and peddled G&G vitamins exclusively. "The Canteen" made huge profits serving lunch to a captive customer base.
    Neil observed the affinity scam his father ran and how easy it was to con marks with selective gullibility.
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  24. Quentinanon Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    I'm not seeing sufficient dox ITT. What is here only links their parents/relatives to the cult.

    I can accept that Neil was raised a Scientologist. Got anything from the last 30 years?

    Likewise, I guess Amanda might have some relatives involved. Anything linking her herself?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    G&G Vitamins openly gives money to things like CCHR and Youth For Human rights. If Neil Gaiman does indeed still own G&G than this is a clear ongoing tie.

    His ex-wife still seems to be a big Scientology donor and she gets a cut of what Neil makes but he can't exactly control that easily.

    So the G&G angle is a better one to establish proof, I think.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    Now you're just being silly.
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  28. As long as the hoe-bag pays into the cult, they really don't care where she she shows up. With Scientology, you need to observe what they do not what they say. Cruise has to associate with plenty of Wogs and Potential Trouble Sources in public. There is a long history of Scientologists hiding their status.

    What is obvious is that Gaiman and Palmer are surrounded by Scientologists and working with the producers (John Congleton) and in Gaiman's case, peddling American Gods around with celebrity Scientologist Robert Richardson. Gaiman pays the cult through business partner Mary Gaiman, half a million in 2010.

    What Scientolgy offers to gong show contestants like Gaiman and Palmer is access to other WISE members and promotion. That is what Gaiman's half a million is paying for, since Palmer has no record contract and Gaiman can't sell through his book projects to the general public. The only reason Gaiman was ever on the NYT list was because he hits every book store that reports, touring for months and dragging his comic book fans into the stores.

    The Kickstarter scam implies that Scientology wants their cult members to fund Gaiman and Palmer's amateur hour. Maybe the leadership is getting fed up of these two clowns.

    As far as Gaiman being mediocore goes.... Gaiman is an arrogant Scientologist who cannot be bothered to master his craft.
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  29. Great info! You have to be a narcissistic sociopath to brag about treating Chernobyl victims (children) with your vitamin cocktail, when the Russians ended the program because the children were getting sick and breaking out in sores. Neil Gaiman learned to lie and cheat from a very accomplished monster.
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  30. rof Member

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  31. anon walker Moderator

    Uncanny similarity!
  32. rof Member

    it's gotta be my favorite chanology coincidence

    kneel gaymans
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  33. There are exhaustive threads documenting the money trail from Neil Gaiman to Scientology. Gaiman is listed ad nauseam in the cornerstone newsletter:

    Try this thread:

    One thing you need to understand about Scientology:


    Gaiman's family members associate with him and he has been photographed at East Grinstead. The Scientologists consider Neil Gaiman to be a member. Gaiman pays them and goes along with their missions like the China thing that didn't work.

    Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are in an arranged marriage. Amanda Palmer was presented to Gaiman as an acceptable partner because of her Sea Org family connections.

    I'm sure Gaiman wanted a bigger fish, but no one wanted Gaiman, so the odious Palmer was the best he could do. Gaiman was faced with the choice of marrying her or being cut off and being the spineless jellyfish that he is, he chose to get on board the train.
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  34. Herro Member

    Lmao, I see you're still mad about Amanda Palmer. Never forget, Amanda Fucking Palmer > you.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Say what you want about him for his cult connections, but running him down as a writer is just plain silly.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    He doesn't own G&G. That was his parents, and now, mother's.
  37. Anonymous Member

    This thread is rubbish. Why did Amanda Palmer open an anti-Scientology book party in New York this week?

    Kate is not only a well-known performance artist, she's also a familiar face among the many commenters at this blog, and we've enjoyed learning about her experiences as a Scientologist on the Apollo with L. Ron Hubbard back in the early 1970s.

    So we were happy to be a part of the celebration, which was supposed to begin with a reading from the book. But instead, Kate announced a surprise guest: Amanda Palmer had crashed the party and would be starting the evening off with a song in Kate's honor!

    Palmer, one half of the musical duos The Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn, belted out a smart and funny song while strumming a ukelele in her stocking feet.

    Before she began, however, she said that Kate had mailed her an advance copy of the book, and since she was in town, she couldn't help but show up to celebrate the moment, even though the two of them had never met. It was really something.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Amanda Palmer would play at a funeral if she thought it would get her any publicity.

    Amanda Palmer's entire family are Sea Org, and she just married Neil Gaiman, son of the legendary David Gaiman.

    Amanda Palmer just won the Sea Org lotto. From obscure slut, to well-funded obscure slut. First she gets dumped by her record company, then suddenly she raises half a million on Kickstarter? Bullcrap.

    Gaiman and Palmer obviously don't want to be seen as Scienos so are starting some lame counter campaign.

    Follow the money trail.
  39. Anonymous Member

    I hate to agree with Herro.

    And his assertion about Amanda Palmer being good is dubious.

    But Amanda > Klaatu is trufax.
  40. krampus Member

    Amanda Palmer is a Scientology crack-addled Sea Org worker ant slut. If Amanda Palmer doesn't like Scientology, why doesn't she just say it? After all, she's willing to take a crap on stage:

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