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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by silentshout0, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. silentshout0 Member

    hi all. although i've been pretty involved with the protests and keeping myself informed, im not really compt savy so i need some help. I was talking to my cousin in tehran and he was saying how he could really use my help. two questions:

    is it safe for me to email my cousin back and forth (him emailing me) through a yahoo account? if not, how can i make it safe.

    second: he told me he needs a proxy. i was in iran last year and all i know is that it was a site that you typed in a url into and it took u to your desired site. my cousin has a pc. anything simple and effective i can give him?

    any help would be greatly appreciated it. my cousin and his friends are really involved (ages 17-19) and are desperate for info. if some would prefer my email to write me, just let me know. thank you guys and gals.
  2. private email trick?

    I have been communicating with a friend in Tehran via a gmail account that we both have the password for, and use only for this purpose. Instead of actually sending the email, we just save a draft. Then the other person can open the draft and delete it when finished, write another draft in response.

    I have no idea whether this trick is really safe -- I would appreciate hearing from someone with tech skills who can advise. But it might be good for your situation.
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    You could place your messages in images with a freeware steganography program, although I'd suggest you try a few so you can find one that's easy to use. It's easy enough for deep packet inspection to see if there is a hidden message in an image, but breaking the code (even a simple one) probably wouldn't be a priority for this collapsing Iranian government.

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