Amanda Palmer's Sea Org Scientology Connections

Discussion in 'Media' started by KlaatuBaradaNichto, May 5, 2012.

  1. Guilt by association is the kind of tactic usually used to criticize scientology, not its victims which Neil and Amanda seem more likely to be. Saying "they" both pay scientology because gaiman's divorced wife pays them with her alimony or whatever is pretty weak. You're making some pretty huge leaps to judgment here.
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    ??? Somehow you believe you know historical facts without ever being there. Neil was a NOTs auditor at GOWW and later at Flag as an SO member. KBN, I think you have crossed the line in this thread where your historical fantasies have become the authority. I am leaving your party. Bye.
  3. Anonymous Member

    btw, wise choice, Quentin. ;)
  4. Anonymous Member

    . . . so, no DOX, then? I smell Texas.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Hmm. She probably doesn't give shit, but would she sell some?
  6. Anonymous Member

    I remember a very old list (circa 1997?) of Celebrity Scientologists and Nick Cage was on that list. Lists that I have seen since had his name removed. Can you give me any source on this?
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    Those lists were all sourced to each other, rarely with any supporting dox.

    "OMG! Somebody said that they heard that someone said that somebody is a Scientologist!"

    (Some were dead accurate from people who were there at the time, but that usually got filtered out in those lists.)
  8. anonanchovie Member

    I am almost certain that your information is incorrect on that front. I think that the had just left the SO but was still either helping or in fact on staff when I got to Saint Hill in 87. He did a comedy number (quite funny and polished) at a little Saint Hill Christmas party we had with Saint Hill Foundation, I cannot exactly remember if he was ED or D/ED at that point and that was always an SO post. He left that same year and pretty much disconnected from all scientology stuff, we described him as ARC broken public only to be handled by Claire or his mum and dad. He was doing Sandman during 88 and Tours had some contact through David Gaiman who was on A to E steps.
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  9. anonanchovie Member

    But, thanks, I have now become acquainted now with Amanda Palmer as a solo artist and a Dresden Doll.

    I think she and the Dolls are just wonderfully talented and quite brilliant.

    She is a refreshing, alive human being.
  10. Herro Member

    They only have two albums but I highly recommend both. Very good stuff.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Any evidence that John Congleton has anything to do with Scientology?
  12. Herro Member

    Where has KBN been? Has he / she gone back on his / her meds? I certainly hope not. This shit was getting to be highly entertaining.
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  13. grebe Member

    KBN brought us the juicy rumor about Amanda Palmer's dad wearing his sea org uniform when he married her mum. Then an Anon posted the actual wedding pic. That was pretty huge, cuz a lot of people seemed to believe Amanda Palmer was a wog. And if Neil Gaiman married a wog, that would indicate he was out of the cult.

    Well now we know Mr. Gaiman did not marry a wog and so is probably not out.

    So I'm happy if KBN stops by now and again to share some tasty bits he happens to hear from people who know stuff. Rumors don't come with dox but still they can help us make sense of what's happening sometimes.

    Aside from a little stumbling about the Gaimans "not being Sea Org," and those boring skirmishes over personal artistic taste, KBN doesn't seem like trouble. I say we keep him.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    and if we start shunning people for being insane, and posting paranoid rants
    WWP is going to clear out pretty quickly.
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  15. grebe Member

    Did KBN say he was a performer, like a singer or musician, who might compare himself to Palmer? I must have missed that.

    Cuz if he's not a performer, if he's a waiter or a computer programmer or a doctor or a lawyer or an astronaut --I don't think people in those jobs would be comparing their particular talents with some singer.

    Hope you're not fishing for KBN to tell us more about himself cuz that would be stupid on his part and boring for most of us who don't care about him.
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  16. grebe Member

    Chanology will never be as insane and paranoid as Scientology, no matter how hard it tries.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    You're reading way too much into it.

    "U JELLY?" is one of Herro's signature acts.
    Nothing to do with KBN,
    it's just a way of reflecting perceived butthurt back at the originator.
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  18. You really don't know whether I was there, do you?

    Considering Why We Protest is a safe harbor for many who have been abused and wronged by Scientology or are fighting Scientology, you have assumed a lot about me. That is disappointing, because too much information will compromise my identity and put me in the line of fire.

    I am trying to inform you using docs and logic. Bottom line, Neil Gaiman is listed in 2009 as a Cornerstone member. Gaiman gave Scientology $35,000.00. His name appears on the list and being a Cornerstone member means he is BUILDING ORGS.

    Have you ever fought a war? The people actually funding the other side are a serious problem to our efforts. You do realize that, don't you?
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  19. I ackowledge that Neil was a NOTs auditor at GOWW.

    If you say he was later at Flag as an SO member, I'll take your word on that, but I have never seen a declare on Gaiman.

    I find it hard to believe the son of David Gaiman was treated as an ordinary Sea Org member. The Gaiman's always operated above the law, making land deals, taking money and selling fizzy drinks to the Sea Org members at Saint Hill. You can technically be on staff and be treated differently than the worker drones and the Gaiman kids were always groomed for power.

    I've read this account of the Gaiman's flight from Flag. So far I haven't seen any DOCs.

    Is that a declare on Gaiman in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
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  20. I'm afraid the source was someone who knows the Coppola family. Apparently they were not amused.
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  21. John Congleton is associated with Beck and like most Scientology music people they keep their association with the cult quiet. He produced Strange Mercy for another crappy Scientologist singer named Annie Clark:

    From the Interview:

    In that way, it’s been immensely helpful to have [producer] John Congleton. I started and finished this record with him, and we can really finish each other’s sentences in a musical sense. The key to it is trusting that the other person both has your back and has strengths and weaknesses that you don’t have. It’s almost like a romantic ideal: You’re creative and you get to make money off of your baby.

    Pitchfork: Do you ever feel creatively blocked?
    AC: For me, writer’s block isn’t so much, “Oh, nothing’s coming out.” It’s more about how my subjective view of everything that is coming out is really negative. Putting your ego aside and confronting your weaknesses and just letting things happen is hard. Not to use a Scientology term, but it’s difficult to do an emotional or an artistic audit.

    More Docs when time allows.

    Robert Richardson, Neil Gaiman's new writing partner on the other hand, is a celebrity Scientologist sitting right out in the open:
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    Look closer. Did Roberta have a sex change after 1995?

    The completion lists, by themselves, aren't proof that someone is a Scientologist. Only that someone with a similar name was listed.
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  23. Quentinanon Member

    I did see the "ethics order" declaring Neil back in the early 1980's. I was not given a copy. The context at that time was that David Gaiman was a declared SP. The SO system and Neil did not work well together. Neil and Mary left not long after he became Flag crew and Hubbard's policy was applied to them. When Neil became a writer of some note, the ethics order was cancelled.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I declare I am happy to see Quentinanon
    Ethics be-damned.
    (pants optional)
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    This post illustrates two big problems with WWP. First of all, fuck you. I don't give a shit who you are or what you were. If you want to make claims, back them up. If you can't, then don't get all sandy vaged when someone refuses to go along with your bullshit. People like you should not have "safe harbor" here. You should not feel "safe" to share your bullshit here without backing it up. But the zealots here coddle people such as yourself because they think you're deserving of sympathy for giving a bunch of money to a silly UFO cult.

    Second, fuck you. This isn't a war, this is activism. When you see it through the metaphor of a war, everything is simple black and white. Find the enemy, destroy the enemy. Find anyone supporting the enemy, destroy anyone supporting the enemy. And that's where the zealot crowd around her goes so profoundly wrong.

    In closing, fuck you. If you want to spew your nonsense without anything to support it fine. But don't expect anyone with half a brain to follow along with your rambling bullshit.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    KBN isn't the only guy here who gave a bunch of money to a silly UFO cult.

    But others report- what they witnessed themselves, what they heard second hand, what they heard through the grapevine. And they label each of those bits as best they can recall. It's not perfect dox, but that and a grain of salt are better than nothing.

    It's different when someone insists that their data (from confidential sources) is solid, but can't provide any provenance at all. Some people do that, but the data they provide is necessarily less reliable than info sourced with caveats.
    Let's not get too carried away. Zealots are activists, too. Just a little more rabid than the "anyone with half a brain" crowd. We can debate over how long a leash, but we do love our crusading moonbats. And you should too.
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  28. Very helpful, thank you. I appreciate your first hand experience.
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  29. I have.

    I've provided you with real DOX, evidence of Gaiman's involvement, Scientology listings with his name and family name, the amounts of money and what being a Cornerstone Club member means, that Gaiman is contributing to the building of Orgs.

    I have provided photographic evidence of Scientology association by the Palmer/Mocketts in this thread and the Gaiman's in others.

    I have provided you with inferred evidence. For example, that someone listed in Scientology's own magazines is no doubt in good standing with the Scientology.

    I have also given you hearsay evidence, as Quentinanon just did. Most of the knowledge we have about Scientology has been based on Hearsay that latter turned out to be true.

    The first time I heard that Lisa McPherson was locked up in isolation in the boiler room of the Fort Harrison Hotel, I found that hard to believe, but it was true.

    The first time I heard she was covered in roach bites I thought that was impossible, then I saw the pictures.

    The only thing I'm ever going to back up with you concerns Scientology. Nobody wants those motherfuckers knocking on your door unless you find it amusing like Marty Rathbun seems to do.

    Here's the Anon guidelines, in case you haven't read them.

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  30. lol....A Scientology sex change? What are the rules about that?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Homo Sapiens have meat bodies. OTs don't need meat bodies.
  32. Quentinanon Member

    Right. At cause over matter, energy, space and time on all eight dynamics.
    That describes them all right. Examples, Rex Fowler, Wally Hanks, Reed Slatkin, David Miscavige.
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  33. Fascinating thread. I reached it when I got the kick starter email from Amanda Palmer's new album where she mentions people complaining it being a front for Scientology. ( i gave a dollar to get the digital version of the album)

    To set a few questions to bed. I am not a "cutter" or anything like that, I like the music. There is no accounting for taste. I have always had something in my gut that dislikes Gaiman, i have never read him though I am a fan of the fantasy genre.

    That being said I am also very well read in various cults and mystery schools. I have followed Scientology with passing interest. I actually stopped listening to a beck album when I wiki-ed him and found his Scientology ties. The taste still lingers in my mouth. I have read L Ron Hubbard stories and found them entertaining. what is more entertaining to me is the Jack Parsons connection and his ties with the O.T.O, Naval intelligence, and ostensibly the CIA. The most fun aspect of which is the attempt to create a "Moon Child."

    If I may distil the finer points of this conversation it would read like this: Neil Gaiman is a second generation Scientoligist who went through a rebel phase and left the fold only to be shepherded back in by his dying father who made his Scientology status a requisite for his inheritance. Enter Amanda Palmer, whos parents were married wearing Sea Org outfits.

    I like the due diligence that many have shown in their posts and wish I had the same sources. I don't wish to take a side in this argument because I lack the Scientological argot (you post acronyms as if one were reading an online gamers forum.) I wish to know more about Scientology from a researchers viewpoint, mainly from a semiotic/symbolic view. I find that the apostates are the most fertile ground to till.

    One thing to note. I think it is counter productive to question the artistic license of Gaiman and Palmer as it it well known that Scientology is largely successful due to its celebrity farming. What is interesting is this concept of an arranged marriage. These precedents you have mentioned Beck and Ribisi and the break up of the cruise and Kidman marriage are very intriguing. Though from a strictly religious viewpoint is it no different from young Jewish boy marrying a good Jewish girl? Not to play devils advocate but do not all religions operate in such a manner? (Just wait until the crap about Mormons comes out during this election cycle and that is a 200plus year old religion.)

    In closing I will be interested to read what this forum concludes is the relationship between Gaiman and Palmer. If they are in one camp or the other or playing both sides.
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  34. RightOn Member

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  35. Herro Member

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  36. DeathHamster Member

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  37. I watched the video. interesting if dated material. It seems the author is proposing more government oversight and control over these institutions. This seems to me to be a slippery slope. I have read of the rehabilitation project force. There was an article about a famous director Scientologist apostate a few months ago. an interesting anecdote was forcing people into a trailer and playing duck duck goose to stay in Scientology. people literally ripped seats in half to stay in. Not to stoke the fire here but isn't the delineation between "cult" and religion a little blurred? And not to further stoke the fire but (I will) Isn't Scientology following in the footsteps of most nascent major religions? Christians pandered to elite women and famous people to gain traction.

    That said the tactics are rather brutish and if they cross the line of unwilling detention that should be dealt with legally. I am interested in how litigious Scientologists are. That bit about bankrupting that commission and taking over their operations was quite a master stroke if you don't mind me saying. Seems to me that L Ron Learned a lot from Crowley. And managed not to die penniless as he did...
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  38. zalgo Member

    goverment oversight and regulation of scientology?
    i like the slip of your slope

    died insane in a trailer park with lawyers sticking drugs in his butt
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  39. "Slip" being the separation of church and state. That's all I meant. And if you are worried about all the mind control BS...guess where they got it from? The mystery schools which are the esoteric aspects of all exoteric institutions and...oh the US government.

    Insane most likely his whole life. Broke no. Lawyers sticking drugs I think not either. Drugs yes and lawyers yes. If you lived a life like that guy wouldn't you want to be stuck with needles at the end? lol Evil Do as thou Wilt son of a bitch.
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