"An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by A.Non Hubbard, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Your Mom Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    I think in some circles that's knows as
  2. King Nerd Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    I play Chess, but not so well these days (ask Themadhair, lol), at least not when drinking. In any case, I agree with your assessment.
    In any case, the center of the board is clearly under our control.

    EDIT: For the record, I wish you were still a mod in all of this.
  3. DarthXenu Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    That is a very good analogy. Thank you!

    Please lets keep in mind it is *an analogy*. Reality is always more complex and harder to fully grasp.

    We're doing fine. Lets keep our guard up, and keep up working. We got a cult to dismantle!
  4. Consensus Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    A point to add - it's in the end game that pawns are promoted to queens - when we see that start to happen (that is, when someone, be it formerlyin, angrygaypope, AO, Gregg, or anyone else the cult has fair gamed, or anyone who has filed a suit against the cult, or any media organization that gets the balls to be clearly anti-scientology, or an executive who blew has a major, major win for us) we'll know we're in the end game. We've got a number of pawns advancing, even if some are unpopular with our overall movement.

    But as you say, the analogy is not perfect. For example, in chess, there are no turncoats. And yet... I can't really see any anons suddenly turning and being pro-scientology. At worst, they go home and call us fags. This isn't true of scientology - in fact, as we grow and become dug in, we become the safe place for unhappy scientologists to flee to. I'm talking, of course, not solely about Anonymous, but at the overall critic movement including OCMB, ESMB, and so on.

    edit - when the weekly rags start coming out in the next few days, we'll know just how big our gains were during the middle game. The early press is going to be mostly expressing sympathy for Travolta - and rightly so. But tabloids love a controversy, and there's one here for the taking. If they avoid the topic altogether, Scientology can say they held their ground, that they maintained a stalemate through the early mid-game. And that's the best they could possibly do.
  5. WTF Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    [STRIKE]Load them up heavily with damage over time spells, while we are rezzing, we can laugh at them dying.[/STRIKE]

    Opps, wrong screen, wrong sorry.
  6. King Nerd Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    [STRIKE]You talking 'bout warlocks?[/STRIKE]

    I'm really amazed at just how much anti-cult press there has been. Just today while working people asked me if this site was abuzz about Jett. Truth be told, I showed the "Saturday Night Seizure" shoop.

    MUCH lulz were had by all. Then, I played Tommy Davis stuttering his way through the muck and everyone facepalmed and said the cult certainly are wackos.
  7. Consensus Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    That's an important point too... we don't need the press to evicerate Scientology for them to fail in the court of public opinion. Some of the press is doing a good job of appearing objective while giving the 'chuch' enough rope to hang themselves with.

    And, of course, we can have a powerful influence in how the public takes the press, since each of us has been present at probably half a dozen spontaneous conversations about Jett by now.
  8. WTF Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    The Tom Cruise vids didn't show me that he was all that emotional, at least appropriate to the topic of inquiry (Jett's death). Looked more like confused and attempting to ad lib "concern" with little result. Perhaps a little Nazi hangover mixed in. Looked like a Disney audioanimatronic v .8 with a bad tape. I would FLUNK him and send him to [STRIKE]reprogramming[/STRIKE] cramming.
  9. anongurl7 Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN


    Tom Cruise couldn't even make one sentence. Why? He is caving in from the pressure and you can see it.

    Maybe he should do a discovery, find Miscavige and Scientology as the "SP", handle or disconnect... hmm? y/n?
  10. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

  11. abattoir13 Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Y !!!!!11
  12. anongurl7 Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    You know whats really scary to me is that studying a crazy person you can become crazy also. I guess the good news is it's easier to get out of it once you realize the man was crazy.
  13. JFawkeson Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    You know what's fucking scary? I've watched so much Tommy Davis and Tom Cruise stuttering, I'm starting to pick it up.
  14. King Nerd Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Precisely! Any good reporter has done their homework by now. In addition to the reputation the cult has with lawlsuits and intimidation in regards to critics. We've watched the press get brave this year. So, its GENIUS for the press to appear objective while showing just how much the cult paints themselves into a corner.

    EDIT: Oh fuck, I'm all srs bsns and the beer is almost gone. :(
  15. Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    I lol'd
  16. anongurl7 Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    QUICK. 1 part mouthwash, 1 part dish soap, 2 parts nail polish. Hurry man there's no time!
  17. King Nerd Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

  18. darkshadow667 Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Tommy Davis and Tom cruise BOTH remind me of Fred Armisen's Character Nicholas Fehn from Saturday Night live. About halfway through this sketch till the end, he says just as much as Tom Cruise said in the View interview...

    [ame=""]Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Update: Nicolas Fehn@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
  19. captainslug Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Cruise sounds utterly robotic yet confused. And while that means he's probably been practicing his TRs a lot, the side effect is that it's almost completely impossible to empathize with him because he sounds so cold and calculating.
  20. Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    I think the pending legal action over Scientology's violations of labor laws (coupled with the similar action reportedly being taken by authorities in the UK and Australia) could trigger an endgame. The cult's internal operations are so incompatible with current labor standards and OSHA rules that it could end up "dismantled in its current form".
  21. leafs Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    I think Tom Cruise is under a lot of pressure at the moment. From different sides. My impression of his performance at the show was that he was very conscious of treading on thin ice. I guess it's not particularly easy currently to be Tom Cruise.
    What bothers me a bit about some of the interviews is that the interviewers often give a statement similar to "there are a lot of misconceptions about Scientology" before asking a question. Isn't it the job of the CoS spokesperson to give such a statement? Why are they taking sides in advance? However, the questions that are being asked following these statements are the right questions.

    As to the current state of affairs, I think there are several areas here: public opinion about Scientology, which is won more or less, CoS influence in society by taking positions and being on good terms with officials and spreading fear, this is mixed and currently in motion and finally stability and existence of the Church of Scientology itself -security, finances, membership- about which I'm unsure, but I guess there has at least been a deep crack introduced into the structure by Anon, leaked dox, media reports and prominent defectors speaking up, similar to the one that occured after Hubbard's death and the Miscavige takeover.
    In all areas, CoS is in defensive mode. This is good.
  22. Optimisticate Member

  23. Joyful Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Anderson is gay and has no kids. But his brother suffered from depression and killed himself by jumping out a window in their mother's, Gloria Vanderbilt, apt. He has said that that completely changed his life.
  24. Silver Scream Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Hello, Travolta! I can tell you why your son, Jett passed away...the CO$, DUH!!!! I found out that Jett actually had Autisium. (sp?) You need medication with Autisium. I've had a few ex's with Autisium, so it was a little bizare for me. :( I was thinking WTF? How karma lashes back at people!I hate to be harsh to Travolta, but wake up and smell the Xenu, d*mn it!
  25. Anonymiaow Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    I wonder if Tom realises that he has inadvertently leaked a whole new revelation in the ongoing 'tology meds scandal??

    The "exact opposite" of the CO$ preventing its members & their families from taking medication & seeking medical attention...would be to force them to do so. For the love of Xenu - is that what is going on here?? ;)

    David really ought to get a wriggle on with those genuine, spontaneous & heartfelt scripts before more Tom-words dribble out & ruin their squeaky clean image!
  26. Consensus Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    It's perfectly fair to ask Scientologists if 'mandatory medical treatment for physical ailments' has been their experience.
    And if they say it has, ask why they belong to a religion that takes away their freedom of choice on medical matters.
  27. Anonymiaow Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    And it would be a great question Consensus if only there were anyone with the bollocks to ask it! We can but live in hope.
  28. pardmepard Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Look at the way he distances himself from BW when trying to answer her.
    He realized she set a trap and it pissed him off. LuLz
    He is now fully aware the world is watching at that my friends is what is going through his mind.
  29. TheBitch Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Meanwhile back at the NY loft, a strangely media-silent Katie preps for her upcoming "purification rundown" ordeal to come...

    Holmes' 'Scientology style' detox plan - ScreenIndia.Com

    The 30-year-old Holmes will perform in the final show of the play in New York next Sunday while husband Tom Cruise will be on his way to the Golden Globes ceremony in Beverly Hills, where he has been nominated in the 'Best Supporting Actor' category for his role in 'Tropic Thunder'.

    Holmes is a fan of the bizarre herbal detox plan favoured by Scientologists and offered at their three Gold Base centres in California and New York.

    "The Clear Body, Clear Mind plan utilises a regime of exercise, sauna sweat-out, vitamins and minerals to cleanse bodies of toxins," said a source.

    "Katie is tired from balancing motherhood with her six-nights-a-week show and wants to get back into shape. The plan involves doses of the vitamin niacin to purify the body," the source added.


    But of course then there is the obligatory recycle of Tom being apologetic about "could have handled it better," which is apparently today's Co$ attempt to "handle" the media for another news cycle by recycling moar shit that doesn't make him look like the total fucking lunatic he appeared on The View.


    Cruise family closer in criticism

    Friday, January 09, 2009, 17:29

    Tom Cruise has revealed the string of negative publicity against him brought his and wife Katie Holmes' families closer.

    The Hollywood star attracted criticism and ridicule for a number of incidents, including jumping up and down on Oprah Winfrey's couch while declaring his love for Katie and starring in some bizarre Scientology recruitment videos.

    Tom told The Daily Telegraph: "There are things that I could have done better.

    "I could have handled things better. I was surprised at the criticism, but it brought everyone closer together. Katie's entire family and my family. Going through that stuff is not pleasant and I think it hit an extreme, but you learn from it and move on and I know that."

    Edit: Note the original story in the Telegraph occurred more than a week ago.


    So, whilst desperately not wanting to appear as though they want to profit from the death, Co$ nevertheless uses the same time period as the death of a child to promote a new "detox" regime to the masses.

    God help the "holistic" medicine industry if $cilontololligy comes to represent what people think of them in msm.
  30. NotBobMinton Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    Notice that scilons suck at open ended questions. There is nothing to attack, deflect or misdirect.

    "What are your thoughts?"

    lulz. It's like asking Spock "How do you feel?"
  31. Joyful Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    There at pics of Katie at In Case You Didn’t Know and she looks like shit. She looks worn completely out and just generally unhappy.
  32. anongurl7 Member

    Re: "An emotional" Tom Cruise on CNN

    nope shes just getting more cause and OT! what are your crimes?

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