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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by idealisticguy, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. whosit Member

    "I'm a fucking idiot" retweeted from my iPad at Occupy Idiocy while I talk down capitalism and ignore the real world...

    Here is an idea. Why don't you go and look at history and look what Germany had to deal with after WWI. Then look at what they had to deal leading up to and after WWII.

    " "
  2. whosit Member

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  3. whosit Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    You know, from the perspective of someone outside the US, these two are hardly liberal, and the most sucky bits are the least liberal ones.

    Just sayin'.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Yes kill the bad people before they kill us all!!!!!!
  6. Anonymous Member

    OP, Imma have to cut you off cuz you've had quite enough tonight.
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  8. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Liberals = Socialism.

    Conservatives = Nazism.

    Either way: YOU LOSE....and not a single fuck is given here.
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    You know... I made a nice pic showing Adolf Hitler with Mussolini and it having on the bottom the Romney/Ryan image with "Seig Heil!" and the Republican Elephant having a red/white/blue swastika...

    ...but I am too chicken shit to put it on imgur! :(
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I understand this is the original Republican elephant:

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  12. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    Feel free to troll Republicans with this!
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  13. whosit Member

    Interesting that no one can actually make an arguement againstliberals being immense douchebags in this thread...
  14. whosit Member

  15. cafanon Member

    You seem to think you are indicting liberalism, when in truth, you're kinda just stating the obvious about the Democratic Party.... and ya won't get an argument from me there.

    IMHO, you coulda saved a lot of time posting videos and just typed the words:
    "Obama signed the NDAA 2012....'nuff said"
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Meh. Most establishmenf republicans would sihn off on that as well. They sucm also. Romney and Ryan aren't "right" on a bunch of things. They are a hell of a lit better than a president that "rules" by fiat. Which is tyranny. Check that vs. other presidents.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    You insipid fucking twit, google "cherry picking".
  18. FreeSaxon Member

    Liberal is an over used word, 98% of all American British and European politicians are career politicians not conviction based.
    A few like shooting the world up, but they are still what they are ..... BOUGHT
    The post WW2 political climate is extremely Liberal by nature, if you don't like were we are blame climate change :eek: and career politicians.
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  19. anonymous612 Member

    Prove it.
  20. cafanon Member

  21. Archer Member

    Lol polarized people.

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  22. anonymous612 Member

    You made the claim, dox or gtfo burden is on you.
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  23. This discussion is absolutely pointless. Liberals and conservatives are all fucking morons, they are to caught up in politics to actually do their job. Political parties never should have been invented in the first place.
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  24. failboat Member

    All OP proves is that liberals are also capable of macaca moments. Like conservatives.

    Even famous ones.

    So what? A quick survey will popup tons of video on youtube and elsewhere of conservatives and Republicans being d-bags.

    The existence of a lot of such video doesn't prove that all liberals, Democrats, conservatives, or Republicans are d-bags. It only proves that many are d-bags, or have their d-bag moments.
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  25. Xaarin Rybak Member

    Is the guy who started this right?
    Was there much better evidence then what he used?
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  26. cafanon Member

    I fail to see where I made a claim in the comment:"If you want to research the relationship between PAC/interest campaign donations and legislative votes, here is one place to start"

    Instead, it sounds like someone offering a place to begin research, you are free to accept or reject it.
  27. I have one! Break up the conglomerates, sell the pieces to the workers, who will turn them into cooperatives. No more conglomerate monopolies! Big Brother Sony, you're next!
  28. Really? As smart as you claim to be, you have never heard of the tragedy of the commons? You'd rather have 7B people each making individual decisions with no concern for the common good? Some regulations are good and necessary. I wouldn't trust your system with 7B (hexadecimal) people, much less 7 billion people.

    I'm not going to go into the rest of your post, because you have displayed an eagerness to willfully ignore the facts and parts of history you don't like. The three problems with your theories are the assumption that human nature is benign (it isn't), no one will take power by force and fuck other people over if there is a power vacuum (they have throughout the entirety of human history), and that all other things are equal (they don't). You oppose fiat currency? GOLD is the ultimate fiat currency, because it has no intrinsic value; merely that assigned to it by people. Can people eat gold for nourishment? Can they drive to their jobs on a troy pound of gold? Can they sleep comfortably on an ounce of gold or have shelter in a few troy pounds of gold? A few millennia or so ago, it was chosen because it was convenient. It allowed for trade between people who may not understand each other's language. Your system only works if gold is the only thing that has value. It isn't.
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  29. You want my ideas? I like the "get out of the war business" idea. It runs up the debt, pisses off the rest of the world, and accomplishes nothing positive. The only legitimate war is one that is fought in genuine defense, and the last one that met that criterion was WWII if you're an American.

    Revert the income tax rates, with the brackets adjusted for inflation of course, to the levels they were at the start of Reagan's first term. Tax capital gains at the same rate as income, since it is a form of income. Pump that extra money into our crumbling infrastructure and universal health care, and make ours a world-class educational system again. One of the main reasons the United States was such an economic powerhouse in the 20th century was the education of our people. If we want to remain competitive in a global market, we need to rank higher than the mid to low teens in math, science, and history. Adhocrat, you'll love this one since you so revere Milton Friedman: Institute a progressive negative income tax.
  30. grebe Member

    People who can cooperate and work together totally pwn individuals making individual decisions.
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  31. adhocrat Member

    Totally agree.
    so why do you keep pointing a gun at my head?
  32. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    That has been the concern I have had with Adhoc's system. Human nature, in general, is unpredictable.

    Adhoc mentions that he hopes that his idea could be applicable 100 years from now. Frankly, that is an overoptimistic hope. I don't see humanity eradicating all the hate from [insert bullshit reason here] or acting any different 1,000 years from now, much less 100 years.

    Why do I say that? Because we haven't treated each other any better in the last 2,000+ years. Why would the next 2,000+ years be any different?
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  33. grebe Member

    I dunno. Maybe you have all the good sandwiches and my homies are hungry?
  34. adhocrat Member

    The basis for our government is violence and you act surprised when you see it in society.
    Ever think how different people might be if the moral basis for society didn't rest on violence?
  35. adhocrat Member

    And Paro -please read about this important finding.
    The Army study noted that only 10-15% of men fired their weapons even when it was a matter of life or death.

    Note, it was the Army who found that men didn't want to kill.
    It is the government that changed the training in order to indoctrinate these men to kill when their natural instinct is to eschew violence.
    So don't give me crap about how violent people are. They are indoctrinated into it. Stop the indoctrination, stop the violence that comes from this indoctrination.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Mod Disclaimer: Of course we at WWP do not support illegal activities, the following post is meant just as a joke:

    Hey here's an easy way to fix the world, let's start the nuclear apocalypse. Governments will collapse, and there will be far fewer humans. Problem solved.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Revolution then Renaissance.
  38. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Have you ever thought how hard it'd be to remove such violence?

    Think of it like computer code. Every generation is a revision of the human race. Once in Alpha: All you can do is issue patches. You can't recall it and fix each copy. Would take too long and be way more costly than issuing a patch.

    Unfortunately, for us humans, there isn't a way to do that anyways. So all we can do is teach each generation what is right and wrong... However, if people teach their kids to hate X or kill Y, how does somebody tell them otherwise?

    So how would you recommend installing patches to stop the violence in Syria? In countless countries around the world? Nuke them and reinstall? Teach them everything they know is wrong? Or is there a better way? I encourage you to explain as I don't have a definite answer.

    Great... You mention an author who makes claims that game that use light guns cause kids to be mass murderers. Somebody who tries to link fantasy violence with real life violence. Way to cheese me off... /slowclap (Note: I play violent video games and I have NEVER had an urge to kill irl.)

    Seriously though, I do understand that not everybody has it in them to take a life. That's a given. Your stance as far as the military reprogramming people to kill is correct. People do have to live with the thoughts they took a life and that explains why vets have such a hard time readjusting.

    However, I find some discrepancy when I look at Gang related homicides or local murders. A great majority of times: None of them had military training and do things that are horrendous and beyond inhumane. All of which have no connections to governments or military. (And No: Gangs in Mexico are corrupting the gov. Not the other way around. If you find a corrupt politician, odds are the gang not the gov did the corrupting of the person)

    The army is one thing. Humanity is something else.
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  39. adhocrat Member

    Stop indoctrinating children and it would take one generation.
    I was referring back to the original report, issued by the Army. I didn't realize the rest. Sorry.
    Which explains that putting them through the process in the first place is pure evil. They process these men into killers and have no clue how to unprocess them, then they let them loose among the general population.
    That is NOT the act of a moral agent.
    Let's see, the gangs in Mexico are a direct result of government violence against people. If you ban what people want that doesn't stop the desire, it just drives it underground. End the drug laws and you stop the reason for the gang's existence. This has been known since the 1920s. It has been known, yet we still have these idiot laws that are KNOWN to lead to violence and corruption. Ever think maybe this isn't stupidity but slyness on the part of the government?
    So, we have the government indoctrinating people into violence, then releasing these same men into the general population without the same training back into civilian life they gave to military life. IOW, they took a standard issue person, turned him into a ruthless killer, then, after a few years say “Here's your discharge papers. Bye.”
    Notice they do NOT untrain him to be a killer.

    Then we get gang violence, which is the direct result of bad laws.
    So it appears all the violence you see relates directly back to government policy.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    The study was done on an infantry squad during their first encounter under fire in theater/area of operation. Cohesion is paramount with any military operation, return fire when engaged by the enemy. You may have read a study however I truly doubt you have ever served. When serving in the military you follow the orders of your superior officers that is the doctrine of the USMJ as well as the military. You may not agree that is your choice yet remember that there are those who have fought for your freedom to say otherwise.

    While I respect some of your past activity I cannot condone you dishonoring the current & past military enlisted personnel.

    They the enlisted and officers only followed orders that is what they are trained to do, DO NOT DISHONOR THEIR SACRIFICE BY YOUR TYPING ON A KEYBOARD!
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