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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by idealisticguy, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. idealisticguy Member

    I can't find anything on it that discredits the idea and not the people trying to profit from it. I also can't find any proof it works yet, but I can say this points out where economics took a real nose dive. I wouldn't go jumping on any band wagons, but some research of your own into this wouldn't be a bad idea. You're going to have to read between the lines and decide who profits most from this.
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  2. Lost me at "when social security was invented, it was the first step towards communism." A social safety net is not totalitarian rule, it is a safety mechanism that prevents violent uprising, death and starvation for those who are squeezed by the free market.

    What happens to this rhetoric if you replace the word "state" with the word "everybody?" In a democracy like the US (inb4USisNOTaDemocracy), "owned by the state" really means "owned by everybody," or "not owned by anyone." The problem is not the ownership or lack thereof, it is the fact that you do not trust the people who are managing this collective property.
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  3. idealisticguy Member

    There is truth to the fact that I don't agree with where things have gone. You know I believe in a government for the people not people for the government. Well not even the government, but the bank that controls the world governments. IMO
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  4. Anonymous Member

    The Hubtard would agree with you.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Social security is a ponzi scheme, pure and simple. So how can a criminal activity be part of a social safety net?

    Never made much sense, yet people keep talking about it as if they believe it.

    And also, a violent monopoly is touted as better than the voluntary associations of the market.
    Weird, it seems upside down to me, the voluntary, peaceful associations sounds great, while the involuntary violent associations sounds harsh and demeaning,.
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  6. Wrong.

    It isn't.


    You're talking total crap. Utterly factually incorrect, total bullshit.
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  7. idealisticguy Member

    Did any of you actually watch the videos?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Couldn't make it all the way through but the guy needs to go get a job to fill his time instead of making YouTube vids that are like watching paint dry and as pointless as watching paint dry.
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  9. idealisticguy Member

    .As pointless as watching paint dry? Obviously none here yet have the patience it takes to have a degree if you can't sit untill you see the point of the video. Why don't the simple minded ones stick to the scientoligy front and the people who took a level of math above algebra work on economics? The economy + ignorance for boredom = fiat financial crash and 70% unemployment. = No job, nofood, no home. =Pimping your ass to rich aristocrats to eat burgers with a side of man giz.

    Was that less boring?

    This video series explains how to write off your debt using your own name by taking possession of your corporate name.

    Now go back to watching cartoons, porn, and hollywood remakes.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    The video just made me want to open a vein not "take possession of my corporate name"
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  11. Anonymous Member

    The last time i watched a video that you posted, and then made intelligent critiques of its faults, you cried, called me names, and ignored my legitimate arguments about that video's faults.

    Go fuck yourself.

    When I told you to do your homework to support your own idea, you had the nerve to tell me to do your homework for you.

    Go fuck yourself again.

    Here's a hint, Mr. Shit-for-brains. If people disagree with your idea, it's YOUR FUCKING BURDEN to find the dox that back you up. It's the height of arrogance to tell other people to find the dox to back you up when you're trying to convince other people to accept your radical ideas.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    LOL, that's not how the law works. People can't have corporate names.
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  13. idealisticguy Member

    All I'm hearing is a bunch of spoiled children wanting the road in front of them to be more clearly labeled. Everybody gets mad at the guy who wrote the foot notes, but the fact remains someone has to build the road we walk on. If you want a better one then build it yourself. O that's right I forgot you're knee deep in rpgs and simms atm and have no interest in the world outside of you. Not only do you only care about you, but you're also too lazy to come up with new interests.

    Most of the people that come here are more then likely only half way through the porno as they attempt to masturbate and read the news all in the same stroke. The boring word can be turn offs and therefor distract from getting off to all the gun control policies and child porn allegations. The word debt can't even be fathomed. Fyi. Watch the video. Learn about your strawman and maritime law. There's only 2 solutions to this problem. Work throught it or kill yourselves. I hope you pick the later since the thought of our gene pools mixing makes me want to chop off my testis.

    Wwp has nothing to do with furthering society and everything to do with taking shit a shit on the people of the internet. A place where free thinking can be turned into no fly lists and wasted government resources. Another tax payer getting shot with his own tax money.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I'm a footnote fetishist.

    Nope, not into scat.
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    There is only one person talking shit ITT ^^
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  17. idealisticguy Member

    Wwp = where protestors go to lose hope and be comptelely distracted by by dumb uneducated knowledgeless trolls claiming to be brilliant ivy league gents.

    A site for underpaid spies and ass clowns. Where knowledge and research are beaten and made to go home..
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Just to clarify, you're the dumb uneducated knowledgeless troll claiming to be brilliant ivy league gent, correct?
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  19. PresidentShaw Member

    for fuck's sake, not this shit again
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Was wondering where you were UnrealisticKid. Thought you were in a corner somewhere bawwing delish tears. Made my day that your retarded ass is back! How's your basement looking now that your parents turned it into a sex dungeon? Makes you jelly? Makes you mad?

    Good! :D
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Maybe you missed this post in the dome, but let me dredge it up since you are being uncooperative:

    The sooner you realize that you are pulling it in and cut it out, the better life will be. Whether you continue here without being ridiculed and mocked or not depends greatly on that.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    You sooo mad faggot! Y U NO come out and play?

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  23. idealisticguy Member

    You are still dumb trolls. Congratulations on quoting me since you're too lazy to scroll up. What kind of a difference are you trying to make here? The death of intelligent debate and support of corporate lobbying? By punishing free thinking, providing terribly hypocritical debate material and laughing at people who question what is in their best interest all while hanging out on a forum meant to bring protestors together you are the opposite of what you pretend to stand for.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Maybe your problem is that you deem the peddling of someone else's delusional ideas equal to free thought. I can assure you there's more to it than that. For starters one (i.e you) might want to start with thinking critically.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Is it the school holidays again?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Some of us are quite intelligent trolls, actually.

    Teh Lol.

    Have three degrees thanks, but didn't watch the video.

    Not due to lack of patience, but to lack of interest in bullshit.

    Also, on the comparative intelligence point, please note that the word 'until' is spelled with one 'l'.

    ^ that.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    So far you have failed to provide one single example of your own intelligent debate, all you have done is regurgitated someone else's ideas in numerous threads then replied to others criticisms with abuse and personal attacks. You have shown no free thinking of your own as all your ideas are rip offs of someone else's thoughts, you have added nothing to this forum except lols due to your behaviour. You need to go away and learn to take criticism, learn to think for yourself and learn to realise that you are not the philosophical great thinker you obviously seem to think you are. You are just a troll, and not a very smart one either.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    You know he is offering opinions that go against what Ive noticed to be "common sense" on this forum. He brought up permaculture and other ideas that were thoroughly dismissed for no reason other than that "he's crazy." He's not....idealistic maybe...I don't understand how you can expect someone to show you any respect when you show him none right out the gate. I guess that's what happens when you have a bunch of children in charge of a forum.
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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    He was shown respect from some, he was questioned and some things were dismissed with good reason, but he can only reply to questions with abuse. You either agree with him or you are a fucking idiot in his view. If he had come here and had a reasonable attitude then maybe he would have got somewhere but because of his lack of discussion or debate he has just been ridiculed.

    If there is anyone who is child like here then it would have to be him, his tantrums and rants are very much like a spoilt child.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    That is rich considering you are doing the exact same fucking thing.

    Pot. Meet Kettle.

    Also: *Yawn* Feeble ad hom is feeble and boring. Also: Coming from you, it's predictable.

    Maybe you missed all the other threads that clearly define it. Probably because you have your head so far up your own ass and have terminal USI Butthurtitis due to nobody bowing down to your laughable claims and even more laughable IQ. In your own eyes: Your threads are the only threads here.

    Because I feel generous (or because my brain hasn't had it's morning coffee fuel...): WWP is about the protection of free speech and information. Scientology and other faggots (like the USFags trying to pass SOPA/PIPA) tried to censor the internet with disastrous consequences (legally and peacefully mind you).

    WWP isn't as involved with the whole Occupy Wall Street as you might think. In fact: A lot of jimmies were rustled when WWP introduced the OWS thread section. However: Involvement of OWS has been minimal and the interests you have are irrelevant here. So your "thought" that WWP is out to destroy big business or overturn the US gov. is pure wrong and pure laughable considering who you are parroting.

    *Cue your ad hom attacks and self-proclaimed Godhood IQ here*

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! My Lord Xenu... I nearly pissed myself reading that. Considering you have failed to provide any "intelligent" debate and have done nothing but ad hom attack those who disagree with you, what the hell do you expect?

    In other words: Before you bawww about WWP, you should look in the mirror first. All you have done is have a temper tantrum and make me laugh at ever step of your tirade. So, keep it up as I enjoy a good laugh. LOL @ 158 IQ....

    I don't know if that is the most lulz inducing statement or the naive thought you hold that WWP is about destroying corporations/big businesses. WWP is about Freedom of Speech and removing the cancer known as Scientology. If you thought WWP is the same as What-Is-The-Plan?-We-No-Haz-One! then you are in the wrong neighborhood, me ladeo.

    Yes, Big businesses are doing some bad things, however WWP has brought it to everybody's attention here. What you are bringing to everybody's attention is that you are a spoiled rotten brat having a temper tantrum because you don't like the notion you have to work for a living. That there are people smarter than you... Granted based on your past posts: A rock could be smarter than you.

    Again: You are a hypocrite too, child. In fact, you should rename yourself to "HypocriteKid" because that is all you have demonstrated: A 12-year old kid who's ideas are utter trash and were called out on it. When nobody agreed with your moonbattery, you got your jimmies rustled and had a wonderfully laughable temper tantrum because you can't stand having people disagree with your God-like intelligence... LOL Sorry. I can't type that with a straight face...BRB...

    Bottom line: WWP is not the Anon you are looking for. Nobody wants your ideas and will stand behind your delusions that you recapitulate from some other moonbat. Go to that dead as spam website What is the plan and sell your USI and bullshit there.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Got no problem with permaculture.

    The problem with this thread is that there's nothing at all in the title or the post itself to indicate what OP is talking about.

    It's just "click this link!" - to which, no thanks.

    The nearest OP gets to a summary is this:

    which seems to be totally meaningless and content-free, and this

    which sounds like a "MAKE MONEY FAST!!!" type of con.

    OP, if you want to convince anyone here of anything:

    - Write a one-paragraph summary explaining what you're talking about and (quite importantly) why you believe it's a good thing.

    Without providing that information, all you're doing is raging pointlessly. If you can't explain what you're talking about and why it's so good, then maybe it isn't so good?
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  34. Anonymous Member

    This thread has me feeling a bit nostalgic. When I was younger I tested well, was in the gifted classes, asked to join MENSA, that sort of thing. I was told that I was smarter than 98% of the population. Like you I thought I knew everything. As time passed I realized that those numbers they assigned to me were only part of the picture. A high IQ means little unless you pair that with the ability and willingness to learn.

    Do that my friend and you will have something.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, this thread gives me some nostalgic feeling too... Like the time I went to the doctor because I had Gonorrhea and he had to use a rubber mallet on my dick to get all the shit out of it...

    Yeah, I don't have to paint this picture any further.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. PresidentShaw Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Hey mods, you hear that? President Shaw says this thread sucks. You MUST dome this shit NOW (Or close it, whichever tickles your naughty bits).
  39. Anonymous Member

    A New Hope!

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