Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

Discussion in 'Media' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, May 5, 2012.

  1. grebe Member

    Maybe Scientology is just a front group for something else?

    Something called, "We are laughing all the way to the bank, suckers, Inc."?
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  2. DeathHamster Member

    Something to investigate:
    Exactly which charities? If real legit charities, shrug and drop it. But if it turned out that they were fronts like, say, Narconon and "Charity for putting Hubbard's books in libraries" ... then it would be pitchforks and torches time.

    Note: Requires real hard dox. The last guy to slander him over that, his mom made him apologize.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    He's on the board of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and he's retweeted stuff from the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.
  4. Herro Member

    Palmer has always been big on advocacy for transgender equality. Also, the Dresdn Dolls song "Half Jack" is pretty clearly about someone struggling with gender identity.
  5. Anonymous Member

    ^^experience is talking^^
  6. Second generation Scientologist, Beck Hanson down-played his Scientology affiliation for years. He socialized with musicians who were non-Scientologist's and supported causes considered to be out by the mainstream Scienos. When he interviewed with journalists, he never spoke about Scientology. He dated Leigh Limon, a non Scientologist until the day his Scientologist attorney threw Leigh out of the house and everyone found out he was still IN, oops! Leigh was disconnected from Beck and he was married off to another second generation Scientologist Marissa Ribisi.

    Full story here:

    This is probably similar to the Gamian scenario. Within a few months of David Gaiman's death, Neil Gaiman is married off to Palmer who comes from a Sea Org family and a bizarre publicity campaign ensues. This is the Gaiman family locking him down. You will often see bizarre publicity campaigns erupt around the new image scientology is pushing for the celeb. It happened with Cruise and Kidman, then Cruise and Katie, Jennifer Lopez announced her divorce to Marc Anthony, then appeared on every magazine and car commercial in a frenetic campaign that seemed almost schizophrenic.

    Sometimes the Scientologists marry off their celebs to either try and control them or try and fish a new celeb in, as they did when Lisa Marie Presley who married the uncontrollable Michael Jackson, then went after Nick Cage (The Coppola family held an intervention to save Nick). Sometimes they bring the object of desire into the cult (Niclole Kidman, Marc Anthony) but get too much blowback and are forced to eliminate the "Trouble Source" and find a more controllable partner. Look for Lopez to be married off to someone controllable.

    It is very clear at this point that Scientology will allow the public persona of the celebrity in question to take on "Protective coloring" of the Wog world, especially if it means money to them. Beck pseudo denied Scientology, but was eventually pulled back into a tight orbit. Pink fudges about her affiliation, but is one. Jennifer Lopez is second generation, denied being a Scientologist for sometime, then suddenly wanted her kids to go to Sceino school and disconnected from Marc Anthony. Will Smith claims he is not a Sceino after the studios warned him to pipe down during Hancock publicity. We know Smith is a Sceino because he funds Scientology schools. You will not see celebrity names on the course list, except for Juliette Lewis (second generation) because if you could look that info up, you'd know they talk to ashtrays, etc. So celebrity Scientologist hide their status all the time.

    So Gaiman and Palmer taking on the protective coloring of their counter-culture communities are playing down Scientology, but when asked about it they begin to hem and haw. Palmer wants to appear as if she is some radical punk rocker so she can sell records to her audience. Going to the party of an SP is an easy way to appear sympathetic without actually saying anything directly against Scientology. But the fact is that the loud-mouthed Palmer is absolutely SILENT about Scientology and every defense of Gaiman and Palmer on this thread is about their worth as artists, not their affiliation with Scientology.

    In a debate, any argument that goes unchallenged, no matter how strange on its face, is accepted as fact. So the fact is, Gaiman and Palmer are patrons of Scientology and are in an arranged Sceino partnership. They appear on Scientology money lists and have been photographed at Wealden House in East Grinstead, they are in contact and good standing with Claire Edwards, the head of recruiting and Lizzie Calciole, head of East Grinstead cult. They have been promoted in a frenetic publicity campaign with no other purpose than controlling your perception. They are surrounded by Scientologists, Gaiman working with Richardson and Palmer with John Congleton and Bean Cobain (Courtney led the Scienos to Bean after participating in Narconon. The Scienos supplied Bean with lawyers and she sued for the Cobain fortune).

    If Palmer is willing to sell her used tampons to twitter followers, why won't she speak out against Scientology?

    Because she can't.

    Why can't she?

    1. She will get in trouble.
    2. She is a coward.

    Probably both.
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  7. Herro Member

    What about

    3. She doesn't give a shit.
  8. I completely agree with you.

    Scientology induces a kind of mental illness in people. When people start drifting off in conversations, avoiding questions, staying high on the tone scale to a looney degree and using bull-baiting techniques when threatened, you know you've got a live one on your hands.
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  9. Clearly Amanda Palmer doesn't give a shit... about her hygiene, her intellect, her reputation, her musical ability or her appearance.

    You see, Herro, we have found common ground.
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  10. Herro Member

    You mad that Palmer is vastly more talented than you could ever hope to be?
  11. Herro Member

    The irony is that you've basically done the online forum equivalent of all of that in this thread.
  12. grebe Member

    Those rich bastards could do more to expose Scientology.
  13. rof Member

    sci-fi is for fags
  14. Zak McKracken Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    KlaatuBaradaNichto, I did not know anything about them before reading in the VV how they crashed Kate Bornstein's book party but I am now informed, thanks to you. And, I do look to your research to learn about these two strange people (which is why I address this question to you). Scientologists are highly predictable in behavior patterns and programmed to follow only Source policy which does not allow interaction with ANY SPs. Therefore their presence at Bornstein's party (a well-known SP) is making me question why they would just show up like that. And Kate seems to have communication channels with Amanda (she sent her a pre-release copy of her book), which seems strange to me.

    Since you seem to know quite a bit about these two, I'd like your opinion as to why you think they made this move. For some reason I find their presence highly suspicious and out of character unless they defected themselves but I was wondering what you thought.
  16. grebe Member

    A lot of that stuff seems selectively enforced. For example, several people in Hollywood have reported that Travolta picks up guys. Yet that's out-2D.

    There are a zillion ways to rationalize breaking the rules. You just need to argue, "greater good for the greatest number of dynamics."

    Pretty soon no one will be a "Scientologist." Everyone but the most hard core Sea Org members will be into various bridges to the bridge, until some future date when the heat is off.
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  17. — Grebe

    Grebe has answered this perfectly. I can't do better. Scientology selectively enforces rules. Especially when it comes to celebrity Scientologists. Beck was allowed an enormous amount of leeway, then reeled back into the cult when his behavior was too extreme (Wog girlfriend). David Gaiman was declared SP, then reinstated.

    The best way to understand Scientology is to see it is a form of control.

    1. Rules are different for Sea Org.

    2. Rules are selectively enforced for celebrity Scientologists when it seems as if the celeb might leave (or in Beck's case marry a Wog).

    For example, Nicole Kidman has been declared an SP with plenty of threats to air her taped confessions.

    And yet Niclole Kidman is allowed some visits with her children, despite their mother being an SP. wife-blasts-scientology-travoltas-and-cruises

    Despite Nicole being an SP, daughter Isabella says she sees her mom "sometimes."

    So clearly, when it suits Scientology's ends, they will allow contact with SPs, especially if it assists the illusion Scientology is creating. In the case of Nicole Kidman, family values, in the case of Amanda Palmer, distancing her from the anti-gay prop 8 supporting cult that might piss off her audience, even though:

    Gaiman and Palmer Fund Scientology!
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  18. Of all the things I aspire to be, a pathetic, bipolar attention whore who takes regular craps in public is not high on my list.

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  19. fify
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  20. lol... you did!
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  21. Don't call the kettle, old chum, when you are a pot of exceptional blackness.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I agree. Good chance I'm still half crazy from being in Scientology too many years.
  23. Anonymous Member

    You were 100% crazy before Scientology so they decreased your insanity by 50%!!!
  24. muldrake Member

    I'd love to see that declare. I assume you've seen it, although nobody else I know has.

    After all, it isn't like you're completely full of shit or anything.
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  25. anonanchovie Member

    I am not sucking Herro's dick here, I am just giving my 2 cents worth.

    I know nothing about Palmer but I can say that from what I have seen of her videos and read on her blog that she neither acts, promotes nor does she behave like any scientologist I have ever met.

    Even the cream of the scientfacistologists seem to subvert their personal and artistic integrity to comply with some kind of implied norms, like how a clear or OT should be seen to be behaving. Scientologist celebs often feel obliged to give their cult mentions during interviews, or at least do some publicity for the cult. (Mark Isham can often be found playing at gala events, IAS and the like and appears giving interviews for Celebrity, the CC Int Magazine). Jenna Elfmann accuses random people of raping babies, Cruise jumps on couches like a maniac on one of the worlds most watched TV talk shows; again all typical signs of scientology influence behaviors.

    Back in his pre Hancock interviews Will Smith seemed to me to be preparing the ground for a pro scientology endorsement of some kind, just that the wording and language he used was almost identical to some that I got drilled on as div 6 sea ogre for stuff that I was doing with 'wogs'. But to get the flavor of a real scileb shilling for the cult you just have to go back into youtube and watch interviews with Cartright, Travolta, et al.

    I have seen the scileb modifying their behavior to fit scientology corporate norms, Anne Archer, Cruise, Beck - actually, he was out of Scientology for quite a few years from what I gather, I am sure I saw him on reception at AOLA years ago. He did as far as I can tell some really good stuff in that period before his daddy David Cambell, suckered him back into the fold. The scileb is like a trained dog, Miscavige and the various ethics and tech people have them trained to be good and tow the line. They are not free thinking people, they are not free agents actually and that can be seen in their public behavior.

    It is all silly speculation actually. In one respect it does not matter, in another of course it does, that is if they are shilling for that nasty cult, spreading that polluted worldview. Gaiman most definitely is not.

    Palmer and Gaiman just don't seem to me to fit the mold.

    I like Gaiman's writing, just read an obit he wrote on Sendak,

    ( )

    In 2006 Gaiman was doing a book signing in Birmingham, he was there with his sister Lizzie Calcione, wife of Mauro who founded and funded the Wealden House 'scientology lite' place near East Grinstead. The org reg and crime fiction writer Roger Ellory knew him, as Gaiman was for a short while back in 1983 or 4, the Executive Director of The Church of Scientology Birmingham. Rog decided that he would go up and on the the pretense of getting Neil to sign his own recently published book 'A Quiet Belief in Angels' he would get Gaiman to help fund raise for the New Ideal Org Birmingham. Gaiman refused to even talk to Roger.

    There is nothing definitive, I personally don't think that he is, I know that he was very, very angry with the cult right up through 2001, I worked with his sister Claire in LA and Claire was always going off on little 'missions' to try and handle his upsets with the cult. Neil was OT V back then.

    I don't know, he and Palmer don't come across as scientologists. I can see that Gaiman has a tough line to walk, his ex wife and thus you can take it, the kids, are all tied up in the cult. His whole history from babyhood on is all cult, sisters, their husbands and his nieces and nephews are all scientologist, more by default than by choice of course.

    Then again, they seem like the kind of people who are comfortable enough in their own skins that they really don't give a fuck what a bunch of geeky wankers like us think about them.
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  26. DeathHamster Member

    When Gaiman was getting started, he was trying way too hard to project an image.

    Spin on to 2:43.

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  27. This is all very interesting information and helpful, but there is something definitive, there is the money trail. Whether or not Gaiman was angry in 2001, he has paid into the cult since then and no doubt taken cult tax write offs there is a clear record of these transactions.

    Mary Gaiman does not work and the half a million dollar donation to the Minnesota Ideal Org, came from the Blank Corp, Gaiman's company co-owned with Mary.

    Gaiman has been photographed at Wealden House events, so he is clearly in good standing with Lizzie and as you have pointed out Claire is often sent to handle his upsets, which she did yet again in 2008.

    Impact 123 April 2010 IAS Patrons status':

    In 2009, Mary & NEIL GAIMAN appear as CORNERSTONE CLUB MEMBERS [1315] [$35,000.00] Mary Gaiman 2009

    What does it mean for NEIL GAIMAN to be a Cornerstone club member?

    Please note that MARY & NEIL GAIMAN appear on this list 2 years after his divorce was filed and one year after it was granted:

    So bottomline, Neil Gaiman continues to fund Scientology and is still in business with Mary Gaiman via The Blank Corp.

    That is not speculation, but cold, hard facts

    I am a purist. I care about two things in this scenario.

    1. Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are funding Scientology.

    2. Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer lie and misrepresent their involvement with Scientology.

    Gaiman goes on Scientology cruises with his family members. He pays Scientology. He gets publicity from Scientology and uses their facilities. Gaiman's entire web presence is a Scientology construct with bought twitter followers and planted articles to puff up the illusion of celebrity.

    When Gaiman's divorce from Mary Gaiman came through and his father David Gaiman lay on his deathbed, Neil was handled by Claire Edwards due to Scientology's fear that with the G&G Money on the table and Neil divorced with multiple affairs under his belt, he might stray from the fold.

    Gaiman and was written up and handled. He was given a choice of partners. He was introduced to and married off to Amanda Palmer from a long time Sea Org family (because of his interest in crappy music). Once the internal contract was arranged, a massive publicity campaign was launched with books, MP3s, performances, posters and multiple photoshoots, all provided by Scientology. Kickstarter campaigns were launched to fund the bizarre shenanigans of these two because they wanted to tour onstage.

    Palmer and Gaiman see each other for work and live separately. Gaiman is still in commercial partnerships with Mary Gaiman. Gaiman's payment for cooperation was a big career push, he was given money to produce a movie Statuesque (which was a trainwreck) and lobbied for various awards. He is now partnered with celebrity Scientology cinematographer Robert Richardson in a bid to sell a project to HBO. Before the producers had even looked at the script, Scientology planted hundreds of articles to pressure the producers to commit to the project (American Gods) before they had even seen a script (and by the way, the producers know that you assholes). Now Amanda Palmer has been partnered with Scientology music producer John Congleton and will receive considerably more resources than she did previously.

    Gaiman is not a victim of Scientology. He is an arrogant member of an elite Scientology family and when threatened by them, took the deal on the table instead of walking the harder but more ethical road. Gaiman has always been an arrogant SOB. He has severe power issues and doesn't like being questioned. He believes in many of Scientology's credos, but like all wannabe rockstars he wants to appear cool and Scientology is a cool killer. Gaiman learned that early on when he tried shilling for Scientology at conventions, but was asked not to. He learned to deflect questions from the best, David Gaiman.

    Gaiman plays both ends of the stick. He acts like a victim, plays dumb, avoiding questions, telling people who don't like Scientology he used to be one or that he's a Jew, telling people who do like Scientology he is one and showing up at their events. That game is finally catching up with him.

    (Also, on this note: Tom Cruise never jumped on a couch when he had a Wog publicist. When he fired that publicist and had his crazy, bug-eyed, brainwashed sister handle things, he jumped on the couch, attacked Brook shields and lost his studio deal).

    Neil Gaiman will not address his affiliation to Scientology, because he is quite literally in bed with them and it serves the only thing he gives a shit about: Being famous. Sadly, he can't seem to tell the diference between fame and infamy as he is slowly descending into the latter.

    If you want to feel sorry for him, fine.

    Personally, I find him to be a coward and an pathetic excuse for a human being. He is unworthy of respect.
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  28. Reading over this thread, some assertions just cry out for comment-- such as Herro's remark that:

    "Palmer and Gaiman will continue to make award winning art that touches millions of people around the world."

    followed by Anonanchovie declaration that Palmer and Gaiman are "the kind of people who are comfortable enough in their own skins that they really don't give a fuck what a bunch of geeky wankers like us think about them."

    You're kidding, right? Two attention obsessed people not caring what other people think? That's ALL they care about. There is more than enough evidence in this thread alone to demonstrate that Gaiman and Palmer spend every waking moment of everyday devoted to getting wankers like you to think about them. Their problem lies in controlling WHAT the wankers are thinking.

    I'm thinking that from the moment they teamed up, their popularity has diminished in direct proportion to their efforts to regain it. Palmer is desperate to regain the artistic respect the Dresden Dolls once had-- but because she has neither the tools, the talent, nor the taste to recapture the public, her efforts have become more bizarre and infantile. Anal obsession, genital display, excrement fixations -- you don't have to be Freud to understand what a cry for attention that sort of behavior represents. You may counter that "this is her ART!" but, like Piss Christ, it's nothing more artistic than saying penis at a cocktail party -- people will look at you, but not with admiration. The common thought is "What a fool," I promise you. And lest you argue that this is just a bourgoise, mediocre reaction to the expression of her avante garde sensibilities, let me assure you that it's the normal reaction of an educated public to the sad, infantile antics of the artistically impaired.

    Now Palmer has cultivated the 2-year-old in the man with Neil Gaiman. The once-talented writer is now metaphorically holding the bedpan while she shits in it.

    It's indefensible, Herro.
    It's attention seeking behavior of the basest sort, Ananchovie, not art.

    The public will give them the time-out they so desperately need, and send them to bed early. Here's hoping they stay there. The next generation of writers and musicians need our support and attention. Let's give it to those who deserve it, shall we?
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  29. Much as I'd love to tell you how I know certain things, it will compromise my identity. I supplied you with available quotes, that's all I can do. Many members of Anonymous were ether involved with Scientology or work with Scientologists and I don't plan on being another Scientology statistic.
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  30. muldrake Member

    I thought not. Thanks for the answer.
  31. I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure if this is some high brow sense of humor you guys have or what.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    It's just a case of never ending lulz...
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    for posterity:

    Of course, with quotes like these context means everything.
    If Klaatu &co would be so kind as to fill in the missing context for us.....
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Query: Which one of Neil Gaiman's kids was the one who the cult was pressuring him and Mary to abort (which led to them quitting the cult the first time)?
  36. Quentinanon Member

    Their first born child whoever that is. I remember that back in 1982 I believe. He and his wife left Flag in disgust and both were "declared SPs".
  37. I'm not sure where this story came from. Enforced abortions are more of a Sea Org thing and the Gaiman's were never Sea Org. According to Mark Headly in Blown for Good, Gaiman was reinstated from an SP declare along with his father.

    Gaiman is paying the cult now and is listed in Scientology's patron literature as of 2009. More docs would be appreciated.

    Gaiman and Palmer can deny their involvement all they want, but they pay Scientology, they benefit from Scientology, Palmer's family is Sea Org (I don't hear any denial of that) and she is now working with a Scientologist music producer.

    This is the sad little game they play.
  38. Welcome blobby. We are not too highbrow around here, more like a giant, friendly game of twister :)

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