an idea for non-hackers

Discussion in 'Projects' started by brandnewchair, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. brandnewchair Member

    an idea for non-hackers

    forgive me if this has beeen mentioned. (and please send me in the right direction if it has) but i have an idea of how musicians who support the cause can help.
    i was going to work on some DJ tracks using the anonymous speech. but then figured that there should be prominent place with a copywrite-free 'anonymous-made' message (mp3, wav file, ect) encouraging people to download and sample or remix it.
    every person who samples it will become 'anonymous' and if it picks up it could make more people interested.
    (i know the goal of anonymous is not to be 'hip', but the more supporters, the better.)
  2. L.the.Anon Member

    To be honest, it's quite a good idea, maybe a bit hard to get going though.
    The only thing I dislike is the title of the thread, since most of us aren't hackers from what I've understood. Other than that...
    Original content? On my enturbulation!? It's more likely than you think.
  3. brandnewchair Member

    i actually second guessed my topic title right after posting it. i know anonymous is not just hackers. but i figured perhaps its a way someone like me who supports the cause, and isnt the best at computers (or might be a little shy in the activism department) can help. perhaps that title might make them click here.
    there must be enough closet DJ or band members in here to make some good remixes. im not trying to be the next fatboy slim or looking for underground cred, but i thought it would make a cool sample. if i really believe in the cause i shouldnt be the only one doing it. perhaps if it was hip enough in the underground someone with a large audience might pick it up.
    and while they might have selfish reasons, it still serves it purpose.

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