Americans torture everyone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by meep meep, Dec 9, 2014.

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  4. BLiP Member

    12 Things to keep in mind when reading the report

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  5. Boris Korczak Member

    "Verschärfte Vernehmung" Gestapo term for "enhanced interrogation" used by the CIA torture methods brings us back to the question - Are we really a democracy?
    The "enhanced interrogation techniques" in -Abu Ghraib and CIA prisons all over the world and approved by our former president Bush was a term originally coined by the Nazis .
    Private prisons all around the US and over 2 millions of prisoners behind bars bring lots of money to the owners of these prisons.
    Keeping one inmate in these prisons costs over $75.000.00 per year and it is the tax payer who pays for it.
    Killing of unarmed civilians by the cops is another indicator of fascism spreading fast. No other country in the world supported Adolf Hitler in the 30's as much as USA.
    Are we planning to start concentration camps in the near future? A nifty little Dachau might bring a good profit to many investors.
    Stay safe.

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  6. Hugh Bris Member

    Government is not and has never been our friend. It hardly matters what you call it, be it socialism, communism, fascism, democracy, it boils down to one group using violence to force others to do their bidding.
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  7. Sekee Member

    I’m sad (though not surprised) that many other countries colluded with the US to commit these atrocities. The human rights acts that have been signed by these countries are no longer worth the paper they are written on, if they ever were. Their actions shame us all.

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  8. Hugh Bris Member

    It's all posturing, performance art for the great unwashed masses. Politicians want to be seen doing good. Actually doing good is not part of their purview.
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  9. Old_Coder Member

    By any reasonable historical measure, you and I ladies and gentleman are living in a fascist state. It is not Nazi fascist but it is classically fascist. The trappings of a democratic government, the inane arguments over nonsense, keep people in line it seems. The boomers (and my Xers by association) have failed beyond imagining.
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  10. Hugh Bris Member

    It's hard to hold the government accountable when it sets the rules of the game. That's why i think government should be shrunk down to a tiny thing, then flushed down the toilet. As Doug Adams said:
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  11. Boris Korczak Member

    Dr. James Elmer Mitchell was one of the co-creators of the CIA’s post-9/11 “harsh interrogation” program despite having no experience interrogating criminal suspects or working in intelligence. An internal CIA report concluded that he “probably misrepresented” his credentials in order to get the job.
    Dr. James Elmer Mitchell based his "work" on cooperation with other psychopaths and sociopaths.
    Ten techniques approved by Bush administration, in particular former vice-president Dick Cheney listed as: attention grasp, walling (in which the suspect could be pushed into a wall), a facial hold, a facial slap, cramped confinement, wall standing, sleep deprivation, insects placed in a confinement box (the suspect had a fear of insects) and the waterboard. In the latter, "the individual is bound securely to an inclined bench, which is approximately four feet by seven feet. The individual's feet were generally elevated. A cloth is placed over the forehead and eyes. Water is then applied to the cloth in a controlled manner........produces the perception of 'suffocation and incipient panic'."'Walling' involved use of a plastic neck collar to slam suspects into a specially-built wall that the CIA said made the impact sound worse than it actually was. Other methods include food deprivation. The techniques were applied to at least 14 suspects.Detainees were forced to stand on broken limbs for hours, kept in complete darkness, deprived of sleep for up to 180 hours, sometimes standing, sometimes with their arms shackled above their heads. Prisoners were subjected to “rectal feeding” without medical necessity. Rectal exams were conducted with “excessive force”. The report highlights one prisoner later diagnosed with anal fissures, chronic hemorrhoids and “symptomatic rectal prolapse”.
    US government is presenting itself as a defender of human rights while committing gross abuses. America is neither a suitable role model nor a qualified judge on human rights issues as it pertains to be.
    How long can the US pretend to be a human rights champion?
    Stay safe.
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  14. Boris if The Hague keeps refusing to try the Bush Administration for War Crimes even with people attempting citizen's arrests and should we go about replacing Sang-Hyun Song as President?
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  16. meep meep Member

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  17. Boris is an anti-semitic asshole full of wind and lies.
    40 million USD was wasted on producing this report which contains no new information.
    Dick Cheney was right when he said that this report is crap.
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  18. FIFY
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  22. Old_Coder Member

    I do admit to enjoying Jesse "The Body". I have been watching him on youtube and his podcast. Dick Cheney is the personification of all our ills in one disturbing round mound. Dude literally goes for a time having medically no heartbeat and no heart. How many Americans, and dear god how many Iraqis and Pakistanis died or suffered torture at our hands? And he bought that chance by wrapping himself in the blood of other slain Americans. I wonder how many of those victims of Sept. 11 would be horrified at what Dick did with their shed blood. JFK, MLK, John Lennon -- all dead, shot down by an assassin. Dick Cheney -- still going and going.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    VICE News Exclusive: The Architect of the CIA's Enhanced Interrogation Program

    The Senate Intelligence Committee has released a blistering, 500-page report on the CIA's controversial detention and interrogation program, a document that committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said represents the most significant oversight effort in the history of the US Senate.

    The $40 million, five-year study concluded that CIA officials exaggerated the value of the intelligence they gleaned from dozens of "high-value detainees" held at black site prisons, where they were subjected to so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques" such as sleep deprivation and waterboarding.

    The committee reviewed more than 6 million pages of top-secret CIA documents and found that the architect of the interrogation program was a retired Air Force psychologist named James Mitchell, an agency contractor who — according to news reports — personally waterboarded alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The Senate report does not identify Mitchell by name.

    Mitchell has a signed a non-disclosure agreement with the CIA and was unable to discuss his alleged role in the agency's enhanced interrogation program, but VICE News met up with him in suburban Florida to discuss the Senate's report and one of the darkest chapters of the war on terror. This is the first time Mitchell has ever appeared on camera.

    UPDATE: One day after this video was released, James Mitchell confirmed to VICE News that he that he was under contract to the CIA after 9/11 and that he was "part" of the enhanced interrogation program. This marks the first time Mitchell has acknowledged his role in the program.

    Read "Community Outreach — Not 'Enhanced Interrogation' — Might Be the Best Way to Stop Terror Attacks"

    Read "What $300 Million Bought the CIA's 'Detention and Interrogation' Program"

    Read "Senate Torture Report Finds the CIA Was Less Effective and More Brutal Than Anyone Knew"

    Read "UN Official Wants US Administrators Involved in Torture to Be Prosecuted"

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  24. Hugh Bris Member

    That tells me Mitchell is pretty confident he won't be prosecuted.
  25. INB4 Presidential pardons

  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Derails moved to the Dome
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  28. White Tara Global Moderator

    WASHINGTON (AP) — At times, waterboarding rendered al-Qaida terror suspect Abu Zubaydah hysterical. But later, a message to CIA headquarters described an interrogator merely lifting his eyebrow and snapping his fingers, leading Zubaydah to "slowly (walk) on his own to the water table" to lie down.

    The Senate torture report released earlier this month describes how the CIA's harsh interrogation program sought to make detainees passive and powerless to resist, using techniques from sleep deprivation to stress positions to waterboarding to induce a state that psychologists call "learned helplessness." ''Compliant" was the interrogators' description of Zubaydah.

    Whatever it's labeled, specialists say the brain clearly can become conditioned by extreme fear and stress, notwithstanding CIA assertions that what was done would not cause any permanent mental or physical harm.

    In that Senate report are "dramatic examples that clearly indicate that people are going to be damaged psychologically for a very long time," said Dr. Vincent Iacopino, an adviser to the nonprofit Physicians for Human Rights who has long treated survivors of torture from around the world.

    More at link;
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘A Line in the Sand’ in Fight to Release Thousands of Prisoner Abuse Photos | The Intercept

    A federal judge is demanding that the government explain, photo-by-photo, why it can’t release hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of pictures showing detainee abuse by U.S. forces at military prison sites in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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  30. Quentinanon Member

    No, a former Criminon student orchestrated those.

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  31. Anonymous Member

  32. The Wrong Guy Member

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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Lynne and Dick Cheney Confronted on Torture Program

    Published by WeAreChange on May 20, 2014

    In this video Cassandra Rules questions Lynne and Dick Cheney at a recent rare public event in Los Angeles California. Cassandra asked why whistleblowers like John Kiriakou are in jail for exposing illegal activity while Dick Cheney the person who committed the illegal acts is still free.

    As you can see in the video, Dick Cheney sat silent as his wife Lynne did all the talking. She also mentions Edward Snowden and calls him a traitor.

    Special thanks to WeAreChange camera man Andrew Emett for filming.
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Former Maryland man held at Guantanamo alleges CIA torture

    By Ben Fox, Associated Press

    A former Maryland resident imprisoned at Guantanamo was subjected to mistreatment while in CIA custody far in excess of what has previously been disclosed, including being hung from a wooden beam for three days and kept in total darkness for nearly a year, a legal organization that represents him said Wednesday.

    Some details about the treatment of Majid Khan in the clandestine CIA detention center emerged in December when the Senate intelligence committee released a summary of a classified report critical of the agency's treatment of prisoners suspected of involvement with Al Qaeda following the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

    But the Center for Constitutional Rights, a New York-based organization representing Mr. Khan and others held at Guantanamo, said that the mistreatment was far more extensive and that it can be publicly released now for the first time because the government has determined some details are no longer considered classified.


    The allegations of mistreatment, contained in years of previously classified notes taken by his lawyers, include being submerged in icy water during interrogations twice, in May and July 2003. A CIA spokesman said Tuesday that Khan was not one of the three prisoners subjected to the simulated drowning technique known as waterboarding.

    Khan also told his lawyers that he was sexually assaulted, including with forced enemas, and hung on a wooden beam for days on end. He said he was also kept in total darkness, with only a bucket for a toilet, for nearly a year in 2003, beaten and held in a cell with bugs that bit him.

    Records indicate Khan had already agreed to answer questions before the treatment, Dixon said. "The torture in addition to being inherently unlawful was gratuitous."

    The CIA declined to comment in depth on the new allegations, referring to a previous critique of the Senate report in which the agency acknowledged some flaws with its detention and interrogation program but disputed the broader claim that it failed to produce significant intelligence or to disrupt plots.
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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Alex Gibney ‏@alexgibneyfilm 35 minutes ago
    "Here the rain never finishes." ACLU sues the brutal psychologists who invented the US torture program.

    Here the rain never finishes: exclusive CIA torture report from the ACLU – video | The Guardian

    Survivors of CIA torture are suing the contractor psychologists who designed one of the most infamous programs of the post-9/11 era. Salim, one of the three ex-detainees in the suit, is a Tanzanian fisherman who says flashbacks from his ordeal in CIA custody are a permanent part of his life.
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    U.S. First Shields Its Torturers and War Criminals From Prosecution, Now Officially Honors Them

    By Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

    As vice president, Dick Cheney was a prime architect of the worldwide torture regime implemented by the U.S. government (which extended far beyond waterboarding), as well as the invasion and destruction of Iraq, which caused the deaths of at least 500,000 people and more likely over a million. As such, he is one of the planet’s most notorious war criminals.

    President Obama made the decision in early 2009 to block the Justice Department from criminally investigating and prosecuting Cheney and his fellow torturers, as well as to protect them from foreign investigations and even civil liability sought by torture victims. Obama did that notwithstanding a campaign decree that even top Bush officials are subject to the rule of law and, more importantly, notwithstanding a treaty signed in 1984 by Ronald Reagan requiring that all signatory states criminally prosecute their own torturers. Obama’s immunizing Bush-era torturers converted torture from a global taboo and decades-old crime into a reasonable, debatable policy question, which is why so many GOP candidates are now openly suggesting its use.

    But now, the Obama administration has moved from legally protecting Bush-era war criminals to honoring and gushing over them in public. Yesterday, the House of Representatives unveiled a marble bust of former Vice President Cheney, which — until a person of conscience vandalizes or destroys it — will reside in Emancipation Hall of the U.S. Capitol.

    At the unveiling ceremony, Cheney was, in the playful words of NPR, “lightly roasted” — as though he’s some sort of grumpy though beloved avuncular stand-up comic.

    Continued here:
  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I hope cheney's heart explodes in his chest, embarrassed to have any part in keeping this slime mold alive.
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  38. it makes no sense Muslim extremists can find the South Park creator's houses and threaten them for showing a picture of Mohammed. I don't believe anyone was arrested for that....yet these Bush administration shitbags who have killed hundreds of thousands of people go about their day unthreatened.
  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    One Year After the Senate Torture Report, No One’s Read It and It Might Be Destroyed

    One year ago today, the Senate Intelligence Committee published a highly redacted executive summary of its investigation into the CIA’s torture and rendition program. The 525-page summary was shocking in many of its details, revealing the torture and rape of detainees held in CIA custody and encompassing treatment far in excess of even the torture techniques formally authorized by the Bush administration.

    Despite the passage of 12 months, the actual report, comprising 6,700 pages, still has not been made publicly available. In fact, reading it appears to be prohibited among officials in the executive branch. Nearly a month and a half after the report’s initial release, it had not even been taken out of the package in which it was delivered to the Department of Justice and Department of State, according to government lawyers. Even the organization that was the subject of the report, the CIA, tightly controlled internal access and made “very limited use” of it, as had the Department of Defense, the lawyers said in a court filing.

    Continued here:

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