An odd question

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by spsushimi, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. spsushimi Member

    An odd question

    HERE COMES A NEW CRITIC! How many points does OSA lose for new critics again? :? Poor goons with it being thursday and all in the southern hemisphere(its thursday right?)

    Anyway my question:
    With people shouting xenu this, xenu that and the majority of scilons being below OT3 and thinking that we're lying and crazy, what actually happens when these people get to OT3 and find out we were telling the truth?
  2. lthrrnsrpt Member

    Re: An odd question

    They come to the conclusion that they have already heard the story, and most likely died of pnuemonia as a result although they didn't realize it at the time. This puts them in a terrible enturbulated quandry, which will most likely force Co$ to create a course on "Am I dead right now or not?" which will at a ballpark require 100 hours of auditing and $25,000.
  3. Re: An odd question

    seriously I am wondering the same--

    WHAT do they do..
    when they learn about xenu?

    (Hey that rymyes
    any one put a tune to it?)

  4. anonawog Member

    Re: An odd question

    I've been "out" for a decade now, so not real sure on this. However, if I recall correctly, ars discussions were that Co$ has put in place a special auditing procedure to handle people below OTIII (and Xenu) who were prematurely exposed to Xenu.

    Of course, this auditing to cover Xenu's ass costs money..........
  5. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: An odd question

    quoted for truth

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