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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by idealisticguy, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. idealisticguy Member

    Worldwide print money for every loan, reset the debt worldwide then reduce the cost of natural goods while maintaining the cost of labor. Lower interest rates and declare money a higher value based on the number of predicted human population growth over the next 40 years so new businesses, dreams and ideas can form and everyone becomes wealthy enough to make any necessary changes to make their lives more efficient and strengthen our current foundation. Everyone wins and gets a bigger tv. :)
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  2. idealisticguy Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Bye. Write, if you get work! :)
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  4. And don't take any wooden nickels.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Runaway inflation
  6. Anonymous Member


    Money's value isn't declared by fiat; it is supply-based.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    which means we're due for some serious inflation, since the Fed has created a lot of new fiat currency.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    off with their heads
  9. Anonymous Member

    solution in less than two words!
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  10. PresidentShaw Member

    If you make everyone wealthy money loses its value and everyone becomes poor.

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  11. Here is what your trying to say.

    If money isn't tied to a resource it doesn't have to base it's value on that resource. So if your resource was labor which could be infinite you'd have whatever value was decided by society (probably in a joint leader seminar). I've seen plenty of this stuff and I'd prefer a peaceful solution as opposed to a violent revolution. Which is what this kind of propaganda instigates.
  12. Anonymous Member

    არ მესმის, ასე რომ მე თარგმნის მას საქართველოს.
    აი, თქვენი ცდილობს ამბობენ.
    თუ ფული არ არის მიბმული რესურსი არა აქვს, რომ ბაზის მისი ღირებულება, რომ რესურსი. ასე რომ, თუ თქვენი რესურსი შრომის, რომელიც შეიძლება უსასრულო ნეტავ აქვს რაც ღირებულება გადაწყდა მიერ საზოგადოების (ალბათ ერთობლივ ლიდერი სემინარი). მე ვნახე უამრავი ამ პერსონალის და მე მირჩევნია მშვიდობიანი მოგვარების წინააღმდეგ ძალადობრივი რევოლუციის. რაც ამ ტიპის პროპაგანდის მიზეზები.
  13. Anonymous Member

    What garbage
  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Money is minted, not printed. Currency can be printed, in unfortunate places with legal tender laws.

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  15. Monetary policy can be changed or altered just like any other law with another law blah blah blah.
  16. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Monetary policy can be changed. Laws of economics cannot.
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  17. Examples of actual unchangeable law - the law of relativity, gravity, the first rule of thermodynamics, and naturally murphy's law is totally unchangeable. These things can not be changed they are the unchangeable law.

    Man makes man can change. zzZZzzZZzz
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  18. PresidentShaw Member

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  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Perhaps some clarification is in order. "Laws of economics" are not man-made statutes. They are principles of economic reality, like price going up as scarcity and demand increase. Legal tender laws are not laws of economics, they are monetary policy -- in fact, ultimately, they are attempts to subvert the laws of economics by fiat.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Orly? We received these from a burning bush?

    The entire monetary system is a game field tilted heavily to favour those who have money, and to slowly kill those who have it not. Show me otherwise.
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  21. adhocrat Member

    Well, as Johnny said, we don't actually have any money, so your statement is inoperative.

    What you might have been trying for is:
    The current government run fiat currency scheme has destroyed 97% of the dollar in 98 years. That has hurt the common man at the expense of the rich and politically connected. A return to money (ie, silver and gold) would restore the monetary system, and as a bonus modern wars would become exponentially more difficult to finance and wage.

    Yep, that's what you probably meant.

    Also, economic 'laws' were not created by man, they are simply an acknowledgement of reality. The 'law' of supply and demand, as Johnny suggested, is operative not because man enforces then but because reality enforces them.
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  22. 100 words or less.........ok, the good times are gone, we all had it nice for a while, time to knuckle down and graft to earn your money, stop expecting the good life for nothing. Yes there are rich people in the world, yes it's a bitch, get rich yourself or get over it. Jealousy is a terrible thing, it will eat you up, stop worrying about what others have and go for what makes you happy, be it money or whatever. The economy will not get better until we all realise that we have to work hard for less than we have been getting in the past. Life can be tough but we are still far better off than our predecessors and need to remember that, we have been spoilt.
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  23. Anonymous Member


    even natural scientists don't claim (usually) that their "Physical Laws" reflect reality.
    In the social sciences, theories (and laws) bend around human beings, and since we don't have a foolproof model for even a single human, all derivative models are approximations.

    They are not statutes, but they are man-made models of human behavior.

    While humans are rational, this principle holds.
    In the cases where humans behave irrationally, this (and other principles) do not always hold.

    The assumption that economic behavior is essentially rational is a serious weakness that cuts into much of the body of economic theory. How great a problem this actually poses is controversial, in part because much human economic behavior IS rational. The excursions from this general assumption are being heavily investigated.

    'economic law' is incomplete without correcting for psychology, anthropology, biology, etc.
    don't assume you CAN correct for those factors, when the consensus outside your field is still unclear.
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  24. adhocrat Member

    This isn't quite accurate. It is not that human action is 'rational' rather, it is that all human action is purposeful behavior. It may be irrational as all hell, but the person who is doing it has a purpose in doing it.
    is the axiomatic statement that underpins all of Praxeology, the study of human action.

    Watch Praxgirl for a easy to view introduction.
  25. CarterUSP Member

    Less than 100 words... try this:

    Everyone should be nice to each other and share stuff.

    Did it in 10. I'm a genius and now the whole world will change.
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  26. idealisticguy Member

    I like this.

    I just think it's time we all wake up and stop feeling powerless or prejudice. This isn't about jealousy it's about opportunity. I believe that we the people of today do not have near the opportunity as they did even thirty years ago. How can people who have been cemented into their jobs from a generation before us actually understand how we feel? Even they feel the pain, but I feel that the opportunities are less now.

    Example: On the KGW, the news, here in my hometown they were just talking about lumber or tree cutting jobs. 30 years ago we had roughly 240,00 workers making 44k a year. NOW we have 125,000 making exactly 44k a year.

    Gas went up. Rent and mortgages went up, blah blah blah inflation. Opportunities go down. Without any opportunities how does the new generation accumulate money to survive and build new business. They don't. Period. We need to wake up and see the opportunities falling around us and except what's right in front of our eyes. The system that worked for less people isn't working for us. It's flawed and big power got too big and little power got swallowed. Look at the number of corporations and financial world powers who are slowly consolidating into one.

    If big corporations do layoffs like american airlines by 200,000 or gmc a few years ago after they got bailed out just to make a profit we all lose. Those workers buy lots of things. That means instead of money trading hands between 200,000 people between millions of different locations is stopped because of making extra profit.

    It's not just banks or monetary policy it's the whole system. As long as there is a finite (runs out) resource being attributed to potential infinite growth (never stops growing forever and ever) we will run out of that resource or there will be 1 penny for every person out of 100 trillion people and $5000 dollar candybars. Unless we stop inflation it won't stop.

    Without loans a business can't just appear in six months. It would take twenty years to amass that amount of money for any average person. Loans would not be bad if they did not inflate the economy. The Federal Reserve did roughly 2,800,000 in loans on april 25th, 2012 and inflated the economy by roughly 68,000 dollars. Do you get it now? That's one day.

    I also think, we should just simplify things and except a one world currency with a flat rate, but whatever.

    These decisions aren't one persons to make (in my opinion). They are not ten people's to make, but if we LET them they are. These are decisions we should all make. You are not powerless. You just think you are. We create our own rational reality that we grow our perceptions from. If we decide to change then our reality and perceptions will change.

    I am that I am. That fact has been in front of you for thousands of years since your burning bush.

    Yod He Vav He be with all of you.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    that's 514 words
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. idealisticguy Member

    That wasn't the solution that was part of the problem <::D:>
  30. idealisticguy Member

    Should I divide it or rewrite it? Honestly . . . .
  31. idealisticguy Member

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  32. idealisticguy Member

    Add this

    Make Money = Labor instead of money = gold
    The loans won't matter and people have an understanding of what their money actually represents.
  33. adhocrat Member

    why not just let the market decide what money is? It worked for ages, no reason it wouldn't still work.
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  34. idealisticguy Member

    Gold being used as trade was started in what 1000bc? They, not being able to trade for what they wanted all the time, chose to accept gold as a valuable form of change or exchange. Do you think that in 1000bc they were thinking about OUR market or THEIR market? They figured out a solution for growth by finding something they would all trade for and were intelligent enough to change THEIR market in order to adapt to growth.

    That was 3012 years ago. We don't trade gold now. We trade for minted paper that represents gold. We just keep clinging to the idea that it is gold. It's not. It's paper. Why not just accept it for what it is as something to trade for? The only reason that we have inflation is because we fail to accept that we aren't trading gold.

    This is 2012. Not 1000bc.

    If it is finite then it represents nothing or an end. If it is infinite it represents growth and life in my opinion.

    The markets decision is your decision. You are the market. What the market represents is also your decision. Do you want it to represent a means to an end or a means for life to prosper and grow? It matters not what it is as long as it's infinite and as long it represents growth and as long as you would accept it for trade everywhere.
  35. Anonymous Member

    why not ask Elohim, and spin the dreidel?

    It's worked for 6000 years! Why stop now?
  36. adhocrat Member

    now, back to the serious topic...
  37. Wasn't gold an accepted trade governed by monarchy? Isn't that why the King or Queen always controlled the whole system and had the most money to make the most decisions? Isn't this a democracy where we have the power to choose and our leaders act as public servants? Why do we need to base this economy now on an old world economy? Do we want to give all our decision making abilities over to someone else who may or may not care about us? Aren't corporate layoffs and not taxing the rich a blatant example of not caring about the people and acting out selfish agendas?
    I think if we look at the big picture though it's safe to say that the people who amassed tons of money are thinking about their future and the big picture and finite resources. This doesn't make them bad people it makes them the professional survivalist who have adapted to a cut throat reality. Why aren't we? Old days they said the poor were lazy and there were millions of opportunities everywhere for anyone and for a little while with loans there were. Maybe they were right, but now the poor are poor because of a lack of opportunities and the system is flawed. The problem is I think both sides think neither one or the other can change because both sides think that this is simply "the way it is".
    Back when loans made business boom at the begining of this mess we moved forward because of how much more educated we were towards our path to survival. We were networking information slowly, but nonetheless we were networking. Now we (I'm sorry great great grandpa) are way way way smarter. Think of how much we would boom if we had all this direction AND the money to be succesful.

    Fact of life. It takes money to make money.

    This is not the way it has to be. It is the way you think has to be.
  38. Anonymous Member


    The Tetragrammaton:
    provides a perfect formula for Wealth.
    Do you see it yet?
  39. Regardless of everything else changing the monetary policy worldwide to accept trade not related to a limited resource is going to happen eventually whether we like it or not. It has to. Eventually we'll decide we'd rather eat then starve. We are all born with survival instincts. Either that or maybe we should immediately poor massive amounts of resources into finding more gold to buy more resources and deflate the economy. Sounds redundant though.
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