American-Statesman: Tommy Davis and Jessica Feshbach live in Austin

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    Austin gains some prominent Scientologists

    By Charles Ealy, American-Statesman Staff

    Tommy Davis figures prominently in Lawrence Wright’s new book, “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief.” While Wright was researching his book, Davis and wife Jessica Feshbach were the top two spokespeople for Scientology and were associates of leading Scientology celebrity Tom Cruise.

    “No member of the Sea Org (a Scientology group) has spent more time in Cruise’s service than Tommy Davis, who was viewed within the church as the star’s special handler and personal assistant,” Wright says in “Going Clear.”

    Near the end of “Going Clear,” Wright reveals that Davis, the son of Hollywood actress Anne Archer, and Feshbach are on a leave of absence from the Sea Org, in part because Feshbach is ill. Wright says that they’re currently living in Texas.

    In fact, the two are living in the Westlake area in a home that they purchased in May of last year, according to property tax records. Feshbach’s mother, Cindy, lives in a downtown Austin condo. And Jessica’s father, Joseph, died in August 2011 while riding a bicycle on a path in the Sun Valley neighborhood of Elkhorn, Idaho.

    When Joseph Feshbach died, the Idaho Mountain Express identified him as a “55-year-old Austin, Texas, man.” But both of Jessica’s parents have been well-known in Scientology circles.

    Joseph Feshbach was featured prominently in a 1991 Time magazine article titled “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power.” Reporter Richard Behar wrote that Joseph Feshbach and his two brothers, who were living in Palo Alto, Calif., at the time, were “the leading short sellers in the U.S. with more than $500 million under management.” They were known as yhe “terrors of the stock exchanges,” spreading false information about companies to drive down their valuations, Behard wrote. He went on to describe the brothers’ financial success and wrote: “They say … they owe it all to the teachings of Scientology, whose ‘war chest’ has received more than $1 million from the family.”

    Before moving to Austin, Cindy Feshbach was executive director of two Missions of Scientology in Northern California.

    Source, and open comments:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    On "leave of absence"?!? WTF, when did the Sea Org allow people to go on leave of absence?
  3. RightOn Member

    are they out or still in? if they are still Scientologists, then where are the getting their "Scientology on?"
  4. Anonymous Member

    Funny how the SPs seem to congregate in Texas. Must be the water.
  5. Anonymous Member

    They do, but it's rare these days. I'll post the Flag Order if/when I locate it.
  6. Anonymous Member

    also: paging Martin Ottmann...
  7. I wonder how Tommy would like it if a whole bunch of people showed up outside of his house to harass him the way he and his ilk did to Rathbum and others.
  8. The Wrong Guy Member

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  9. Quentinanon Member

    You have to "CSW" meaning completed staff work, which is a Hubbard speak for formal request. As I recall, a sea ogre can take a leave of absence for up to a year.
  10. Quentinanon Member

    I bet David Miscavige and some osaintbots have security concerns about Tommy Davis running his mouth, so persuaded he and Jessica to move to the Los Angeles area to keep him on a short leash.
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    Bernie Feshbach, 1923-2017: A man who fought against Scientology in his own way

    By Tony Ortega, September 27, 2017


    In January, we tried to reach Bernie Feshbach by telephone, but he emailed us to say that he had checked in at a VA hospital. We told him that we hoped they were taking good care of him. “They are. Thank you for your good wishes,” he emailed us back on January 28. It was the last thing we heard from him.

    We tried to get news of him later on, but it was only this week that we heard from a family member that he had died in February, just a few days after that email he sent us.

    We’re sorry, Bernie, that it took us so long to get word of your passing. And we wish we could have written this story sooner. Bernie Feshbach was our friend, and he was 93 years old.

    He first called us one day in 2012 while we were doing some Christmas shopping. We had to ask him a couple of times to repeat who he was. It took a minute for it to sink in.

    The Bernie Feshbach? Father to the infamous Feshbach brothers — Scientology mega-donors Kurt, Joe, and Matt — and grandfather to Jessica Feshbach Rodriguez Davis and numerous other Feshbach grandkids? The very one, he told us.

    He then proceeded to tell us how much he detested Scientology and what it had done to his three sons (his oldest son, Dan, wasn’t a Scientologist). But he made it clear to us: He loved his grandchildren enormously, and he didn’t want to do anything that would hurt them. He became a regular Underground Bunker reader and wanted to help us any way he could. He just needed to keep it all under wraps.

    “With six Scientology-active grandkids, I don’t want to be declared a Suppressive Person. They would no longer communicate with me. It’s not very complicated,” he wrote to us at one point.

    So for several years, we had numerous phone conversations and email exchanges with Bernie, talking about how much he hated Scientology, and how he would never forgive his sons for getting so deeply into it.

    “Kurt thinks that I’m an asshole, a terrible person… Matt would put me on the bad person list in a heartbeat,” he said. (Joe died of a heart attack while on a bike ride in 2011.)

    Bernie had long given up any hope that his sons might leave the church and reconcile their differences with him. But even though his grandchildren were also Scientologists, he treasured his connection to them.

    We discussed with the family member who notified us of Bernie’s death this week what he had told us when he was alive, and that we were considering making Bernie’s statements public. “I’m sure he would like those things to come to light. He was an honest guy and he hated a bully,” they said.

    Continued at
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    Former Scientology mouthpiece Tommy Davis has a new look and a new friend in his life

    By Tony Ortega, April 25, 2018


    Even seven years after Tommy Davis was bounced from his job as chief spokesman for the Church of Scientology, the public still has a huge fascination for him. We’re often asked, what’s happening with that guy? So over the last few years we’ve provide regular updates about his jobs and what he’s been up to. And now that he has a new look and, apparently, a new girlfriend, we knew our readers were going to want to know about it.


    Tommy certainly looks healthy and happy. It’s a shame, however, that he still hasn’t been able to respond to Mike Rinder’s challenge to come forward about what he saw working for David Miscavige in the Church of Scientology.

    More at
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    When Tom Cruise go-fer and budding flak Tommy Davis was getting his Scientology hat on

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 6, 2018


    Our correspondent was perusing the wares of a thrift store in Hollywood when he stumbled upon a curious item. It appeared to be a Scientology coursebook which contained the previous owner’s handwritten responses to some exercises. When he saw who that previous owner was, he figured we’d want to see it.

    Tom Davis? Getting “hatted” in 2002?


    We asked technical expert Sunny Pereira for some help understanding what Tommy was doing in this exercise.

    “He’s doing a course to teach him how to introduce people to Scientology. Presumably, because he’s dealing with non-Scientologists in his job, Scientology would want him to try to enlighten them to get them onto services. The course teaches him simple answers to give, and directions on various ways to say, ‘Scientology can help you with that.'”

    She said it was curious that the document was printed in Denmark, and wondered if Tommy had been over there then. The timing is also interesting. In 2002, David Miscavige was working hard to help Tom Cruise recover from his 2001 divorce from Nicole Kidman by putting him through intense auditing with Marty Rathbun. The goal was to wind up Cruise to be massively gung-ho for the church again. Davis, meanwhile, had been assigned to work on Cruise’s adopted children with Nicole, Isabella and Connor, to convince them to side with their dad and consider Nicole a “suppressive person.”

    Davis had been a go-fer for Cruise for some time, but as Sunny points out, he was being groomed for dealing with the public — within a couple of years he would emerge as Scientology’s most visible mouthpiece, a role for which he is still fondly remembered by a lot of our readers.

    Alas, Tommy ran afoul of Miscavige and was axed as Scientology spokesman around the end of February, 2011. He and his then wife Jessica Feshbach moved to Austin, Texas, where her family had property. In 2013, Tommy testified that he was “on leave” from the Sea Org but still a member of the church. In 2014, Tommy and Jessica moved to Los Angeles, where Tommy went to work for Santa Monica real estate investor Tom Barrack. But then in 2016 Tommy was hired away by Australian billionaire James Packer, who put Tommy in charge of his North America holdings, including his interest in the RatPac mini-movie studio. But only a year later, that plum situation fell apart. Packer’s life crumbled, Tommy left RatPac and went back to work for Barrack, and he filed for divorce from Jessica.

    What’s he up to now? We haven’t had a report about him in a while. How about it, tipsters? We can never get enough of Tommy D.

    More at
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    Tommy Davis is tying the knot in Morocco, and we didn’t get an invite

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, June 27, 2019



    We still get asked often about Scientology’s former spokesman Tommy Davis, and so we try to give an occasional update about him. This time, we have some happy news.

    Tommy is getting married to Egyptian actress Maie Ibrahim in Morocco, and we want to extend the happy couple our congratulations.

    Tommy somehow forgot to include our invitation, but we’re not entirely surprised by that. In our last email exchange with him, the son of actress Anne Archer called us an “asshat” and told us never to contact him again.

    We first realized that Tommy had a new friend when we saw the photo you see above at his Facebook page. We wondered who his new partner was, and we got confirmation of it from his godmother, Hollywood producer Kate Edelman Johnson, who posted a photo of the happy pair from an event at the Hollywood Bowl in August.

    Continued at

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