An eye opener if anything plus various other threads merged for lulz

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by idealisticguy, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. fishypants Moderator

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  2. Anonymous Member

    whose nazi idea was it to hide people's responses if they get voted down?! Ah, an Anonymous affliated page that shills for donations and censors its users.....only in the Dr. Nick would say...What a country!!!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Of course you could just click to read the hidden comments but raging against the machine makes one feel so important
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  4. Anonymous Member

    It sounds more democratic that users can vote against the worst postings. YouTube, Reddit etc work the same way.
  5. Anonymous Member

    If we 'dislike' this response enough, it'll get hidden.

    dislike it right now FTW!!1!
  6. WMAnon Member

    I want to have Anon's babies.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    It was already democratic by showing likes and dislikes. There's no need to hide posts, unless you're a nazi.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Oh yes, that's how you tell a Nazi, all right.

    Hiding unpopular web forum posts (while providing a 'click here' link for those who want to visit them) was the main thing the National Socialists were known for.

    Hitler was a keen web surfer, and regularly rated posts as 'Dumb' just so they'd be hidden.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    So, is it still against the rules to request things be domed?
  10. Anonymous Member

    I think it's encouraged.
  11. Random guy Member

  12. Anonymous Member

  13. PresidentShaw Member

    This can be arranged for a fee
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Why hasn't it? Pres. Shaw has asked nicely. UnrealisticKid has most of their shitposts and threads in the Dome and the Dome Trolls are starving down there. It ain't pretty.

    Just merge this thread with the Economic Solution (LOLOL!!!!!) thread and let this shit thread die it's painful death.
  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Merged for lulz, still not domed?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Hey UnrealisticKid:

    Unless of course you are too busy crying sweet, delicious tears from the total ass whooping you are getting here or are trying to find better ad hom attacks... Got 10 Internets on the former as the latter you've proven to be piss poor in.
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  18. PresidentShaw Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    That's nice you know how to judge people. Do you ever try listening?
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  20. testing 123
  21. anon walker Moderator

    When I was invited to a MENSA mixer I thought they were the most boring, self-important people I'd ever met. They were so impressed by their own intellect, they failed to notice what I spotted immediately.

    The way to make a lot of money is to form an exclusive club that not everyone can join, and charge them to belong.
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  22. PresidentShaw Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

    Exactly the reason I didn't join. I went to the meeting, found them to be largely humorless and most concerned with trying to show that they were in fact smarter than everyone else in the room.

    And they had generic cookies. Really, couldn't spring for the Chips Ahoy?
  24. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    So in essence: You were in a room full of Sheldon Coopers on Depressants.

    Maybe they are on to something? Perhaps there is intelligence enhancing chemicals in the cheap shit cookies?

    Honestly though, the only thing that is equal to their intelligence is their cheap ass nature.

    No debate there.

    Wonder that as well.
  25. idealisticguy Member

    I don't know what to think anymore. All I can say is a system made for the many that benefits the few is garbage. An economy where the vast majority of people aren't struggling to survive would be a good start. People seem to have this predisposition that they have no effect on the economy, but money is only as valuable as you allow it to be and corporations are only powerful as long as you keep putting money into them.

    The governments can pretend to be powerful and above the common man, but they are built on people like you and me and without the foundation of you and me they are nothing. Leaders aren't leaders if they aren't leading anybody. The rich aren't rich if their money is worthless. Debt doesn't exist if everyone ignores it. Laws are meaningless if no one enforces them. Government cuts are pointless if the people making the cuts don't take cuts to their own pensions and health care. Reality is only as real as it's perceived to be.

    We live in a world where money = government. Power = money. Money is fictional. It is the leading example of how something completely worthless can be the most motivating and most influencing factor in everyone's lives. Money is made up and more of it is created in a day then most of us will ever make in our lives. It gets loaned out and we pay interest to the banks. The banks lend out as much as they want and when they run out they get more minted for them and we pay interest on that as well. As long as a corporation has person hood a member/ owner of the federal reserve system, a major bank, and a major non banking corporation can technically loan money to themselves indefinitely. As long as money is just paper and independently controlled it will continue to funnel into the hands of the private corporations that create it.

    If money = gold or silver then banks couldn't do bogus loans to sub-prime credit. If the market wasn't seriously over inflated it wouldn't matter as much, but it is because the "creators" of money are private independently run corporations that this hyper inflation happens. It wasn't such a problem 30 years ago because the market still matched the income. Now someone making around 80k a year is living like someone 30 years ago making 40k and yet jobs don't pay more. You want to buy a house, a car, or anything else that requires a loan for most people then you're going to have to pay 2 - 5x as much as you would have on the same income. Interest rates are higher. The cost of living is up. In 30 years from now it will continue to increase exponentially until people making 300k a year have four roommates, take the bus, and shop at thrift stores. EVENTUALLY the general population won't be able to afford their "Jordans" and accessories will go. Then with that more jobs and more corporations. Eventually it won't matter what cars people want to buy because they'll all cost 40k+ and no one will buy them. More jobs gone. The only things left will be bare necessities like basic clothing, shelter, food, communication, etc. Companies like Monsanto will continue destroying those markets until nobody can afford to grow food except people will rebel if the food supply runs out and they have a corporation to blame. Those corporations will be buried and laws will be passed forcing their money back into the economy. It very well could take starvation before half the working world accepts this as a real problem. As long as we continue to walk around with our pants around our ankles and thumbs up our asses nothing will change. The words "that won't work" are irrelevant because what we have now isn't working.

    The purpose of money is to allow easy trade. Money is worth however much the market (i.e. you) decide it's worth. It doesn't matter how high people set prices or how much people try to rip you off if you don't trade with them. In a real capitalist environment high prices allow smaller businesses with less overhead to compete, but as long as big businesses control all the money then small businesses can't be started to compete. As long as we rely on loans to get everything done we are just putting band aids on bullet wounds. As long as we accept leveraging our lives on debt and interest then the money goes in 1 direction. As long as we continue to undervalue ourselves and work for companies that pay us less then the cost of living forcing us into corners where we think that leveraging debt is the only solution we are screwed.

    All of these things have a simple solution. Know your role. You are the market. Create. If big banks suck then create community kick starting programs and lending programs and middle them out. If companies want to underpay their employees and make unreasonable demands then don't do business with them including working for them. Decide with your community on what is reasonable. Trial and error. Don't take out loans. If people want to over charge on property, legal fees, insurance etc, etc, don't do business. Out with the old and in with the new. If big companies want to try and leverage food supplies then don't give them your money. Don't fall for the nonsense of the stock market. Don't put a company on the stock market that's seriously competing with big business if you don't want them to own you. Shortcuts don't help the economy. If you don't like the way media is reporting your news then watch different news. Help fund independent news stations. ETC ETC ETC As long we continue to ignore our roles and give up the power we have to influence these things then the people we give it to will have the ability to abuse it. Don't give it to them if you don't want it abused. Don't give it up if you want your grand children to eat. Either we change the system all together or we change the system we have by educating people how to do it from the inside out. Over time this will allow people the leverage they need to effect positive change on their governments and get the money back into the hands of the people producing and out of the hands of the people mooching or leaching off of everyone else. We've allowed it to go too far.

    Then again, who the fuck am I? I'm just some idealistic guy that believes half the bullshit I read on the internet. I'm just a guy who thinks he's smart enough to figure out a solution and empathetic enough to try tell people about it. I'm just some fucking guy. It's not about me. It's about all of us.
  26. Crai moar.

    Not all moneylending is usury. Not all moneylenders are Jews and devils. Not all borrowers who become indebted are harmed by it.

    Many choose to take on debt voluntarily, and are happy for the opportunity, and later find themselves benefited for having done so.
  27. idealisticguy Member

    I agree fully. Big money loans are the problem imo. Not small loans. Big corporate loans. We allow the companies to grow and outsource our workforce. We buy their products and they grow bigger. Lending institutions charge too much interest. A 30yr 1400$ mortgage = 504k. That's double what you pay for the house. People working at banks make 10$ and hour and work their way up to the 60k - 80k range and yet the same banks make billions in profit. Paying those employees more money and taking a chunk off the top means more money circulating in smaller business. When the usd drops in value daily because of loans and the cost of living keeps going up it's ridiculous. Engineers getting paid 30k less then what they're worth while providing a foundation for power companies. I understand a company owner getting rich. I understand the upper management making more money. What I don't understand is how much more money. Again it is a system that benefits few and we are the market, the backbone that supports this system. So if we take responsibility for each other, rather then allowing the big corporations to underpay us forcing us to get loans to buy overpriced property then we all thrive. If big companies provided in state jobs. All I'm saying is we have all the power to change this and we choose to be distracted and remain disconnected.

    If you care about making a difference at all then the public needs to agree on what companies they want to sponsor. It takes sacrifices to make gains. If we force bigger companies to make changes by funding smaller business for growth and don't purchase products from companies that underpay employees and outsource work then we force them to adapt to us instead of us adapting to them. If we don't acknowledge the changes we can make then we get run over. We're moving into a time where it's becoming harder and harder to actually exercise a fair market. If one owner does all the work then he deserves all the profit, but if one company is so big take nike for example and doesn't pay taxes and the workers do all the work then they deserve a piece of the pie.

    If we don't band together on this then nothing will happen and 98% of the population will suffer for it. We are moving in a day and age where just the cost of living ( I mean having a car, health insurance, food, a house, a family, etc) costs 3500-4000 a month, but most jobs don't even pay that where I'm from. I've seen thousands of income and credit statements. The average person in Oregon over 27 with a degree makes 2400 a month and never get and opportunity to make real money until they are older. Blah blah blah. Ranting.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    IdealisticGuy. Your point is lost in the blizzard of words.
  29. idealisticguy Member

    Man . . . I wonder what you think about books?
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Read the sparce prose of Hemmingway and get back to me.
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  31. idealisticguy Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, slavery, we got rid of that a few years ago, any other ideas sparky
  33. DeathHamster Member

    I think that every wingnut dumped in this thread is now part of QAnon.

    Prove me wrong!
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  34. PainterofLite Member

    She needs to add "you admire and support Trump".

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