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Discussion in 'Iran' started by SillyAmerican, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. SillyAmerican Member

    Alright.. I dunno if this would exactly help... But wouldn't it be just nifty if we could get a hold of Ayatollah Khomeini's number and share it with the world? At the very least, he'll get an ear-full from everyone in peace-loving, secular nations and just maybe, it might effectively jam communications..? Making it slightly more difficult to order his grunts?
  2. You are one silly American...
  3. SillyAmerican Member

    Why thank you, good sir. I aim for the impossible and the improbable. :3
  4. Cattypuss Member

    If every free country in the world was doing the right thing in regards to this regime we wouldn't be such a bunch of frustrated puppies trying to dream up ways of helping the Iranians rid themselves of these animals. But, as it stands the sad fact of the matter is that not all free countries are doing the right thing...are they? If certain european countries were doing the right thing we wouldn't see companies like Nokia and Siemens doing business with this bunch. As usual the mighty $$$$$ rules all.
  5. When Iran has McDonalds and KFC, we will know they are truely free..,,
  6. SillyAmerican Member

    That, and when they have NON FREAKING STOP coverage on the death of a pedophile that just happened to have talent. God, I hate my nation. ._.'
  7. ......and, along with this, an increase in obesity, heart disease, cancer...........

  8. i am in no way a fan of MJ but you have to give him a little credit, he was a icon when i was growing up and pretty much pioneered music videos.. he was a unique talent and even more unique freak lol

    but i agree three days od MJ news is like a three day root canal..

    they honored him now shut up and get his ass in the dirt!! i thought i remember him paying millions though so he could be cryogenic frozen or something?

    the news stations do seem to be moving back to iran coverage slowly though, they are talking to people on the phone and bringing in supposed experts again..
  9. Didn't he turn muslim, and arn't autopsies forbidden for Muslims ?

    < shrugs >

  10. OK he will not be cryogenicly frozen because they have to get to you within minutes of passing and restart your heart and pump you full of antifreeze type substance..

    the scuttlebutt on the web is he will be plasticized like bubbles and placed with bubbles..

    bubbles was his pet chimp..

    freaky shit right there!
  11. Dangerous-Boy Member

    red China isn't truely free. But i suppose it will soften them up like it did serbia. golden arch rule

    I could compare MJ's love for children and muhammad's love for young aisha, or Mahmud of ghazni's pedrasty for Ayaz but I won't...
  12. Hopes Member

    That and the fact that his family can't access his Will because 'people surrounding MJ' aren't giving them access. Someone should be reading that Will and putting the appropriate people in charge. Seems to me that the 'people surrounign MJ' know they're out of work once they hand over the Will. Or they're writing a Will to their advantage. Then again, Michael should have left a Will with an attorney, not his entourage.

    I'm almost afraid of whatever pre-determined furneral plans Michael wanted for himself. He was one freaky dude! I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted mummified or frozen. Then again, it doesn't sound like his estate can afford long-term extravagances. He probably wants a pyramid, but failed to plan ahead since the construction of pyramids need to start at infancy. Freaks me out that he truly thought he was a King---calling his son Prince.... :rolleyes:
  13. maxoud Member

    Those companies don't have any branches in Iran, but in every single street of Iran cities, you can find at least two or three fastfood shops.
    I don't think that can really show freedom of a country…
  14. when iranians can browse /b/ without proxies and declare that it is cancer, then we will know they are free :D
  15. lol, i think the iranian gov has already determined that /b/ is indeed the cancerous butthole of the interwebs, hence the ban.
  16. Ginny8159 Member

    MJ was not a Muslim

    MJ was not a Muslim. Jermaine is though. MJ was a Jehovah's Witness and the operative word being was....he left the Jehovah's several years ago.

    Gotta give the guy a little credit. He was worried about the divisions in the world and the state of our environment. Thought he could do one last tour to help heal things a bit. Too bad our world political leaders are clueless here.

    It doesn't matter what his beliefs were.

    All that matters is how well we genuinely practice loving one another.
  17. Cattypuss Member

    To my knowledge he did convert to Islam not long after he was 'cleared' of the paedophile charges. He fled to Saudi Arabia for some time. And yes, it is forbidden for a devout muslim to have an autopsy done. I think it is the same for the Jewish faith as well.

    As most in Australia, I am sick to death of hearing about the demise of MJ. The tabloids will be full of the family fighting over his estate & kids like a bunch of vultures for years. Groan....
  18. Jakomeyu Member

    globalization sucks
  19. rizah Member

    Mr. SillyAmercian: The dude's dead...20 years. Nevertheless, id u do reach him, i suggest u form your own faith and spread the word :D

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