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Discussion in 'Resources' started by longwoodgeek, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. longwoodgeek Member

    Dear all,

    After looking at all of this I was wondering whether or not there were any hams who had been in contact with Iranian hams? I know there is a LOT of RF noise over there but there is a chance for some signals to go through.

    This also would be on shortwave as well. Is anyone listening to anyone from over there?

    I currently have Echolink set up on my PC and would be more than happy to act a relay if we can get any Iranian hams up and running on it.

    I don't have my regular monitoring equipment available at the moment as it is in storage from college but I'd be more than happy to help any other way I can.

    So, any hams out there?

  2. > I read in an earlier thread that there may be no hams in Iran as it was outlawed, ...

    There are a few active Hams in Tehran, but I would not suggest this as a safe/secure
    mode for communication: RF sources are comparably easily located.
    Echolink is not encrypted, so some care seems advisable here as well ... if it should
    work at all through the Internet filters.
  3. Transcievers are illegal in Iran. If you find a signal, be wary, but respect requests to handle emergency com.
    Any would be broadcasters within Iran should know their location becomes easily identifiable if the signal is stationary and or powrful enough to be triangulated by oppressive forces.
    Let's just pray there are enough cell phones left to last.
    And remember some transmission modes used in amateur com are more difficult to fix than others. The significant problem is having the full spread of spectral resources ending up in failsafe, trustworthy hands.

    Thoughts without getting overly techie?

  4. If you are worried about direction finding equipment ...

    "Let's just pray there are enough cell phones left to last."

    Wouldn't it be much easier to almost instantly locate a cell phone? Doesn't the system have to triangulate each phone when on to know which cell site is best suited for your transmission?

    Cellphones are easily used and disposed of however if I needed a long term communication device I'd opt for a HF tranciever and portable antenna any day.
  5. Black steel in the hour of chaos.

    exactly, that's the cell technology. Cell sites create a hexagonal grid. When the sig gets picked up, the triangulation calculation begins, and accuracy increases as more local sites get the sig. Some fones have gps information embedded in the signal.
    This morning I read a great story on the Washington post website regarding Nokias sale of a cell phone command and control style tracking system back in April to the gov in Iran. Totally irresponsible move. Hopefully congress will find out why this went down. Hopefully wall street will wake up to the facts.

    The important thing is that cell phones have been used in Iran for many years as a survival tool.

    I think the appropriate thing would be to have some security built into the system somehow. There is a way to assist people in need of communication to save their life. How would a poor university student find out if it were safe to study at a certain time while under a cloud of state sponsored terror? Secure communication is needed to negate the setback felt each time an agent of terror finds a protestor and administers justice without regard to human rights.

  6. it's sooo easy

    sw/ (d30s the\obile/rac\er /#ot) com

    you can figure the garble out, but it's there for obvious reasons.

    anybody can do it. Take a cell that received a call, look up the number history, monitor the tracker for a while, and well, there you go. or just intercept a call. whatever. you don't need expensive software.

  7. earth-moon-earth (EME) is an interesting idea, but.... Why not just open a geostaysh for this purpose? the moon moves. It's a big power requirement also, to get a bounce. Your basic requirement is a parabolic dish, and some transmission mode the bad guys (Nokiran) ain't going to hear. Energy efficiency, with the benefit of a repeater, and the possibility to go sat-sat for international transmission.
    The downside of satcom is the intermediate stage freqs are insecure in regards to triangulation, unless you build in milspec housings. Good luck with that.

  8. It is for Neda. ;-(

  9. Thanks

    Hi guys, this is the best thread I have ever known.

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  10. Texas Fossil Member

    What about taking an RF approach to computer feed thru WIFI. Very directional antenna's aimed at embassy uplink data ports?

    Properly designed 2.4GHZ feedhorn antennas are both simple to fabricate and very directive. This might be easier to conceal than a HF sig.

    In a country where amateur radio is outlawed, they probably do not have many op's that copy morse. Not sure how you would send Farsi in Morse.

    So far Twitter seems to have been the most successful way to get some info out. I am sure that this has not been without casualties.

    Don't think the Mullah's are technical, but they have contractors that are.

    This is my 1st post here. May take me a time to adapt. Inhabit another forum most of the time.
  11. Ray Murphy Member

    Morse code is extremely hard to learn, so it would be best to automate it like they did more than 100 years ago. These days that could be done easy via a PC.
  12. Texas Fossil Member

    I understand the morse hurdle, but it insures no casual listening. Not just learning to recognize sounds, but also structure of messages.

    My last proficiency test was 20 WPM. I knew a Ham who could copy 60+ WPM, but he spent 4-5 years 8-hrs per day copying 5 letter groups. He had an electronic keyer in his car, and would send and receive CW mobile in motion. Very proficient operator, but not a good electronics technician.

    Machine sent is easier to copy if spaced properly, most well sent morse can be machine read. Not all.
  13. Ray Murphy Member

    I suppose the main question would be - How far can anyone transmit morse code with fencing wire in Iran - or would any wire work?
  14. Texas Fossil Member

    Far enough

    I can load a barb wire fence with a good antenna tuner and load it on almost any HF band. Simply shunt feed it against ground. Pattern depends on height above ground and shape of fence.

    That does not solve the problem of RDF location. Iran would certainly be a hostile environment to operate, but a friend of mine operated in Baja CA many years ago before recip op agreement with Mexico and did not get caught.

    Some HF transmitters can use spread spectrum. Not common.
  15. lelananh Member

  16. Jakomeyu Member

    i did a post on "numbers stations" in this forum, but since no one seems to be responding, we could potentially discuss it here
  17. Jakomeyu Member

    what's the extent of the technology, and how far do the signals reach throughout Iran?
  18. Morse code in Farsi.....

    They would use the Arabic means for the Morse code as agreed to be the Internatonal Telecommunication Union( ITU). As long as both party in the QSO( ham word for conversation) understand they are using the Arabic language then the code characters mean Letters that are use to write Arabic, not letters in the english language.

    Hope this helps...

    73 (or in english Best Regards)
  19. Jakomeyu Member

    what about for numbers in numbers stations,and persians speak farsi
  20. and yes while we are about it----whats the story with satellite broadband availability in iran-this was posted a way back-no replys on this....
    surely tis possible to create satellite link for internet via dishes ??

    vive la resistance

    no more treblinkas...
  21. Shame on Nokia,one more compagny againts free choice and FREEDOM.
    Why they did that,,,,,,,,
    these people are so watched everywhere just like in RDA .
    "This morning I read a great story on the Washington post website regarding Nokias sale of a cell phone command and control style tracking system back in April to the gov in Iran. Totally irresponsible move. Hopefully congress will find out why this went down. Hopefully wall street will wake up to the facts"
  22. Good to see the idea of taking over Voice of Justice is still alive, although likely difficult as studio and transmitter are probably separate, I think it would be the best option to take the airwaves back though.

    I was recording and uploading the recordings of VoJ last summer during the initial protests, I will try to receive and record current broadcasts, although this might be difficult being winter now and propagation probably has changed, has anyone here heard it lately?
  23. And ever since then, it seems that the Siemens Corp has been spending a lot of effort distancing themselves from Nokia. The tubes are crammed with Siemens' "we've answered Americas toughest questions" spots and the streete are suddenly full of Siemens trucks. Has Siemens given Nokia the middle finger? Or has Nokia taken that big of a dump after this summer's events?

    HF propogation should remain fairly bad since were in the trough of our sunspot cycle. I believe a few sunspots have already been observed this year, but we're still years away from good DX.

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