An Ahmadinejad Drone, HuffPo and the Attempt to Save the Islamic Republic

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by NiteOwl, Aug 31, 2009.

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  3. NiteOwl Member

    Aye, it's up indeed! :)

    Ty HuffPo!
  4. cbn2 Member

    Thank you, NiteOwl!

    You've successfully rebutted the stooge right on the original source! :D :)
  5. Paleene Member

    Yeah!!! Finally, your sound work made it's way into the place where it belongs!
    Congrats and again, "thank you" is not enough to express the gratefulness for all you do!
  6. Twister Member


    Josh, I am so happy for you! Moreso, I am very glad that your excellent analysis and deconstruction are there to educate people I'm sure otherwise have had very little knowledge of the truth behind what's going on.

    Truly we are lucky to have you. (and so is HuffPo ;) )
  7. JudyBee_FL Member

    I am an insignificant ‘International Green’ who supports Iranians in their struggle to obtain their rights.
    NiteOwl - your resilience and strength is surpassed by your humility. Insignificant- perhaps once but not any more. You are the voice of thousands speaking to a green sea of millions around the world. You go through the tales of horror and crimes and hope and gather the facts to be broadcast in an concise way for the world to see. Many nights I have been brought to tears reading your summaries, I can't image the pain and anguish you must feel as you put the Green Brief together. I admire your personal commitment to the cause of the Iranian people. Thanks, NiteOwl - you are great.
  8. Kruge Moderator

    TY Nightowl!

    A bloke from the interwebs showing "real" journalists how their job is supposed to be done... Just amazing! :)
  9. Paleene Member

    Have a look at NiteOwls Bio on Huffpo - and don't be mistaken about the "real" journalists/ the bloke from the internet. ;).
  10. NiteOwl Member

    Given the current appalling state of journalism, I'm content being a bloke from the intertubes. :D
  11. Kruge Moderator

    Oh ok, right - you're a real journalist too, of course. Your green brief alone is more than enough proof for this! (in addition to your other gigs in other places!)

    With it you showcase again and again what pretty much every reporter should know about research, fact checking and writing.

    Somehow I'm really sure that some day "#iranelection", "green brief" and "nightowl" will turn up in some history texts for several reasons, and not just in the Iran of the future. What started to form around this whole topic is just ... amazing... :)

    The whole "international green movement" (by which I mean everything - no matter if here, on youtube, facebook twitter and other places) might very well become an example for future similar movements that will try to help other groups of people... It proves right now that "everyone *can* do something to help" is not just an empty phrase.

    Go Green!
  12. Can Tom Cruise play me?

  13. That was a great article. It gave a much more realistic view of what has gone on in Iran. It would be disappointing if more people did not get to see it.
  14. Kruge Moderator

    Hmmm... Maybe Jeff Goldblum with glasses? ^^

    OK, there's a German saying about not to turn a mosquito into an elephant which has the same meaning as making a mountain out of a molehill... But it already has been quite interesting to see the internet influence societies and their views up to this point. And I think they'll change some more, given time. All the "old school" mass media, from the first printed books up to TV did this, and *they* pretty much only worked one way...

    Here on the nets ppl can, generally, voice their opinions and publish material about whatever without getting the chance to write for a paper or appear on TV.

    Of course that creates huge amounts of crap, but I do believe that learning to filter for useful information online can be a new learn-able social skill...

    Interesting times...
  15. in defense of Dr Afrasiabi

    This article is pitiful, a hash journalistic piece that does not address the gist of Dr Afrasiabi's point -- that Mr Mousavi has not carried his burden of proving stolen election. Afrasiabi cites 11 key reasons to defend his point of view -- all of them valid, and he refers us to some of his other insightful articles as well for reference. Who is this self-proclaimed apostle of truth on Iran, with no prior record of scholarly publications, to stand up to Dr. Afrasiabi? Ludicurous for him to even try.
  16. Anyone can stand up to a lie.
  17. Visionary Member

    The difference is NightOwl is actually speaking truth.
    It doesn't matter how many articles a person's written or how many fake degrees (Ahmadi's cabinet), truth is truth, and lies are still lies and we can tell for ourselves what is real and what is nonsense.
  18. Ralim Member

    You can have all the power, wealth and qualifications in the world and still be blind. But you don't have to be a scholar to see and speak the truth.
  19. economy wisner

    Dear Ladies & Gentlemans,

    the answer to Afrasiabi is very interesting but does not prove a landswide fraud.
    Nevertheless I wrote a 9 page article about the authencity of the election coming soon, searching after a translator.

    Best Regards,


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